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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Walu Bay depot workers detained over sabotage claims

BAINIMARAMA: Upgrade foiled
Reports this morning of two workers from the Public Works Department at Walu Bay in Suva being detained over claims of sabotage.
It's alleged they poured two kilogrammes of sugar into a caterpillar earmarked for upgrade work at Naitisiri. 

The D4 machine was supposed to be doing work promised by the illegal PM, Frank Bainimarama.

A D4: What the Walu Bay one looks like.
The incident is believed to have happened last week and it's understood all of the workers were held at the depot  yesterday until two men were taken to the Queen Elizabeth barracks for questioning.
They were apparently allowed to go home after one of the men admitted to disabling the machine after reportedly being beaten the whole day.

Sources say the workers were told they had unil ten o'clock this morning to own up to the sabotage otherwise the army would move in and take over the plant.

The two men have been named to Coupfourpointfive and we're trying to verify that information before we release those details. 

Several hundred workers are believed to be employed at Walu Bay, Fiji's largest public works depot.


Big Mouth BARR said...

And the coup groupie Father Barr is trying to tell us this military junta that he drools over is good for Fiji and its workers?
This gutless coward hiding behind his clerical collar is in the same league as coup apologists Walsh, Davis and Richard Herr.
And where is the barking dog Yabaki - always silent when the going gets tough. nothing but parasites.

Anonymous said...

people are tired n feed up with this illegal govt. feel sorry for the poor people being beaten up. what is the UN and ILO doing on this. where is the Human Rights gonne. i think the same should be applied on the illegal PM and Illegal AG . include there families also . the public should beat them with shoes n hang them to death

Anonymous said...

Where's do-gooder Graham Davis?
Is this your idea of a joke?
Is this the kind of government you are saying we should have?
Is this the kind of government you are wanting Australia to support?
Why the abuse and torture?
If there is criminal activity , then it's the police's job to investigate.
In this case the arsehole soldiers have become police,jury,judge and executioner.

Basically there is no law in Fiji.

These soldiers don't follow any Laws of the country.
They are rogue soldiers;Unprincipled men who deserve to be charged in the future for their stupid crimes.

-Valataka na Dina.
(To the 2 workers we support you)
We need more people like you two.

Cara wai Pani said...

Shaking my head in disgust!

Smell the Coffee said...

This incident is just the 'tip of the iceberg' of the oppression the common man is feeling. The oppression from Fiji's Pharoh. Let my people go FREE

Anonymous said...

some one should ask PM (ILLEGAL) and AG to open ther emouth n fill it with gravel for them to swallow and die.or may be get them lied on the road and use the same D4 to crash them. who nows day may come

D 4 said...

The most important question remains unanswered: Do you pour the sugar into the tank or in the engine oil?

mark manning said...

Sweet, but try water next time !
And you can put it into the fuel tanks as well, but not on the airplanes fuel because that would cause death and destruction !

Nimilote said...

Now that the Workers' Unions are being obliterated and supressed or weekend where they exist, this illegal Govt will be free to bully, torture and treat workers as expendale properties.

Workers and leaders should fight to dismantle this dictatorship

Anonymous said...

theres no abuse or torture in this country

Anonymous said...

What a Disaster! People of Fiji stop paying taxes as of now. Pay no tax no FNPF contributions, Frank and Co will be farked!

Anonymous said...

Why is the junta surprised, these acts of sabotage are to be increasingly expected esp. when the ruling powers continue to deny people their civic rights and suppress the smallest sign of dissent.

People are going to get creative. Their acts of defiance can't even be called "civil disobedience", they're acts of necessity against usurping thieves who've helped themselves to the State's Treasury for 5 years now and counting. That's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

The 800000 people have real power and time to overthrow the junta a gang of dozen thugs by citizen arrest and trial for corruption/scams

Radiolucas said...

Next thing we know, they will be down in Flagstaff, torturing the children until they confess to the theft of Our Great Leader's iPad.

Anonymous said...

I just hope it was Fiji Sugar. God forbid if it were Indian Sugar!

Anonymous said...

Anon said - "theres no abuse or torture in this country??" Sounds like you should be in school instead of playing masi polo........


Motibhai Patel has already been jailed on trumped-up charges and there are others in the regime’s sights.


Aiarse is hysterical... Sayed-Khaiyum claims that his regime guarantees everyone a fair trial. So what he does he say about the trial of Mac Patel? The assessors found him not guilty but the regime judge, Daniel Gounder, over-ruled them and jailed him.

