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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FICTU hails delegation as regime clings to sovereignty

The Fiji Island Council of Trade Union has thanked the Australian and New Zealand trade unionists who took risks to get into the country to investigate the abuse of human and workers rights.

In a statement general secretary, Attar Singh, says the regime's decision yesterday to refuse ACTU and NZCTU permission to enter Fiji shows it has no desire to discuss or resolve the current issues on trade union and human rights violations.

Singh says the decision is consistent with the regime's refusal to respond to ILO's findings based on complaints from the union movement including FICTU and the global federations from as far back as 2009.

"It must be understood that the violations of trade union and human rights arising from the Constitution abrogation, PER, media censorship,  several recent employment related decrees including the Essential National Industries (Employment) decree  and attacks on trade unionists, their families and properties, as determined by the ILO last month, need urgent discussion and resolution."

Singhs says the delegation was "only seeking to assist in this by gaining a better and first hand understanding of the issues."

"That is why they sought to meet not only the union movement but a wide cross section of people including the regime leadership, employers, NGOs and the churches.

"Refusing them entry into the country upon arrival at Nadi has deprived us all of such an opportunity and confirms that the allegations made by the union movement and the findings of the ILO correctly represent the reality on the ground."

Singh says FICTU was looking forward to meeting the delegation and is saddened at the turn of events.

"We thank the leadership of both, ACTU and the NZCTU for making the trip in the face of adverse utterances from the regime and the associated risks. They have shown courage and commitment to help us. They will be forever respected for this.

"And we call on them not to be deterred by the events  but to continue their efforts to help restore our rights through peaceful means."

The five-member delegation, led by ACTU president Ged Kearney and the NZCTU president Helen Kelly, was turned back from Nadi airport yesterday afternoon.
The illegal attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, today insisted the regime has "always been open to constructive dialogue" and that the delegation "are simply trying to please their Fiji mates such as Daniel Urai, Felix Anthony and a couple of others who are behind the scenes."

“In reality, the workers are not denied their rights in Fiji.
The Essential Employment Decree is not exploitative or derogative.

"In fact, so far all the agreements reached had no Government interference; it had been successfully negotiated between the employer and the employee, without the interference of professional trade unionists."

Khaiyum also said Daniel Urai's claims the regime had  no legal basis to deny entry to the delegation was naive." It is the sovereign right of all countries to decide who should enter their country."

FTUC has also retailiated today with national secretary, Felix Anthony, rejecting Khaiyum's claims union leaders are in it for their own survival.

"The current Trade Union leaders did not grab power from the people. They were elected in a very democratic fashion unlike the AG. We challenge the AG to stand for elections and seek the mandate of the people before he has the audacity to speak like an elected representative of the people. 

"Union leaders posses more mandate of the people than the AG ever did or probably ever will. It is time he remembered this before attempting to lecture to the people of Fiji."

Sayed-Khaiyum tells ABC News Radio's drive time presenter, Steve Chase, delegation deserved what it got

NZ, Aust unions sent back

FTUC responds to Khaiyum's claims


  1. What Attar Singh said is correct. The present illegal government has no desire to discuss the rights of the workers of this country.
    This abuse of human rights must not be tolerated.
    ACTU and ILO and Fiji Trade Unions must therefore pressure the UN to remove the Fijian Soldiers from peacekeeping duties as they are the ones enforcing this abuse of human-rights in their homeland.

    What is the UN rep in Fiji doing?
    Is he blind or is he stupid or what?

    -Valataka na Dina.

  2. Nebuchadnezzar will fall. History always repeats.

  3. The world now sees what this illegal government is capable of. It has now shown its hand by denying entry to these Australian and NZ trade union delegation.

    The question that we need to ask; what is the world going to do about this?



  4. Fiji Sun insiders says...

    Reporter Jyoti Prabha does not understand what she reports.

    Fiji Sun reporters are being told what to say. Its ridiculous PRO Illegal Regime Newspaper, this doesn't surprise intelligent people Jyoti & your chief editor.

    You must be sucking Aiyaz & Franks balls hard that you don't even know what's coming through your behind...keep sucking and more innocent people with continue to suffer.

    Your newspaper is an example of Thakur Ranjit Singh's typo ....

    No class newspaper....dumb heads like military persons.

    Long live the Unions...its time we go to the streets now....

  5. Fiji Suns says...

    Can a brave & bold military native chop Aiyaz head off and burn his properties....

    vrf will strike again very soon...

    If you see VRF out there to destroy Aiyaz Khiayum & Nazhaat Shameem's properties...just turn a blind eye..

  6. Fiji Sun insiders says...

    Aiyaz Khaiyum needs to be hanged in public for Kaiviti's sake......

    tik tok tik tok....

    Its coming .....

  7. FTUC fan - get real or get busy and send in the press releases. If we don't have them we can't run them.

  8. Felix Anthony's son studying law in London on private tution. Wonder how he can afford the London living costs and fees.

