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Monday, November 7, 2011

Urai accused of luring and urging two citizens to overthrow regime

Fiji court prosecutors have revealed their case against trade union leader Daniel Urai, today claiming he intentionally lured two people into trying to overthrow the illegal regime.

It was revealed in the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon, that the Fiji Trades Union Congress president is being charged with urging political violence and inciting antagonism against the unelected government.

Fiji Village says Urai appeared before Magistrate Thusara Rajasinghe and the court was told that between August 1st to October 29th this year, Urai intentionally lured Taniela and Elenoa Ligairi and others to overthrow the regime.

Urai's lawyer Navinesh Nand asked for the charges to be read and explained to Urai saying the trade union leader  did not have a copy of the charge, which has been made under the Crimes Decree.

Nand applied for bail reminding the court that Urai left the country but came back to face his unlawful assembly case. Urai was charged several months ago after trying to meet with workers to discuss work conditions.
The bail request was opposed by state lawyer, Ilisapeci Whippy, who said the nature of the offence is treason.

Whippy said one of the conditions for Urai’s bail in the unlawful assembly case was that he not reoffend while on bail and he had effectively breached bail with the latest charge.

She claimed Urai was likely to encourage violence and that he had showed a lack of respect in allegedly trying to overthrow the government.

Urai will reappear on Wednesday for the bail ruling.

FTUC general secretary, Felix Anthony, is still being questioned.  Assistant Police Commissioner Henry Brown has said more people are expected to be taken in for questioning.

Urai appears in court 


Anonymous said...

Does k or b have family living overseas ? Give us the details and we will pay them a visit

Anonymous said...

The Illegal government is an Illegal Entity.
It has no rights and no authority.
"It" wasn't formed by the people of Fiji. It has no constitution etc etc.
It is an Illegal entity.
Therefore it cannot say that somebody was trying to overthrow it, because legally "it" does not exist.
It is non-existent.
Therefore how can you overthrow or commit treason against something that does not exist.

Can Mr Urai's Lawyer argue this point.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Dina says.....

Does idiot lawyers like Ilisapeci understand meaning of treason when she is referring to this case of Dan's. We have seem for the last 4.5 years how innocent people have been dobbed in my this illegal regime and slapped with trumped up charges.

Ilisapeci should start with the illegal regime team like Frank, Aiyaz, Naz Shameem, Shaista Shameem, Nailatikau's, Paul Manueli, Ganilau's etc & all shadowy figures who were all part of the 2006 coup. These are the people who should be charged for treason. Pls stop making a mockery of yourself. I am sure you went to attaina degree in law to be of some value. Stop lying to the world.

Dan, you're the man...despite your earlier misgivings and friending the devil. You & Felix have the guts to stand up for your people and what you believe in - FREEDOM.

mark manning said...

How does one overthrow something which never exited in the first instance ?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6.27pm, 7.43pm

You took the words outta my mouth.

These kinds of charges just show how fd.u things are...

What a mockery. How can they right a wrong with another wrong? TREASON INDEED...against???

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Ilisapeci Whippy,
I think you copy from Ana Rokomokoti's book.

Anonymous said...

Its time for all the unions officals, all workers of Fiji, all FNPF pensioners, all Methodist church members, all SDL and Labor Supporters and all vanua to march and citizen arrest the junta a gang of dozen thugs.

The 800000 people have real people power these dozen thugs are cowards.

who elected these dozen crooks scamming the nation???

These thugs junta must be citizen arrested and put on public trial.

Fiji Democrat said...

How absurd. Illegal, treasonous regime with no legitimacy trying people for treason.

Anonymous said...

Very simple. If u support Dan and Felix, stay home from tomorrow a slient protest.....or else shut up and simply await 2014.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Felix should now learn that their role in supporting the illegal regime in the first place was wrong. The regime is now very strong because of your and labour partys support of the regime.....you should have gone against them from the beginning. In a way I am a bit happy that the regime is doing this to you so you can learn from it......the point is.....Do not ever support an illegal regime by all means......they will bite you back.

Anonymous said...

what goes around comes around... imagine that... all the charges they have given to people will be laid on them one day.

