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Friday, December 2, 2011

Fiji refuses again to take part in corruption survey

Transparency International has released its list of Corruption Perceptions Index and surprise, surprise Fiji is again not on the list.

The index measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption worldwide with 183 countries taking part this year.

The five countries perceived as having the least corruption are New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Singapore.

The five seen as most corrupt are: Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, North Korea and Somalia.

Transparency International told Coupfourpointfive its  Corruption Perceptions Index is put together with the help of a number of surveys, all carried out by different organisations.

It told us Fiji has refused to participate now in three surveys since the 2006 coup.

The last time it took part was in 2005 when it ranked 55 out of 158 countries.

In this survey, Fiji's best friend China is ranked 75 out of 183.

Samoa came in at 69,  Tonga 95, Papua New Guinea 154, and Solomon Islands 120.


Anonymous said...

so i guess if Fiji did took part in this survey than for sure it must have being ranked around some where clsoe to 75 since the best friend is on 75 . or may be more close to number :1 thats y there did not want to be part of this survey

Let the truth be told said...

Following story from Fijivillage.com.

Police Constable further remanded in custody : Publish date/time: 02/12/2011 [12:48]

A 22 year old Police Constable who is charged with causing death by dangerous driving has been further remanded in custody by the Suva Magistrates court.
Kelemedi Simolo is alleged to have caused the death of another police constable, Luisa Tagicakibau last Friday at Rewa street.
Simolo is expected to take his plea on 8th December.
Magistrate Yohan Liyanage heard that police are still awaiting the recovery of two other police constables who are still admitted at the CWM Hospital before their statements are recorded.
Constable Luisa Tagicakibau died at the scene while two other police constables are still admitted at CWM hospital.
Story by: Tokasa Rainima and Ronal Deo

LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD..... Eyewitness reports at the hospital say all five police personnel smelt heavily of liquor when brough in, including the 21 year old policewoman who died. Further evidence is creeping in that all five officers were in fact off-duty and had been drinking at a senior officer's house in Samabula before calling Central Police station for the now charged Constable to pick them up.
It's also being rumoured that the same officers had in fact raided a liquor outlet earlier in the evening before the accident.
If all the above is proved correct then COMPOL Naivalurua should ask himself how effective he is in injecting discipline and weeding out corruption. Or are his early morning sea-shore "conference" parades all a show?

Joker said...

The seashore parade is just an ego trip for Naivalurua, nothing more and nothing less

Radiolucas said...

So no transparency, no accountability and yet the only people in Fiji who are profiting are those who work in the military.

Hardly surprising that Australia and NZ won't deal with Frank and Aiyaz - everyone knows how corrupt these tyrants are.

Anonymous said...

Frank keeps saying he's got "nothing to hide". So how come he refused to take part in this survey.
Maybe he's worried that people might see the truth.

Anonymous said...

Wow., just read in the Fiji Times that a new decree passed by the Illegal Regime says that no one can challenge the recent changes that they are making to the FNPF.
Is that corruption or what?

The Oracle said...

@Anon 3:15.... Yep, that's the way Fiji is.

We can probably all PREDICT now what the Constitutional talks will be like. It will be a farce as the Constition will already have been drafted and don't be surprised when there's an accompanying Decree to say the people of Fiji cannot challenge the new Constitution in court and that the people of Fiji cannot prosecute Frank, Aiyaz and all their baloney cronies for the major muck-ups they've wreaked on the rest of us since 2006.
As I've said several times, because of our inability to rise up, we will eventually get what we deserve.

Sa da na loloma wale ga!!

Anonymous said...

Dina says.......

Whenever Frank Bainimarama & Aiyaz & Naz Shameem opens their mouth, it stinks of corruption.

Can imagine if the trio have s../orgy.......what a mess.

I have been working as a public servant for almost 30 years, served under different governments.

This is the worst ever government and PM & AG + incompetent CEO's as well amongst the ranks including statutory organisations.

We're lead by hypocrites and unworthy leaders.

