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Friday, December 30, 2011

More questions about Air Pacific after latest hiccup

 Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and David Pflieger with Air Pacific affiliates.

Another flight disruption by Air Pacific: its Nadi-Melbourne and Melbourne-Nadi services on Wednesday didn't take to the air supposedly due to technical issues.

Some passengers were offered hotel accommodation while some Melbourne bound passengers were put on flights through Sydney and Brisbane, yesterday.

Remaining passengers have reportedly made it on to additional Nadi-Melbourne and Melbourne-Nadi services, yesterday and today.

Air Pacific has been hit by repeated flight disruptions over the past few weeks - and sources say it is all due to maintenance issues.

On that note, Fiji Village's Vijay Narayan needs to start asking the hard questions of Air Pacific instead of being a phantom regime supporter. 

Recent stories speak volumes of this once respected journalist's bias towards the regime - he is now beginning to sing the illegal AG's songs over and over again.
Narayan needs to get his facts right. Despite the lie by David Pflieger and his Air Pacific team only managed to do better because of compensation for late delivery of aircraft. 

Also worthy of scrutiny is Narayan's story about Pflieger recruiting more locals. He clearly chose to forget Fiji had a lot of locals. Pflieger got rid of them and look at the shambles the maintenance of Air Pacific and Pacific Sun aircraft is going through now. 
Air Pacific and Pacific Sun have lost almost half of their most experienced engineers to other airlines in the region and the Middle East.
Air Pacific, under Pflieger's direct orders, removed very capable and experienced local managers who were subsequently replaced by his buddies, mostly American with some English expatriates. 

To say that he will be looking at recruiting locals in the future is a joke. Stop telling lies David Pflieger: you've already been caught out once and you will again. Shalend Scott revealed you for the liar that you are still the lies keep coming.

Air Pacific plans to recruit more locals
Publish date/time: 23/12/2011 [09:09]
The Managing Director and CEO of Air Pacific Dave Pflieger said they do have a plan to identify locals who can work for the national airline company.

Pflieger said while formal announcements will be made later, work has already started in this area.

Pflieger said once they fix Air Pacific and Pacific Sun structurally, the idea is to grow it with the plan to get more people from Fiji working for Air Pacific.

Air Pacific reported an operating loss of $3.6 million for the financial year ending March 2011 which is a significant reduction in losses compared to the operating loss of $91.8 million for the previous year.

Story by:
Vijay Narayan


Sir Richard... said...

Idiots have have severed the proven Qantas link.

Anonymous said...

where are the kaivitis? who are these farkin foreigners?

Anonymous said...

sorry anon 3.26 no more kaivitis in fiji now..fiji is ruled by foreigners now with only one stupid,murder,chor kai left...FVBai who shut all the no skul chiefs in the village by giving them roads,electricity and water who does not know the real stituation fiji is facing now....

mark manning said...

Seems like the Regime is slowly grinding to a halt !

Anonymous said...

Where's the bow-legged red head?

Anonymous said...

Pfliger's goal is to run Air Pacific into bankruptcy and then sell off all the planes and other assets etc to his buddies overseas.

We will see it work out in 2012

All this talk of recruiting locals is "rearranging the deck chairs while the Titanic sink".

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

nice bottom line for air pac ..improvement frm 60.3m to a 3.6m operating loss..i wonder whether its a major cut in operating costs or slowing reducing their "rainy day" accruals ..m sure its the latter.bunch of wanna-bes..now that air pac wil no longer be owned by Fiji but EU due to the change in capital structure of the company (taking into account the 1.8billion loan)..what else will b left for Fiji Govt to own?

Anonymous said...

talk abt creative accounting..may b they wrote bank the impairment loss for pac sun advances and SOFITEL investment..giving them a nice bottom line...the locals were doing a better job at less cost (salary wise too).consultants now getting 60K per month each, and living a luxury lifestyle in Denarau.no wonder they dont want to leave the country..as yet.until the water dries up completely

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.37pm...u shud not be asking obvious questions. na 'bow-legged redhead e se vakamalumutaki JVB kei ira na PS sotia mai Domain...e a berata kina na waqavuka i Savusavu...

