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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Union delegation heads to Fiji

Australian trade unions are upping their campaign against the military regime and will next Wednesday have a delegation in Fiji to investigate human rights violations.
The President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Ged Kearney, says the regime has continued to defy  international concerns about the removal of workers’ labour rights and violence toward union leaders.

She says the International Labour Organisation is also concerned about the abuse of workers rights and has just passed a resolution in Kyoto condemning the regime's restriction of fundamental labour rights and the persecution of trade unionists.
 “The ILO’s regional meeting has called on its governing body to step up its actions to restore workplace rights in Fiji.

“There can be no greater condemnation of Fiji’s arrogant breaches of workplace rights than from the International Labour Organisation.”

Kearney says Suva can no longer ignore regional intervention.

“The ILO has also demanded the travel restrictions imposed on Fiji Trades Union Congress Secretary Felix Anthony be removed immediately, in keeping with the Universal Declaration on Human Rights which allows for everyone to leave and return to his or her own country.

“It is unimaginable that the Fiji Government continues to defy basic human rights in the face of growing international outrage.

“Unions will not sit back and watch the oppression and violence directed at workers and union leaders by a Government installed via a coup and which has no democratic mandate.”

Kearney wants to meet with Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum during the three-day visit.

“The Fiji military regime continues to deny its violations are illegal or even restrictive of its workforce, so if it indeed has nothing to hide then it should be pleased to meet with me.

"The Government, which was installed by a military coup in 2006, has jailed trade union leaders with no cause and issued decrees that have deprived most Fijian workers of their fundamental international labour rights guaranteed by ILO conventions.” 

The union has also called on the Australian Labour Party to add Fiji to a blacklist including Zimbabwe and Burma.

ACTU destroys credibility ahead of Fiji visit

Australian unions to investigate human and labour rights abuses in Fiji following ILO intervention

Unions welcome commitments from Labor to restore worker rights in Fiji 

ILO Condemns Fiji Junta over Labour Rights http://www.ituc-csi.org/ilo-condemns-fiji-junta-over.html?lang=en 


Tui Viti said...

Tobo tale o Van Damn....

Bob Lee Swagger said...

Can they start by banning rfmf from peacekeeping duties. Hit these goons where it hurts.

Anonymous said...

Fiji should be on a blacklist around the world.

Anonymous said...


The fijian soldiers are the greatest and UN needs them for peacekeeping duties.

Would youbwant to volunteer for such duties?

You may even struggle to carry M16 for ten seconds!

They are not goons- you are.

Radiolucas said...

Start by slowing down exports and imports that go to and from Fiji. An embargo on arms and technology - that should really piss Frank and Aiyaz off.

Storm in a tea cup said...

The Australian delegation is most welcome at a time when every tourist visiting Fiji counts. Otherwise, a little storm in a tea cup will rage for three days.

Anonymous said...

I have said it before that the only group that will help Fiji which has some "kick' in their "teke" is the Union Movement! But those in the Union movement in Fiji still have a lot to answer for and hopefully the whole truth of their involvement be made to the Australian Unions who are going over!

Anonymous said...

Go to China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Indonesia first. Do your assessment there and than come to Fiji.
ACTU gutless bunch of idiots have no balls to flex their muscles in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Every now and then...we get to hear of some high shot Unionist or UN big shot or whatever coming over to meet the govt of the day and hold some sort of dialogue...and we get to think that some things will change...what a load of bull shit a and a total waste of time...all that these people are doing are feathering their own positions so that they are seen to be actually doing something useful to justify their positions and ridiculous salaries they receive...why should we take them seriously?Do they really have Fiji at heart?The solutions to Fiji's problems is not overseas...its 'within Fiji'...don't believe me? Just look at Rokom Ului...where is he now?
Into oblivion & insignificance and equally a case of 'out of sight-out of mkind'!!!

mark manning said...

No man is an Island, and no doubt, these criminals in the Regime are discovering this.
Frank has no mandate from the People, Aiyaz has no concept of Justice, Legality or Due Process and is an arse for a Lawyer.
The coup supporters, are as guilty of Human Right's abuses and the murders of Indigenous Fijian Civilians, as those who perpetrated the coup d'etat in 2006.
Now it is time to get out the cattle prod and shove it up Frank ands Aiyaz arse and to turn it up full throttle.