This is what we get when we have no brainers and coupsters in charge.

God bless Fiji.

WToloi said...

For as long as this guy (Voreqe) lives, there will be no election, no survey etc...it's time to act and take these two (VB & Khaiyum} out of the equation!

Anonymous said...

FNPF Transition Decree: so now some dimwit can just take my money (the money I worked hard for) and do anything they like with it; and I'm not allowed to ask questions.
What the hell is that?
That would be called STEALING wouldn't it?
For goodness sake THAT IS MY MONEY, Frank.

It's not bloody taxpayer's money.

No it is mine.
It belongs to ME.
It doesn't belong to your father.

I worked for it; Not you or your father or your useless soldiers. No, I did with my blood, sweat and tears. So Don't mess with it, you nutcase.

Why don't you piss off back to where you came from and go and count coconuts.
Don't mess with our money!

-Valataka na Dina.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz is not waiting for 2014, an election, nor a constitution !
Everything the Regime is doing, has been planned well in advance of the coup, perhaps only the timetable has shifted because of the resistance due to the ongoing unexpected, blogging, which has n doubt shone a light on what the Regime is really up to.
Wake up people, everything was planned years before 2006 !

Without telling you again, I want to see if the Citizens of you Fiji, are bright enough to work it out.

Clan of Ten said...

Anon 6.41

That money is not yours..........50% of it belongs to your employer and to the government.

Anon 6.22

Dont fart against thunder...why don't you do it and don't just fart from overseas and try a make yourself in to some kind of a warrior. You are just a coward, because I know you.

Anon 5.20

Its old civil servants like you who are the main causes of the prolems the previous government had to go through. Its your incompetencies that has forced the changes the PSC had to go through. It was your lack of everything..so dont blame anyone but you and you alone.

Anon 3.11

We dont need the TI survey because they are not fair in their reporting.....ask FICAC.

Please let's give a chance to this government to elevate the status of Fiji to par with Aust.

Lets support this government..

May God Bless Fiji

Clan of Ten

Bob Lee Swagger said...


Anonymous said...

@ Clan of Ten
If I wasn't working, the Government would get "ZERO"
So take your bullshit somewhere else.
Please use your brain before you write.

- Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@Clan of Ten
You should look at your feet too when you're counting.
Then you'll be Clan of 20

Anonymous said...

It would have been an ideal opportunity to see if Ficac was effective since it established for this very purpose. Apparently it was not to be and the very people practising corruption are those telling others not to do it. Thus the need for the regime to try and hide under the radar or else all will be revealed. Damned hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest shit ever to come out of this bloody IG.....an esteemed speech by the CJ against corruption through nepotism....

Move away from Nepotism-CJ

Fiji Village. Publish date/time: 02/12/2011[17:10]

Fiji has to move away from appointing people that you know, to merit based appointments to ensure that the best person gets the job, while speaking during the Attorney General's Conference on the topic of Public Office Accountability, the CJ added that declaration must be made as to the existence of any influential person to whom the applicant is related to by blood or marriage.

Anonymous said...

Another Decree----the Govt does not have to pay any interest on its debts--even if it is not paid for 10 yeras or 20 .But if you owe money to the Govt--you pay interest and heavy penalty if you owe tax.Where is Justice-?--even Idi Amin would be ashamed of this Govt !!

Anonymous said...

@Clan of Ten...."Please let's give a chance to this government to elevate the status of Fiji to par with Aust."

What are you smoking??? Fiji to par with Aust? Oilei DREAM ON you and Voreqe and the losers who support him like YOU! No wonder Fiji will never amount to anything because we have IDIOTS like you and Voreqe and Aiyaz thinking you know it all.

Fiji to par with Aust...WHAT A LAUGH AND A FART!

Anonymous said...

Clan of Ten.

During our days as Civil Servants the country was profitting and our average individual life span was over 72 years.

Now, during your time and Bainimarama's, and Khaiyum's illegal tenure, you're bankrupting the nation and dying younger than you should. This proves that you are farting your ass out without any benefit to us at all.