  9. i love the 'it is the soveriegn right of any country blah blah... yes and that's precisely what Aus and NZ do denying entry to regime poddles.

  10. The regime did the right thing.attar singh and other union officials are only concerned with the lucarative salaries they get out of unions.
    Let fiji deal with its own issues- no need for outsiders.
    In previous coups, all those supported non initerference from outside and now the tune has changed. Why?

  11. This was the biggest non-event in a long time, with hardly any mainstream coverage in the Aussie media apart from Radio Australia and a bit on Sky News. It was totally overshadowed even then by the unfolding events in PNG. So for some of you people to claim that this was a big deal is simply delusion. I'm all for the unions, as a matter of fact. But I don't think the average person in Fiji is impressed with the Aussies and the Kiwis trying to muscle in like this. Even some union people I know think Dan and Felix are overpaid wankers who've had it too good for too long. If they're so keen to cosy up to their brothers in Oz and NZ, why not make it permanent? BMWs over there are a lot cheaper for a start.

  12. This government will fall/go as quickly as they came. Mark my word that the day foi decides to get rid of them then it will happen within hrs.

    Tip: it's the busy time for Fiji during Christmas. Strike at airports and ports. This needs to happen in aust and NZ also. Message will get to people to change the government.

  13. More power to Khaiyum and Bai for tossing out these useless bitches
    from NZ&Aussie.We know what you're trying to do lessies, but it aint gonna work. We have Khaiyum & Bai to defend our country and toossed any lazy buggers out of our country.Hey, why don't we grabs Anthony&Urai and throw them back in the cell? These are the two croocks and idiots
    whose asking these Unionists for helps, so they could keep their jobs.Come on AG get it on and throw
    these useless two back in the slammer?

  14. Attar Chor Singh could not manage his family, how will he manage the workers rights

  15. Only the Fijian people can resolve their internal issues.

    I'm still amased that an Indian Moslem is in charge of what is essentially a Christian Indigenous Warrior Race in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and that this has been achieved and continues to be supported by, Indigenous Fijians !

    Go figure !

  16. these union head-honchos are no different than underbelly gangland mafia! if they dont get their way, they will muscle in!
    Khaiyum and Bai, you did the right thing by tossing these union thugs out of our country, they have nothing to contribute, just want to destroy the way of Fijian life just for the sake of other few local union head's cushy job which they've been sitting on for donkey's years!!!
    For Fiji! Ever Fiji!!! let our voices ring with Pride!!!

  17. is it true that anyone can become legit voice of the people if he has guns?

  18. @ Anon 8:23AM At least.......Dan Urai & Felix were elected and have a mandate instead of whining bitches---AG & Voceke.....

  19. Felix have money that is the problem with u guy in Fiji liumuri and want to know whats in other peoples pocket.Stop drinking grog and do something levu ga na vosa vaka vuku ni ulukau . Vakadeitaki iko mada ena dua na vanua kua ni vaka na Soata mo veiciriyaki tu ga.

  20. What this amounts to, is someone running away when no one was chasing.

  21. @Mark Manning said 10:20am

    You really do need to tear yourself away from your sad cyber life and live in the real outside world where there are many today especially in Fiji who do not care what religion someone is.

    If you were not such a blatant racist your comment would not have included the words 'Moslem' and 'Christian'.

    Why should it make any difference what religion the person in charge is ?

  22. @ 8.04pm anonymous - get your freaking facts right!!

  23. @3:01 PM. Hmmm... looks like you haven't heard of this....

    "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims"

  24. obviously the regime has alot to hide and plot thus the action against ACTU and NZCTU...how apthetic can these guys get,,,gutter lrvrl,Why are K and B so scared and true they are not elected by the people and they have the nerve to talk about elected people,,,,,,how sick are they,,,get your heads checked at St,giles

  25. You guys know why Fiji is in a shit right now because we'r too busy trying to attack people personally and we forget the real issues. The real issue is human rights and trade union rights. CAN WE TALK SENSE!!!

  26. @ anon 301 p.m.
    My goodness, I've just been reading so many filthy comments about the Union Delegates deported from Fiji, the racial slurs and defamatory comments about lesbians etc. and thought, what a fucked up bunch of men they are in Fiji.
    threatened by females and white people, yet only too happy to take their taxes and pay increases once Democracy is restored.

    Now, your comments about me being a racist because I commented on Aiyaz Religion !
    Do you actually know the difference between race and Religion ?
    Dick head !

    Anyway, Aiyaz' Religion will define his attitude to Fijians and it should give anyone an inkling as to his strategy for taking over Fiji and its Society and his eventual goals.
    The fact that he is Indian, simply implies that he's not an Indigenous Fijian and hence has no allegiance to Indigenous Fijians.

