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Monday, December 5, 2011

Leaked documents show grubby workings of Khaiyum and co

Confidential documents obtained by Coupfourpointfive confirm the scale of manipulation by the illegal attorney general and close aides to gain control and to target the former police commissioner, Esala Teleni.

The current police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, ordered the documents to be destroyed but they were rescued from the shredder by a quick thinking boffin.  

The officer who prepared the report was demoted and then sacked.

The investigation and report (sparked by a Naboro mole who 'tipped' Khaiyum about a supposed plan to destabilise the illegal government involving Teleni, Pita Driti and Roko Ului Mara and others), was being put together for the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama.

The five-page document, prepared in January this year, shows how Naivalurua, Pio Tikoduadua (the permanent secretary for the prime minister's office), Mohammed Aziz (the chief of staff for the RFMF), and Khaiyum manipulated the system to try to eliminate Teleni and in the process sack some honest officers who were standing in their way, to gain total control of the government. 

Confirmed, too, is the spying on citizens via the so-called 'intercepting' of phone calls despite the regime and Vodafone's denial, and its ability to check bank accounts.

As is said in the Kingdom of the Devil - no one is honest: they will kill each other to gain more power and control, hurting innocent citizens in the process.


Smell the Coffee said...

Power corrupts. Welcome to the dark zone. Darkness is the removal of light. Dog eats dog & where back stabbers abound.

Kai Gau said...

Hmmmmmm....the military regime's buds VODAFONE vehemently DENIED that them or the regime has the capability to record/intercept mobile conversations etc.

"Vodafone Fiji insists it does not have the technology to allow mobile phones to be intercepted and says no military personnel have ever been permitted to enter its exchange nor to monitor calls."

Sec 1.2 Second para..."3 months of surveillance the team didn't find any reference of a plot DURING his MOBILE CONVERSATIONS..."

NOW it is plain that they DO and they even have tracers on bank accounts. YA!

Aiyaz..you're DEad POOP! along with Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

AG should be neutralised by whatever means.

Anonymous said...

While this is rather shocking, the truth is that this the tactics that Voreqe has used all his life in the Navy an all the way to where he is today. So many military officers and successful citizens have been removed using this exact tactics. Voreqe has fed false information, to the Commander at that time, Brig Ganilau, the soldiers, in order to undermine and isolate officers before sacking them, he used it during 2000, against
SDL (remember Foster?), he used it with NZ govt (remember the meeting between LQ and Voreqe in NZ)....the evidence is endless. All those that have been sworn at and theatened over the the phone must know that Voreqe is the one behind that. Soldiers who become his bodyguard are quickly taught these cowardly tactics. Remember the women that he physically assaulted in the dark?
I believe Naivalurua has resigned. Why is he running?
The question remains, what will we do about it? Then what will be the follow up action? We should stand up and the we must abide by democratic and transparent governance and the total rule of law and due process.

GOD Loves U said...

This is very interesting; the hands behind the scene manipulating the GODLY order of things and daily events, inconsiderate of the lives and families they ruin.

I had always thought that Pio Tikoduadua is a honest right thinking person...ia oqo sa tu na da...he is just as good as his lowly academic achievements...not really surprising that he started off as a court intepreter.

Khaiyum and Aziz; I am not surprised being agents of satan while Naivalurua has always been too sly with his hideous snobbish demeanour.

Anyway one cannot find together light and darkness, good and bad, pure and impure, positive and negative, etc. This is why the negatives are trying hard to remove the positives and in the middle of these goings-on sits the illegal PM not even knowing or not even sure as to what are happening.

I pity you Pio...you have not really learnt anything from the tumour in your head...my friend; GOD has been trying to tell you something. You do not play around with the life of a Man Of GOD.

Beware! Waraka Namaka! if you do not stop...

SEMI MEO said...

Who will next be under priority surveillance as an element of risk for our nation security or for risk for the protection of the few who will do anything to hold on to power.

Fiji is far too tiny for this kinda internal espionage to gather and isolate a flock of scapegoats.

But again, it is easy. For you see, to vilify a Senior Methodist Pastor former Police Comm; assign a Catholic spy and you’ve got all the evil reports that could be amassed in his alleged spiritual crusade to Christianize the Fiji Police Force.

