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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dead police officer named alongside 'Hapkido goons'

HAPKIDO GURUS: Tevita Korovou (middle), the head of the RFMF martial arts academy, who has been singled out in connection with Ratuvono's death.

The police officer found dead at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks last Thursday will be buried tomorrow but the matter won't be laid to rest so easily.

Questions continue to be asked about his death despite - and probably because of the police statement there was nothing suspicious about the death.

Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri has not named the officer but says he was from the Lautoka Police Station and was at the QEB military barracks with about 70 fellow officers for hapkido training.  

Sokomorui made no mention of a post mortem but says the body was later found in the swimming pool but there was no sign of foul play.

But according to the website of the former leader of the 3FIR, Roko Ului Mara, the death was no accident but murder.

QEB sources have apparently named the officer as Police Constable Ratuvono, from Bukuya, Ba and the word is that he was floating in the QEB pool with deep cuts to his head and bruises on his back.

Mara's sources say it's interesting Ratuvono went unnnoticed for five hours (between 1400hrs and 1900hrs) during a normal work day.

"The source says that PC Ratuvono had witnessed “something” in QEB that he wasn't supposed to, murder is evident, but the Fiji Military is keeping quite about it."

Mara's website cited sources as saying Ratuvono was a current member of the Military Hapkido course run by Warrant Officer Class1 Tevita Korovou.

Tevita Korovou (pictured at the top) and his "Hapkido goons" is said to be responsible for the majority of assaults on unarmed civilians "in particular, the bashing of Bhalu Khan and his supporters at the Delainavesi Police Post in Suva."

Readers will remember that Khan was accused of leading a plot to kill Frank Bainimarama and was beaten and tortured by soldiers before he was 'rescued' and returned to New Zealand.

Others accused of the same crime were not so lucky.

Separate information shows that Tevita Korovou was named with several others in the president's report in September 2001 for owing $20,000 in advances. It's not known if and when the money was repaid.

Murder evident

Foul play

Police rule out foul play


Anonymous said...

@ C4.5

Does anyone have a clue of how many of these thugs military and police people have passed-on during in-service since 2006. I believed the data would very interesting. At times we would see up to 3 funerals a week, they did them quietly and to themselves trying as much to hide from publicity. They knew how much curse hangs over em ol but just pretending.

Anonymous said...

Either Rt Tevita Mara is lying or Inspector Sokomuri is lying.
Knowing the present reputation of the police for saying stupid things, I'm more inclined to believe Rt Mara.
Therefore for Sokomuri to say that deep cuts to the head and bruises to the body is "not suspicious" shows that Sokomuri is scared of Bainimarama.

There is only one person to fear Mr Sokomuri and that is God. But looks like you fear Bainmarama more than you fear God.
What's the point of going to church and reading the Bible Mr Sokomuri?
Do not fear Bainimarama.
Do not fear any of his soldiers
Pray for God to protect you and He will.

I think the people of Ba and Mr Ratuvono's family have every right to know what their son died from. They should go to the doctor who performed the post-mortem and ask him quesions ( or is the doctor going to float in the pool too?)

It's time for all the provinces to rise up and remove this evil that is taking root in our midst.
If you are a true Fijian then you must not put up with this sort of abuse.
And we must not tolerate cowards like Mr Sokomuri.

Bainimarama and his thugs are bashing loyal soldiers, loyal police and ordinary citizens.

It is time to fight back.
It is time to get armed and take back what is rightfully ours.
The time for talking has long gone.
It is time to fight fire with fire, bullets with bullets or whatever.
Lets ask the Americans to help us.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Astounding,murder by proxy? What did this police officer saw at Delai Nabua that is so secretive to
justify killing this brother? Is the life of a Fijian person not worth anything to his own brothers??? OMG what have we done?I
knew when the BIG 3- were planning to sent our boys, to keep the peace
abroads; that the end result would be exactly, what we're now witnessing?40 years ago i was probably the only Fijian, to have officially register my opposition to KKTM, for his plan to sending our Fijian brothers to kill or be killed in the so-called un peace keeping abroads? BUT WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? iT'LL PROBABLY TAKES

Anonymous said...

