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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Urai bail verdict expected in next few hours

Urai in court today. picture FijiLive

Fiji's judiciary is to pronounce a verdict on the bail application of trade unionist Daniel Urai in a short time, under the scrutiny of the international community.  

Urai is back in the Suva Magistrates Court today with magistrate Thushara Rajasinghe promising to deliver his final verdict  about half past three.  

The verdict will be made to a court room full of Urai supporters, including representatives from the International Labour Organisation, the Australian government and NGOS.  

The FTUC leader is accused of urging political violence and is alleged to have intentionally lured two citizens named as Taniela and Raijeli Ligairi ‘to conduct a political violence’ against the regime in Suva between August 1 and October 29.

Meanwhile, here is the latest verbal diarrhea from the illegal AG and wanna-be PM. As usual, he speaks with authority while lying through his teeth. 

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum espouses that 70 unions with tens of thousands of members operate freely, yet everybody knows this is not true. He has conveniently forgotten that the PER basically denies any union the right to convene and hold meetings. 

In fact, Dan Urai was initially charged several months ago for travelling to an island resort to sort out a dismissal issue with one of the union's members.  

Mr unelected AG: please stop bull-shitting and try telling the truth for once.

(Tuesday 8th November 2011, No:2033/AG)


“The Bainimarama Government ensures that all suspects charged with criminal activity have the right to representation and will be brought to trial in accordance with due process and Fijian law. Fiji maintains an independent judiciary that upholds the highest international standards of justice.

In the cases of Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai, the Government does not comment on the particulars of ongoing trials. However, statements and speculation with regard to these trials made by outside parties—such as those made by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd—are patently false and based on misinformation.

The Bainimarama Government strongly supports workers’ rights and efforts to improve the livelihoods of Fijians through a strong and diverse economy. With more than 70 affiliated unions with tens of thousands of members throughout Fiji, labor representation operates freely to promote the interests of Fijian workers—and it will continue to do so.

As a Pacific Small Island Developing State, Fiji is vulnerable to the machinations of the global economy and the policies of the industrialized countries. The Bainimarama Government is working hard to ensure sustainable livelihoods and futures for all its citizens. As we safeguard our economy, the Bainimarama Government rejects the advances of unionists and others who seek only to tear down the livelihoods of Fijians by distracting from legitimate allegations of criminal activities as they attempt to protect their own interests.”


Anonymous said...

well ag with his bs.
they should be charged for treason not others.
bai/ag taliban and cronies should be locked up.

Anonymous said...

all fiji union leaders /church needs to unite and fight the regime.
if not this regime will rule for years and eat your fnpf funds and they have taken away your freedom /democracy.
time for action .i feel for all you brothers/sisters in fiji.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

"The Bainimarama government" uttered several times is very revealing I think. It points to a grovelling "I am the MAN" (pride ALWAYS, always preceeds a fall ALWAYS) at last pulling his over-swollen head down from the clouds and out from where the sun dont shine!

Has the 'MIGHTY AYEASSEY' been put in his place at last? About bbbaladi time I'll say!!!

Hmmmmm...interesting...MASI POLO BIG TIME for a puss which had got too big for his boots...

But then, this eventuality is not one to be surprised about for the cries and prayers of the 'oppresed, the fatherless, and the widows' have been answered! (Isaih 1: 16-31).

It would be advisable for the rest of the "Bainimarama Government" to read, study and meditate on Isaih chapter one as it has everything they need to make right their wrongs through divine command, promise and warning!

Anonymous said...

He talks shit and gets away with it lol what law is he talking about lol com Unions members stand uP time for talk is over

Anonymous said...

auss/nz govt /union should put a black ban on fiji flights.no tourist ,no money,game over for bai/cronies.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum, like your father you will do time. Naboro will have a special place for you and your clan.

Anonymous said...

Frank n co doing very well. All against him thought he would fail. Unfortunately they simply cannot accept how successful Frank and co have been. Since Roko ului defected, govt is doing so well. As they say with Roko gone, we got to know the milk and water,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:18pm ...

Mate, if you are going to ban flights from Australia, you will kill the people of Fiji and not the Government!!

Have you thought about the number of business who have invested millions? Have you thought about the number of families being fed because of the tourism industry?

Guys, there is anger about the whole situation but lets not think like pea brains ... its better to strategise with density rather than shallow short term thinking.


Anonymous said...

Just remember, the entire play could be a show to the world that
Human rights was still been observed by the Military Government
also makes the Courts looks decent
and independent to the democratic
world? But did you take note of Urai's facial expression? The man is scared to death, what a chicken
shit? The lack of people supports
clearly shows workers are staying
away from these crooks and are not
happy about their Union so-called Leaders?

Anonymous said...

Bro Dan Urai, first I convey my profound gratitude to both of you guys in the photo.

I do not know who the young fellow is, but I can see that he has lots of guts in standing up tall during this hour.

To you Dan, Unionist are framed & falsely accussed, jailed as a ploy to isolate and suppress. Terrorist, Thugs and Dictators come and go but Unionists stay forever.

To both of you Gentlemen, do not be disheartened, the fight now, has gone to another level-up, let's continue with our current course, prison walls and cell bars should not dampened our struggle but elevate and light our spirit to fight on regardless.

Anonymous said...

I think Daniel Urai is getting back what he deserves. He used to serve as an FNPF Board member but never fought for the union members grievances. But when he got terminated by PM, he starts fighting, how ironic! He's getting what he deserves! Sa ca gona na tamata butubutu rua. Baleta ni na luaraki koya ko Jiova e na boka a bajina, I'm pretty sure the FNPF staff must be smiling and laughjing away, they (him and Felix) were the ones goi ng against the union staff when they were on strike fighting for their rights, maleka. Sau ni kocokoco qori gonei. I'm not for the military regime but I js don't condone this type of people. Malo Viti sa o koya tiko...sota nai bici kei na kena I ula..sa dri yani..raica lewa

Anonymous said...

Ka qori na tamata lawaki ca, se dau fnpf board member kina , rau dau ride vata mai kei Felix qai mai claim mileage tiko.sitiing on almost all fnpf boards and subsidiaries and getting fat package more than his salaru whreever he was working..e dau veisausaumi na ka kce.. This is their turn.

Anonymous said...

WOW, lots of bad raps about Urai and Anthony. I wonder what's happening to the workers' support?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

mate..i think PM & AG must be .....well educated...

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