The Comrades former Land Force Commanders may have a “righteous moral Police” to snoop and collect all insinuation of any alleged extramarital activities that may “threaten” nation security. As if the assignors themselves have a clean moral slate.

Assign a extreme Hindu agent on Bridger Aziz and you’ll sure get nasty reports of his probable courting with the Christian faith and possibly bringing shame as he is called a “half kaiviti” in certain Indo-Fijian circles. Who said intended assimilation to encourage modernity in our pluralistic society is probable threat to National security.

Oh...we would not be suprised if a thinck black file of my tauvu Rear Admiral is kept somewhere in a safe place in the Valey Road some where or in Wainibuka..

Get a disgruntled spy and you get warped ego centric filth..THAT is threat to national security..are we gonna investigate eah other till the cows come home??..that may just may just be an excuse for prolonged state of emergencies and yet horizon of an national election so far far away ...still my challenge to the particular candidate for the 2014 National elections stands!!

Joker said...

There is no rule when personal status and ego is the driving force behind a person's action. Too much kocokoco.They should be given a pistol each and shoot it out. Get rid of the low down vermins.

Caught in the act said...

“During his 3 months of (sic) under surveillance (Oct - Dec 2010) the team didn’t find any evidence of a plot during his mobile conversations ... EVRD turned negative on all conversations from his home and mobile ..."

“Before we could launch our team on above, Millitary Intelligence raided and intercepted messages on the mobile phones after tips from Attorney General ...”

“My team also found that Manager Crime ... planted evidence ...”

Now, what was that someone said about there being no surveillance of mobiles and landline phones in Fiji?

Radiolucas said...

Yep, well - no surprises there - though it confirms basically what we all knew - that the Police and Military are surveilling the public and their own people. What a happy place it must be to work in government eh?

But as we all know, those who live by the sword, die by the sword - but they will eat their own to avoid that fate - there is no future in working for traitors because they will never sleep easy.

Anonymous said...

Its so obvious there's a network involving Aiyaz, Aziz and Khan from Vodafone...how else would he be getting his 'tips' about mobile phone conversations!! This is very disturbing news indeed for anyone using vodafone as it means that there are people at Vodafone activiely listening in on conversations for Aiyaz who probably has written himself a decree. How are we to know these taps aren't limited to Military personnel and its very likely they've been listening in on business conversation as well. For any Business in Fiji this should be are resounding wake up call. Its time that people woke up to these jokers and kicked them out. To have someone listen in on anyones phone conversations for 3 months is indeed pathetic, and to do so for a prominient person like Teleni....I'm surprised they didn't convert to New Methodist after that listening operation. These guys have been watching too many movies...and as for those perverts at Vodafone who apparently like listening in on other people's mobile conversations there will be a day coming where people will come looking for you.

mark manning said...

If you look at the last document, it clearly shows that Aiyaz is directing every-one and answerable to no-one!
He is effectively, a Law unto himself !

Want to know said...

Who was the Naboro Ratu?

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji have now had 5 years to assess the value to the country of this so called anti-corruption regime.That they have not moved one finger to remove this illegal Government speaks volumes for the idle placid self serving people of these islands.Or alternatively they are content to be led by this government in this manner.Either way it says little in defence of a once proud people now cowed in their homes and villages.The great pity is I suspect they are now getting exactly what they deserve for their timid defence of their lives and the future of their children.

Joe Schmo said...

Wailei the Aihole has the nerve to talk about rights to Fiji's censored media

Do no breach the rights - AG
Publish date/time: 05/12/2011 [12:04]

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As preparations for a new constitution is set to start next year, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said people including governments should always ensure that they do not breach the rights stated in the constitution.

Sayed-Khaiyum said going into December 2006, the previous government was bringing in laws that were clearly in breach of the constitution.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

While speaking during a recent PINA Media workshop, Sayed-Khaiyum said everyone should also understand what the rule of law is.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

He said people should not be selective and only follow the constitution when it suits them.

Consultations on the drafting of Fiji’s new constitution will start in September next year.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@12.58pm Merit in what you say. See story on Caz Tebutt below from today's The Australian.

Pollster asks the tough questions in Fiji

by: Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific editor
From: The Australian
December 05, 2011 12:00AM

Caz Tebbutt, being interviewed by Fiji TV last month, says disagreeing with her findings does not invalidate them Source: Supplied

CONDUCTING opinion polls under military dictatorships calls for a rare combination of diplomacy, persistence and chutzpah.