Col Mara is a loser . He creates his own imagination as to to all this crepe allegations.
If has enogh guts, go back to fiji and see if the regime does the same to him. Only then we will trust Maras made up stories

Anonymous said...

Col Mara is a loser . He creates his own imagination as to to all this crepe allegations.
If has enogh guts, go back to fiji and see if the regime does the same to him. Only then we will trust Maras made up stories

Fiji Best Prison said...

fiji sun this mornng

Three deaths, a food strike and five prison escapes were recorded at the Fiji Corrections Service’s (FCS) centres countrywide this year.
And the Commissioner of Corrections Lieutenant-Colonel Ifereimi Vasu urged his officers to further reduce these numbers next year.
He sounded the plea at the Commissioner’s Parade at the Naboro Drill Square yesterday.
One hundred and eighty-nine corrections officers saluted at the Commissioner’s Parade.
“As we look back at the year we note some of our triumphs and challenges that were encountered.
“During the months of May, June, July the (correction centres) population was 1100 and then increased to 1300. Then we saw a gradual decrease in the months of September and October to a number of 1090 and this month we have seen a gradual rise.
“The number of escapees for the year was five. I would like to thank you for working together to ensure and oversee them recaptured.
“Also challenges this year were the inmates that went on a food strike and we were glad to have controlled that situation and the strike ended after a week.
“We encountered three deaths from our inmates, now a huge challenge is to ensure that we lessen the risk of suicide death in the prisons,” Lieutenant-Colonel Vasu said.
He also highlighted several commercial projects that the Corrections Service was getting off the ground.
“Certain projects are also taking flight like the Naboro Mart. These sorts of things help in the development of our community and welfare of our staff.
“We are glad to note that the commercialisation has moved onto to other centres like in Lautoka where the sale of pawpaw is now having a widespread effect.
Lieutenant-Colonel Vasu paid tribute to those that had left the service and thanked them for their dedication throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

Bastards, that's what they are, hope they will meet the same fate. Arseholes.

SEMI MEO said...

Oh, come on Anonymous “December 22, 2011 12:55 AM”…to claim around 780 deaths within the security forces since 2006 is not only absurd, but more a curse on our fellowmen. Of course there were deaths by natural or “unnatural courses” but please count your coconuts right next time.

@Valataka na Dina. December 22, 2011 1:20 AM. I think the world is waiting for Ratu Ului Mara to come up with an alternative Government proposition that would most probably be a worthy rival to the Bainimarama/Teleni/Aiyuse/ Tappoo campaign machine in the 2014 election. Who would you vote for??

Uh..oh and @ Fiji Best Prison …still Fiji Prison rehab program and commercial ventures and even escape ratio are of a standard far better than most in the region, including Australia and NZ!!!

Fiji Prisons are no Albatross and no prison could restrain loneliness or adventurous inmate to who tests the boundary.

But again if you have some of Fiji’s best Business brains incarcerated then of course the commercial arm sure blossoms with my tauvu from Gau, former Pacfo Marketing Manager writhing his hands with glee when tallying the till after a hard day’s work at the Naboro Mart.

These commercial brains are best released asap as are a waste in prisons!!

Anonymous said...

One RUMOR from an obviously biased liar (Mara) and everyone believes it? Wow I'm glad the people here aren't on jury duty! My condolences to the family. I pray that wether their was foul play or not, may he rest in peace, and the truth surrounding his death be brought to light.

Anonymous said...

Mara left his wife and children, sisters, nieces etc to face this man he calls a "murderer" a "woman basher" a "torturer" etc vinaka "Ratu"

Tui Viti said...

