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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fiji's new casino team 'fails to bring prosperity to tribal members'

SNOQUALMIE SEATTLE CASINO: Projected profits have not eventuated.

Tribal lockout
The Native American casino team the investor Larry Claunch says will help him develop the casino in Denerau and Suva has been revealed to be bringing in just a quarter of the revenue it promised its 600-strong members.

Claunch was granted the exclusive licence to run Fiji's first casino this week and he named the Snoqualmie tribe as the outfit that would help him develop the casinos.

But the Seattle Times has revealed Snoqualmie has failed to generate the profits tribal members expected, despite the showpiece casino it opened in Seattle last November. In an article titled 'Big pay off eluding tribe,' reporter Lynda Mapes says she has obtained information which shows Snoqualmie has been faced with budget cuts and layoffs. 

She cites a memo written by a grant and contract administration consultant, Henry Grant, to the tribal council and administrator which says: "The adopted budget for 2009 ... has proved to be wildly inaccurate. Gaming revenue is $250,000 a month instead of $1,000,000 a month. A combination of cutbacks and loan funding is imperative to avoid financial collapse."

The Seattle Times also says the tribe is in political turmoil again thanks to a dispute over elections in 2008, and that it continues to be wracked by a fallout in the leadership, to the point it's not meeting regularly.

The paper says the memo singled out unresolved federal audit findings questioning costs dating back to 2004 that could potentially exceed $1 million saying the tribe is working with old overhead rates on contracts, which hurts cash flow and that finance office is not staffed to handle the volume and complexity of transactions it sees.

It also says staff lacks training.

The administrator Henry Flood reveals Snoqualmie was not keeping current on reimbursements on some contracts and grants, had advanced "large sums of money" without getting paid back, and that inaccurate record keeping made getting paid more challenging. Flood also found the tribe has "major problems" organizing, tracking and monitoring its awarded contracts and grants, and that financial reports on many grants and contracts are 'delinquent.'

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Indian Affairs says the tribe can't fix these problems because it's been plagued by infighting and that the tribe's administrative offices were padlocked and some of its federal funds frozen.

The Seattle Times story quotes a tribal administrator Matt Matson as saying he "closed the tribal center and central records facility to allow all parties to think about their options." He said the tribe was facing the prospect of the U.S. government assuming administrative control of the tribal government.

According to the Seattle Times, the tribe's casino has continued to function but there are questions about how much longer.

Big pay off eluding troubled tribe


Anonymous said...

Excellent work C4.5. This is the kind of constructive investigative journalism needed to bring this regime down.

I am sure the theory is that this Casino will attract the High Rollers from Asia in particular and everyone is excited about the theory. But then everyone thought Newton had it right and he has subsequently been found wanting.

Once again the ego and inexperience of this governments advisors is found wanting and Fiji has become a place where the Carpet Baggers are back, bigger and badder than ever..

Anonymous said...

Yes,what can we do? We're between a rock & a hard place?The dicktator
on one side with all the crooks and here we are on one side with no gun? What are we to do???Stand up for your rights and you'll be shot down in no time? Whose going to be around to pickup the pieces?Bai doesn't care about freedom,rights,or what have you.If you listen and do what he want you to do,than you gets whats coming to you? On the other hand if you opposed his lordship decision,then as far as he's concern you're dead!
See what i mean about been squezed into "A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE"?

Anonymous said...

An ideal fit for an incompetent government.

Gambler said...

There is little doubt where this thing is going. A huge kick back for Khaiyum and his bodyguards and a project that will most certainly fail. There are enough casinos in the world and adding one or two in Fiji will not automatically increase the number of idiots who burn their money in a casino.

Anonymous said...

As long as we don't have to put out
any money to get this mafia operation going, i'd say "BRING IT ON"! If this guy want us to hand out a few million-i say grab the crook and put the boot to him?Do'nt
let any body try to play you like you have no brain? If the guy can be trusted than get him to "SHOW ME THE MONEY"! If he can't show you
the money? Than we should turn the macafaka around and show him our boots on the crack of his backside?
Hey simple math, ask the illegal AG
he knows how to handle these heartless crooks?

SEMI MEO said...

Well, of course...why should this so called mega “Native” conglomerate wander off the International casino track to invest in a tiny wee market dot in the wide pacific ocean? As if the Fiji elites and a few International wheelers and dealers will bring in a at least 10% of the revenue to recoup their colossal losses up north.

We would not be surprise, as “their options” , other entities with the same name ,or interests may be incorporated in other rouge administration worldwide…probably with intent to massage off Uncle Sam's scrutiny.

..and our Fiji have swallowed the bait, line and sinker…uh..and sink with this possible con job..

The present Bainimarama/ Airyurse/Teleni/Taappoo regime should just slow down on this big questionable dream projects and work of how to get us back to elections ASAP!!...not selling us off ASATPAF!!