Anonymous said...

Its just pure intimidation. Wanting to weaken the opposition even before they plan the attack. Its pure bullshit, cava tale se da waraka tiko!!

Anonymous said...

In Australia, thousands of people can openly talk about kicking one government out over another.
The newspapers can publish articles that criticise the government policies.
The comedy programs can tare into any politicians they choose to make fun of.
We call both Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan, liars and every day play funny songs about their lies on the popular radio stations.
It is all about free speech and that's the only way to keep a government "reasonably" honest.
FREE SPEECH is the key to freedom.
You simply cannot have thieves, fraudsters, murderers, woman bashers, liars and conmen/women running a country for their own bank accounts.
If business people run their enterprises in a criminal fashion, they end up either with no customers or in prison - or both.
... and then there is TREASON. In days past there was only one penalty - death by hanging, or perhaps they would add a little more. It was called "drawn and quartered". VERY UGLY!
So only two people were spoken to about toppling bananas illegal government- st st st - shocking crime. What a joke. The banana regime makes a complete idiot of itself at every turn, ... and the soldiers/police still think banana and pooybum are good for Fiji.
*#&@# BLOODY WAKE UP ! !
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

annon@10.05pm...Excellent advise
but these two thugs will never
learn. They're so good in using&
manipulating the workers and people
that here they are trying to used
the two (2) Fijians-a guy and Girl-
to carry out their shit? They don't
want to do their own fight but ask
other to cary it out for them? Listened-up people,these two crooks
are not for the people,they are here for themselves. So do what i'm doing, pay no attention to their bullcrap! Remember, they ripped-off your pension funds from
the FNPF. They totally deserved what
they're getting from the Coup makers!!!Lets just clean house and
take out all the trashes!!!

Anonymous said...

the regime of frank/ag and cronies have committed treason already in 2006.
why cant dpp/police charge this idiots than framing people and charging them.
police stop been ass lickers of bai/ag/cronies .
what f is happening to our beloved fiji.
time for peoples power.
felix/urai be strong god is on your side/people

Anonymous said...

Is Ilisapeci Whippy a product of the "great" USP law school?

Democrat said...

Labour party supported the coup. No sympathy for Felix and Daniel.

Anonymous said...

As a protest 250 Qantas pilots are on sick leave or on leave without pay. You won't read this in the media. This has started to hurt qantas big time. We can do the same by going on sick leave.

Anonymous said...

The Real Deal permalink
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At first I was overwhelmed by hatred for Felix and Urai for supporting frank in 2006. I was also sceptical when they made speeches in Aust etc for the pro dems and in their meetings with unions. They knew they would be in trouble in Fiji when the went back. Yet they went back. Not only that they continued to try to organise and resist the regime in Fiji. These 2 resisted in Fiji and did not run way. They did not seek asylum when they could easily have. They did not run away like Ului etc and blow their trumpets from a safety. They resisted in Fiji. I forgive them for supporting frank because Urai and Felix have proven themselves as they have sacrified their lives and have shown to all of us the courage that al should show – ie if you are really serious about democracy, return to Fiji and resist (ie civil not armed) and follow Urai and Felix,,,,,,they creating more problems for the regime when they are arrested ,,,,,,,,more international outcry etc etc ,,,,,,imagine if more are arrested……more presssure on regime.
God bless u Urai and Felix you are the real pro dems.

Anonymous said...

Am I evil for getting a secret thrill out of all this? I want the people of Fiji to suffer, suffer, suffer, since that is the only way they will wake up IF AT ALL.

2041 elections said...

@9:44 PM. "await 2014."

What's in 2014, bro?

Don't tell me you believe their lies?

What happended to the 2009 elections, bro?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When Mr. Urai was in court yesterday we didnt not see a single union leader in court to provide moral support. it was an open court. where were: Attar Singh, Parmod Rae, Agni Deo Singh, Rajeshwar Singh, Tevita Koroi and others. just imagine the feelings of Mr. Urai if these guys were there to provide moral support and the message that would have gone out. this is time time leaders must rally behind each other.

Anonymous said...

