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Saturday, November 5, 2011

United condemnation at Fiji regime's latest arrest

International outrage today at the detainment of a second Fiji trade unionist with Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd condemning the arrest of the National Secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, Felix Anthony.

In a statement, Rudd described the arrest and the failure of the regime to charge Anthony and Urai as unacceptable: "This is another example of what appears to be a concerted campaign by the Fiji authorities to target and intimidate trade unionists and other political opponents."

Rudd says the Australian government says it is watching developments closely and is calling on the Fiji interim government to release Urai and Anthony from detention.

Australian unions have also concemned the arrest saying it is increasingly concerned at what appears to be a systematic campaign of persecution by the regime of workers and their representatives.

The ACTU President, Ged Kearney, says the regime is resorting to strong arm tactics: “The fact that not just one but two union leaders have been arrested and detained in Fiji within a week is an alarming and aggressive tactic...

"The intimidation of workers and their representatives in Fiji is continuing unabated despite international condemnation."

In New Zealand, the Labour Party's Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Maryan Street, noted both Anthony and Urai have already suffered at the hands of the regime, having both been arrested and beaten previously.

"The New Zealand Labour Party calls on the Fiji regime to release these men and restore their human rights, or at the very least, charge them with something which is not a pretence or charade," she said. 

"We are concerned for their welfare. Felix has been roughed up before. This is not tolerable in a near neighbour. Bainimarama's regime has no regard for human rights or trade union rights. This kind of brutal suppression shows the regime for what it is.
"Fiji is no nearer to democracy now than it was when Bainimarama took it by force. These men must be released."

Attar Singh, Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions general secretary, says Anthony's arrest is not a surprise and the talk among workers and unions is that Anthony and Urai  have been linked to the campaign against the recent Essential National Industries Decree.

The regime's Information Permanent Secretary, Sharon Smith Johns, says Anthony's arrest is related to on-going investigations which also include Urai and that police are hoping to lay charges early next week.

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Anonymous said...

Time for international snactions on fiji , no goods to be loaded and unloaded at any sea and air port until the junta thugs arrested by the people revolution.

Anonymous said...

all talk. no action. people are sick of this shyte.

mark manning said...

As I said ages ago, no one is safe in Fiji now.
Indians bashing Indians, coup supporters bashing previous allies etc.

Hopefully some weapons have made their way to the Islands and soon restoration of the Government can begin to take place.

Tic Tok as they say.

Anonymous said...

Boy, oh boy. Kevin Rudd has been quoted as saying that the Oz Government is watching developments here closely!!!!
We the people of this country have suffered FIVE long years. People have been murdered, raped, ALL our freedom have been raped and taken away. Yet Rudd has the audacity to say that they are "....watching developments closely". How long are you going to watch Kevin Rudd??
Either grab the proverbial bull by the horn or just back off and let us suffer!! Not to worry we will weather the storm. And when the storm has passed, do NOT come back to us and try to butter us. We will certainly ask you - 'Where were you when I needed you?"

Anonymous said...

Come on you Kiwis - surely you can do better than just talking. We in Fiji have had enough of your rhetoric. Just like the Ozzies, all you people do is talk, talk and TALK!!
Frank and his thugs do know the word 'Diplomacy'- so why are you people pussy footing around the problem that is staring you in the face? TAKE SOME BLOODY DECISIVE ACTION AND PUT A CLOSURE TO OUR PROBLEM!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is very, very obvious now that BOTH the Kiwis and the Kangaroos are just fair weather friends!!
It is also very, very obvious that our [Fiji's} use by date has expired!!
All the BULL TALK by BOTH of them is for sheer diplomacy purpose for the UN and the larger world community!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever! These two thugs-Urai & Anthony are just as bad as the coup makers. Of course they had been previously beatened by the Military? But can you blame anybody
when they were caught stealing the
FIJI WORKERS pension Funds,wasn't
that a good reason to beat the craps out of them? Please Mr Rudd,stay out of this and don't try
to make these crooks to looks like a Heros. We don't like the Military Government either,but at the same time we don't want crooks
to look good to our public too!

Anonymous said...

Rudd your too stuck with listening and watching yourself. Don't think we can rely on you to come and help us.

Stan said...

Mannings seems to know so much about Fiji

mark manning said...

@ Stan 1048 a.m.
Vinaka for noticing at last Stan.