Anonymous said...

Let them come as Fiji can use the tourist dollars !

Union managements worldwide are starting to realise that they are no longer needed in this day and age as more and more employees are becoming more educated and are able to converse with their own workplace management. These union leaders will do anything they can to be in the limelight to warrant their salaries and try and save there eroding jobs.

Look at all the mega hype flying around a while ago regarding Air Pac and unions and what do we hear now, nothing because it was all resolved.

bobby said...

@ Bob, we are not proud to carry M16 as we can fight with our pens,fiji army full of real class 8 level

Seen it before.... said...

Sure why not - in this age of WWW communications its about time the chardonnay "Fiji people" at Lowy's & DFAT passed the bilo around to less fortunate others. Could somebody please explain to me and a lot of other people here how well publicised 1st class all expenses paid junket to an exotic south seas location for yet another underperforming AUS Ms Lady with long range political abitions is in AUS & Fiji's best national interests?

Hopefully one of her multitude of minders could mention just before she confronts the evil duo that the Fijian looking guy has tortured & killed people while his funny looking Indian sidekick is a bomb maker - should add a little dangerous spice to an other wise dull photo op?

Fiji Democrat said...

It is sad that these union guys can just come into Fiji at any time whereas Fiji people cannot go to Australia at any time they please. If Fiji had not had so many coups Fiji would be wealthy and visas would not be necessary to go to Australia,

SEMI MEO said...

The timing of this visits by this union gurus is not surprising at all. It is the Holiday season!!

If any Aussie is to visit and worth all our while….then best be the Foreign Minister or PM or even Federal Opposition Leader. Not those on Union paid holidays!!

But again, all them could probably help point us to the river of sanity..to drink from that river is our choice!!..back to square one….let us…the Fiji Citizens try once more time to talk it over…and start now..how??..get this constitutional referendum soon..not late 2012!!

Chardonnay Set said...

Time for the chardonnay set to find another cause. They've totally stuffed up with the human rights abusing Fiji junta. Haven't they jenny and caz? Keep digging a bigger hole for the lowy institute and Tebbut research - both lost all credibibilty.

Anonymous said...

Although i don't rightly support the Military Government for taking
over our elected Government. But as
far as the Local Union Organization
i think that the AG is doing the right thing with his Union decree?This bunch of Union manipulaters needs to be straightened out.And the AG perhap is doing the right stuff?

Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 11:31.

Fiji Army are not goons......mai vei, they are murderers, talk about Rabaka & the deaths in Nakelo, where the "goons" spent time in jail while being paid. And Bob..........what do you expect from a blockhead who appoints his own murderous tavale to be the naval commander and PS for Works...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:31
Fijian soldiers are definitely not the best in the world and the UN does not need them.
The sooner the UN realise that these hooligans are supporting the abuse of their fellow citizens back in Fiji then they will get kicked out.
I'm happy that the Fiji Army is run by arrogant and blind people like you because that means that ONE day soon people will get fed up with the army and then we will dismantle it.

If you think that is not going to happen, then sleep tight my friend, because we are all human beings and we all have a breaking-point; Guns or no guns.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

So here we have yet another delegation riding on the cause of 'Human Rights' which is a concept that perhaps is meaningless or of possibly no interest to some of the population of Fiji.

If you live in Fiji you quickly realise that there is a high percentage of the population that very simply are totally selfish and do not care less about how their actions affect the human rights others.

You only have to look at the media and daily you will read reports and concerns of child abuse, violence against women, rape against women, rape against children of both sexes, robbery with violence etc etc. These are all abuses against someone else's human rights perpetrated by some of the population of Fiji.

If we are to go down the scale of severity of very common human rights abusers and abuses in Fiji these will include but not be limited to, the drivers of vehicles belching out poisonous back smoke which you have to breathe, the person throwing rubbish onto the beach or public highway, those dog owners who allow their dogs to roam the streets or allow them to bark in their compound day and night disturbing the peace of others, those that spit in the street spreading disease where you have to walk, those that too regularly play loud music at night disturbing others etc etc. These again are all abuses against someone else's human rights perpetrated by some of the population of Fiji.