Who ever these ligaris are they should be renamed as Liumuiris. Pathetic people should bite their own ass and die in shame. This is why Fijians are not trusted anymore. shame shame shame......working with the murderers to save their own ass and benefits.......

The Oracle said...

Am no fan of either Felix or Dan, but have to admit they are trying to do something. And that takes courage. Thank you.

As for the charge - inciting TWO people???? And Ligairi at that? What the Fck?

It appears there is no shortage of people who will squeal for a quick buck. TWO PEOPLE!!!????!!!! And the magistrate/judge has to take two days to decide on bail application. Why are the Sri Lankan magistrates/judges deferring important trial judgements and bail applications? Is there a superior authority in law they need to consult to guide their decisions? This is absolute abuse of the judicial processes.

Anonymous said...

Information from inside CID says that the ligairi who was the former head of CRW gave a statement against the graffiti accused Mosese approaching him to overthrow the government. And also his son and daughter made statements linking the Sri Lankan Jagath Kanuratne with Daniel Urai having lunch with them and offering 1M dollars to overthrow the govt. It also says that the Sri Lankan will be chrged with treason soon using the statements from the ligairi son and daughter. Sri Lankan will be taken to court tomorrow and will be charged for treason.

what a joke is this? A sri lanakan overthrow the regime? and who the hell is this guy? Why is he interested in all the politics? More money to be sucked out from Fijians? Anyone who knows about this guy???? Please enlighten me....

Anonymous said...

anon @9.21

Go to Fiji and check out if people on the ground are suffering because they are not. Life goes on. You wouldn't think there's a coup. The activity is in this blog. On the ground, people don't seem to know what you are all on about.

Anonymous said...

A mother of all coups is needed to arrest these thug junta.

Look at the mother of all scams-waila city one billion dollar scam.

The people will rise up and arrest this junta thugs for trial.

Anonymous said...

Urai,Anthony,Singh or any
other Union Leaders don't have the money to migrate anywhere, except stay and die here in Fiji.They cannot transfer any large funds from their Union accounts, to an account in foreign lands, as the IG has already put a freeze on that.Also they cannot transfer any
large amount, from their personal account, to anywhere around the globe-either? Any drawing of the Union accounts, is been monitored by the military Government; and any accessive drawings, is immediately investigated as well. You're dealing with dicktator adminstration? Union Executives are
permitted to leave the country with
only enough funds to last fo their
visit durations ie 1 or 2 weeks.Any
foreign stay, longer then 2 weeks, must have a special permit.These crooks must return to Fiji,in order, to get paid from their Fiji Union membership funds? Actually, their movements,in and out of Fiji,
is helping out the dicktator IG by
giving the whole world a clean picture,of how the IG still paying respect,to Fiji citizenship rights, to leave&enter the country as they pleased? I wonder if this is
another method the IG is paying them for? Don't be fooled -people!!!

Anonymous said...

After Dan than Bainimarama too for treason

Anonymous said...

@6:40 PM. They are suffering you fool. The entire economy is STUFFED.

Anonymous said...

@11:50 so is Greece , Italy and almost all the world. bigger fool. Come and visit Fiji or maybe u are already here.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 7:31am

With that logic you should go help Aiyaz organise some more high-interest loans so we can default and become even better (worse) than Greece.

Suffering is relative - but to be clear, FIJI SHOULDN'T be suffering because our closest neighbours, Australia and New Zealand are doing well, even in the current economic climate.

We should be making hay while the sun shines with their economies and holiday makers coming to visit us in record numbers - our budgets should be in surplus!

Instead, we are stuck because our idiot leader is a bumbling fool who couldn't organise a f$#k in a whorehouse. We get little foreign aid, lots of high interest debt and Chinese loans with strings attached. Whose braintrust thought that was a good idea? Aiyaz you cretin.

Our economy skydives, inflation increases, commodities get higher and all the while, the taxpayers and voters (ha!) get stuck with the bill.

So what is there to be happy about now? That we are doing as well as Greece?

Anonymous said...

@ 11.50am Fiji of old is dying and going out. Get used to it. All of you. Fiji is going global. The whole world is going global The globalists are in control. Forget the Fiji you know