Anonymous said...

What these foreigners are doing at the expense of our qualified skilled and experienced locals have really gone over board.

It is time that we do a lot of things to make these foreigners realize the errors of their ways.

Can we do these; do whatever u can - harass them, burgle them, assault them, follow them, burn them out, whatever.........

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum - You will fall the hardest my friend!!....Prepare yourself for your judgement day very soon.

Anonymous said...

The safety of Airbus
Jun 10th 2009, 18:18 by The Economist | LONDON

THE European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has felt compelled to tell the world that Airbuses are safe, in response to concerns raised by the crash of Air France flight 447, an Airbus A330-200, last week.

Speculation is growing about a possible malfunction of the plane's external pitot tubes, which monitor its speed and pass data to the flight computers. If these iced up and conveyed faulty data, the pilots might have flown too slow or too fast for the conditions.

Amid this uncertainty, it’s hard not to look that little bit more nervously at all aircraft, especially Airbuses, and even more especially the A330-200. This is why the EASA has tried to calm fears with a statement: "We confirm that the Airbus A330 type and all other Airbus aircraft types are airworthy and safe to operate."

Other airlines flying A330s have trumpeted their safety record. Tim Clark, of Emirates, called it "one of the best flying today". But at the same time Emirates is one of several carriers, including Etihad and Qantas, to have pointed out that the pitot tubes on their A330s are not manufactured by Thales, as were those on flight 447, but by Goodrich, an American rival.

Anonymous said...

Payouts made to flight victims
YOLANDA ZAW, The West Australian
Updated December 30, 2011, 2:50 am

Related Links
: Retired pilot claims
Almost 150 Qantas passengers have received payouts of up to $400,000 each after being injured when a Perth-bound plane plunged twice within seconds three years ago.

The settlement in the US comes as 16 passengers who were the most severely injured on the flight from Singapore prepare to launch a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against aircraft maker Airbus and US aviation technology giant Northrop Grumman, which made the plane's Air Data Inertial Reference Unit.

The Airbus A330, carrying 303 passengers, was 154km west of Exmouth on October 7, 2008 when it nosedived twice as a result of a technological malfunction.

Millions of dollars in damages have recently been awarded to 144 passengers as a result of out of court settlements.

But those with the worst injuries - most of whom are from WA - will await trials in the US after failing to reach agreement with the companies.

US aviation injury lawyer Floyd Wisner, who is representing 160 passengers and crew from the flight, said injuries ranged from psychological trauma to physical injuries such as fractured vertebrae, broken bones and serious lacerations.

The most severely injured passenger, a New Zealander, suffered a brain injury after he was thrown around the aircraft.

Mr Wisner said although he could not disclose specifics, he expected the 16 passengers who were suing were in line for payouts of several million dollars each.

But they would have to wait more than a year for the legal action to be completed.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which last week released its final report into the A330 incident, found that a constant stream of incorrect data messages caused the terrifying plunges.

The bureau found that while the plane was cruising at 37,000ft, one of its three air data units started sending intermittent, incorrect information on airspeed, altitude, air pressure, temperature and the flying angle to the computers controlling the flight.

Within two minutes, the auto- pilot disconnected and five seconds later pilots started receiving spurious cockpit alarms and alerts.

The A330 plunged 150ft in two seconds as part of a 690ft, 23-second dive. The 60 passengers not wearing seatbelts and standing crew hit the ceiling.

Two minutes later, the A330 plunged again, diving 400ft in 15 seconds.

Airbus has redesigned the algorithm to prevent the same type of accident from occurring again.

But Mr Wisner said he did not believe the issue had been completely rectified.