  27. Mark, why don't you bother fighting for the stolen aboriginal children of Australia mate.Never mind the muslims...they are in power for the moment and this is all because of them being victims of the indigenous previously....as a matter of fact Aiyaz is a puppet of AFZAL KHAN AND THE REST OF THE FIJI MUSLIM LEAGUE WHICH INCLUDES FIELD MARSHALL AZIZ.Aslam Khan and his wife are just puppets of Tony Gates but weild a lot of power because Voreqe thinks that Nazhat being a former backdoor judge will save him during the next Nuremburg trials.Except the american sodiers have moved into Australia for the first time since the WW2 and this will be disastrous for the idiot boys in RFMF WHO will just run around like the somalian child soldiers when the yanks arrive in the very very near future....oops did I tell you guys the secret...sorry but they ARE coming and the planned guerrila warfare the RFMF had plaaned against the Australians in 2006 in the buildings of Suva isn't gonna work this time .Their sas commander Peter Traill (kailoma) was gonna whip some ass here.

  28. There you are Khaiyum! Felix Anthony has said it. Why don't you stand against Felix in a national referendum to see whether the people of Fiji support you as you have been consistently claiming?

    But you are too sly for that aren't you? You know you would be thrashed hands down!

    In fact you would be in a position of hands down with Felix humping you from the back!

  29. Comments getting off the main topic here...I wonder how many of yous have sat in one of the negotiations on new collective agreements after the previous agreeements were thrown out.
    The ENI decree basically took away rights for fair negotiations. Look no further, Air Pacific is where it all started. Unions were basically forced to take it or leave it. This is a true story. Experience this then comment...this is a real issue.
    So never believe anything the AG says coz ENI decree has taken away any union rights. I wonder what's gonna happen to all this decrees once we elect a new democratic govt???

  30. @ anon 8.04pm 14 Dec

    That's interesting news that Felix's son is now a private law student in London. I wonder if that the same son who started his law studies at USP law school and lived in one of those expensive, fully-furnished LJ Hooker apartments on Pender St in Suva?

    Had heard about his busy lifestyle entertaining island girls etc... maybe that's why his father sent him away. Spoilt brat.

  31. Maybe Felix could afford to pay for his son's expensive tuition from being Board Chairman of TFL b4 Labour stepped away from BainiKhaiyum. He approved very expensive IT System from India which is not working very well. Big choro from the people of Fiji. Wonder how much was under-the-table dealing?

    Don't support BainiKhaiyum but do not like AntUra either. Big Cheats leaching the people while pretending to be working for their benefit.

  32. Living a giant legal fiction..December 18, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    @ Anon 5:11.

    No problem - this regime has no standing under law - anywhere.
    Any decree's passed or contracts entered into with them are not worth the paper there written on. Ask any lawyer (apart from Aiyaz & associates)if you can enter into a legally binding contract with a known illegal entity - see what they say?

  33. Mark Manning said"
    Only the Fijian people can resolve their internal issues.
    I'm still amased that an Indian Moslem is in charge of what is essentially a Christian Indigenous Warrior Race in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and that this has been achieved and continues to be supported by, Indigenous Fijians !
    Go figure !
    Mark Manning if you so amazed that a Fijian of Indian ancestry-what a bigger IDIOT you are that what i thought! There are iTaukeis who are also Muslims no different from those of different ancestry in Auistralia! But you can't figure that one out can you? Have you ever wondered how the Aborigines are still trying to figure out how a race of Whites are running their country-if you were only balck we could understand but you not ! Just Masters in a BLACK Fallows land-the proff of it is simply seen when you White mob et out into the sun-you bake like prawns-proving you came form another part of the world and will never aclimitise to the heat of the sun this part of the world -as opposed to Into-Fijians they will live in Aussieland or the Pacific -without any sun burn! You seem smart but can't figure out how you running the country now because you in the majority-Yep Mate you killed off the Indigenous people of Aussie so you could do that-that never happened in Fiji to the iTaukeis, onto of that even thought in majority the Indigenous people never support you-hence the name they call you -Migalooo! Miga meaning menaing dope and loo meaning toilet!

  34. When one reads Mark Mannings writings you sure can see the Racism in his writings.So bitter towards Fijian immaterial of their Ethenicity-Pity the poor bloke must have had a Fijian Ram him up so hard he can't forget them! But he sure likes to read the replies he gets-luveni vuaka vula!

  35. Mark Mannning no asked them to come to Fiji-so piss off we don't need you or you white arse smart ideas if they were so great tell you Minister to do something of the Blacks dying in your backyard! Or is it a planned killing off of the black race by your people?

  36. Mark the Indo -Fijian has a tie to the iTaukei something you will never know of-tell me what ties do you have ie British stock to the Aborigenes?
    As for Warrior race what makes you think that the iTaukei is the only warrior race around in the Pacific? Which race if you want to go down that path-had the most Victoria Crosses during World War 1 & 2 combined -certainly now the white race? Everytime you open your 'cakehole" shit spews out-pity you can't smell you own shit!


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