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Monday, December 19, 2011

Police moles: unvercover officer beaten for snooping around Khaiyum's aunt

Inside information from police ranks say RFMF goons beat up a police inspector, IP 432 Inowane Raturaga (an undercover Intellegience bureau NIB), three weeks ago.

Moles claim he was beaten and eventually sacked for approaching Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's aunty, Nur Bano Ali,  about how her accounting firm pays the salaries of government ministers.

Police moles say she called her nephew who dispatched a special task force from operations at 3FIR to arrest the  undercover officer.

According to a source: "IP Inowane was picked up, dragged to the waiting twin cab and taken to QEB.  He was then beaten and officers kept asking him why he was snooping around at BDO."
Officers from CID HQ were called and told to make an  official complaint against the IP.

Informants say the matter was reported to Frank Bainimarama who called the police commissoner, Ioane Naivalurua, and asked him how his NIB officers came to be grilling Nur Bano Ali, and on whose orders.

Naivalurua is said to have told the illegal prime minister he had no idea who issued the orders, after which Bainimarama is said to have sworn and ordered the immediate sacking of IP Inowane.

IP Inowane is believed to come from the same area as Naivalurua and is related to him.


Anonymous said...

The beginning of the end for the pig Vuakamarama and his cronies.

Fiji democrat said...

If Nur Bano Ali is paying Bainimarama and Aiyaz from an account in her office which is being funded from the Ministry of Finance then this is clearly illegal and a case for investigation to ascertain what truth there is in the allegation. As Voreqe is committed to cutting out corruption then the police officer concerned should be commended for his work not sacked. This is VERY serious and the Commissioner of Police should look into it.

Joker said...

Things are certainly falling apart and they cannot keep it under raps much longer.

Anonymous said...

bai/ag are liars./conman.
how come aunty bano pays them.fiji tax payers money been abused.
time will come for you guys to ans soon.
god bless fiji people.

Anonymous said...

This crime must be reported to UN

The people power revolution will digg all the corruption and scam of the junta who must face public open court trial

Anonymous said...

God has cast his Curse on the Evil Corrupt Dictator Bainimarama!!! All the Fijian soldiers worship him like God... they even bow down and kiss his feet in every parade in QEB. And as long as he lives there will be no Election... Bainimarama Rules, the Son of SATAN.

Evil Bastard, Bainimarama if you are reading this, you know very welll the whole REASON you did the coup in 2006!!! You've got Blood all over your hands since the killing of the CRW in 2000 and the killing of Defenceless Innocent civillians!!!

God is watching your every evil moves, your days are numbered!!! GOOD WILL ALWAYS TRIUMPH OVER EVIL... You better start digging your own grave now or look for a culvet to hide in, like where your fellow Evil Libyan Dictator Gadaffi was dragged out from before he got killed....


Hang the thieving pigs said...

This is corruption on a large scale. Nur Bano Ali, along with the entire taliban clan must be dragged from the drainpipes like the rats they are and dealt with. The navy seals got this right for these pigs.

Anonymous said...

Too much corruption at the top.....so who are they trying to fool? aunty Noor is raking in millions from keeping quiet and doing behind the scenes work. No womder she's buying homes in Sydney....Bloody CHOR!!!

Auditor said...

How much of the taxpayer money is Nur Bano paying herself ???

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with these Fiji Police officers? Aint there anyone
within their midst smart enough to
use their brain? They're just as stupid as the class 8 military goons! If you're going to spy on a criminal then you need to make sure
that the criminal doesn't know you're watching her? Dah! Now you've screwed up your life alongside your family-Merry Christmas to you and happy new year
without a job! Now go and get yourself a fork,knife and spade for
your cassava patch at home in the village? Think people-think!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A police sergeants dead body was found floating at the QEB pool this morning.He had injuries.He had come to the Army camp from Nadi to to unarmed combat trg(Hapkido),he was the post officer at Denarau Police Post,this is the second time such mysteriuos deaths has ocured within this training area.The first was Lt Singh a mikitary officer.

Anonymous said...

Corruption in Fiji is now sanctioned by the regime as being legal for the regime only! All others will be crucified. The regimes view is that like "fighting fire with fire" , it is appropriate ..no ..beneficial to fight corruption with corrupt practices.
This is the same regime that critically attacked the Accounting fraternity for supporting corrupt practices in not blowing the whistle on corruption. Now there are corrupt accountants and "protected corrupt accountants"! To the latter go the "spoils"

Anonymous said...

Since they seem to have their Indian backs covered what about Fijians. Sad but true they give but take in the end!

ASK Hater said...

Fiji's citizens have been raped and robbed in living daylight by ASK and Bai.

Throw all these illegal crooks in jail along with the conman Tappoos, David Pflieger and all the rest connected to to this regime.

Can we start a list please?

ASK Hater said...

Fiji's citizens have been raped and robbed in living daylight by ASK and Bai.

Throw all these illegal crooks in jail along with the conman Tappoos, David Pflieger and all the rest connected to to this regime.

Can we start a list please?

Democrat said...

re: Fiji Democrat 9.03

I totally agree with my colleague 'Fiji Democrat' on this matter.

Kanti tappoooo said...

As long ASK and FB is here you cannot touch us. Also note they are not going anywhere for long time.

Anonymous said...

Kanti The Poo, you just wait, once Vuaka falls, you will end up in the poo. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

I've been reliably informed that there is a division in the police, navy and army. It will erupt sometime, not for long. So bai.airz start looking for culverts small enough to fit you.

Kenneth Zinck said...

Fiji is the only country in the world where a private accounting Firm pays the illegal ministers salaries, normally its the Ministry of Finance that does that. Whats the motive of this side move? Kenneth Zinck

Radiolucas said...