It might not be today,tomorrow or next year.........but time will come when they will have to answer to this murdered. Vengence is mine, says the lord. RIP to Const Ratuvono, peace be with family,friends & colleagues. La koto na vakacegu seki.

QEB Snitch said...

I certainly agree that we the people of Fiji should act. So many people IN Fiji read and comment on this blog site.

There are so many frustrated people out there imagining, planning and wondering what to do to eradicate our Fiji of this Bainimarama-Khaiyum Blight.

It is best that we start now in the best way possible in our own individual small way given our limted resources.

Let us work on building a pool of data and information on these murderers, bullies, thugs, rapists (whatever you want to call them). Start with the more obvious; Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Nashat Shameem, Iowane Naivalurua, Ben Naliva, Rokoura, Savenaca Siwatibau Rabuka, including this latest information about this Hapkido killer who took the life of this Policeman from Ba Province (WHAT IS HIS NAME?)

We need everything to be publicised here for all of us to read; full name, age, position in army and illegal government, home village, tikina, province, home address in Lami-Suva-Nausori corridor, children names, where they attend school and go to work...YES EVERYTHING.

We will leave this information to our colleagues out there to use this information and act. Our colleague out there to act could be the very neighbour or someone who is trusted in the family.

I leave this to you all to act on and everyone is to be ready with pen and paper to take note of this INTEL.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.39

How can you condemn the death of one person by saying you want many more to die too?

You need Jesus in your life.

Anonymous said...

@QEB Snitch
I think you are right . We should do what we can in our own little way to get rid of this government.

Can you please remove the last paragaraph in my posting above as I don't think "calling people to arms" is the right thing for me to do at this stage.

@Semi Meo
It is hard for Rt Mara or anybody to come up with an alternative government at this stage because of the physical abuse metted out by Bainimarama and his thugs.
Just look at Mr Speight , whose only crime was copying DVD's on Democracy.
So many people have stood up to these thugs (including the lone man who stood at the highway in Nabua with his banner - only to be dragged up to the army post)
I don't know whether you Semi consider these things and how difficult it is when you flippantly say that people come up with an alternative government.

Because of this, I wrote in my last posting that there is no other choice but to take up arms against these thugs.
However, my conscience has bothered me since I last wrote it and God wants me to give prayer another go.
So I've asked C4.5 to erase only the last paragraph because I'm happy with the rest.

If anyone wants to pray with me, this prayer, whether you are Hindu or Muslim or whatever religion please pray this prayer with me.
This prayer you have to say it "aloud" ( not quietly in your heart). So speak it so that if some one was standing next to you they can hear it. (Don't shout) . OK here goes:
"Please Father I pray that you remove Voreqe Bainimarama. Remove Aiyaz Khaiyum because they are evil and have abused and murdered a lot of people. Remove all the evil men in the Fiji Army and all the evil men in government. That our country might be filled with righteous men who will do and say the right thing.In Jesus Name I pray. Amen".
Thank you.

If we all speak this prayer, then God will act immediately.
I personally will pray this prayer everyday and I hope that all of you will pray with me too.

-Valataka na Dina.

TheMax said...

You gus still believe Roko Ului?

QEB Snitch said...

Anon 23/12/2011 9.51am; I fully agree with you that to prayer for Almighty God and the Good Lord to act on our behalf with your prayer as copied below...

"Please Father I pray that you remove Voreqe Bainimarama. Remove Aiyaz Khaiyum because they are evil and have abused and murdered a lot of people. Remove all the evil men in the Fiji Army and all the evil men in government. That our country might be filled with righteous men who will do and say the right thing.In Jesus Name I pray. Amen".

I appeal to all bloggers and readers on the side of "good" to pray this prayer everyday or whenever you can from today.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ratuvuno stepped in to stop the beating on IP Iowane!! He paid with his life!!

JB said...

