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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lies in the name of love for Fiji?

THE TWO FACES OF KHAIYUM: As captured by media above and as seen on his official web page below.
The battle between the unions and the illegal government will no doubt continue for some time. It would be fair to say that while the Fiji unions have work to do, the regime manipulator, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, will seek to pull out all the stops to blind us to his own corruption and misdeeds, via so-called convincing arguments and the claim he is acting for the good of Fiji. 'Tis not the case.

Recapping here the FTUC statement defending itself from the regime claims and below it, yesterday's statement by Khaiyum, printed in the Daily Telegraph.

The FTUC rejects the unfounded allegations made by the Attorney General in regardsto the ACTU and NZCTU delegation’s visit to Fiji. The AG has attempted to put a spin on the visit and distract attention from the real issues that have been in contention between the regime and the Trade Union Movement locally and internationally.

He claims that there are no violations of Human and Trade Union rights in Fiji. The ILO and the International Community have condemned Fiji for violations within the decrees manufactured and imposed by the regime and regular violations of people's right to freedom of movement, assembly and speech (to name a few) through the
imposition of the PER. 

The AG seems to not quite understand that if citizens are not free to speak out, or are not allowed to assemble and discuss issues of interest and rights, that workers are not free to belong to a Union of their choosing, these are violations of human rights. The AG is so out of touch with reality that he believes, to oppress people, deny their fundamental rights and to steal their right to be governed by an elected government, is all good. 

A fine example would be the one-sided local media reporting from government’s sources only in the past months. This is simply shameful and unethical by any media standards. The people recognize this fact.
The claim that Unions are out to damage the economy is utter nonsense. The regime is doing a fine job at that and needs no help. Condemnation of the regime by Trade Unions and the International Community the world over is a result of the regime’s
own actions. If such condemnation impacts the economy, then it is time that the AG and the regime takes full responsibility for its own doing and not attempt to pass the blame to others.

It is time that the Regime takes seriously the concerns that are being raised internationally on Fiji and act to get Fiji back on the right track and mend relations with the International Community. This may not be so palatable to the AG as this may mean he would have to give up the power he has amassed and imposes on the people of Fiji with impunity. His claims that the Trade Union leaders are there for their
survival is hollow. The current Trade Union leaders did not grab power from the people. They were elected in a very democratic fashion unlike the AG. 

We challenge the AG to stand for elections and seek the mandate of the people before he has the
audacity to speak like an elected representative of the people. Union leaders posses more mandate of the people than the AG ever did or probably ever will. It is time he remembered this before attempting to lecture to the people of Fiji.

The Fiji Trades Union Congress will continue to fight for freedom and the restoration of democracy. The AG decision not to allow the delegation into the country only further isolates Fiji and further damages our country’s reputation internationally.

Fiji's stand against threats of 'Hardship' 

I LOVE Fiji - as does the president of the Fiji Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Fijian unions, and business houses, all of whom stand united against individuals and organisations that openly and selfishly seek to disrupt our economy and create “hardships” for all Fijians. 

This week, the Republic of Fiji denied a delegation from the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) to visit our country. While deeply regrettable, it was a decision we had to make in the face of threats - including public acknowledgement by the ACTU’s leadership that, “We know what [the delegations] intend to do may create hardships for the Fijian people.”

The irresponsibility of this admission followed weeks of malicious statements, error-laden opinion pieces - such as Paul Howe’s column which occupied this space last week - and even an announcement to move a resolution at the Australian Labour Party Conference to place Fiji on the same blacklist as the violent regimes of Burma and Zimbabwe. Ahead of its “fact-finding mission” the ACTU had already made up its mind - without being to Fiji, and only considering the unfounded claims of a handful of Fijian professional trade unionists with self vested interests.

For a government to deny anyone access to its country is a grave decision. But it was clear that the ACTU’s visit would only serve as a publicity stunt designed to advance their own unapologetically hostile viewpoints, and to promote the group’s stated agenda to damage the livelihoods of ordinary Fijians.