This was so nasty that it looked personal, and no doubt it was, but now this jumped-up megalomaniac expects people to believe that everyone has a right to a fair trial under his regime.

Anonymous said...

"Sega ni kena i naki ya me kalawaci na lotu, se na vanua se na turaga ni vanua (The purpose was not to overstep the church, the vanua or chiefs)," Commodore Bainimarama told Narocake villagers at a meeting in Rewa yesterday.

Sa voleka tiko mai na nomudou gauna ni kalawaci.....raibaci

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:11....what you talking about kulina vavaku...wake up torture and abuse right under your bloody nose..BOCI

Anonymous said...

If no one had put sugar in the fuel tank than this wouldn't have had happened.Adding sugar to fuel was wrong.Please don't defend the person who did that.

Anonymous said...

Sugar? What are they thinking!!Who
taught them the method,its insane!
Sugar? What's these poor guys trying to do? Fly the friekin D4? Guys, use the water,water,water,you
want to dialute the gas not enhence
it? Stop listening to ideas from Urai & Anthony...they're two crooks; and will lead you astray.Who
knows, they could be working as Agents for the coup makers?

SAd Daze said...

How unfortunate that we have people in Fiji who want to sabotage equipment that actually belongs to the people of Fiji, more unfortunate since it was destined to carry out work to improve conditions for fellow citizens in Naitisiri, more unfortunate still is that there are people who support this action

Anonymous said...

Interesting article from your source..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:11....what you talking about kulina vavaku...wake up torture and abuse right under your bloody nose..

November 11, 2011 1:53 AM

No doubts said...

Come on people wise up and accept what is happening in Fiji. Trumped up cases against people trying to right the wrong of a government that was never elected by the people. Actions of these workers is an indictment on Frank's leadership

Rev. Whisky Yabaki said...

Put some water and sugar mixed in the tank so that the engine completely fails....put it in all government vehicles......

Anonymous said...


"theres no abuse and torture in this country"

What the f...k you mean???

Are you blind? Do you understand the term -Negative Peace?

Whenit happens to you than you will understand the kinds of torture and abuse going on in this country!

Anonymous said...

@Sad Daze
Sugar in a D4 can be cleaned out.

Fijians tortured and killed by Fijian soldiers ( eg Rabaka) cannot be brought back to life.

So you care more about a D4 than a human life?

Bainimarama and all his arseholes need to be brought to justice.

-Valataka na Dina.

The Oracle said...

Sabotaging government equipment should never be condoned - it's a crime - DAMAGING PROPERTY!!

Overthrowing an elected government should also never be condoned - it's an even bigger crime - TREASON!!!!!!!!!

Both evils (cases), however, should be taken before the courts - the bigger evil (TREASON) should not be allowed to simply continue as if it has more legitimacy.

As we all know - a tiny ant can irritate an elephant. This could well be an example of those of us who are the small ants getting one back at the BIG Elephant (the one which can't forget the blue ribbon dash into the cassava patch). The same BIG Elephant which seems to be hell-bent on funneling public funds to endear itself to the rural populations after having crapped all over urban, tax-paying dwellers.

If only there were more red ants (kadi) colonies, we might be able to tickle the BIG Elephant until it topples over!!!

Anonymous said...

why put sugar, those fools should've put one bag salt in there!

masima.... said...

SUGAR..SUGAR..SUGAR..who sad put sugar in fueltanks..doppy people..

you next time you put SALT..you know how strong is SALT..it can destroy the whole engine up..ON top
of that, the bible says HE is the salt of the world..so HE can destroy anything on earth...


ratu masima..

Anonymous said...

IO, never use Sugar,dou lai takiva
la mai na "waitui", ena vokete mai
matasawa, sovata ina Gasoline; and see what'll happen? Also, you bunch
of dummies, don't say anything to
anybody till this fight is over?Too
many pufftas around and you just can't tell what'll they do?

Vanua. said...

Only in Naitisiri.

With their ratu rotting in jail on trumpted up charges - Kai Naitisiri go out and poison a poor defenceless bulldozer.

sugar is sweet said...

Cool ratu masima you are right, but D4 wanted sugar so when he's doing his job he wants to look sweet, like ratu vore, but ratu vore wants a bullet the asshole, which is even better then salt or sugar.