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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Samisoni's family: no legal counsel yet and no word on charges

NAMOSI PROTEST:Anti-mining stand reportedly linked to Samisoni's arrest.


The SDL member spoke at a democracy rally in Australia recently.
The family of Dr Mere Samisoni have still not been told how long the 74 year old will be detained for after being taken into custody yesterday.

Samisoni has not had access to legal counsel and neither have her family been able to confirm the charges against her, although it's believed she is accused of inciting political unrest.

Her daughter, Vanessa Charters, says the timing of her arrest, just before New Year's Eve, is questionable and probably deliberate. "Nevertheless the family has been able to get word to contacts within the United Nations, the World Bank and the foreign offices of Australia and New Zealand and the UK."

It's thought Samisoni's detainment coincides with the leaking of photographs of a rare protest in the Namosi highlands west of Suva, against a planned gold and copper mine operated by Australia’s Newcrest Mining Ltd. The protest took place just over a fortnight ago (December14.)

Samisoni detained


Anonymous said...

The begining of a revolution of the
people against the dick-tator.Vinaka Namosi sai kemuni na
Bati kei Viti.

Anonymous said...

Dina says..

Even these innocent small school children understands what dictatorship is all about. Knows what raping and robbing landowners rights is and understands how harmful these will do to their them and their future generation.

Frank & Aiyaz does not seem to care BUt going about their propaganda to fill their pockets, obtain monies so they can keep paying military numskulls with decent pay to avoid being shot.

Viti wake up please.

Thank You people of Namosi....you need your chief to be in front protesting too.

NadroKid said...

Vina valevu Nabukebuke! Me la ju ga me la ju ga! Thanks for making a stand. Right behind you. God bless all you good people and may the new year be a prosperous one for you all.

junta cowards said...

This cowardly junta led by a thieving dictator and his military puppet master are human trash. Not content with beating young defenceless teenagers to death they are now targetting elderly women. The Fiji military should be ashamed of itself for how it has let the people down. Cowards and dogs.
Where is the fat arsed matilda bludger from UNOHCHR? What a useless organisation that has become as it turns into a sheltered workshop for unemployables?

Anonymous said...

somebody please out the elderly parents of aiyaz sayed khaiyum in custody at QEB and see how they feel

Fiji reality said...

Bai and co dreaming if he think he will remain in power for 30 years as Mubarak did. The chain will break before then hopefully sooner rather than later

Democrat said...

This lady is a legally elected MP, arrested by an illegal regime.

Nakauvadra Oracle said...

After Fiji was ceeded to Brittain, the tribes accepted Christianity, the once vaunted "warrior" character of muscular Fijians morphed into a malleable noble savage type persona. Pax Brittanica helped to preserve a good life free from the fear of invasion and tribal wars. Most tribal lands were mapped and preserved. The Fijians became very trusting and complacent over the ensuing generations. In fact, Fijians were protected by the law of the land.

But, this very complacency is what has ballooned into a major threat. The Bainimarama coup has trashed the law and conventions that once protected the Fijians. The safety net has been cut and the big sharks are swimming in to feed on the blind Fijians. Some are being persuaded that all is right by the offering of roads and other developmental enticements. In point of fact, the rule of law has been abolished by the tyrant illegal PM. Incredibly, he now rules by whim. As a consequence, he is under no social contract to be bound by the law as was the precedent in Fiji. This is a very dangerous situation for the nation. Undoubtedly, one of the many crimes that Bainimarama has committed against the people of Fiji is to trash the convention that "no man is above the law". This must be stopped and reversed to save Fiji.

The proper way is for rulers to obtain their power from the governed. They too must fall under the ambit of the law. All their actions must be approved in principle by the people. As a preventative measure, there has to be laws in place and due process to be observed so to prevent wholesale abuse and mass scale fraud.

It appears the complacency of years of colonialism has made Fijians blind to the new dangers that threaten their lives. It is a common fact, that their has been enough oppression of indigenous people and their enviroments worldwide. In fact, for many years Ratu mara banned minning in Namosi due to enviromental concerns and because the people there did not want to see their pristine neighbour-hood transformed into another industrial eyesore.

Awake from your long slumber kaivitis and make it a priority to re-establish the rule of law in Fiji so that even the leaders can be prosecuted. There is no other way to protect your values and your country. You must all have a say. The leaders must get your permission. They must be answerable to you. Don't listen to criminals like Bainimarama who forces his way into leadership using a gun and aided by Fiji's cowardly
military. Yadra mai ragone, na meca levu sa wavoki tu oqo e loma ni koro na yacana of Commodore Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

This illegal government finds it easy to pick on little old ladies eh. Bring on the international spotlights, C4.5!

TURUKAWA said...

To Whoever wanna be undercover looking for Turukawa at local Suva hotel a week b4 xmas,please just go home to ur province where you come from and plant some cassava & taro to feed yourself and your family. You all missed me and you think that intimidation would work?? You bloody cowards!!

Was at sofitel and saw the Bainimarama Family Clan using hard earned fijian ppls money to stay for a week with whole family troop of monkeys paying for their hotel stay..No body guards this time at this hotel as its all tourist and FB knows he does not want to show this image of body guards prancing around him.
But after checking out of the hotel..oh boy the fiji army ulukaus came in their 6 black tinted toyota parados latest model to carry all FBs family back to suva at front of sofitel. Looks like FB didnt like Sheraton and now as gone for yearly xmas 1 week at sofitel denarau.