At a time when the Bainimarama Government is working diligently to alleviate poverty and empower Fijians - as exemplified by our recent tax cuts for 99% of all Fijian taxpayers and increased investments in welfare programs, education and healthcare - these unionists seek to undermine our work.

As an example of our efforts, in 2012, a levy will placed on the top 1% of taxpayers to provide additional support for social welfare programs - such as the food voucher, free text book, and subsidized bus fare programmes - which will continue and expand.

In education, we have increased our budget to expand access to the less fortunate, decrease the drop-out rate, improve facilities for all—especially in the outer islands and rural areas—and increase access to technology. In healthcare, we increased the budget to continue to dramatically improve the delivery of health services, while embarking on improvement of preventative healthcare - in particular, addressing the issue of non-communicable diseases - at all levels of society.

At the heart of the matter with the ACTU is Fiji’s Essential National Industries Decree, which was introduced earlier this year, and has resulted in the successful negotiation of fair and just collective agreements in the industries it affects: only government-owned or government-backed enterprises and the banks - those critical to the preservation of the Fijian economy. No other companies are affected.

The Decree has for the first time empowered employers and workers to negotiate terms and conditions of employment, without any interference from disengaged trade unionists - who have over the years enjoyed privileged positions at the expense of the diligent workers, ordinary Fijians and the modernisation of the Fijian economy. Indeed, no agreement arrived under the Decree has been forced upon any employer or worker by the government. Further, more than 70 unions with tens of thousands of members operate completely free.

Yet, this handful of professional unionists is threatened because we have removed their ability to literally shut down Fiji’s entire economy, and exposed the fact that their archaic methods are no longer relevant in a modern economy - all while empowering Fijian workers to effectively redress grievances themselves.

In response, the ACTU has conducted a publicity campaign that reaches the highest levels of the Australian government to humiliate Fijians and to wantonly destroy the heart of our small economy.

We need positive and productive relations with our neighbors, but we also need a balanced and sustainable economy - one that allows us to weather global economic fluctuations, which in recent years have greatly affected countries include small ones like ours.

Through all of this, the people of our countries have a warm relationship with each other. We seek only to continually improve ties with the people and governments of Australia and New Zealand - who are not only our neighbors but make up a part of our family.

Fiji welcomes everyone to visit our country - to enjoy our pristine environment, unique culture, and experience our world-renowned Fijian hospitality - to better understand the numerous reforms and positive initiatives we have been implementing. But to those who wish “hardship” on Fijians to achieve their own selfish ends, or the interests of their mates, we ask you reconsider your intentions.


mark manning said...


Taukei. said...

How can anybody be expected too take this guy seriously?

A "trained lawyer" that doesn't even understand the basic priciples of law who willingly participates in an illegal regime -he for real?

Even on matters of his own religion he's muddled?
Muslim - Christian - Secular?

Apparently even simple matters such as his own ethincity gives his trouble - has he any idea how offensive condascending and ridiculous he looks wearing a sulu?

Anonymous said...

consider your own intentions more like it, think we were born yesterday, you are the lowest of the low, how dare you!

Anonymous said...

Yes.mark ha very valid point.
In fact the migration pf the skills or brain drain started when Rabuka did the coup and which was supported by all chiefs and native fijians.
Why are native fijians and chiefs crying over 2006 coup. What is different except that the chiefs were no longer required in the advanced fiji.

C4.5 may not publidh this because i am all for the current regime

Anonymous said...

Did he say we welcome everyone to come and experience "Fijian hospitality"?
Typical Khaiyum-Bainimarama language; say one thing and do the opposite.
They probably don't understand English.
These idiots have no idea what is coming out of their mouth.
And these are the so-called leaders of our country. How embarassing.

Anthony Gates last week said "We should not tolerate corruption" Well I'd like Mr Gates to investigate why Mr Khaiyum and Mr Bainimarama are getting paid via Nur Bano whilst everyone else is getting paid through Ministry of Finance.