Australian Caz Tebbutt is one such rare pollster. She continues to poll Fijians since the military coup there delivered Frank Bainimarama absolute power five years ago.

Tebbutt, who is based in Southport on Queensland's Gold Coast, also conducts surveys in Australia, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific islands.

But she is especially incensed that a recent poll her firm conducted in Fiji for the Lowy Institute, in which 66 per cent of respondents approved of ruler Bainimarama, has caused so much controversy -- not of the sort that she, or Lowy, appreciates.

Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi summed up much of the criticism: "Of course, we all know how the people (in Fiji) are very, very frightened to say anything contrary to what the leader wants to hear. So I cannot take the results of that poll to be completely reliable."

Free trial

It did not help the concerns of the critics that Fiji's Information Ministry head Sharon Smith-Johns welcomed the poll so effusively, saying it "clearly demonstrates that the government is moving in the right direction and has the support of the people".

Tebbutt, who has been conducting polls in Fiji for almost 20 years, said: "All surveys have limitations. The ability of the people of Fiji to have an opinion of their own and to express it is not one of them. People participated enthusiastically in the poll and wanted to express their opinions.

"I can understand the emotions expressed about this poll. But the data is what it is. Disagreeing with the findings does not invalidate them."

Fiji has been ruled by decree, and with tight military censorship of the media, for 2 1/2years - so Lowy took additional steps for this survey, including involving its polling consultant Sol Lebovic, the founder and former head of Newspoll. Tebbutt said the methodology was identical to that used in previous polls for the Fiji Times, when it was owned by News Limited, also owner of The Australian.

The company was forced to sell it when the government introduced new ownership laws two years ago.

When polling started there, Tebbutt said, "it was very controversial; we touched on topic areas said to be taboo." Gay marriage was the topic that caused the strongest reaction. "By even mentioning it, people complained that we would encourage it."

When the poll asked "who would you like to bring home for dinner", the No 1 dream date for women respondents was for years the leader of the first two coups in Fiji, Sitiveni Rabuka, who went on to become elected prime minister.

Coup 4.5 said...

Caz Tebutt story continued:

In 2008, two years after the most recent coup, Tebbutt had asked respondents about the major issue confronting the country, and political instability was at the top. At a personal level, the cost of living and unemployment topped the concerns.

Previously, the poll asked a standard question about the preferred prime minister if there were an election soon. The last time this was asked, in 2008, the deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, out-polled Bainimarama.

"We didn't ask it on this occasion because we didn't feel it was fair to put the question in, because there didn't seem to be any prospect of an election being called tomorrow."

Tebbutt said that "the question that has caused so much criticism was simply rating Bainimarama's performance as Prime Minister, not whether people supported his government or the coup . . .

"This question is asked in pretty much the same way around the world."

She said that in the absence of elections and of public meetings - and where blogs are theoretically subject to censorship - "opinion polls are the only scientific measure of public opinion".

It had been claimed, she said, that people in Fiji didn't understand concepts such as democracy.

"But we've always found people very willing to express opinions - though in the recent survey a comparatively high proportion, 13 per cent, refused to answer about the direction of the country."

The data, she said, showed that there was support for Bainimarama and for military intervention before the coup. "He didn't reach 66 per cent from zero: approval stood at 47 per cent on the eve of the coup" five years ago.

At that time, the leadership figure with the highest approval rating was the Australian police commissioner Andrew Hughes, who was immediately sacked by Bainimarama.

People who criticised the recent poll, Tebbutt said, tended to glaze over other findings - 98 per cent said human rights and free elections were important, and 96 per cent wanted a media free of censorship.


Anonymous said...

Corruption is rife in Fiji. You cannot trust any one now days. Every one is spying on one another. Informants are everywhere. This is what Fiji has become a very sad sad Country. Shame on all those responsible.

Anonymous said...

The truth is kaiyum is the illegal Prime Minsiter of Fiji and frank is his hand puppet.

Kaiyum is the man who is throwing out all the obbicer in FMF and Police who he sees as threat.

Fiji is under kaiyum power,

Kaiyum has made a new consitution and will have it rubber stamped to put him in permamanet power.

