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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Detainments show Fiji regime afraid of citizens standing up for themselves

Speight beating led to QEB Goons being named
It's rumoured the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama will  announce tomorrow - New Year's Day - the Public Emergency Regulations will be lifted - supposedly as a gift to the nation.
Padarath ended up in wheelchair

If the PER is lifted as this blog has been alerted, it doesn't come soon enough. Ironically, it would eventuate just days after the latest unwarranted detainment by the regime - that of 74 year old business woman and SDL Lami member, Dr Mere Samisoni.

The PER has cushioned the illegal rule of Frank Bainimarama and his greedy cohorts, so one can be forgiven for being cynical about any goodwill behind the reported plan to free citizens from the regime's brutal manacles.

Goon Ben Naliva swanning in Europe
But it's entertaining in the context the illegal administration now seems to be working under: ie the bullshit reinvention of itself as it has sought to do in hiring the tainted American spin doctors, Qorvis.

Naliva the family man but revealed as torturer
The international isolation must be hurting as has the publicity generated by the interest taken this year by powerful organisations such as the ILO and the ITUC, not to mention ACTU and NZCTU. 

Bai and family: all neat and tidy but blood on their hands
The human rights record of this regime must not be forgotten; nor the citizens who this year were held or beaten and tortured by RFMF soldiers at QEB - all for standing up in the name of democracy.

Goon squad desperate to stay in power: Aseri Rokoura middle
Trade unionists bore some of the brunt of the regime's wrath in 2011, including the president and the general secretary of the Fiji Trade Union Council, as they fought the Essential National Industries Decree.

Daniel Urai and Felix Anthony were both interrogated with Anthony beaten and Urai charged with inciting political unrest with another union organiser, Danesh Goundar.

Memorable, too, was the detainment in February of SDL member Sam Speight, for several days over the supposed distribution of pro-democracy DVDs. He was forced to flee to Australia.

The regime insisted military soldiers do not abuse citizens but they were proved liars time and time again with photographs for example showing Suva businessman Ben Padarath the worse for wear after being in custody.
Suva lawyer Renee Lal was another who received a thrashing from soldiers in 2011, although critics would say her case was different from Speight, Anthony and others.

The detainment and beatings have been regular and not always reported with people fearing for their lives. 

But it was the beating of Sam Speight that finally exposed the military officers meting out the unjustified punishment. Speight documented that Bainimarama's right hand man Ben Naliva beat him and that Naliva had attempted to prod his butt with a M16 rifle. 

Aseri Rokoura went on to be named by Coupfourpointfive in subsequent stories as did Bainimarama himself and his soldier son, Meli, for beating pro-democracy workers on Christmas Day in 2006, just after he seized control.
Bainimarama and his unprincipled soldier's will not be allowed to bury their shame for treating Fiji citizens so inhumanely. Let 2012 be the year of justice.


Anonymous said...

time for action.can some one shoot the idiots bai/ag taliban.so we can celebrate new year with a bang.
every man will pay one day to our god.
god bless fiji people.
happy new year to you all freedom fighters.

Anonymous said...

Citizens of the Arab world who have defied authoritarian leadership in their countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc) are very fortunate to be able to do so with available and ready supplies of firearms and explosives, etc.

For a level playing field, this is all we need in Fiji; firearms, explosives, etc. to help us get rid of this illegal government. A call to you all out there overseas, help us arm ourselves to fight these murderers, cowards, thieves, rapists, bullies, liars, usurpers or whatever you want to call them.


Anonymous said...

Per can't be lifted as yet because of the following:

1. Fiji police has not have a capable commissioner to maintain security.

2. Pm has to get backing of army which is lacking and he knows this.

Unless changes made at defence and police, then pm will be able to remove per.

Intel source

Anonymous said...

Please let's not become like Arabs! We don't want blood in the streets. We are Fiji and we do this without bullets.

Anonymous said...

the unions have rightly so become involved this year because of the dire situation in fiji. it is to be welcomed considering the number of struggles worldwide demanding union support.

fiji loyal said...

Ex Fiji Village a short time ago

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama

PM to make major announcements tonight
Read or post your comments

PM to make major announcements tonight
Publish date/time: 01/01/2012 [10:09]

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The Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is expected to make some major announcements in his New Year’s message at seven this evening.

Stay with us we will be bringing a special news bulletin at 7pm.

Story by: Sofaia Koroitanoa

Home Rule said...

It's hard to fathom but this is supposedly the state of bveing in Fiji at the moment. Nasty but true.

SMILE! We top global joy survey
January 1, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

Source: CBC News

An annual “happiness barometer” ranked Fiji the happiest nation in the world in the lead-up to the New Year.
The survey asked participants to state whether they perceived themselves as “happy” or “unhappy” in 2011.
Fiji was the happiest, according to the Global Barometer of Happiness, with a net happiness of 85 per cent.
A total of 1020 people in Fiji were surveyed.
In the region, Australia had a net happiness score of only 38 per cent. The top five nations for happiness levels were:
1. Fiji 85 per cent
2. Nigeria 84 per cent
3. Netherlands 77 per cent
4. Switzerland 76 per cent
5. Ghana 72 per cent
Amongst the least happy countries were Romania (-10 per cent), Egypt (0 per cent), Palestine (7 per cent) and Serbia (8 per cent).
The global survey was carried out by Canadian pollsters Leger Marketing and its partners, the world’s largest independent network of opinion pollsters, the WIN Association in 58 countries (52,913 interviews). It covered the vast majority of world population.
In one major surprise, Afghanistan, which had a net happiness score of 35 per cent, beat the United States, at 33 per cent.
“That was one that stood out for us,” Leger Marketing said.
“And a big part of it is what’s changed in Afghanistan. In the United States, not much has changed over the past year. The de-escalation of the Afghanistan conflict doesn’t affect the United States the way it does Afghanistan.”
People were surveyed face-to-face and over the phone.
The network has conducted this annual poll on the eve of New Year since 1977. The global poll which had earlier focused on prospects for the economy added a question this year on ‘Happiness’.
The findings turned out to be quite revealing. The attainment of Happiness is aided by economic hopefulness; but often ‘happiness’ refuses to be subdued by economic gloom.
The survey finds that nations which are struggling hard to move up the global economic ladder produce a lot of ‘unhappy’ people. Thus net happiness in China is nearly half of global average and stands at 25 per cent.
In contrast the economically-pressured Spaniards score 55 per cent net happiness. Perhaps the feeling to ‘be happy’ is also a cultural trait!-Fiji Sun