"I think this sort of aircraft can sometimes be too automotive and I'm not sure this has been properly examined - certainly it's plausible that this could happen again," he said.

Anonymous said...

Payout for man hurt in flight plunge
YOLANDA ZAW, The West Australian
Updated December 30, 2011, 2:48 am

Malcolm Yeo, a retired pilot with more than 50 years experience, was perhaps the only calm person onboard a Qantas A330 when it unexpectedly plunged several hundred feet while flying to Perth three years ago.

Mr Yeo and his wife were returning home from a trip to Singapore aboard QF72 on October 7, 2008 when the plane took two unexpected dives - plunging 690ft in 23 seconds and then 400ft in 15 seconds.

The incident occurred just after the in-flight meal was served and like many other passengers, Mr Yeo was out of his seat. Along with about 60 other passengers, he was sent crashing towards the ceiling and then dumped violently on the floor.

The impact crushed the tendons in Mr Yeo's shoulder and caused extensive bruising. He has since had a shoulder reconstruction and has a lump on his hip.

Mr Yeo and his wife were among 160 passengers who took part in a personal injury action against Airbus and aviation technology manufacturer, Northrop Grumman. The couple lodged a minor claim as part of the action and said they have received a reasonable settlement.

Mr Yeo's injuries could have qualified him for a major claim, but the Jolimont grandfather said he was satisfied with the payout and the compensation he was offered by Qantas.

Mr Yeo said he was convinced the plane had only run into bad turbulence.

"Ignorance was bliss - had I known that it wasn't turbulence and that even the pilots had no idea what had happened I would have been as terrified as everyone else," he said.

"The pilots didn't know we'd get out of this alive until the wheels hit the ground. If the plane unexpectedly plunged again, at a lower altitude, we would have all been dead."

Anonymous said...


The Airbus A330, operated by Jetstar, was flying from Japan to Australia when a window in the cockpit caught fire.

The pilots managed to put out the fire before landing in Guam. Jetstar said all of those on board were unharmed.

A similar model of the Airbus, operated by Air France, crashed on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris last week.

All 228 passengers died in that incident.

The Jetstar plane was four hours into its flight to the Gold Coast in Queensland when the fire broke out.

"Smoke became evident in the cockpit and one of our pilots was required to use an extinguisher," Jetstar spokesman Simon Westaway told Australia's ABC News.

"We conducted an emergency diversion to Guam international airport where the aircraft landed without incident."

He said the plane, which is two years old, would be held in Guam until the cause of the fire was established.

Most of the passengers were reported to be Japanese nationals.

Jetstar is part-owned by Australia's national carrier, Qantas.

Democrat said...

"where are the kaivitis? who are these farkin foreigners?"

What an unfortunate comment. Five of the seven shown in Savusavu are from Fiji. This inherent jealousy is clearly a problem amongst some. They are very happy to go overseas and live as 'foreigners' in other countries.

Anonymous said...

If you value your life do not fly Airbus!

by William John Cox via quill - Global Research Sunday, Jun 21 2009, 3:17am
international / miscellaneous / other press

Ground the 'fly-by-wire' Airbus deathtrap

Since entering service in 1974 with many technological innovations, such as computerized fly-by-wire control systems, user-friendly cockpits, and extended use of composite materials, 5,717 aircraft have been manufactured by Airbus, an European aerospace company. More than 5,100 Airbuses remain in service.

Airbus A330

Not including losses attributable to terrorism, rebellion or military action, Airbuses have been involved in 23 fatal crashes causing the deaths of 2,584 passengers, crew members and people on the ground. In addition, there have been five nonfatal accidents causing 21 serious injuries.

While the overall number of accidents and fatalities are not disproportionate to the crash experience of Boeing aircraft, three of the Airbus crashes involved a separation of the composite vertical stabilizer (tail fin) from the fuselage. Five hundred, or one in five of the Airbus deaths, including 228 from Air France Flight 447, resulted from these three crashes.