Anonymous said...

I came across this TI report earlier and wondered why Fiji was not rated in the list of countries and their rankings. So the refusal of the regime to take part is now obvious. They just want to hide how badly they are performing in this area of governance. Otherwise their constant claims of transparency and good governance are all but lies.

Anonymous said...

Clan of hen...stop sucking up to Vuaka's ass you moron.

Anonymous said...

Clan of ten
we can see from your posting how half or no school you are.....you are you to advise us.
Sa rauta mada na masi polo tiko...vinaka cake mosa suputa ga yani

Anonymous said...

It does not make sense that Fiji was not ranked because it refused to participate. I would be very surprised if Myanmar and North Korea "pacipitated" in the survey and they are ranked.

Gone Ni Lomanivanua said...

Clan Of Ten

u had been listening to too many UCUMAIDURU from your lackadaisical grandpa and elders making u think u are really somebody being called Clan Of Ten.

Na Yavusa Tinitini beka mai vei? Kitaka tiko na vosa vakalolomataka tiko na KAWA I TAUKEI!

O gadreva mo drau coqa kei Kalou Ni Draki?

WToloi said...

Who is this freak called Clan of ten....what an idiot and a scumbag!!

Anonymous said...

OK in 2005 Fiji was ranked 55 out of 184 nations? First off, who conducted the study? Its very suprising that Tonga&Samoa obtained
89 88respectively,with small population etc you'r think that they would be ranked in the 30th? Also, as far as the decrees been enacted is concerns, don't worry about them too much.Once the government changes hands it would mean the new Government may or may not wished to keep the decrees,in
which case he/she may have to scraped the decrees?

Anonymous said...

It's meant to be Clan of Hen.

Anonymous said...

Thats clan of ten fingers. five to stroke khaiyums and five to stroke Bainimarama

Better luck next time Clan of Ten

Anonymous said...

CLAN OF TEN....ULUKAU BAVULU. kua na somi sise. Don't try to be a smarty pants you SHIT head like your BOCIVOREQE and KULINAKAIYUM.
Tamata kaisi vakai IKO gadreva dua na M16 nomu mona lala qori.

Gone Ni Waidina said...

Clan Of Ten

Isa! Ni o tamata ulukau, vuli vakavo qai mai rai na matamu ni ko sa curu ki na sotia...mai rawa kina ni ko sauma na kemu madrai kei na bata...ke sega ko gunu ti coi boka voli ga mai vanua.

Na demu e se toka ga oqo mai na koro

Clan of Ten said...

Anons @ 9:04 PM, 9:14 PM, 7:45 AM, 10:47 AM, 3:33 PM, 5:34 PM, 9:43 AM, 10:33 AM, 3:19 PM, 5:59 PM, 1:05 AM

At least I am making some senses to you all in my comments and that is why you have replied, although they are sour and unsavoury.

Well you may call me names, you can curse me, you may threaten me, but if you touch me it will be to your own peril.

One thing is for sure......Ratu Voreqe and Mr Aiyaz are two blessed souls because with all the curses and unjustified insults generated within this blogg, the God Almighty must certainly have compassion on them.

Because Ratu Voreqe, Mr Aiyaz and myself continue to forgive you all for the reviled comments you are throwing at us, the God Almighty will certainly forgive us of our sins. God forgive those who forgives.

Well one of us will be the last man standing and making the last laugh.

Clan of Ten

QEB Snitch said...

Clan Of Ten

Maybe u do not know, u and your bosses will remain standing forever in hell writhing and yelling in pain for all the murders, killings, atrocities, tec in the last 5 years (2007 - 2011).

U all will be the last men standing in HELL

Anonymous said...

Do you really expect Khaiyum and Bainivuaka to take part in this survey that would show the truth? Never in a million years!

They breath and live corruption each day of their lives and the survey would only quicken their downfall. So NO! They would not participate in this survey!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone knows who is the head for Transparency International.


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