"Bainimarama [sic] called the police commissoner, Ioane Naivalurua, and asked him how his NIB officers came to be grilling Nur Bano Ali, and on whose orders."

So to investigate criminal allegations in fiji you must first seek permission from Frank and Aiyaz?

No wonder the Police, the Courts and the much lauded FICAC is so utterly useless.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz is running the show, Frank is running around like a chook with its head cut off and now they are attacking their own.
Is this a sign that the Pol. Comm. has finally seen the light and is trying to dig up some dirt on Aiyaz and his Aunty ?
Let's hope so.

No Retreat said...

Now to you the discipline forces...what do you see now?
Bainimarama will only make you hate each other and go against each other.
I wonder what Naivalurua will say that his relative is now on the brink of loosing job etc..

Anonymous said...

and Naivalurua couldnt say anything? saving his arse ? sa ra sota sara tiko ga.valoloma na veiliumuritaki sa tu mai noda. sa rauta me sega ni rawa na toso i liu. not good ..not good

Anonymous said...

Are the salaries paid to the illegal PM and Khaiyum so sacred so as to warranr cover-up from the public who is paying them?

You wait for your chance Khaiyum you boci! We will come and get you when the time is right...and then you will know the taste of revenge! Bloody coward-son of a pig!!!!

SEMI MEO said...

VQery sad indeed...and what are we gonna do about it??blog and spew till when??..met a federal MP in a dinner last Sat nite..said common knowledge in both sides of Fed Parliament that all are rossy in Fiji. Either country report by Suva Aust Embassy may be rossy or Kevin Rudd is probably lying to them all. Worse still Aust,NZ, US,UK and the rest of'em just do not care about a few islands doting the vast Pacific Ocean. Hence,back to square one..yep..our problem to find a solution and fast...God guide us.

Anonymous said...

culvert too nice for Frank the Stinking VORE and KULINAKAIYUM to hide on.....QAQI NI DA MAI KINOYA IS WAITING....KULINABOCIKAIYUM kubbu mada vei nomu father-in-law while FRANK the arsehole drami tiko mai muri...wait your days are numbered....coming round the corner...the rest will follow..what goes around comes around...tik tok tik tok

Anonymous said...

He we see the stupidity of Fijian soldiers on display.
Here they have taken it upon themselves to be Police, Judge and Jury.
What does Chief Justice Gates have to say about this thuggish behaviour?

Did you not Mr Gates talk about stamping out corruption, only last week in Labasa?

So why are you keeping quiet now?
Or are you just all mouth?
Inspector Iowane deserves proper judicial proceedings, and not to be beaten up by thugs.

These thugs are the real criminals.

How come these soldiers have forgotten that they belong to the nation and are supposed to uphold the constitution and not just blindly follow the orders and whims of one-person.
It's obvious that they have become Bainimarama's personal morons, obeying his orders blindly.
You are not Fijian soldiers, you are Bainimarama's robots.
You thugs bring shame to the proud name of the Fiji Army.
Thugs like you don't deserve to be in the army. You guys belong in jail.
What a bunch of idiots.
Inspector Iowane is a brave man and is a more honorable man than all you thugs put together.

-Valataka na Dina.

Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama said...

All Bloggers

I am tired of listening to your toothless tirade. While u spew out emotional useless rhetorics, we are still here, and u are out there in the wilderness.

Nur Bano walks around doing her things...my supporters are happily enjoying themselves while you watch from the sidelines scared shitfull.

What can u do? U can do nothing but just talk, talk, talk, comment, comment, comment swear, swear, swear, etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

You are toothless too.
Cant go to NZ or Australia to go and see your family.
Sorry Fulori

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Well at least one thing is for sure from the comments. It appears that Voreqe is reading this blogsite and now castigating everyone. Now he knows the feelings of the majority.

Anonymous said...

JVB 9:03AM

Now you're getting emotional...lol.
Looks like your fear is showing up my friend. There is is no peace within you.

We will continue to talk and blog because the whole world is going to know of your incessant abuse of human rights and freedom.

Taukei. said...

Anyone know the last known whereabouts (niteclub) of a bati from Naitisiri called Tarakinikini?

Josaia V. Bainimarama said...

Flies to fishy smelling food or bees to flowers in full blossom...this is how u have responded to my views simply because there is nothing interesting in your lives right now except me.

As I have been reading in this blog, you are all big talkers because that is all you do here.

While the citizens of volatile coubntries of the Arab World (Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc) have gone out risking their lives, all you Fijians out there are so afraid of what little firearms the Fiji Military has.


Anonymous said...

@ JVB kulina vavaku vakai tamamu..shut your smelly mouth..useless....waraka BOCI time will tell...will not be paid today...dou na yavu mai vaka sovu

Tui Viti said...

@ JVB..........chicken,chicken,chicken a carata mai na Mess, veka yarayara mai.....dromodromo na whites.....chicken..chicken...tale!!

Anonymous said...

I know this police officer. He attended the same Catholic school in Ovalau that Pio Tikoduadua(PS PM's office), Sakiusa Tuisolia and Docter Francis (Netani Rika's wife). He is the symbol of bravery in this Fiji full of cowered people. At least now I now that the teachings of the Marist Fathers is and will still burn in our hearts. GO OLD BOY.

Taukei 5. said...

Taukei must start taking these things seriously as Selestino - Jone - Epeneri - Lagani & Iowane would testify.

Beware & avoid any political association with those who include torture & murder of its members within its political manifesto.

Anonymous said...

"VENGENCE IS MINE" saith the GOD we Fijians believe,we are not 'chickens'like you doing that famous 'dash' having 'bociguards'etc your time will come!