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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fiji ailments indicative of political turmoil

The unhealthy malaise continues.
The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health, Dr Sala Saketa, was sacked just after the 2012 budget was announced last week.

The PSC Chair Josefa Seruilagilagi has tried to band aid the controversy by saying the budget requires a new direction and management style. More specifically, there will be reforms and a new focus is needed. Questions, however, continue to be asked about Saketa's termination.

A report has meanwhile revealed that life expectancy has gone from 72.9 years to 67.8 years, according to a Fiji Islands Health System Review by the Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Polices.

In an interview with Radio Australia's Pacific Beat, the co-author of the report Professor Graham Roberts, says Fiji has been going through hard times since 1987, when the country started going into political turmoil. 

Roberts told Pacific Beat there is a premature adult mortality going on. "There are quite high rates of cardiac mortality. I'm not quite sure what this is related to, potentially lifestyle, but also there may have been some epidemics in the past of rheumatic fever that are playing out at this time. So yes, there has been a change. There has been a decline in other indicators as well and I think all of which indicates the hard times that Fiji's been going through.

"... I'd suggest that it's most easily understood by as I said the hard times that Fiji has been going through and the transitions, there are numerous transitions that are going on in relation to health, including dietary and cultural behaviours and risk factors and there's complicated explanations for these things, it's not singular, so there's no single factor."

The Ministry of Education is also working on a draft policy on HIV and AIDS for schools. A spokesperson says Fiji has 366 positive HIV cases - 12 up from 1989. 97.18 per cent are in the 0 to 49 age group and 52 per cent of the young people are in the 10 to 29 age group, up 4 per cent from 2009.

Fiji life expectancy cut short by political turmoil: academic http://www.radioaustralianews.net.au/stories/201111/3380489.htm?desktop 

PSC to advertise health position

Draft school policy HIV and Aids


Bob Lee Swagger said...

According to Frank he has to carry out the mother of all coups to stop coup in coupland. This is what happens when we have an incompetent person leading our military. Some idiot down the line will say that he can do a better coup then Frank and the cycle goes on.

SEMI MEO said...

The political assumptions by the prof is sick!

Anonymous said...

One thing that this Regime or any individual never realize is that THE TRUTH will be revelead and will be manifested by itself and at any time.

Anonymous said...

@C4.5 What is your e mail address? I'd like to send you something.

Anonymous said...

VRF says...

Its no surprise. Yesterday I was watching the world news at home. It showed Hillary Clintons visit to Burma. Burma has been rule for many years by a dictator. a women human rights activist went to jail for 15 years for fighting against the draconian dictatorship rule. She won noble prize for her moral actions and principles. Fiji I believe has photocopied Burma's plans and abuse of human rights and cruel to humanity type of rule.

Now for those who have been in Fiji since our first coup by Rabuka will know that these appointments etc etc & sacking thereafter will not come as a surprise anymore.

Dictators are the least trusted, its natural because the themself have committed the biggest crime "treason". It is common knowledge that many appointments made by dictators will be sacked as their destiny is determined by dictators.

Now when we look around us here in Fiji, Frank & his cohorts have unceremoniously sacked deserving CEO's and senior people without cause but via hear say. It's hurting them badly because his illegal regime appointments are all flawed and have inexperienced/unproven track record people. In a situation like we have in Fiji - those fast track to the top skills/attributes and competencies are exposed when the real teacher/master/mentor/coach is not around. In other words the transition to the hot seat should be on merit & deserving & NOT be colluded by ill will as we have seen from December 2006.
Just look at the judiciary sackings - what does these tell the world, our courts have been compromised from day one of the coup. This is what the international community, Bar associations, commonwealth lawyers association, LAWASIA and many other credible law and international institutions are saying. They are correct. Aiyaz &Frank & Naz Shameem (eve) have been poisoning the courts.

Again, the sacking of illegal regimes appointments comes as NO SURPRISE AT ALL. in fact some of them deserve to be sacked anyway due to unprincipled attitudes.

God save Fiji from persecution please.

Bob Lee Swagger said...


Coup 4.5 said...


send to pacificinthemedia@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Well anyone with any ounce of intelligence or morality will remove themselves from working with and for this illegal dictator government. They want the 'yes sir, no sir, no questions asked' people! This would have been resolved far more quickly if people stood up instead of molly coddling these bunch of idiots that run this dictator government!!!