Vodafone has been and is tapping all mobile phones which Kaiyum wants.

Who elected this thug?

What happened to all Fijians who are all lamu of kaiyum power?

The Oracle said...

Sayed Khaiyum has a warped view of democracy, the rule of law and governing within the terms of the Constitution. Here's what he told his so called AG's Conference:

"A lot of governments believe that as soon as you are elected you have an open cheque book to do whatever you like. So, let us bring in a law that will undermine the principle in the Constitution. The Reconciliation Bill was going to give this group of - I would assume men - in a tribunal the powers to stop any police investigation. The powers to interfere with the DPP’s proceedings. The powers to actually interfere with judicial proceedings regarding criminal activities. So much powers was going to be given. That completely shatters, completely decimates, the separation of powers. The separation of powers between the judiciary and the executive. Completely shatters - everybody’s talking about rule of law - completely shatters it."

WOW!!!! Pot calling the kettle black? At least the Reconciliation Bill was debated in Parliament. It could have been rejected .. who knows? If passed there were avenues to contest it, through the judicial system and through international fora such as the United Nations. The argument by some of our Sri Lankan judges that teh courts cannot contest what is enacted by the Executive is a very shallow one indeed. If governments enact legislation which contravenes any section of the Constition the Courts have every right to adjudicate and make a ruling - and still maintain the separation of powers. In our current state, Aiyaz and Bainimarama are doing exactly what they are criticising past governments for and the two are also "Decree-ing" legislation to give themselves immunity from prosecution. I wonder whether lawyers attending the conference spoke up to point out the similarities between the interim govt's actions and the actions of the government it deposed? Or were they nodding their heads in agreement while sharpening their knives behind their backs, in readiness for scrambling to cash in on the pay dirt on offer when we return to a a free and unrestricted judiciary?

THEN Khaiyum, from his pedestal, goes on to say, about the rule of law:

"In very simple terms what it means is that the law applies to everybody and when that law is applied, it is applied equally. Very simple. In other words if we say that the speed limit in one area is 80 kilometres, there’s no exception. It is 80 kilometres. And then if I am pulled up for exceeding 80 kilometres I will not be treated differently because I’ve got blue eyes - as opposed to the guy who’s got black eyes. Or a person who’s got blond hair, or because he is Indo-Fijian, or because he’s (sic) a woman or because he’s a male or because he lived in Suva Point as opposed to living in Kinoya. That is what the rule of law is."

Apart from giving us an inside into his obvious dislike (maybe hatred?) of the white man (reference to blond and blue eyed, and Suva Point as opposed to Kinoya) Khaiyum has may well see the day when he will fall into his own trap. He will, surely, one day be called to account for his part in breaking the law through an act of TREASON. He should be treated equally as others and not Decree an amendment to the law to protect him and Bainimarama from future charges of TREASON.
Any good lawyer worth his salt would keep Khaiyum's speech for when the attempt will be made before the courts to overturn the Immunity Decre that will be introduced, as night follows day, just before elections in 2014.

Exceeding the 80 kilometres speed limit may not receive as severe a court sentence as treason... but they're both the same thing -- breaches of the law!!!

Here is a fine example of Khaiyum the HYPOCRITE and five-eigth lawyer lying through his teeth while maintaining a straight face.

Anonymous said...

We can all benefit by watching this link that explains the ability of humans to MANUFACTURE happiness.

examples given have accident victims , who become paraplegics, just as happy as lotto winners after one year from the event.
..a prisoner released after 40 years, after being found innocent, saying, life was gloriuos for him...no regrets.

The human has the capacity to "manufacture" happiness in almost any circumstance as long as he knows he can not change his circumstance........so, this exlains people living under repression not only accepting repression but having the capacity to be happy.

Those who had choice were not happy.

Explains why Fijians some of the happiest people in the world, cause whether under Frank, SDL, SVT, Alliance parties, the "grassroots" remember them, new they were not capable of changing anything and that their leaders would screw them either way......so be happy, seqa na leqa!!!

Mataka maybe.


Clan of Ten said...

@Semi Meo
When you come back to Fiji we will investigate you.
You ripped off FNPF

Raping the constitution said...

"It is simply not good enough to have a constitution if the government of the day believes that it is not bound by it."

