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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 'truth' about the new Snoqualmie casino stings Bainimarama

THE BIG CON: Stalking the corridors of power; at the UN conference in Doha in 2008.

Goon who tortured democracy workers on Xmas Day 2006

Fiji's illegal leader exposes his uncouth, crude arrogance in an email to his former 3FIR commander, Roko Ului Mara. Using an email address previously established by Coupfourpointfive as belonging to Frank Bainimarama (franciscopancho168@gmail.com), the man who runs up thousands of respectable dollars supposedly lifting Fiji's name on the international stage, including sending polite congratulatory messages to the prime minister of New Zealand John Key, shows his no- school style.
Replying to Mara's blog about the planned joint Larry Claunch Snoqualmie venture, Bainimarama indulges in language more becoming a QEB Goon than a leader, just as he did in the very first email he sent his former Number Four. Readers will recall that earlier email concerned the pending decree about the sale of mahogany, mahogany which is now in some places lying discarded in timber yards.
We publish here the correspondence between Bainimarama and Mara, along with the original story that sparked the exchange. We start with the most recent email from Mara.

Yesterday I sent out an email regarding the truth about the new casino in Fiji. I received 2 emailed replies from             franciscopancho168@g­mail.com. That email is as we all know is the one used by Frank Bainimarama the dictator of Fiji and puppet to Khaiyum.
My reply to Frank is below his replies.
Frank’s first email
Frank Bainimarama franciscopancho168@gmail.com
            11:56 AM (22 hours ago)                 
Thumbs up your arse!! Ha!ha!ha!
Sent from my iPhone
It sound like he is laughing all the way to the bank. RUM

Franks’s 2nd  email
            7:11 PM (15 hours ago)                   
Tongan boci you got your facts wrong......ka ni vutulaki by the beach in nukualofa..ha!ha!ha! The money is in Fijian dollar....you bloody bociha!ha!ha!ha!      Thumbs up your arse! Ha!ha!ha!
For those of you whose Fijian is not great he is talking about me wanking by the beach in Nukualofa. RUM

Dear Frank,
It is always good to hear from you with your statesmanlike language. I would not say this myself but I have heard people say you sound more like a deckhand than a leader.
I made a mistake and you are right it is $290m Fijian dollars and not US dollars. But it still does not add up. $290m Fijian is still more than twice the price of any other hotel in Denerau. It is obvious you have done no due diligence and have no idea of the difference between fact and fiction in this casino proposal.
I want to help you so please find below a list of questions you should ask of Claunch, the Snoqualmie Tribe, Aunty Nur and Khaiyum. You should also do your own research on Casinos as well so you are in a position to judge their answers.
Questions to Claunch 
1-      Do you have any Casino experience?
2-      Where is the funding coming from?
3-      What successful developments have you been involved with in the last 10 years?
4-      What Casino experience do your architects have?
5-      What is your view on letting locals gamble in your casino?
6-      Who are your Fijian advisors?
7-      How much are you paying your advisors?
8-      Who gave you the licence and were they related to your Fijian advisor?
9-      How long have you been involved with the Snoqualmie Tribe?
10-  Why did you choose a group with only 5 years casino experience?
11-  If you wanted to go with an Indian tribe there are many with over 30 years casino experience?
12-  What percentage ownership will they have?
13-  Who are the other shareholders and what percentages do they have?
14-  What is the location of the Suva casino?
15-  How will the Suva casino survive without tourists?
 Questions for Snoqualmie Tribe 
1-      Have you had approval at all levels in the tribe for your involvement in this deal?
2-      Are you in a position to proceed?
3-      How much money can you afford to invest?
4-      What is your current debt level?
5-      What experience do you have of working outside of North America?
6-      How long have you known Larry Claunch?
7-      Can I see the accounts of Snoqualmie Casino since its start?
8-      What is the population in your catchment area?
9-      Who will you send to do the training in Fiji?
10-  Who are your experts and can I see their CVs?
11-  Which casino makes the biggest profit in Washington State and why?
 Questions for Aunty Nur 
1-      What fees are you charging Larry Claunch?
2-      Can I see all the documents, emails and memos on this deal?
3-      Have you made payoffs to anyone in Government recently. Either directly or indirectly including your relatives?
 Questions for Khaiyum 
1-      Can I have all the tender documents so I can have them appraised by independent experts to make sure that we have the best deal for Fiji?
2-      Have you received any pay offs for awarding this tender?
3-      Was your Aunt involved in 100 Sands bid and did you make public this possible conflict of interest?
4-      Who was on the tender committee and why was this the best bid?
5-      Which were the  top 5 contenders and why weren't they chosen?