Anonymous said...

Suits you fine Adi Saketa. Why did you join this illegal regime in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Dr Sala was hopeless when she was head of the Statistics Section of the minitry for health ask anyone who tried to get any information from her as head of the UNit-a big fat ZERO! Yes Fiji is going thru hard times no different form other places, so what it requires peopel who can think not those that have just got others around them to do the job for them . It was a wrong selection in the first place by the PSC which should have been righted long before this -they all knew Dr Sala was sleeping on the job, but my , it fiannly took this long to figure that out. Question is how much rubbish does the incoming Permanent Secretary have to clear out ie things that should have been done by Dr Sala? If you look at what was happening in the MOH the Minister was busy addressing the media etc-where was the Dr Sala who was the PS? Missing in ACTION?!!! Dr Sala was out of her depths and the pSC also has to answer as they selected her?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dr Saketa can spill the beans here on C4.5 on the corruption in the ministry of health.

mark manning said...

So much for backing the wrong horse, I mean pig !

Anonymous said...

Well, what else can we say.Its not coincidental. The normal Hire and Fire policy applies across the board. If you don't satisfy the Pig -Rt Vore Vuaka Geti and his regime, you'll face the music and Dr Saketa is facing it now. Her initial choice in the past to serve in the illegal regime is now catching up on her. What a man sows, shall he reaps.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Dr.Saketa. Tukuna kece na ka dina kei na levu ni duka kei na benu e tu qori ena MOH.Dont ever mention what was actually happening between you and Bainivuaka.....Guess what...they were having and affair...Bainivuaka's policy e tabu na lasa i tuba while serving the Public Sevice..

Ena sega ni rawa ni tabonaki na dina...na dina ena basika ga mai dela ni vale....

Anonymous said...

Dr Sala was an opportunists and she got what was coming, whats good for the goose is also good for the gender, now she can live happily ever after by going back to serve the people asa Doc or join some shoes that fit her her well instead of thsoe big shoes that she tried to wear. Whether Dr Saketa realized that she was just a pawn but I hope the ones pulling the strings must not play with Fiji's people's health. It has happened in the past when politician tried to play with measles, it not only wiped out more than 1/2 the native population but force the government to get labourers from India through the indentured labour system.

Taukei. said...

@ Anon 1:31.
Bollywood Fairy Story.

Once upon a time in the very begining of Fijian history - racist and oppressive british politians attempted genocide on Fiji's poor naive natives (Taukei)-but these wicked plans were stopped by the timely intervention & arrival of boatloads of brave Girmits (subsequent relatives & camp followers) from Mother India.

Nanuma Lesu said...

All Fiji should know that Dr. Sala Saketa has done her job to the best of her abilities as PS Health.

She is not a Statistician but a medical professional so do not bring up her weaknesses in statistics.

Do not criticize her for not appearing in the media on health issues. This is being handles by the Minister (who likes appearing on TV) and the Media and Communications Officer.

She is not the first and is not going to be the last PS to be sacked unceremoniously. More are going to come before we return to democracy. Sogned contracts performance agreements mean nothing to the government of the day, whether these atre for a year, for two or three years, or whatever.

In fact Saketa like other PS who had been removed (Maria Matavewa or Josefa Matau) were there because they genuinely want to serve this government for the nation and her people. These people like most out there believe in what this government can do.


Anonymous said...

@ Nanuma Lesu

Go look yourself in the mirror.

Can you make any improvement on what you see ?

Da dikevi keda mada da qai vosa.

Anonymous said...

Dua na ka au via kaya - sa dau veicalati dina na noda i tovo ni veivosaki se veisoli vakasama nai taukei. Da tovolea mada meda dau vakasamataka vinaka na ka eda dau kaya me vukea na na noda torocake vata.

I think Dr. Saketa was a very capable leader even though I do not know her personally. I understand that she had completed her MBA and was impressed with her input at an AGM meeting I had attended. So I think she is another victim of this IR. The fact that the minister is appearing for media releases seems not surprising as he seems to be a publicity seeking ME-MYSELF-and-I individual and wants all the attention on himself.