This is from the mouth of the pig khaiyum? Using the gullible Fiji military, khaiyum has committed high treason and trashed the Fiji constitution. He and his cohorts including the shameems and the despicable gates, used the military guns to remove a legitimate elected government and are now preaching to the world on honesty and values. What a farce.
In fact this dishonest criminal pig recently addressed the Nadi muslim school on 'honesty and values'?? That says as much about the honesty and values of the nadi muslim school as it does about khaiyum? It is hard to believe that any decent school would have a traitor such as khaiyum address ther pupils??

RFMF QEB said...

The Pm taskforce must immedaitely arrest all these police officers who have conspired at a national level.

NIB is directly responsible to the Presidents office, Pm office and the Minister of Defence. Manuplication on this level is saem as what CIA does for USA, bringing down the government or putting people in power.

This compol in- laws are NIB officers and no wonder all information being done by NIB.

Sack :

- compol
- director CID
- director NIB
- manager major crime

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how things are manipulated by the two Muslim Mafias...Khaiyum and Vodavone's Aslam Khan?Just an example...When younger bro's FBC TV came into being...guess which company first jumped into bed? None other than Vodafone with all their cash giveaways...a pal once quipped that he does not bother watching FBC TV News or the Mai TV News...he says its not news but 'Khaiyum and Bainimarama News'...I laughed it off but later found it to be true...when will they stop??

Joker said...

Clan of ten or cekes: Meo is small fry compared to the coruption of Bainimarama and his side kicks.

S Vaka said...

Pio Tikoduadua,pen pusher and Voreqe's bum boy.

Bring shame to Komai Navunisole and whole of Namalata district.

Joker said...

A quote that is worth thinking about:
"We live in an era of unprecedented bullshit production.The more polite among you might call it poppycock or balderdash or claptrap, but the concept remains the same, and the same coursing stream of crapulance washes over us all, filling our eyes, ears and thoughts with cliches, euphemisms, evasions, and fabulations. Never in the history of mankind have so many people uttered statements that they know to be untrue. Presidents, priests, politicians, lawyers, reporters, corporate executives, and countless others have taken to saying not what they actually believe, but what they want others to believe - not what is but what works" Laura Penny.

Anonymous said...

yes Fijian's are lamu sona , I have been writing this for last 5 years, boci

Anonymous said...

dina says...........

What are we Fijians waiting for..

Cant we have a massive national walkout like they did in UK. In fact civil servants walked off their jobs because government wanted to reform their pensions.

Middle eastern countries have now seen the light & want their freedom from dictators, even sacrificing their lives to claim freedom for their next generation.

We have seen that these thugs have become richer overnight via illegal means. Qarase /labour government was not perfect and not corrupt free like any other government BUT people had their freedom and life was normal.

Look around us and see the people being persecuted against their will etc etc

can someone put a bullet into these thugs head........Aslum Khan, Frank, Aiyaz, Naz Shameem, Aisake Taito, Mahendra Chaudary, Ioane, & soem many informers.

Can our gutless chiefs organise a march........I am ready and sure thousands are ready too. We're fed up with all these bull shits.
God Bless Fiji

SEMI MEO said...

Thank you C4.5 for brilliant investigative journalism. Fiji Times on line may be losing her grip on the no 1 spot.

Oh…and “Clan of Ten of..uh something of December 5, 2011 3:02PM.

Am 55 this year and supposed to be the pinnacle of joy for many hard working FNPF “class of 1956” members.

Not so for many…as their investments borrowed by some privileged Fiji born Citizens of other sovereign, pre Citizenship Decree.

Very sad, indeed.

But easy for low down cowards to make wild unsubstantiated allegations by defying this highly esteemed column.

What can we say..but pray for their miserable souls as they ewallow in the confort of the clan of devils..

mark manning said...

Aiyaz speaks verbal diarrhea !


Anonymous said...

Where is Ratu Ului's mutiny report ont he dictator?

Anonymous said...

what are the fijian wsiting for..Fiji is going to be run by the Muslims..i fully support a revolution against Frank Baini and Khaiyum...are you all so so scared of these two, when we can all march against them??????CON

Bob Lee Swagger said...

Aiyarse on survival mode now. Those deemed with little intelligents are removed. Those dumb and stupid will be kept onboard.

