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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VRF charges said to be at heart of DPP sacking

Christopher Pryde
The regime has predictably blamed former director of public prosecutions Ayesha Jinasena for having to sack her.

The illegal prime minister Frank Bainimarama has even told FBC the Fiji police had no faith in her work and that "many serious offenders walked away with very light penalties and some were lucky with their cases dismissed in court."

Frank Bainimarama
Jinasena was sacked last Thursday with sources saying she had been objecting to the influence being exerted by illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and his sidekick Nazhat Shameem. 

Sources claim the fall-out came when Jinasena called the allegation and charges made against Sri Lankan born Kiwi Jagath Karunaratne and others 'silly and 'stupid'.

The regime, especially CID, want to lay further charges and convict the graffiti suspects but according to sources close  to VRF, Jinasena was dismissive of the idea for lack of evidence.

Sources also claim the Sri Lankan judges and lawyers are coming together now to go against the influence of the AG and others, "even if they have to leave their jobs and country as a result." 

It's also being said many other local judges and lawyers are also supporting them and calling for the Fiji law association to declare their dissatisfaction with the regime interfering with ongoing cases. 

The case of the graffiti suspects was postponed this week without a proper reason been given with sources now claiming, too, that the chief justice Usaia Ratuveli wants to boycott the hearing because he keeps getting calls from Khaiyum inquiring about the case.

In an exclusive interview with FBC News, though, Bainimarama says Jinasena was sacked because she was performing poorly, the same thing the regime has said about other Sri Lankan judiciary who've left.

Bainimarama insists Christopher Pryde has been appointed as Jinasena's replacement to strengthen the work of the office of the DPP. 

He says many serious offenders have walked away with very light penalties and some were lucky their cases were dismissed in court.
Police had no faith in DPP:PM

Two appear for sedition

Minfo release on Pryde's appointment


Anonymous said...

Sa dina!!!????

Kenneth Zinck said...

When will the DPP's Office process the CHARGE for TREASON against Bainimarama, Nailatikau, Khaiyum, Pryde, Gates, Shameems, Cabinet Ministers, Ambassadores, Naivalurua and the wife Ricketts, Tikoitoga, Mason Smith, the Keans, the biased judiciary etc etc etc WHEN WHEN and WHEN or are they just content with charging the little people for little crimes that threaten their "comfort zones" Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

DPP has been an institution of jokers since 2006 - crooks like Ballu Khan and others have got away with Fijis money and they could do nothing -its a room of musical chairs. They need credible lawyers like Richard Naidu and Imrana Jalal to strenthen this arm of the law otherwise even a jungle monkey like Rajesh Singh or grog bowl lawyer like Felix Anthoney can do better.

Sanguine said...

Here we go again, judiciary being attacked and sacked. People trained in the law realise the seriousness of their actions, more than army goons.

Taukei. said...

"Living a giant legal fiction".

Anonymous said...

Well, why dont sack the ilelgal Chief Justice Anthony Gates who went to Sri Lanka and hired the DPP - Anyway, good riddance of this woman - she should never have come to prop up the illegal and tainted judiciary in the first place

Anonymous said...

Dina says....

Frank does not know what his left hand touches so he will only listen to the bullshits Aiyaz & Nazhaat Shameem tells him, besides he is a bloody dumb head.









Anonymous said...

Oh what a shame..the truth is finally out..the judiciary has been seriously compromised..and that Pryde..has he got a concience or is he some floppy opportunist looser attorney that would suck on anything to keep his job or what??..Now the biggest joke and laugh begins..now we will see the amount of trumped up and falsified charges that would appear overnight at anyone who disagrees with Shamimi and his too smart nephew Aiyasss..Fiji's judiciary has become the laughing stock of the legal world..haahaahaa..

Anonymous said...

PM's comments on Radio Fiji exposes him and the Governments continued interference in the Judiciary. A person of no academic qualification questioning the judges decisions on the liniency of sentences dished out to offenders is quiet embarrassing for the country and the people.

Joker said...