In addition, Airbus composite stabilizers, rudders and couplers have also been involved in a number of other emergency in-flight incidents that did not lead to crashes, injuries or deaths.

There is now a question whether all Airbus aircraft equipped with composite stabilizers and rudders should be grounded until the cause of the crash of Flight 447 can be identified and it can be determined if the aircraft can be inspected, safely repaired, and returned to service.

Used in law, science and philosophy, a rule known as Occam’s Razor requires that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex, and/or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities.

We do not know if Air France Flight 447 was brought down by a lightning storm, a failure of speed sensors, rudder problems or pilot error. What we do know is that its plastic tail fin fell off and the plane fell almost seven miles into the ocean killing everyone aboard.

Anonymous said...

In 2002 American pilots demanded the AirBus A330, like the one that just crashed, be grounded...
Pilots Ask for Airbus A300 Grounding

Dozens of American Airlines pilots want the company to ground its fleet of Airbus A300 jets until investigators determine why Flight 587 crashed in New York City last November.

The pilots say there is no way adequately to inspect the European-made planes' tails, which are made of a nonmetallic composite material. ``They have very little confidence in the industry-accepted standard of visual inspections alone,'' said Robert Sproc, an American pilot for 11 years and Miami vice chairman of the Allied Pilots Association.

After the crash, which killed 265 people, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered visual inspections of the Airbus tails. The FAA has not ordered American to stop flying the planes. Airbus Industrie, the plane's French-based manufacturer, said there is no need to look for hidden damage because tests have shown that any problems that cannot be seen are not severe enough to weaken the tail.

John Lauber, Airbus' vice president of safety and technical affairs, said the design and tests of the tail took into account that they would not be inspected for hidden flaws. In a statement, American Airlines said it sees no need to stop flying the Airbus. ``Nothing in the examination of the Airbus fleet, or in the tests conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board, by American Airlines or by other Airbus operators, suggests that there is a need to ground this fleet,'' the airline said.

The NTSB is investigating the Nov. 12 crash of an Airbus A300-600 plane near Kennedy Airport, in the Rockaway Beach section of Queens. The tail fell off before the plane crashed, and investigators want to know why. NTSB investigators reported this month that layers of the tail had peeled away. They said they did not know whether the problem contributed to the crash or occurred after the tail hit the ground.

What bothers some American pilots is that there may have been some damage that visual inspections didn't find. There are no procedures for using ultrasound or another method to look inside the composite material of the tail section. Former NTSB investigator Greg Feith said a way should be found to inspect the tail for hidden flaws. ``When they designed that airplane and designed that tail, they should have designed the ability to do an inspection,'' Feith said. ``If it's weakened in any way, that's going to fail just like any material.'' More than 70 pilots have signed onto the following statement, which is being distributed by e-mail:

``Until a definitive cause for the crash of Flight 587 can be determined, along with ways to prevent a similar occurrence, and/or a definitive test can be developed to truly check the structural integrity of the vertical stabilizers of our remaining 34 A300s, I recommend that American Airlines' fleet of A300s be grounded.''

The pilots who drafted the statement had planned to send it to American, but the company obtained a copy and responded before receiving it. American then invited some of the pilots to spend the day Thursday at American's Airbus maintenance base in Tulsa, Okla., to see how the planes are maintained and inspected.

Airbus' Lauber said other examinations are unneeded. ``If damage is not visible, then we know it does not affect the strength of the material, and it will not grow during the service life of the airplane,'' he said. ``A visual inspection will be adequate to find any anomaly that would be of concern.''

Publication Date: 25/01/2002

Daily Mail News on A330 said...

if you wanna see people shitting themselves for fear of death in an Airbus A330, visit the UK's Daily Mail website at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2003276/Emergency-landing-photos-passengers-trapped-flaming-Airbus-A330.html

Anonymous said...