If you look around and read the media it's fairly obvious that in Fiji there are many that consider it totally acceptable to abuse the human rights of others and the frequency of these abuses may suggest it's part of the culture.

There are of course laws, byelaws religious teachings and schooling where from a very early age all have been taught that these practices are wrong, but, they still continue and according to some are increasing.

So when we talk 'human rights' or moan about a loss of certain ones perhaps we all need to also consider those that are caused by you or your neighbour.

The question then is which abuses have the most significance on your daily life ?

Anonymous said...

The best and possible safest route for Vore to save his butt from treason is to win back Fijian support. Start by kicking Ayrse, Shamim sisters, Acting commander FMF, Pryde, Ganesh, and his ill advisors. Pull Qarase in and adopt his and prior govt election policies. Approach the chiefs and biggest Church denomination(Methodist) and present his 'soro'. He will then gain majority of support in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

the real problem with fiji is leadership from outside /against the government and to sumup , Fijians/Indiaall LAMU LAMUSSSSSSSSS

Semi Miau said...

Fiji does not have an army, they're just boy scouts led by an idiotic despot who's scared he will be either shot or imprisoned.

Anonymous said...

Baini does not need to apologise to any one and more importantly to the chiefs, the chiefs are useless and big bludgers on commom fijiana

Taukei. said...

Only 'soro' Vore should seriously consider right now would be to Ratu Joni now residing in Bau.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5.17 pm

How did you forget Rajesh Chandra? The slimiest weasel kowtowing to the regime's each and every command, only to keep his undeserved position safe.

Anonymous said...

ANON@5:17PM...Good advise and i'll get right on that asap...

Anonymous said...

All talk no action

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These unions sjoild target tbe archectiect of these new anti union decree gardiner whiteside. Whiteside has amassed huge wealth from bainimarama coup by sitting on the board of large organisations like fea where he openly makes 10% on every deal.

Clan of Hen..aka mongoose. said...

Slow but sure, Voceke Bocimarama will go down, and he will take with him the assholes that have reaped the benefits illegally, the boy scout soldiers who terrorized ordinary citizens, the police who abused those arrested and Aiyarsehole who is Voceke's architect of corruption.

Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Any form of delegation from the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and New Zealand Council of Trade Unions will not be allowed to enter Fiji says Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

In a press conference yesterday Sayed-Khaiyum said they will be deported if they make any effort to enter Fiji.

He said it is apparent that the ACTU delegation that wants to visit Fiji on a fact finding mission will have no objectivity and fairness.

With ACTU already criticising Fiji’s Essential Industries Decree and putting enormous pressure on the country Sayed-Khaiyum said ACTU were apparently interested in furthering the interest of trade unionist such as Felix Anthony and few others.

“Bainimarama government was receptive in allowing Australian trade unionists to meet with Fiji Government and other stakeholders with a view that their will be free and frank discussions on all issues without any preconceived ideas or possessions,” he said.

Sayed-Khaiyum said ACTU’s visit is proving otherwise.

“The government notes that even before visiting Fiji the ACTU had arrived at a position and further planned to move a resolution in the Australian Labour Party conference to place Fiji on the same blacklist as Burma and Zimbabwe,” he said.

The delegation was planning to visit Fiji between December 14 and 15.
They must go ASAP.....Yadra mai Viti,sa kua mada na moce tiko!!!

Anonymous said...

what now?

Anonymous said...

anon 12.56pm
It seems illegal PM is just a dummy and is not in par with what is going around him( mostly from his illegal attorney Sayad Arse Kaiyum who is running the country, I guess. According to the press, the PM(Vore) had initially given the green light for ACTU delegation to enter the country. Is Arse going to bar the delegation despite Vore's directive?

Anonymous said...

anon 9, 1039. in 1987 the military was used. in 2000 the military was used. in 2006 the military was used. spare a thought to those 'other ranks' men & women who have no alternative sources of economic resources. the un contracts and continued employment here are their lifelines to look after the needs of their families. the real goons are those who made the decisions and executed the coups using military doctrine, they are the ones to be shot. bang. bang