Anonymous said...

Nanuma Lesu -the reasom they gave her to head the Statistics Division because it was always headed by Drs -not everone went to Post Garduate training like Sala. Dr Bavarda headed the Statistics section and it ran like the machinery that it should have.The Statistics Section is the engin room of the Ministry for Health-you give it to a DR Sala because epidemeology is the bread & butter of those that hold the qualification Dr Sala has. Those that held that position over the years in the MOH were envied for their knowledge of diseases & disease trends, Dr Sala was simply out of ther depth. The CEO before the coup was none other than Dr Lepani Waqatakirewa-who resign and now works for th United Nations as aConsultant! So cut the crap Dr Lepani came from the old school and he sure knew his job-Dr Sala hopefully will get a post up in the Medical School in Tamavua just like the last useless Director for Public Health Dr Tima Tuiketei!WE need thinkers not just filling in the "gaps"!

Observer said...

Anonymous 12.25pm.

U seem to klnow a lot about Dr. Saketa and the history of the MOH. What have u got against Dr. Saketa?

Did she do something bad to you? Did she look down on u while working together? Did she turn u down becos u are not good enough for her? Was she appointyed to the post ahead of u?

If that was the case, then please just take an inward look at yurself, determine your weaknesses, find the best way forward for u and move on...


Friendly Advice said...

Anonymous 12.25am.

Since you mentioned the late Dr. Bavadra and seem to know quite well his performance in Health Statistics, then I presume u could be one of the oldies in the MOH now...could be one in top management now and has been unhappy with your progress up the hierarchy of MOH...was Dr. Saketa in your way?

Forgive and forget...she is no longer there now and I believe your curses to the devil have been answered...but remeber the satanic payback...seek forgiveness now to the LORD YOUR GOD!

Watching U said...

Anonymous 12.25am.

I feel sorry for u. U are so full of hatred and malice; a heart so dark that badly needs retrieving and saving.

Dr. Tima Tuiketei a useless Director? Dr. Tuiketei is most probably a better thinker and a doer than you, hide and seek behind the "Anonymous cover".

Unfair criticism like what you are doing to Dr Saketa and Dr Tuiketei is the art, work and doing of unproductive incompetent bludgers who try to worm their way to the top without merit.

U are so full of Bulls...t

Never Say Never said...

Anonymous 8.47pm

One speaks from the heart but u alone is speaking from your sona

Kalou Ni Draki said...

Anonymous 8.47pm.

Your retor to Nanuma Lesu is surprising and so artificial. What has looking at oneself in the mirror got to do with this?

Will looking in the mirror bring improvement and give one what one expects?

O sa dikevi iko mada ko qai vosa? Se ko nanuma beka ni ko vosa tiko vei cei se se lako tiko beka mai vei na vosa oqori; mai na i karua ni gusumu?

Kua mada na siosio tiko!

Anonymous said...

rumours has it that she was a dumbass to begin with...am sure no one in the ministry is surprised that she got the boot...after all performance is key whether its dictatorship or democracy...or is it not??

Anonymous said...

@ Never & Kalou

I am not one to compare but Dr. Saketa vs Dr Lepani ?

If you cannot comprehend why I said what I said on Namuna Lesu's comments re: pre 2006 coup PS's then yes I guess you would only understand the sound coming out of my sona.

Anonymous said...

Dr Sala came up the ranks because all the Indo-Fijian Drs had resigend and left! Her MBA well no one argues about that-but does an MBA mean you know it all-there were some pretty knowledgeable candidates for the PSH job -but as usual DR Salas contacts came in handy? E a qai laurai ga ni se sega ni vaka oti tu na cakacaka e a doddonu me caka-all the teu in the world won't get you any where if you dumb! Vinaka na via bei taka na Minisita ni Bula-he at the very lest proved himself in private practise & already ade his money so to speak!Show me were Dr Sala has a proven track record in Health-all her rubbishing of Dr Lepani has finally come to roost. As for me i tell it as it is nothing to gain-if you dance with the devil as Dr Sala did well don't come crying when he pokes your rear!You woundn't want to open the case of Dr Tima because it is sure rotten as hell!

Anonymous said...

