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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who is running the Fiji police force: Compol or his missus?

Ioane Naivalurua and his wife Kesaia.  

She's not quite Nur Bano Ali but police moles say the wife of the current police commissioner of Fiji is definitely pulling the strings and getting a slice of the action.

Intel information says Kesaia Naivalurua is acting a lot like Mary Bainimarama, making herself at home at police headquarters and spending when and where she wants.

According to disenchanted officers, Mrs Compol is the organiser of this Friday night's police 'excellence' award, and has pocketed $20,000 for her own use from the  $65,000 secured in sponsorships.

Fractious officers are boiling over with news there will be no 6% increment this year because of yet another budget blowout, blaming Mrs Compol's for contributing to it.

One officer says the Commissioner's wife loves to waste money, like she did getting the police posts repainted: "All the colours for the police posts, which do not look like police posts anymore but like common houses, have been chosen by the Commissioner's wife. 

"Also, all furniture has been removed from the post and tv put in so that people can come and sit at police posts and watch tv and drink grog. The police officers have a small desk to sit at and to file reports etc. The police uniform change and design was also also her idea and big bucks were paid and commission received."
Infuriated officers say Mrs Compol recently made the building maintenance unit repaint the gym where the police crime prevention workshop was held. 

"After they had finished painting it the first time, Mrs Commissioner came in and started scribbling on the walls and putting question marks on them because she didn't like the way it was painted or the colour. The police unit re-painted the whole gym at a cost of $6,000."
While the police commissioner was away in Cambodia recently, the police have been taking orders from his wife on the logistics of police uniformity and community approach, forcing many to ask of the Compol and PM: so who really is running Fiji police?


Anonymous said...

Excellence award for what ?

Crime increase by 123%

Anonymous said...

Please sack compol or send him to one embassy, he is mr know it and do it all!

All done for self promotion and makes him look good in eyes of public and international community.

Made a mockery of the police officers, running everyday no police work - so crime has increased.

Under pettie coat officer. Well tomorrow he will walk in headquaters swearing again at us senior officers for giving information to c4.5.

Pm please sack him

Police hq

Anonymous said...

We police officers want to declare that even when now there is no jesus stratgery and plenty of time is there:

- we still have busted our budget
- we have crime increase by 123%
- 5 officers have died running with compol
- ask pm office law and order has detoriated in last 1 year
- briefings 7 days a week at hq
- 12 hour shifts hence no time family
- you will find all married officers at night clubs with young girls

Therefore I say I was better off with cmdr. Teleni.

Anonymous said...

pride comes before a fall

Anonymous said...

Isalei o Viti!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a church lady.In fact she is so devoted to her AG church that she will not allow her children to go to catholic school.

Anonymous said...

She forced her husband to convert to AG.The husbands family were very hurt and disappointed.

There is no doubt this man can not make decisions on his own.

Anonymous said...

Dina says.....

Mai Yaso, e vale e mino..

Mata ni ta kunea.....

When they can't work hard and achieve things and earn money via hard work and swet....they resort to coups and grab all they can..

gues what their time are numbered...

Kesa pls go and sili kai in waimanu river and clean s;ef first...

kusa mada....don't make you & your puppet husband supporter of law breaker look like monkeys....hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

This man is unfit to be Compol.
Funny how men who are abusive in the workplace are often little wimps at home.Case in point: Bai and Ioane.
Getting rid of Ioane won't fix the problem.
What you need to do is to get rid of the nutcase who is doing the appointing.ie Bainimarama.
Let's stop beating around the bush and get to the real root of the problem. That's the only way we can heal
And that's the QUICKEST way we can heal.
If you still cant figure it out: the problem is Bainimarama.
We must get back to Democracy.
Democracy is not perfect but its the most likely environment where people can be chosen on merit for such a serious post.

-Valataka na Dina.
(the Army caused all the coups in Fiji. Help us remove it from our midst)

Anonymous said...

Wow, tough lady, we should all have
strong Fijian wife like her!What a
lucky guy this police commissioner!
C4.5... If this is your way to try
to demean this Fijian Woman along
with her husband, i don't think it's happening?

mark manning said...

Senior Police were happy to have their hands in the honey pot once, but no more !
Now it's too late to do anything !

Anonymous said...

mary is running the PM's office, kesa running the police force, nur running the ag's office........ That is the cart before the horse management; imagine where will we all end up. While all these circuses are displaying, the economy of Fiji continues on a spiral dive to doom.

"May be the old Roman phrase is at play - IF YOU CANNOT GIVE THEM FOOD, SHOW THEM CIRCUS".......... HU LALA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji's equivalent of Imelda Marcos, the Filipino shoe collector? lolz.

Anonymous said...