What a Rort i say!!wish i had a gun as i would have love to do the honour at Hard Rock Cafe at Port denarau!!

Vinaka Venasio Ramabuke!! something is coming your way to your raiwai house!!Qarauni iko tiko Kaisi!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the free bread in 2000 mere

Stan said...

Somebody told me that these protests were staged in Namosi just for the pics.

Why are the children wearing school uniforms on Dec 14??

Kenneth Zinck said...

Mere Samisoni stands for justice and peace in Fiji. Can the army release her now cause all she is doing is trying to bring back freedom to the country now enslaved by Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Kenneth Zinck

Kenneth Zinck said...

Mere Samisoni stands for justice and peace in Fiji. Can the army release her now cause all she is doing is trying to bring back freedom to the country now enslaved by Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

mere keep the fight like gandi/nelson mandela.
god bless you sister.
fiji armies are masi polo to ag/bai.
its time for gcc/church/mps to fight the junta.

Anonymous said...

Mere Samisoni is a racist and actively supported Speights coup. She is paying for her sins and the free loaves of bread supplied to the 2000 coup gang

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

is this fiji sun story today for real????

Bakery promises free bread supply for Ashram
January 1, 2012 | Filed under: Business | Posted by: newsroom

Labasa businessman Saifud Dean (right) gave new clothes to residents of Babasiga Ashram in Labasa. Photo: LOSIRENE CHAND


A Labasa businessman won the heart of 23 residents of Babasiga Ashram after promising to supply them with free bread for the whole of 2012.
Saifud Dean, director of five different companies in Labasa including Titi’s Bakery, took this opportunity to show his love and care for the elderly.
From yesterday, he began supplying four different types of bakery products and many residents said the taste of the gift was so sweet.
Mr Dean said he was fully committed to provide more than a dozen loaves of bread, depending on the order from the home.
Before this, Mr Dean visited the residents with his family and donated $600 worth of clothes and distributed $25 each for their personal use.
He said he decided to offer so much particularly to Babasiga Ashram because helping the poor and the needy in Vanua Levu was his 2012 resolution.
“I have helped so many people in the past, but this time I wish to do it in a different and more effective way,” Mr Dean said.
Brought up in Valebasoga, Labasa, he said he understood what life could be without financial support and the struggles faced by those living in poverty.
“Government is doing so much and with the Look North Policy, I decided to be part of this by providing such service,” Mr Dean said.
Babasiga Ashram officer-in charge Marica Seru thanked Mr Dean for his assistance.
“Previously we have been receiving bakery product on contract and annually we spent over $1000. Now that we have received a timely assistance, we will be able to save this money,” she added.

Anonymous said...

ps what i mean is: does this have anyhing to do with illegal govt detaining dr samisoni and trying to run her out of business?

Anonymous said...

Mere has been a strong supporter of previous coups.
She has to abide by the current rules.
Very happy to see her being detained. She deserves it.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth zinc, what goes around comes around. Mere should have have known that. It's pathetic for her to be crying crocodile tears.

Anonymous said...

The PER is still in operation and
being a good citizen of Fiji you
cannot go abroad and trash the Fiji
Government.I don't think that they
FIJI POLICE are going to beatup an
old Woman? All they're doing is
telling our people to respect our law.Can't people learn after the
Union Executives were taken in after they return from Australia?Come-on people,think!!!We're not in a democratic administration but
a dictatorial one!!!Act accordingly?

Anonymous said...

Plse dont compare Mere to Gandhi/Mandela.
Where was she during 1987 and 2000 coups.

Anonymous said...

democrat- what makes you think she is a lady?
Is that an appropriate term for a well documented racist and a strong supporter of coups?

Anonymous said...

Mere should only be compared with speight/ qarase, not against gandhi or mendela.
She can only be the house girl for them

Anonymous said...

Anybody know why the Lutunauga family in church street cunningham were being dragged to the QEB for 6 months for questioning pertaining to a personal domestic issue.

Anonymous said...

These traitors to Fiji will pay with their blood when the rein of terror is over from these cowardly Military THUGS.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Zinck-Mere Samisoni stands for justice and peace in Fiji?
Where were you when she openly supported violence against Indians and overthrow of the government just bcoz of race. Justice my backside
I will pay for you checkup at St Giles and pay for your inpatient fees for 6 months only- THE REST OF THE 15 YEARS OF TREATMENT ( since u r a long term patient) will be paid by hotbread kitchen ( if mere approves-I dont think se will)

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Zinck says Mere is doing is trying to bring back freedom to the country .
WHAT NONSENSE- Is Kenneth the only person in Fiji that does not know that Mere wanted nil freedom for fellow citizens bcoz of their race!
I thought Kenneth Zinck was some highly educated man- he opens his mouth and lets the cat out of the bag!

Anonymous said...

Mere compared to Ghandhi/Mandela?
A racist that openly expressed her predijuice just becoz her business was now where one percent of other races?
Dont she dare touch even the shoes of Mandela or Ghandhi

Anonymous said...

Trying to nake yourself feel better for aiding and abetting the 2006 coup anon 12.22?

Two wrongs don't make a right as you well know, one day Mere Samisoni will be laughing back at ya and advisors who are keeping the junta in power..

You losers never seem to learn...