No one is against any person its ungodly Ye! What about when people abuse their positions of Authority-do we sit & pretend its OK! The MOH is now in a mess since one ie left Dr Tima Tuikete. The MOH is now suffering all these crap meetings held in hotels just so she could carry on her "honey moon " affair that wnet on for years! Look at the number of cases of NCD's now mentioned-when the system is abuse that is the outcome-it takes years to develope a Health System but it sure as hell takes a quick nose dive when self centred individuals come and play their i am mightier than you games and do what i want to do-at who ultimately suffers-THE COUNTRY!It was the joke of the MOH Staff all over the country!Guess who use to held the post of PS then?

Anonymous said...

WATCHINGYOU!What you question what i say you certainly right with what i say when you say Dr. Tima Tuiketei a useless Director? Dr. Tuiketei is most probably a better thinker and a doer than you, hide and seek behind the "Anonymous cover".
She certainly was a better Thinker, Better Doer than me -because she thought of a way to combining her "lasa i tuba" with her boyfriend PS at various hotels thru out Fiji in the guise of having 'workshops" weekends after weekends! This was not even hidden from Senior or Junior Staff of the MOH! Now you may be wondering how come the Department of Public Health is suffering with all the mess in Public Health? Who do you think was paying for this hotel bills just so the two of them could have some fun? Typhoid,STD's, NCD's etc etc-its because "o Boso was busy having an affair with the PS! The best i can recall was when Dr Tima opened a workshop on HIV and said " you should practice safe sex'have only one parner" i in fact laughed as one of the delegates to that meet! Was it funny-yes ? You need to practice what you preach! So don't think we here to just rubbish people now you know why the Franks Govt got rid of her-since you wanted to protect the unprotectable its only fair we tell it like it was or less we will go down that path again!
Dr Tima might be the most brilliant Dr around but her record on morailty and as a LEADER has left many to wonder if the Govt of day was blind or just couldn't care less! If you don't believe a word i say just ask around from those who are still working at MOH right now!You don't need me to eleborate on het behaviour unless you wnat me to give you specific dates and times?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you people? Don't you have anything important to do? Look i know how you jealous
Boci thinks of Dr Tima as a flusie,
but i can tell you, without any bias,
that Dr Tima was a first class Doctor, who looks after her patients with the highest dedication? I should know, since i had been patient with her, on the airplane in the air,on the boats in the water,in bed,on the floor,on the ground,on the mat,on the chair,on the table,on the counter,on the swing etc,etc,.So there what else your dirty mind wants to know???????WE NEED DEDICATED DOCTOR LIKE DR.TIMA!!!!

Dr. Lepani said...

Thank you Anon 4.30am. I sincerely hope that u arr fine and satisfied with your relevation because I know it ios not the truth.

Anonymous said...

Not'flusie' its 'floozie'What is a floozie - A floozie is a woman of low or questionable moral values. There are a number of ways to describe a floozie, but that's the general answer. A floozie is a term generally applied to a woman who will "sleep around" or is an "easy lay" or the like. This description is rather vulgar, but it uses language that quickly and clearly (in most cases) delivers a clear definition.Mirror Mirror on the is Dr Tima or Dr Sala?Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

One thing Dr Lepani was good at was his written English-NOW that he works for the UN we suddenly notice he can't spell are (arr) & is(ios)-vosota Vuniwai sa sivia bea na nomu cede sa maka ni o ila na spell!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think of Dr Tima as a"flusie'! ASsomeone mention its "floozie"! Did i say she was sleeping around-no she was having an affair with the PSH at the time-ow if that makes here a "flusie"-de vale lalai-i don"t know-but it was the talk of the Govt at the time! Ni sa kau tiko ga yani na votu senikau e vale ni cakacaka-de "romance the stone"!

Anonymous said...

Its seems that the highly DISINFECTED Ministry of Health is MORALLY INFECTED instead.

Anonymous said...

By the way where is Dr Tima now?And where has Dr Sala being posted to?

Anonymous said...

"Its seems that the highly DISINFECTED Ministry of Health is MORALLY INFECTED instead".

Disinfection & Disinfestation was done when Dr Tima was posted out, hopefully she is not carrying on with her 'games' at MOH at the Medical Institution-would be a very poor showcase for students!