Khaiyum is a big hypocrite and so is Gates and Bainimarama.
Our country is run by megalomaniac corrupt idiots.
It is no wonder then that they say they are doing good and yet every year there is increased poverty.
They are basically clueless.
They don't even know or think about what they are saying,and these idiots are running a country?
God help us.

-Valataka na Dina.

Mugs Games said...

the pictures are amusing: they him as he really is and him that he wants us to see him as

Curious Fijian said...

why was the statement made only to the daily telegraph?i have not seen it anywhere else or on the MINFO site

Fiji Activiist said...

Ex Fiji radio

Fiji's rep has laready been spoilt but it's a case of something being done to get rid of these thieves.

Bad reports can spoil Fiji's reputation: PM
Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fiji's reputation in overseas peace keeping missions will be ruined if military officers continue to abuse their powers - says Commander of the Fiji Military Forces Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

He made the comments at the Stand Down Parade at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua yesterday.

FBC News reporter Epeli Tukuwasa was in Nabua and files this report:

"The Commander of the Fiji Military Officers has warned Military officers on bad reports received about some of those serving in the Middle East.

Commodore Bainimarama told the soldiers that those bad reports can affect our reputation.

He says Fiji is highly rated in peacekeeping duties.

Commodore Bainimarama asked them to maintain the good reputation Fijian soldiers always carry on peace keeping duties around the world.

He says those who want to go and serve should lift their standard especially their health.

Commodore Bainimarama says Fiji is looking to secure more peacekeeping duties in Basra and increase our numbers and for that to happen - soldiers must lift their standard."

Anonymous said...

Fiji is an International disgrace thanks to these thugs.

Anonymous said...

@ Taukei.

ASK is not the only lawyer who sold his tiny balls to the dirty goons. Can you name other lawyers that actively supported the 2006 coup?

Anonymous said...

Anon @7.22 pm..stop licking Khaiyum's ass and let go of his nuts, then you will think clearly idiot. This illegal regime has done so much misery to the people, it will take years to rectify. Once again, stop licking Khaiyum's ass.

Anonymous said...

it is past time dat the PM realise wat the AG has been doing, its no longer PMs clean-up campaign but the AGs publicity campaign, i mean fill-my-pocket campaign.
we fijians could not tolerate Chaudhary as PM, now we have AG as acting PM n one day as PM, HOW SILLY AND NAIVE are we? another Taliban ruler, after saddam, osama, and gaddafi, right here in Fiji. wake up. our country is at risk of a huge tidal Kaiyum wwave.

Anonymous said...

Maybe VB should lift his own standard and leave the Govt to be run by the elected candidates!!

Anonymous said...

Commodore, more like common sore

Anonymous said...

Who is Khaiyum speaking for! Please, people can someone slap him! That is all he needs. Mr. PM, can you sack the guy! He is making a fool of you!

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum (as all muslims) is a professional ball carrier and has a lot of tricks in the size of the ball that best fits the rig.
The British should be blamed for all the problems we are having in Fiji today. The Indian and other races should be send back to their roots.

Anonymous said...

THis Taliban s.o.b. is so full of himself that even he believes what he is saying. Well when the time comes we will come and get him and even the law will fail to protect him and frank! Watch us rock and roll then khaiyum!

Anonymous said...

This fella is happy to let in corrupt foreigners who rip off the country , whther they be chinese or americans or whatever wno give him his cut; but he won't let in people who want to know the plight of the workers in this country.
There is really something very wrong with that kind of mentality.
Khaiyum needs to be got rid off now.And also his sidekick bainimarama.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

More like Cocksore Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

PM is AG'S puppy

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum, my brother please take Fiji back to democracy using the US democratic model, I think this suits Fiji well.

Bai can be President for 8 years, and you as his Vice President.

Then you can President for 8 years

Anonymous said...

There is a well known adage that it is illegal to: Steal; Deprive personal liberties and freedom; take away hard earned FNPF savings;Threaten and abuse people; freedom of union representation, simply because Government hates competition!
Fiji the way the world should be! OMG

Anonymous said...