Gang Banger said...

Can someone start Bai's year with a bang? Someone pop him pleeze

Anonymous said...

Happiest nation? I'm wiping my ass with a picture of Bai, the papers a bit rough but Bai smiling at my asshole is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Home Rule...happiest nation! Yes no country is like Fiji where the people smile and laugh all the time whether in good or bad times.

Yes with Fiji as the only exception, Leger Marketing Canadian pollsters did not do one-on-one interviews but just looked at the smiliong and laughing faces of Fiji Citizens from Nadi Airport to the Hotel while they stayed here and back to the Airport on their way back overseas...the smiles and the laughs were enough for them TO ASSESS FIJI AS THE HAPPIEST NATION ON EARTH.

Here we are with the hypocritical Fiji Sun and its statf harping about 'mamabothing and sona-drumming' the FMF soldiers and illegal government wannabee.

This is what you are all good for, FIJI SUN STAFF.

Bob Lee Swagger said...


Anonymous said...

Naivalurua has shown he can't be got rid off and the army from what i can see backs pm

fiji police said...

Police commissioner time is up. That motherfucker gave police officers no leave during christmas and always talks about KPI - he doesn't even know what A is B in police line of work.

We police officers laugh at this under pettiecoat lumuri compol.

Pm if you remove per - you will be a target if police leadership is not strong.

Anonymous said...

Ok guys, whats going on, is Naivalurua on the out? Has he been
fired? What happen?

Doubting Tomasi said...

Fiji Village first local media to cover story of Samisoni being detained...two days after it happened. What a high performing industry...not!

Mere Samisoni taken into custody
Publish date/time: 01/01/2012 [13:07]

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Fiji businesswoman and former politician, Dr Mere Samisoni was taken into police custody on Friday night.

Information Permanent Secretary Sharon Smith Johns confirmed to Fijivillage Samisoni was taken into custody by police for questioning.

However, Smith Johns would not elaborate on the reasons for the detention.

Police have yet to comment on the matter.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the PM is seriously planing to give it all up?He most
probably feel that his job is done
and its time for him to call it a
carreer? Hey,look Australia has polled him the most popular leader
in Fiji today! The Toronto Star has
polled Fiji as the most happiest people in the whole planet earth?There's nothing more to do but retire and don't worry be happy!!!

Kenneth Zinck said...

Bainimarama and Khaiyum as a good gesture for the first day of 2012 can you release Mere Samisoni and Mataiasi Ragigia now? Detaining them wont do you both any good in the future it will only make matters worse for both of you. Free them now for goodness sake. Kenneth Zinck

No Mandate said...

Bai is building up for 2012 elections so there is sny number of thing he could do

Anonymous said...

Padararth the con artist-forget the amount of pain he cause to others of the years-pity dad never gave him a good kick up the arse when he was growing

Anonymous said...

Well said Kenneth Zinc. Cmon Frank make a gesture that counts.

Dirty Harry said...

Mere Samisoni in custody
Sunday, January 01, 2012
interesting the ranting redhaired aussie is allowed to speak again ater being taken over by younger, prettier and more modern tina jeon

Taken from / By: Google

The Information Ministry has confirmed that businesswoman and former politician Mere Samisoni was taken into custody by police.

Information Ministry Permanent Secretary Sharon Smith Johns confirmed this to FBC News and says she cannot elaborate further whether she has been released or not.

Samisoni was taken into custody on Friday and has since been questioned by police.
Report by : Devendra Narayan

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Anonymous said...

peni naliva tamani ulukau levu mai grammar.....nomu jokare qori one day you'll get gunned down by mate beside you at work.
so much is said and done your time is coming bai family and the illegal clan of the regime...patience is running out

Anonymous said...

Mere hasn't the clock turned a full circle! What goes around finally catches up-isa if you were as honest as you are trying to now make out!One day you had you laugh when Suva was buring and getting looted well today others could be laughing!

Anonymous said...

Vore dau taleitaki ira na gone ulukau vakai Naliva. Da cava ga e viritaki yani vua e tiloma.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Smith Johns is it true that you had a GOOD TIME at the RFMF offivers mess?

Anonymous said...

Ben Padarath, you parents raised you right, provided all the greatest opportunities in the world but you turned out a scum.

Sa rauta mada na con. Fiji is too small and nothing happens without everyone knowing the truth.

Democracy Supporter said...

I wish c4.5 and everyone still fighing for democracy a productive 20123. I pick it will be a difficult year for pro-democracy as the regime continues to act illegsally even as it tries to go straight.

Highly Educated QEB Mole said...

Didn't know that Ben Naliva was a nutcase at SGS? How did he get there in the first place?

Joining the Army is not an issue for it is a foregone conclusion and is public knowledge that during our high school days at QVS, RKS, etc. only the nutties who could not get other prospective jobs join the Army of Fiji