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Pryde is a kiwi poof but we could do worse and have coup licker Himmat lodhia as DPP - his brother harish lodhia is another Bani supporter but very few know his dealings with kumbubola - he manages his account in nz - dont buy anything from the lodhias if you dont support coups.

Anonymous said...

The pot calling the kettle black.
What a bunch of hypocrites.
Bai is a brainless idiot.
Sometimes I wonder which end of the body is talking.
Here he is saying they had to sack Jinasena because " she was too lenient"
This is coming from the person who let the MURDERERS of Rabaka GO FREE, because they were soldiers.

There is nothing else to say. Bai is an idiot and it might as well be the anus doing the talking because there is no brain involvement at all.

-Valataka na Dina.

mark manning said...

You have to wonder if Frank and Aiyaz are performing oral sex on each other. They are so tight !

Anonymous said...

How can someone be made to prosecute without sufficient evidence????....this is how prosecution is assessed. Im sorry but even the Police know this and its a load of crap that they didnt have faith in the former DPP cause the reasons why cases can't stand in court is cause the Police don't have enough evidence on file and the DPP cops the blame because it's her face that's seen!!! I'd love to see Pryde take a trial file to court!!! The egotistical idiot knows NOTHING about prosecution and the rule of law!!! He's only been appointed to further the governments' interests in prosecuting their enemies and stopping dissent amongst the populace.

Anonymous said...

bai/ag to be charged for treason first than others later.
lawyers/judges in fiji should boycott the regime.

Legal Beagle said...

Christopher Pryde is double dipping. Clear conflict of interest in his role as solicitor general and DPP. Be afraid, be very afraid anyone charged with acts of crime against Bai and co, you will have it worse than Mac Patel by far.

Uraia said...

Read below...what an idiot Fiji's dictaaaaaator is as shown in his note to Mr exposes:

PM sends diplomatic note to Key

Publish date/time: 29/11/2011 [13:08]

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Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has sent a diplomatic note to his NZ counterpart, John Key, congratulating him on the victory of the NZ National Party in the elections held over the weekend.

In the note, Commodore Bainimarama told Key that the re-election of his party for a second term of government demonstrates the confidence the people of NZ have in Key's leadership.

The note to Key ends with the words and I quote "Please accept Prime Minister, the assurance of my highest regard" end quote.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

The dictator obviously does not understand that his note throws up the contrast between a legally and freely elected Govt and an imposed illegal Govt surviving at the point of guns and supression of citizen's right to choose.

What a moron

Bob Lee Swagger said...

The circus judiciary headed by the biggest clown who haven't even won a court case.

mark manning said...

Finally, people are waking up to the reality that is Fiji today.
All we need to do now, is to prove to the soldiers that they are the key to this coup, as they supported it from its inception, only they can end it.
But how can you convince them that Frank's Orders are illegal, that they are breaking their own Oath and that if something is not done soon, Fijians will be paying for this latest debacle, for up to 4 generations ?

Anonymous said...

Isa o keda...what a joke Viti is under the idiot

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji including diaspora are a bunch of lamusona, macawa, dumb and vucesa lot. All educated nuts cannot raise their hands and stand up for your beloved land, rather sitting on the fence blindly.
Time to act now people.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, it doesnt matter, all lawyers in Fiji have one standard, and that is of the lowest common denominator.

The fact that there are many lawyers in Fiji that are phycopaths which manifests itself in many criminal activity. The fact that they are lawyers allows them act to criminaly with impunity.

This has been going on for past 40 years.Like the school yard slide, the speed of this mass has increased over time and decline.....

I promise it will come to an abrupt stop...and we will start again.
but you will have to be patient .

Unless of course, our lawyers just reflect us. Maybe that is the core problem...we are dishonest .

Anonymous said...

PS Health, Sala Saketa being told to hand over and leave. Isa good and dedicated people are forced to go.
Isa ko Viti sa na vakaevei.

Anonymous said...

If the DPP office is independant and transpaprent then who is the junta thug dictator to claim the DPP office no good. It shoul;d be the Chief Justice to make this statement.