Anonymous said...

From what I have witnessed and heard, the majority of Indians fully support Aiyarsehole and his plans for Fiji. And uneducated Bai is going along with it, so as the school dropouts in the barracks.

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

1. in one way introducing casino will trigger the influx of Mafia gangsters and professional mercenaries to work against Frank & Aiyaz government.

2. All these doggy deals - this is what you get from thieves and law breakers like Frank & Aiyaz & Nazhaat Shameem & company.

3. While they the military are arresting prostitutes now at the camp, intro of casino will just even introduce their own wife's to hell too. no one will be cooking and doing house work but edicts of casino & later prostitution.

SpadeOfAce said...

Casino and prostitution goes hand in hand. Expect an influx in STD.

Anonymous said...

Fiji casino= EPIC FAILURE.

Saddam Gadaffi said...

And don't forget The Poo and company. And Vuakamarama and family. And Aiyarsehole and family.

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel a lot jealousy in all of this. Frank and team have achieved a lot more than what many of us thought he could. I am in Fiji from NZ for Xmas and am hearing very positive feedback from orfdinarly men and women of Fiji. People fully support Frank and team ; Fijian or Indian. I am moving back to fiji and to support Naisoso.

I don't think the likes of SDL would have been able to achieve so much as wha Frank has. sdL was tainted by the likes of Ken zinck whose drunkard was a hallmark of the SDL govt. RIp SDL.

JB said...

Another idea from the illegal bunch of thieves...as usual, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing...".

This is just another blind stab into the darkness with the hope of getting blood money into Frank & Khaiyum's pocket.

Bunch of crooks...!

Anonymous said...

Major shock on its way for the Fiji Bus Industry in mid Jan where a massive restructure of the industry will be announced. Commencing mid 2012, major routes starting with all Tacirua routes will run by a private company that will be bulk funded by the govt. All buses will be climate controlled and will allow for wheelchair access. Furthermore, all bus stops will have electronic display advising passengers of bus number and expected arrival time.

Stay tuned. Nur Ali finger prints on this deal.

Anonymous said...

FNPF anther waist of money that u will loose out on.this Fiji GOV HASN'T GOT ANY MONEY IN THEIR KITTY . YOUR MONEY IS BEEN USED FIRST AND THAN THEY HOPPING TO GET IT BACK FROM THIS SO CALLED NATIVE AMERICAN COMPANY. frank please give up now mate its a dead end street bro.....think about your children and your great grand children,,you dont want your makubumu to say ....its our grandfather's fault....dao the best for your kids ... lets move forward together ...could you do that??????

Anonymous said...

Can Bani please give Rajesh Singh a job in this social disaster project - he is no job at the moment and the democracy fundraising not going well plus Roko Lui not in tow.Rajesh is very good with money like aiyass.

Anonymous said...

We should only pray that this goes nowhere, just like Claunch's Nukudrau project, because if it doesn't, Fiji will vie with Yap for the dubious privilege of being overrun with Chinese triads and prostitutes. Fijians who have finished their shifts playing in minstrel shows or sweeping out the casino latrines will be herded to their new reservation on Rotuma. Yes, Claunch understands the opportunities in the new Fiji -- a despotism is a wonderful place to practice cronyism!

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10.04pm. About time these bus operators got sorted by the current regime. FBOA full of self serving people like Ajit Singh of Tacirua, Richard Lal and Levuka fox Garinder Whiteside. Rohit Latchan is bankrupt and i dont know how he got himself to be their leader. FBOA is full of corruption. How come there is no alternative bus service on Princess Road? All because Ajit Singh from Tacirua is controlling the FBOA and not allowing any other operator to operate.

I hope what you saying is correct.

Anonymous said...

I smell a rat
Hard to believe best guy got it
Impossible to. Believe anything else left to sell kitchen sink. Sold to tapu lol

Anonymous said...

Residents of FIJI: Please take the time to read the open letter sent from the Snoqualmie Tribal Chief to Larry Claunch. Here is the link http://www.snoqualmiehereditarychiefs.com

There are a couple of important references in this document that should cement the true state of tribal fighting in the Snoqualmie Tribe.
On page two "the clandestine manueuver by the invalid council and the rogue and opportunistic Tribal Administrator."

One thing I can say for certain about the Tribal Administrator he is consistant in his inconsistancies...whenever having a Tribal Chief benefits his position Jerry Enick is respected. When opposition to the Fiji investment is discussed Chief Enick is only a "traditional position, not one created under the authority" of the US Constitution....I smell a rat

As you can tell accepting any money from the Snoqualmie Tribe in your country is a dishonorable act. It will further cause inter-tribal discord for the Snoqualmie People.
Besides, there is no casino resort in the world that has survived a market with as SMALL a population and visitor market as Fiji and survived.
Stop Mr. Claunch from stealing from the Snoqualmie Tribe and making fools of your people...

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