Anonymous said...

shoot the bastard ag/bai./ashlam/naz game over.

Jimmy Snooker said...

Anonymous 8.50pm. & Anonymous 9.33pm.

Are u thinking and talking through your head or your SONA?

U arr both COWARDS hiding behind your Anonymous pseudo-cover and spitting out vommits. Why don't u just eat your LUA like a KOLI.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Snooker...cowardice knows no racial boundaries.... placid cowed Fijians refers to all ethnic backgrounds because ALL your children will suffer if this regime continues>In this regard face a simple fact...no matter how it is managed an election has to result in the return of this present regime.any other result is unthinkable for those now in power.

Anonymous said...

im talking About natives of fiji (FIJIANS), not indo,or part euro..!! ! THIS ILLEGAL GOVT haS taken the church,FNPF, HUMAN RIGHTES..now the land....not all races in fiji are fijians...a fijian is a native not any other race...thank you!
Try and speak either fijian or english, not mixing the two together, confused as you are above...!

sona levu.!!!!

Anonymous said...

fijians were the first people found in fiji year unknown , where we originated from is debatable, however indians came from mainland india, by ships in 1874 that is a FACT.

Anonymous said...

ratu ului's mutiny report on Baini is coming soon! watch the space.
god bless fiji (and boy dont we need it......) divine intervention.

Anonymous said...


Presidents contract will not be renewed in feb 2012, frank will resume power as president and commander-in chief.

Teleni coming to take fiji to elections.

Taukei. said...

@ Jimmy Snooker.

If you are an accepted member of a functioning (active) mataqali you are Taukei- if not your Fijian - or anything else you may choose to call yourself? Vinaka.

Baiya......... said...

it is a DOG eat DOG situation!

Anonymous said...

@Confirmed....tomorrow never comes....neva know everyone would be standing be4 God for judgement....then Frank will resume power as president and commander-in-chief and his disciples in da lake of fire for being a liar and a thief.....so hope everyone else including myself not join him ....so may all repent NOW and not gnash our teeths with his lot......

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.44, 3.25 and 4.06. I have been saying this for many moons. The racial undertones show your true value as human beings. Most contributors to this website are just paying lip service to the word Democracy. Its all about the i-taukei supremacy. Let’s get facts straight here. I am a Muslim but i will fight to the death to make sure Fiji never becomes a Muslim state and most of the 5% or so Muslims in this country feel the same. Aiyaz just happens to be a human being who practices if at all the Islamic faith. He has roped in his friends and family who naturally will be of his faith. Muslims in Fiji are a minority and i fail to see how we can become a Islamic state with such low numbers. If we as a religion wanted to play politics there would already be bloodshed in Fiji. Muslims have more balls then all of you put together. The fact is Muslims in Fiji just want to live in peace just like everyone else and have no intention of fighting for supremacy. Does it really matter who came to Fiji first. The name Feejee was given by Captain Cook in 1774 it is not the name of your race it is the name of the country. Please research and understand before going all emotional on us. The i-tuakei has run this country for all but 1 year since independence That is over 40 years. For all you who conveniently forget, Frank is a I-Taukei as well and so is all his ministers, bodyguards and Hench men except for Aiyaz and Dr. Sharma. It appears that the i-taukei has failed this country miserably and they are their own worst enemy. Prove me wrong please someone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon@3.47pm...Yes,you're right-on,we've been doing this coups throughout history-pulling coups against our leaders, just when everything seems to be going fine?
If you looks at our ancient history,
you will definitely, find our ancestors pulling coup against one another, right up to our modern day King.Ratu Seru Cakobau, who himself
pulled the pre-colonial days coup in Bau.We're good at this and i don't mind telling you to s...t..f...up and we're just want to tell all you Vulagis,that while you're priviledged to certain things in PARADISE, you really don't have the right to be called... FIJIANS!!!!Hey, if you don't like your status here, theres always the Boats and airplanes waiting; and you're welcome to get the F..K out!!!

Jimmy Snooker said...

Anon 12.46pm, Anon 3.25pm, Anon 957pm & Anon 2.19am


Everyone who is born and living in Fiji or overseas but remaining a Fiji Citizen, IS A FIJIAN BUT IS OF DIFFERENT ETHNICITY.