Air Pac cancelled Hong Kong flight last week, from thursday to monday.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Elizabeth Powell (PS Public Enterprises) standing in the background. That eco bank reject and con-artist, oh and it yells louder and louder if you question her. Naboro will educate her with extramural courses on topics she bluffs her way through. Then maybe the international community can stop bitching about her ignorance and lack of professionalism!Boy, cant wait to see that!

Anonymous said...

@Democrat 8.34pm

Where are the Kaiviti Dina...Indigenous Fijians???

Sa kena gauna me da sa dabe ka raica vakamatua sara na veika e sa mai vakayacori tiko ena noda Vanua lomani ko Viti ko ikeda na Gone i Taukei.

Sa vorolaki ka dresulaki tiko vakatotolo sara na noda dodonu kei na noda bula vaka i lavo na kawa i Taukei dina. Eda sa baci biu tu ga me da i vakarau ni veika vei ira na Vulagi kei na i tovo ni nodra bula ni kumuni yau, burogo ka nanumi valataki/maroroi ga kina na nodra bula.

Oi keda na kawa iTaukei me eda sa biliraki sara ki muri meda baci laki vakarawa tu ga ni veika e baleti ira na Tawa cili oqo.

Me da sa Yadra mada me da maroroya na veika e bibi ki veikeda kei na nodra bula sautu na Luveda gone iTaukei era se muri tiko mai.

Me da sa tekivu valatka ka vosataka mada na dina ena vei gaunisala kece ga e sa tu e matada. Sa rauta na dabe galu ka vosavosa tiko ena Buto. Me da sa tucake ka vosata taka na dina ena Rarama.

Sa mai vakarau cava na 2011. Me da tauvu vou mada kina dua na bula rarama ka veisereki ena tekivu ni 2012.

Sa vakauqetaki ko ira na noda Turaga ni Vanua kei kemuni na vei Qase ni vei Lotu vaka Karisito kei keda kece na kawa iTaukei meda sa tacake ka, tutaka na valataka na noda dodonu vaka kawa iTaukei dina ni noda Vanua Lomani o Viti.

Oqo na kena gauna me da duri kina vaka kawa iTaukei ka ligaliga vata ena kena valataki na noda dina kei na dodonu ena Loloma.

Me noda vata tiko na vei vaka kaukautaki kei na Loloma ni noda Turaga o Jisu Karisito ena sasaga savasava eda sa vakanamata kina ena 2012.

Ena sega ni Sautu ko Viti ena dela ni Bula buturaki ni Kawa Itaukei

Vinaka Vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

Vijay Narayan is an arse kiss. Always was and and always will be

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 100 Qantas passengers injured during a wild ride on flight QF72 in 2008 off the coast of Western Australia. This airbus A330 as well and Airbus have just settled compensation along with Qantas to all 100 passengers.

Anonymous said...

Auckland flight yesterday 30/12. Deferred from 8am to 9pm in the evening. Sydney - Nadi flight, delayed..........

Anonymous said...

Pull fimger bloggers of anti airbus 330. I fly lax/akl/lax once a month and havr no problems ever. Much better than the aged and fuel gazzling 767 that air pac has. Campbell was a dick who let local and unions ruin air pac. Just like Andrew Hughes, didn't have a clue what the locals were doing behind his back. Admittdly last week not the best for air pac. I am sure Dave will learn from it and make air pac a stronger organisation. Give him a break.

mark manning said...

At least the Titanic's Captain was courageous enough to go down with his Ship !

Anonymous said...

This picture is a gathering of the biggest imbeciles and crooks Fiji has seen. Throw in Nur and Nazhat and it would almost be complete,

Waqavuka said...

Air Pac is doomed under Foolger. $15 million loss this year. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

Inspite of the doom&gloom story we
hear above, Fiji according to a poll in the "Toronto Star" is the happiest people on the face of this planet! Can you believe that?
If you don't believe this news go ahead and google it?

Pixitel said...

