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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bainimarama gambles on Native American casino company

CODE BLUE: Bainimarama gowns up for the country. pic Fiji Live
He's all scrubbed up and ready to do whatever Fiji needs to help it along, it seems.

According to the illegal prime minister the new Denarau casino will take Fiji's tourism industry to another level, generating nearly $300 million alone in the first instance and eventually more than 700 jobs.

Frank Bainimarama last night named the One Hundred Sands Limited company as the successful recipient of the first licence to build and run a casino, saying: “With the investments Government intends to make in providing vocational training to Fijians even out on rural islands, the concurrent developments of casinos and accommodations will introduce Fiji’s tourism sector into a niche market which thus far has only been accessible to developed economies." 

Bainimarama says One Hundred Sands Limited was chosen because of its strong affiliation with Native American culture and it was 'pre-condition' that at least 20 percent of ownership be reserved for Native American interests.

He claimed: “Fiji does not wish to imitate Las Vegas in the Pacific. Fiji already has a unique brand, one defined by its uniquely pristine environment, tranquility and world class hospitality.

“This affiliation provides a malleable fusion between the Western ideals of casino gaming with the strong cultural virtues of tribal and community life." 

The regime has said locals will not be allowed to gamble in the casino. It remains to be seen how real this is. In New Zealand, Australia and even America, it's the indigenous folk who've been the casualties of casinos built in the name of local development.

54 expressions of interest were received, 12 of them Fijian companies, five from Australia and 17 from the United Kingdom, the US and Asia.


  1. would the land owners get any share of the profit or just the land lease which is peanuts

  2. would the land owners get any share of the profit or just the land lease which is peanuts

  3. Native American Back HanderDecember 22, 2011 at 12:59 PM

    Who is the Parent Company?

    If you do a search on one hundred sands Ltd it just comes up with recent events in Fiji and a website selling off Nukudrau island. Similarly Larry Claunch did not seem to exist before he arrived in Fiji. All the press releases talk about the American Parent Company but they do so without naming it.

    One hundred Sands has NO casino experience, Larry Claunch has NO casino experience. He is a Real Estate guy. So who has the casino experience? The US Parent Company who shall remain nameless.

    Once again Frank seems to have chosen an organization that knows how to stay in the shadows and pay the back handers rather than do what is best for the country of Fiji

    There were many parts of this release which bear much fuller investigation. I was intrigued on the one hand reading somewhere that locals would not be allowed in and then seeing they are planning on opening a small casino in suva. Suva has no tourists so this casino must allow locals or it will never make money.

    Perhaps Sharon would like to fill in the blanks.

  4. whats hiding in 100 grains of sandDecember 22, 2011 at 1:04 PM

    Just before Christmas is a good time to make an announcement when you don’t want too many questions.

    Offices are closed and by the time they are open again in 2 weeks the story is no longer news.

    What are Frank and the AG trying to hide?

  5. Few questions: Would next be the legalized Brothels in our Cities and Towns, Mr. Bainimarama??

    Are we hearing right that 20 percent of ownership of the Casino for the Native Land Owners of Denarau??

    We are now all getting a very rude education of the culture and style of governance of an illegal Government headed by a Dictator and his faithfuls around him.

    What are we gonna do about it??

    The best Christmas gift we could give to each other are two gifts; First..surrender to the image you see in the mirror ..yep..of your true self when no one is looking, and ask “what will be my part in ending this circus??

    Second: Look each other in the eyes and intuitively communicate, spirit to spirit, soul to soul..and ask what are we gonna do collectively to end this circus??
    Because no Santa Claus or Santa Maria will solve our problem!!

  6. I like it!Good job Bai & Khaiyum
    we're long overdue? This will bring
    in new jobs and huge tourists and

  7. It remains entirely unclear what the connection is between One Hundred Sands and "Native American Culture". For all we know, it could be the company has a dream catcher in its office. So much is not being said that it's scary.

    The point about locals not having access is very interesting. Does that mean politicians, military and the upper class citizens are not allowed to enter either?

    What a sad joke this all is.

  8. They changed the bastard into a hospital gown because he shit his pants. And in the photo he was saying to the nurse "shit I'm gona shit again"

  9. Gambling is like a balloon. You can only place so much air in the balloon before it bursts. That’s the way I. Nelson Rose described the gambling market back in 1991. Professor Rose is one the leading pro-gambling academics in the world. He predicted the current “Third Wave” of legalized gambling would end within 40 years due to market saturation, corruption, and a host of societal issues. When Professor Rose made that prediction tribal gambling barely existed in America...what you gotta say about that PROFFESSOR FRANK??!!

  10. This man is not only a clown but a massive scam thug minting bribes and kickbacks from all such scams.

  11. A good decision, but they have not been very specific about how they will minimise the social impact of Casinos on Fijians.

    One would hope that people need a foreign passport to enter the casino, so that locals are not allowed.

    We welcome foreign money, but not the social problems that might come with it, so this would be a good way to generate income safely.