How can an institution full of muscular people, just sitting in silent and receiving all the SHxx, this is bullshxxx and stupidity. Just look at the picture, one will realise how much stupidity this militarisation has brought into the police force. iowane is a confused person, he does not know where he really belongs. kesa's glass is just too dark, wannbe macho or too shy to face the people. Why can't all these silent officers standup and together and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. C'mon people!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont see any reason for TV not to be installed in Community Posts...unless the officers will abuse it for its inital purposes..

I reckon, ou Community Posts needs Computers with Internet Connection which in return help officers to update themselves, and self taught themselves on current issues and things will lift their capacity, owkr and general knowledge.

The Oracle said...

Do a Lowey poll and quietly ASK the policeman on the street about how the police force is being managed. I have. And the many policemen and policewomen I know personally are so disillusioned that one wonders whether serious police work is being done at all.

As I've said before, essential clothing including boots is in short supply.

Communications equipment is being stretched to the limit and other resources at zero stock.

And in all of this, Naivalurua continues to insist on FITNESS rather than the core business he was appointed to manage - POLICE WORK.

Unfortunately, as time drags on, the Force's decline will become steeper and we, the taxpayers of this country will have to foot the bill for re-building and re-stocking the force.

We might well have a "fitter" Police Force but in a couple of years from now, that's all it will be - a battallion of super fit men and women with no resources to do, effectively, what they're being paid to do. All thanks to Naivalurua whose only police-related qualification appears to be "brawn" because his "brains" - if complaints from within the Force are to be believed - are carried in his wife's handbag which is now bulky with all the "dough" she's making.


And kick Brown out - it's highly irregular for someone to jump rank so fast in the police force - irrespective of his Australian Federal Police-funded degree. Andrew Hughes must be cursing himself - looking back in hindsight.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Compol just shows her stupidity and this is the problem with people who have two cici, that they assume know it all type and equal to men.

Anonymous said...

Obama is visiting Australia to get first hand information on the Trade threat by China as visible in the Pacific.

The US Armed Forces will withdraw from Iraq and Afghan in december, 2011. The RFMF is also part of the plan withdrawal from the UN.

Come 2012, the UN will move in to Fiji with US at the back. RFMF get ready................

Saddam was found in a home hole, Gadaffi was found a tunnel, AIYAZ start looking for some holes......

Anonymous said...

O Mrs Compol ..koya civil servant?? se a dau domestic duties tu ga mai??

Anonymous said...

It's been a fact that all these military and police pooftas are just that, pooftas. And as for the excellence awards, yes I agree with it, "Excellence in the Pathetic Category"

Anonymous said...

OILEI...KANI MATA NI TAA BOKA...sega ni vakabauta me vaka oqo o Kesaia...ia, sa evidence mai na dokadoka kei na viavia levu

Anonymous said...

Mrs Compol needs to get a real job....from air waitress....now she wants to be.....

Dikevi Iko Tiko Mada said...

Mrs. COMPOL, this is the trouble of coming from a very small miniscule village of no importance in the history and cultural heritage of Fiji EXCEPT for being sited close to a well known school...'o ta rogo ka ta kilai...

Anonymous said...

Fiji police response time to a report now takes 24 hours .. at teleni time at least they came in 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Some corrupt police officer with the compol are:

DCP Lageri
ACP Brown
ACP Ravi Narayan
CAO Penjueli
SSP Ram Chetty
SSP Rusiate
SSP Erami

all sharing the takings from compol. PM office can at least gain some respect by sacking these officers

3FIR ( Intel)

Anonymous said...

I think she should be paid if she is spending so much time there. Wasting Taxpayer money is all this illegal military junta is good at.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.23, well what can we say but birds of a feather flock together to steal tax funds. Compol will not get rid of his accessories that easily.

Anonymous said...

Ioane gives ORDERS...ia laurai vakamalua e OTA TAKI tiko mai VALENIKURO...ke bese sogo na kuro

The Oracle said...

@Anon 10.09 ..
If she's to be paid it should be out of Naivalurua's salary, not out of the public coffer... but first APPLY mada... besides, she's "dipped" enough already into the overall police budget.

Ota taki tiko mai Valenikuro indeed - TRUE's UP!!! Qai wase ga na i lavo butakoci e na dela ni loga!!!

Anonymous said...

All you people who commented shud jst worry about yor work!!! stop all dis bullshit n carry on wit ya lives....tok about jealousy!!..wat compol is doin is for the betterment of the Police force, bcz alot of LIUMURI PEOPLE n LAZY OFFICERS are stil in d force..
MRS Compol isdoin wat evry wife shud do..n dats support dea husbnds in dea wuk, unlike som, r concerned more bout grog den dea families..Get a life!!! stoppointin fingers @ others, cz 9 fingers r pointin back @ YOUUUUU..