The fact is the junta thugs are not getting their way to gail long time the set up framed cases of garase and others, chaudray, driti, VRF and many others.

So they plant the neww DPP to gail all of them so they can be disqaulified from 2014 elections.

The new DPP thugs job is to gail all political opponents on order of the puppet master and hand puppet .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous"PS Health, Sala Saketa being told to hand over and leave,Isa good and dedicated people are forced to go".
REALLY??-she got into the position with her contacts!Those who work in Health know how useless she was before she became PS.How many times in the last few years did one see Dr Sala Saketa out in the Public Areana-she was usless when she worked under Dr Lepani and was caught out when she becane PS-you can hide behind other peoples work but will finally get caught out when the crunch comes. The funny thing is Dr Sala use to rubbish the MOH under Dr Lepani-well under her evreyone else was fucntional except her!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning again with his SEXist comments"You have to wonder if Frank and Aiyaz are performing oral sex on each other. They are so tight"
You can tell the problem some one has in their head when discussion of releveance boils' down to SEX! Mark is a vindictive person, am i suprised? But more scaryy is an idiot who talks of issues they know nothing about! One can surly assume that Mark was helping Abotigines for wht he could get out of them-SEX! We talking about the sacking of the DPP and all Mark has on his mind is oral SEX-what Mark not getting enough of it these days?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning if Fijians have to pay for it it will be Fijians who will suffer-as for the 4 generations-thats a bit mor ethan the Bible says! Why don't you worry about the rip off the AusAid Program does to the Pacific Countries does every year-$20+ milllion dollar Program now promised but the cost of getting Consultants from Aussies to Fiji to work chewps up almost 2/3 of that amount?So what you ythink is happening is not! Suggest you enquire with your Minister-so they can clear it up for you-you have no friggin idea how much your Govt actually uses in Fiji! We get the scarps!

Anonymous said...

I have just one question why aren't these people telling the public what is really happening-if there is interference with the Judiciary??

The Oracle said...

Huh, Huh & Huh again.
Isn't this what we've been saying all along? The Sri Lankan DPP was in fact on the verge of tendering her resignation but the petty-minded Aiyaz Khaiyum beat her to the punch by sacking her before she could get her resignation in!!!
Now if that's not interference then what is it?
The lady's time was up when she told prosecutors what she felt about the charges against her compatriot.

Welcome to Fiji, the way it is.....

Where the FNPF Chief Executive has the balls to tell FNPF members and pensioners that he will only listen to people who have positive things to say about the FNPF changes!!!! and where Frank can openly comment about the so-called incompetence of others he hired but not recognise his own faults.

Fiji, where "democracy is a foreign flower!!".

Anonymous said...

Real culprits behind DPP sacking

Bainimarama's admission in an exclusive interview with the puppet FBC News that former DPP Ayesha Jinasena was sacked "because she was performing poorly ...many serious offenders have walked away with very light penalties and some were lucky their cases were dismissed in Court" is conclusive evidence of inerference by the regime in the work of the DPP's Office.

Not only that - this interference extends to the work of the Police force as well as the judiciary. The Police Force is now controlled by the military with the regime apointing senior police officers including the Commissioner, from among the ranks of the military. The magistracy and the judiciary have not been spared.

The devils behind this scheme of things are Aiyarse Khaiyum and Nazhat Shameem. The latter is specifically tasked to draft trumped up charges against the regime's critics and opponents. But when the charges fail to secure convictions of targetted individuals Aiyarse and Shameem vent their anger and frustration by getting Bainimarama to sack the judges/magistrates/DPP etc.

Just how long will this circus continue? In the past three years, we have seen 4 DPPs sacked. In the same period some eight judges, 12 magistrates and 14 prosecutors have been fired for not toeing the regime's line.

Now we have Christopher Pryde as the new DPP brught in according to Bainimarama "to strengthen the work of the office of the DPP".

We all know that Pryde is more a puppet of the regime than anything else. With him there, the DPP's office will simply be an extension of the AG's office.

Forget about judicial/prosecutorial independence.