  12. Bai to Aiyarse "look look do you like my shoes?"

  13. Whats all these happening in our beloved country,when other countries dont approved to the incoming cruise liner to play casino gambling even when they anchored in the harbour,then here in our beloved Fiji approved,frank and compamy beware of the coming of time....

  14. Why are people so up in arms about a casino in Fiji? Grants Waterhouse & co has had gambling in Fiji for years. It's not uncommon for a person to spend the family wage on booze of a Friday night either!

  15. Frank and Co have f@#ked up the country that bad they are now looking for a quick fix.

  16. Social impact of casino hasn't been thought thru by bai or ask. We are heading in the wrong direction. People of fiji wake up and matters in your hand. Unions please make sure we dont allow this casino to get off the ground.

  17. @ Semi Meo......brothels are next!! most definitely, there won't be a "workers" judging by the way most of the current regime leaders and their cronies are selling themselves to JVB for a busk or two........start with the green thugs up @ Delai-Nabua, their already clamping down on prostitutes in Lautoka to make way for themselves!!

  18. Casinos are only good for money laundering and syphoning the local Economy.
    What planet is Frank living on and does he think everyone was only born yesterday ?
    It seems to me that many of the things happening in Fiji now are tied in with the Demonic views of Aiyaz and Co.

  19. 20% ownership by native americans? what about native fijians? and how many % will Vore get?

  20. Hey, you're all wondering why is Voreqe in operation Uniform? It's all about getting ready for the Casino opening? The Minister of communication Sharon Smith John,has been putting the wisper on Frank's ear that he is getting too weak on the battle front? It's more like the old boy may be slowly
    getting on the ED mode.So Voreqe was caught trying to have a quick fix with the old guy without Mere's
    knowing? The Casino new contractor
    has told Voreqe that he was going to have a special penthouse in his Suva Casino with beautiful American
    girls for him. So Voreqe is having
    his old boy shaped up and be ready
    for that? But in the meantime the old boy will continue to practise&exercise, under the quise of sharon smith john- old tabili!


  22. waiya! e cava drau bukete se drau ceke? qori na uniform me kau i koronivia..

  23. We are doomed!!! The tourist dollar we get from the casino, will be ALL spent on rebuilding works on natural disasters which will ravage Fiji.

  24. Native Fijians are not a minority in Fiji, so they work just like everyone else does without any additional incentives.

  25. This native american outfit still has a #300million debt in US,,,,,looks like a con job to me

  26. VOREQE...
    look here people, Casino and Gambling brings in Money and more money! Every rich countries in the globe has shown that facts! What do
    you want the IG to do? Please tell
    us, the people of Fiji, what you think that the IG should do in order to make you happy? Quit? that's not gonna happen! Re-instate
    Qarase and his lackies?not bad!Call
    a new election?possibilities!! plant more canes? bad idea & not happening! plant more tavioka?well not a bad idea,but you can only eat so much!!

  27. Frankie you lot f@$&$ing funny in this outfit.

  28. And the shit just keep piling!

  29. VOREQE...
    Sorry people,but the Casino is coming whether we like it or not?Got to teach our people the since of been responsible for yourself?If
    you can't be responsible for your-self who do you think should be responsible for you?Look we're got to modernized our people,our outlook,our ideas,our wants,our ways of life? We've gotta march along with the rest of the world,or
    we'd be left behind?

  30. Fiji is already left behind...behind Zimbabwe.

  31. who are the landowners of Denarau??

  32. Baini's gown is open in the back. Aiyaz has got his head stuck up there somewhere, hoping it doesn't get Claunch shut.

    Fiji isn't striving to become the "Las Vegas of the Pacific" -- more like the Dollywood.

    s/ Dakuwaqa

  33. The landowners of Denarau are...Bai the pig and Khaiyum the piglet.

  34. Why the casino? There is already a huge breakdown of poverty, beggars on the streets, water problems cannot be solved, transparency, social issues and problems and more created and brought about by this incompetent and illegal regime. Things that has never happened before in Fiji which we as Fijians know when we grow up are being created and ochestrated by this regime. This is the worst coup that has ever happened in Fiji and it has changed Fiji from where it was before where people from all works of life look up with respect to be what it is now, led by a selfish and greedy dictator like the North Korean dictator who died last week. Fiji will never be the same again. The casini will just bring in new crimes and increase in crimes at the sametime. Why the casino in the first place? Fiji does not have the capability to venture into such an unworthy cause. It just shows HOW MUCH THIS ILLEGAL REGIME IS TRYING TO DO INORDER TO SURVIVE ECOMOCIALLY BUT AT THE SAMETIME LURING THE LOCALS INTO DISASTROUS ECONOMIC CRISIS. Wake up Fiji and stand up for the truth. Egypt, Syria and other countries have stood united to come up against their respective leaders. if not Fiji will be sold to the Chinese and the World Bank and we won't have anything to own.

  35. tevita vonolagi....you rigth better check your land in your village who does it belong to now...before someone come and tell your family to move out because it no longer yours....to you landowners this is what's gonna happen to you in years to come..

  36. Very soon Bai will sell his balls to the Chinese. Well he's lucky to get a cent for them.


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