As for me; I am a Fijian of I Taukei ancestry. What is in a name? The group of islands of Fiji was given its name by an English explorer.

There is nothing in recorded history that says that our I Taukei ancestors gave the name Viti to this group of islands.

Who can tell us how we got to be called Kai Viti?

Stop talking from your other mouths...

Anonymous said...

to all the coup supporters, i would like to inntroduce you to real corruption by those of whom you support

The Oracle said...

@Anon 2.19...
all currently resident in Fiji and who have registered Fiji birth certificates are HERE TO STAY. Whether you like it or not!!

If you want to get on a boat - whether to your village in the outer islands or to Timbuktu - feel free to do so. But don't expect non i-Taukei to be scared by your threats. At the end of the day, as members of the same human species, we all breathe, bleed and will defend ourselves if the need arises. So, BE WARNED. If you're looking for a fight, just make sure it's a fight you can handle. Don't assume, you have the support of every i-Taukei ( Sa oti na gauna ni veibuturaki!!!).

On your suggestion that non-indigenous leave Fiji, you might want to F..K off yourself to your little corner of the world where you can tell your tales around the bati ni tanoa about how the Vulagis make you feel less of a human being. Or, better still, how you make yourself less of a human being by being a racist piece of SHIT!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.19 Thank you for your tirade of hate and f.. words. someone ones said that if one has to resort to cursing every time they try to make a point the difference between them and a pig in a cage is the cage. At least you agree that the i-taukei is the reason for the problems we face today. The greed of your leaders knows no bounds and the other races have just been used as a scape goat. Congratulations on a 5 watt bulb finally lighting up in you thick head. If that bulb becomes at least 50 watts then maybe you can be classified as a human being. Until then Oink Oink.

Anonymous said...

@9.44am & 2.19pm....

Hey, you guys cool down...you both don't get the message...yes!!! we r proud to be called 'kai viti' cos we r the natives or so-called 'I taukei'....just like that of a 'kai Maori' or 'kai Aborigines' the natives of New Zealand and Australia....and then we had this blackbirders bringing the Vulagis in to work after the explorers....NOT only bringing in the vulagis BUT to cut-down timber and take it with them from the natives....so we had some vulagis who stayed back while others left and that is how you got urselves rite that you r of 'I Taukei ancestry' whose grandparents married to a local....okay,u both didn't get the message cos some VULAGIS like those of very silky hair r now MEDDLING into the vanua....I am sure that if a 'I Taukei' was born,educated and lived in a foreign country like of a Muslim, Idia and the Western countries he/she would not be given any chance to have their say in the government (se ca4 rite or wrong!!!)so why not just leave everything to the educated or qualified 'I Taukei' to run the country and the rest listen....and if they sow gud they reap good if they sow bad they reap bad....if they sow lawaki ca curse will surely follow....

so @2.19pm.....sega ni via lako qori!!!....its gud that you can face the fact of defending urself BUT no guns, eh....me caka na sota vakaliga, bro!!!..........

Anonymous said...

middle finger to you all!For now you can enjoy the illegal priviledge of been called Fijian.We
came up with this illegal decree with Khaiyum insistence, knowing full well, that it'll be tossed-out
by any elected Government, possibly
in 2014/15? Just don't let that name burnt your a-s-s, cause if one thing i know, is that Fijians are nationalist in nature. Sorry but blame khaiyum for his political game, but i had my boys from Delai Nabua kicked the shit out of him,just to let him know, who is the boss in this operation? But the poor bugger is a real trooper &+he's even goes to the very extreme, by marrying a Fijian girl &
nice looking one at that-bastard!I was only trying to sway your Indo support which i now have with you wieners kissing my brown a-s-s 24/7.Boy with all these much untouchable Indo noses, including yours,up my rear end, i really don't need toilet papers, to clean-up my posterior?
Vinaka guys.


The Oracle said...

@Anon 3.40...
You're weird. You are now belieiving your own bullshit -- having your Delai Nabua guys kick the shit out of Khaiyum??? You must adore Frank so much that you now think you're him.
You're also weird in the sense that you seem to take great pleasure in thinking about people licking your butt. Just be careful YOU don't let them go one step further.... then you might need more than toilet paper!!!
I suggest you use your brains a lot more and your butt a whole lot less - gauri.