The whole damn thing stinks. Expect more sackings and resignations from the DPP's office and the judiciary.

Good on you Sri Lankans - at least now you are truly showing your grit!

Anonymous said...

Isa my brother Bainimarama, my heart cries out for you, you are surely better than that. I beg you, choose to get yourself out of prison today, no one deserves to quietly suffer within. Don't be condemned within you, "you are a man of influence, you are a great leader, there is greatness in you no doubt about that BUT GET IT RIGHT MY BROTHER" , forgive and don't be condemned within you.

Anonymous said...

Is anthony Gate still in charge of the Supreme Court? Whats he doing about his people, being terminated by Prime Minister Bai?

Radiolucas said...

If Sri Lanka is now no longer the place to get civil servants, where will the next place be for Aiyaz & Co? Iran? Pakistan? Nth Korea?

Navosavakadua said...

When Khaiyum announced that he was firing yet another DPP, he gave no reason, and thanked Ms Jinasena for her services.

Khaiyum is well aware that the DPP is supposed to be a position which exercises its powers independent of the Attorney General and the Government of the day.

But Khaiyum forgot to tell his under-educated boss, who blurted out the real reason for the firing - she was ""too lenient'

This comment makes clear that Bainimarama has no idea of the DPP's statutory responsibility. It is to assess the likelihood of conviction, not the merits of the case in terms of whether a suspect, if convicted, should be punished.

Anonymous said...

Fiji lawyers are bunch of pussies. They are thinking of $$$$ rather then what is right. Frank and ASK know this anr taking advantage of this. Sad my country is going to go down like this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bai needs to have a talk with
the Chief Justice Anthony Gate, for
hiring these incompetent so-called
judges from Syrilanka? What was the
point in hiring these junior lawyers from syrilanka to become judges in Fiji, when local lawyers
could have done the same job? Now
instead of the money staying in the country, it is now been taken out by these foreign judges? I think that Gate's ass needs to be kicked!! Come on Frank, don't allow
these buffta Gate out smart you!!!

Anonymous said...

Christoper Pryde, Sharvada Sharma and company should be jailed too.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know why Saketa [Health PS] was SACKED?
This is what happens to people who support and condone anything and everything ILLEGAL!!
As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, it will one day catch up with them. Remember the saying -'ONE DAY MAFATO'?
Rau sa qai sota o Saketa kei nona Mafato!!!!
Lako sara ga yani e na vakacegu BUNA!! E sega sara ga na vakaisaisa vei kemuni na tamata e sega na nomuni conscience!!

Anonymous said...

People NEVER learn do they? Saketa [Health PS] is now HISTORY like ALL the nitwits who got onto Frank's bandwagon!!
To the rest of you ILLEGAL nitwits, you too will one day be history!! That I GUARANTEE!! From Nailatikau [ he does not deserve to be addressed "RATU"] down to the rest of them, one day, one day......!!

Anonymous said...

OK People...anyone knows how old is
the Pres. Nailatikau? Word has it that the Doctor-Sala Saketa-was directed by the PM to find a good
Doctor to declare the President senile and incapable of making rational decision. But Sala was afraid to do it and was dragging her feet, for quite a while? Now Kaiyum has been told to get a lackie Doctor from Sirilanka, to do
the dirty job.The PM want to be the
President before the Election is called in 2014, so he can have control as to who the new PM would be and how the Government is run.

Anonymous said...

To all who have been voicing their opinions in this column....there is saying that actions speak louder than mere words...so stop the bitching and start acting.If yus lot can't do that,might as well contribute in the illegal activity

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Pio Tikoduadua? because of his viavialevu his face is deformed like that?? what comes around, goes around i guess.

Anonymous said...

Grafitti is a serious offence ppl get your priority right, corruption, theft, illegal goverance, bashings are few of the least important issues

Vakaloloma Dina said...

Anonymous 1.17pm.

u are a good example of someone who is talking through your sona because your head cannot think.

One is put in a position because that person is the best for the position at that point in time...

Sa levu ga na yalo ca, loma ca kei na yaqe pije......

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