If you know the e-mail address of our trade unionists please forward them this question:

I appreciate the work you have done and even your strength facing the frame up cases for unlawful assembly plus chargers for working against the government of Fiji.

But that was expected wasn’t it? I through Coupfourandhalf three months earlier predicted that this will happen and it did.

Right now the Fiji police force is in chaos and army is split.

1.What is preventing you to take a stand on the streets against the current illegal administration?
■You have already lost your basic rights under the ILO,
■you are already up to your neck and will face jail sentences which is already been set by the AG,
■you have already been dissolved as unions with just a name tag!
■What have you got to lose? You will ultimately go to jail in 2012 even if it is for 6 months!
Your strength is in the unionist as workers, taking the streets in peaceful demonstrations will just be the final blow to send the administration crumbling down, its already hollow and dry from within.

You will also have the support of the FNPF pensioners whose rights have now been crushed by the regime.

Its time to just take that one bold step and you will be surprised how this small nation will stand with you and the world will send in support. No international unions can do something for us if we don’t have the courage to take to the streets and demand our freedom.

Do something now because Pm is bringing back Teleni who will unite the police and army and seal the leaks, it’s your small window of opportunity! Maybe if you didn’t notice, after teleni resigned all sorts of problem has been faced by this regime:

- Munity attempt by Driti and Mara

- More crimes

- More corruption exposure

- More human rights abuses

- Fiji police is in chaos and inactive

So Teleni is brought back to put this to normal, and believe me he is trained to do it and he will ! you don’t have time ….

Choice is yours to make!

Anonymous said...

Shame on overseas unions, for electing to pick on Fiji. There are more important issues such as rights of indigenous Australians and human rights in China which needs addressing.

But wait, unions are bunch of cowards who seem to ignore outright how Qarese was treating one section of community in Fiji.

Where was their voice at that time?

Let us also not forget how some unionist including Urai and Anthony milked workers FNPF.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is better under present regime than it ever was.

mark manning said...

The above photo was part of an interview, I don't recall which, but I do recall that Aiyaz almost wet his pants as he was unable to answer the question put to him at this particular point in time as captured by this photo.
He was incompetent and it showed as he stumbled and mumbled, even seeming to not believe his own bullshit.
When put under pressure and questioned by someone of far superior intellect, the idiot folds and collapses like a deck chair on the Titanic.

mark manning said...

North Korea's dictator is dead !

Dr PR said...

Oh,dear spin doctors at work here: wake up Fiji,you are being conned.

Anonymous said...

Quite an 'explanation', Mr. 'Attorney-General'.

Why not put it to a vote?

s/ Dakuwaqa

Fark Fanning said...

Everyone dies eventually !!

And meets his maker empty handed !!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum appears to be the only smart guy in the whole country right now. Hes got rid of almost
everyone-including John Samy-out of the country. In order to get rid of him, you'd have to make others also disappeared too.I think
that he has covered his tracks real

Anonymous said...

Mark manning.... It wasn't just on Sunday did they start leaving Fiji. It started the day when the illegal regime came into power. These parasites will suck the sunshine out of Fiji. Time wake up people of Fiji and something.

Anonymous said...

What a joke

Anonymous said...

Over 250,000 people have migrated to foreign countries from Fiji, in the last 20 years?Do we know how many have returned.The numbers looks a bit high? I don't think people would want to come back to Fiji to work-would you? I mean,the land are still communally owned by
Fijians 82% of the total ,leaving a mere 18% for the other half of our citizen to owned? might be a good idea is to start selling native land in order to encourage
others to come back home to stay
and farmed? This will give the native money to financed any business they want? Give others-halfcasts,indo-Fijians,Chinese-Fijians the mojo to stay home and
works the land?

Fifth estate said...

Surprised Daily Telegraph can;t see the bullshit nature of this Qorivs generated advertorial. Is the paper that desperate for news on Fiji or is it bent

Taukei. said...

@Anon 2:12.

Don't even go there - even with trick questions.