Tevita Korovou...every dog has its day as you will have yours. Wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului claimed to be a first hand witness to woman bashing by Baini, then in his ultimate wisdom decided to escape to Tonga, claiming he broke down at sea. More than 50 people saw the Tongan navel boat moored just off Kadavu. Why did he USE the Estonian when he has his own boat?
Why did he leave his wife, children, sisters and other female relatives to face the man he calls a torturer, a murderer and a woman basher?

Qarase Chodry Bedos said...

@QEB Snitch:

LMAO God will turn around and remove YOU!

Haven't you read the good book? The lord works in mysterious ways, and everything that happens, happens as per gods plan.

He wants Bainimarama to lead us, that's why the man is leading us.

Maybe you are praying to satan instead, because that bastard is the only one who will try to destroy gods plan by removing Bainimarama and all the rest of the goons.

Just because you don't like Gods decision, don't turn against him.

Bendover Bai said...

it's funny that when there's a death at the military camp it's due to natural causes

Anonymous said...

His will be done, if god wants FB to lead Fiji,then who are we to remove present government. All former PMs had problems, no one was perfect.Despite whatever people say about Kaiyum, he has to be better then Bale, a convicted criminal.

As for Qarese a democratic elected PM was a well known critic of democracy, divided the country like it was never done before.RIP Qarese and his racist supporters.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police statement only confirms the truth
December 22, 2011
The Fiji Police force have claimed that the police constable who died at Queen Elizabeth Barracks last week “‘died during a swimming exercise”. If this was the case why was news of his death not announced at the time? It was first exposed in pro-democracy web-sites and if they had not revealed it, nothing would have been said. This is just another case of the Fiji Police Force being stopped from applying the law to RFMF and the good name of real soldiers being destroyed by a few thugs acting with licence from Bainimarama.


Anonymous said...

hahha its only in fiji hapkido exercise is done in pool.hihihi! RIP to that poor soul



Anonymous said...

Tevita Korovou!!!! na kemu i rairai sa tukuni kemuni sara ga vakamatata!!! MANUMANU O IKO!!!!! Waraka namaka,se ra tagi tiko na kai MAGODRO!!! e sega tale ga ni se cegu na lomadra!!!! THEY BELIEVE THAT GOD WILL PROVIDE A RIGHT AND PERFECT TIME FOR THEM TO FACE YOU!!!! VAKALOLOMA NOMU BULA!!!! MO KILA RAWA MADA GA NA NOMU I CAVACAVA!!!! THAT IS HELL..

Tikomaideuba said...

Isa is still poor fella from Bukuya,Magodro Ba....isa im from Vatukoula im in New Zealand rite now,can remember a teacher of mine is from the same village late son(MASTER PECELI LEWARAVU) of the late Tui Magodro (RATU JEREMAIA LEWARAVU)...Sobo they must be related!!! RIP TACIQU!!!


Anonymous said...

wow...bwahaha its so funny to read all sorts of comments in this page...interesting!!! but you know what guys, its a shame when you dont know what you guys dotted on this page...it would be a best idea if only that the brain that god give would be put to use and go dig up the evidence and stop shooting nasty comments...i feel sorry for you guys...god knows the truth behind this so use your head, and try to control your brains and believing all sorts of stories....so zip it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Levu ga na vosa!!! Funny ga your stupid mind set!!!

Anonymous said...

Post mortem was not found. I signed the approval for the post mortem, after it was done, it was destroyed and the doctor who perform it remain scarce. Even the wife was not present during post morterm.

Unknown said...

He also highlighted several commercial projects that the Corrections Service was getting off the ground.
MMA Santa Monica

kids martial arts said...

My son was very uncomfortable because of the bullies in his school then we consulted classes by kids martial arts and now he feels much relaxed than ever before!

Anonymous said...

only God knows the truth..
his own timing
God of Justice
God of promise

Anonymous said...

he was standing inside the pool..can someone drown standing inside the pool?