They in this photo will hate being exposed in such a way hahahahha

Anonymous said...

Phantom Kailoma supporters here & many more only concerned of your money not mana, shame!

Anonymous said...

The photo has two from savusavu, one kaivalagi and one kailoma. ( Taylor & Hunter)
These two represent a tourism association, a voluntary organization trying to do something for savusavu.

itaukei do not have money or time to be part of voluntary associations such as these.

itaukei are involved in religiuos organizations, maybe school committees and many,many long hours, like all farking night, around a kava basin gossiping like old women. actually women like to gossip to, but after or during working all day long feeding usless men, sending kids to school in crisp pressed uniforms. feeding requires foraging for food and firewood. washing and cleaning requires trips to a creek, or maybe they have piped water, but its unlikley to be a washing nachine in sight.

Let the itaukei women rule, a race apart, and then maybe there will be no need for vulagi.

Anonymous said...

all who travel air pacific have a choice, fly another airline.

pacific sun provides domestic services and services have no been this bad since the inception of air services in Fiji.

the only time it was nearly this bad was when air pacific operated domestic services before concentration on regional and international services.

air pac took over domestic, dumped 2 x atr's on it with the acrrued debt and also lumped with expensive overhauls.

what was this debt......or sale...to its subsidiary ? $45mil?

Anonymous said...

Taylor/Hunter like I mentioned phantom supporters, get real, anyone who takes time to be pic with regime is obviously milking it for their own businesses ie. pearl farming

Carpet Baggers! said...

All kaivalagis making decisions about Fiji bet the buggers wouldn't get anywhere near an airline in their own countries

Anonymous said...

itaukei are 60% of population...99% of army,navy.
own government 100%.

itaukei are employed in
pine industry 95%
tuna industry 98%
forestry industry 80%
tourism industry 90%
copra industry 95%
sugar industry 35%
gold industry 90%
civil service 70%
prisons 90%
police 75%
dive industry 98%
mini bus 95%
taxi 40%
chicken industry 70%

so what left for everybody else,not much.
the rest have to scratch like chickens.

Anonymous said...

junior thieves. what a bunch of arseholes

Anonymous said...

Marl Manning have a good look at the picture of all those standing there in Savusavu there is only 1 person of Indo-Fijian decent? All others are either Aussie , NZ or Americans-so whose crooking who here! YOu seem to always jump up and down wjen it comes to Fijians but this picture tells a million words that you white arse Aussies will sleep with anyone to make a few bucks-no diffrent when delaing with the Chinese, all the huw and cry about human rights but when it came to making bucks you broard arse PM just can't help herself lick those Chinese arses!

Mind Reader said...

Just look at Aiyaz face!!!....hahaha!!!....fudge packing tossa!!!....hahahaha!!!

Canada??? said...

"Fiji has the happiest people" aye!!!!......Just shows what the Canadians know about Fiji......Sweet FUCK-ALL lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo, the poll in the "Toronto Star"
regarding the world happiest people, was done by a very legit corporation.It put Canada in the poll at 23rd and Italy at the bottom of the barrel.Why don't you
go ahead and read it for yourself
before making, such derogatory remarks? HEY!

Anonymous said...

"Mark Manning have a good look at the picture of all those standing there in Savusavu there is only 1 person of Indo-Fijian decent?"

Wrong Mr Racist. Five of seven are local.

Anonymous said...

Gotta hand it to ASK. Got all this kaivalagi kissing his muslim arse while swearing at him behind his back. Another 2 faced SOB is Dixon Seeto. All brown nosers.

Anonymous said...

folks check out why air pacific marketing personnel joseph leow (not sure if this is how to spell his name)was told to leave. he requested an aircraft bound for hong kong to return to the gate after all passengers had boarded and the aircraft had already pushed back for departure.

Anonymous said...

Truesup brown nosers, smart to marimari, all high shot for nothing.

Anonymous said...

You mean born in Fiji or naturalised?

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