There are many other questions you could ask but this will give you a starting point. I challenge you to ask these questions and in the interests of transparency you should publish the answers.
In addition you know as well as I do there has been long standing opposition to casinos in Fiji. Do you not think you should put this plan to a referendum and see if the people of Fiji want a casino in our beloved country with all the crime, drugs and prostitution it will bring.
I look forward to hearing your reply.
Ratu Tevita Mara

Mara's original blog:

Truth For Fiji reveals the truth about the Casino.
The dictator endorsed a pack of lies when he launched the casino with 100 Lies (Oooops! my mistake) Sands Casino Fiji Ltd. Firstly I am going to look at the announcement and explain why it does not add up. Then I am going to reveal the true money grabbing plan revealed to me by a mole inside Aliz Pacific Nur Bano Ali’s corrupt consulting firm.
Larry Claunch announced 100 Sands were going to build a casino, hotel and conference centre costing $290m USD. It was going to have nearly 200 rooms, 500 slot machines and 64 gaming tables. The ground breaking will start in March 2012 and the casino will be finished 18 months later. Larry said they were partnering with Snoqualmie Tribe. The Casino will not be open to locals.
Let’s look at this piece by piece
$290m hotel.
This will make it the most expensive hotel ever built in Fiji. This is nearly $600m Fijian which dwarves the $300m+ FNPF sunk into Natadola. The FNPF as we all know had to write the value of the hotel down to a mere $80m. The most expensive hotel on Denerau cost less than $100m FJD. A hotel costing this much will never make a return on investment even with a casino.
Massive Casino.
The closest casino of a similar size to the one planned by 100 Sands is Sky City in Auckland. But the amount of people that Sky City has to draw on is far bigger. New Zealand has more tourists in a peak month than Fiji has in a whole year. Similarly with Business visitors. Additionally it has the population of Auckland to call on and that is bigger than the total population of Fiji. For those of you who have not visited Sky City the Downstairs is full of the urban poor, mainly Polynesians gambling with their last few dollars. It is not a pretty sight.
So with only the tourists from Denerau and Nadi and a few expats a total of about 7,500 how on earth is Larry going to fill his casino? Obviously he is not. Every punter will have the choice of 3 empty roulette wheels or 100 slot machines to play on. I know why they are calling it 100 Sands: because it is going to be DESERTed.
Larry Claunch
Larry is a man of mystery prior to coming to Fiji. The only thing we really know about him is that he is rich, he has lived in Fiji for about 10 years and he has failed to develop his one property project in Fiji. He has no personal experience of running a casino. One thing he has learnt is that in today’s Fiji it is who you know that matters and he has paid to know the right people as I will show below.
Snoqualmie Tribe.
They borrowed $385m USD in 2007. This money was used to build their first casino. Unfortunately for them it was not a success and actual revenue was one quarter of the projections. They have had to restructure their debt. They are in n position to borrow any more money and what profits they make on their current gambling operations are going to service their existing debt. There is no money for this investment coming from the Snoqualmie Tribe. Their casino expertise only goes back 5 years so they are mere beginners in this complex and difficult business. Added to which their track record is not good and they have had to give their first CEO a payoff of $14mUSD to get rid of him.
These are the experts that Bainimarama has invited into to Fiji to steal from the poorest Fijians. In exchange for what, a nice Indian Chief’s head dress. Most of us grew out of dressing up games when we were kids but Frankie loves dressing up as a builder or an Indian Chief. Just as an aside he has the makings of being a one man Village People.
Not Open to Locals
Larry says the casino will not be open to locals. He then goes on to say he will open a smaller operation in Suva. Last time I looked I could count the number of tourists in Suva on one hand. Larry’s casinos will be open to the Locals.
As you can see this casino operation does not add up and just as worryingly there are no successful casino operators involved.
Now for the real story as revealed from within Aliz Pacific.
I mentioned Larry understood it was all about who you know. Well he hired Aliz Pacific, Dr. Nur Bano Ali’s money laundering consultancy firm. He has paid over $1m in consultancy fees which Aunty Nur shares with her nephew the AG and shares a bit with his puppet. The AG approved the license with Larry and off we go.
However the true plan involves an investment of only a few million and building a new entrance to the upstairs at Port Denerau.
$290m Hotel = Renting upstairs space at Port Denerau.
Larry is building nothing more than a glitzy entrance to the casino that will operate in “office space” above the shops and restaurants of Port Denerau.
Massive Casino = 50 Slot Machines and 7 gaming tables in rented office space in Port Denerau
Larry Claunch = Con Artist who has built nothing in Fiji and has no intention of doing so.
Snoqualmie Tribe = Clincher with the PM.
They will provide no money and no expertise. Just a fancy head dress for little Frankie dressing up cupboard. The irony of the Native Americans selling their land to the white man for a few beads now buying the gambling rights of Fiji for a few feathers and head dress.
Not Open to Locals = Let’s have open house for the locals.
Larry has dressed this up as saying he is totally non discriminatory and he does not feel comfortable not allowing Fijians to enter their own casino. What he means is he can’t wait to get his hands on the local money and make himself rich at our expense.
Overall Larry is going to invest a few million dollars, not build anything and rip off the people of Fiji. There is not $290m USD investment, there will only be a few slot machines flown in.
People of Fiji understand the Dictator is endorsing this scam. Ask yourself why? Is he getting a pay off? Or is he just too stupid to see the real situation? Either way Bainimarama is not fit to run Fiji
Once again we can see the Fijian people are being manipulated by the evil Khaiyum and his wicked witch Aunty Nur Bano Ali.
2012 is the year Fijians will wake up and overthrow dictatorship.
Thumbs up for Democracy!


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Joker said...

Ulala...the kind of language from a Prime Minister...sa kua ga.

Anonymous said...

Really can't see the relavance of most of the questions unless you are a joint investor asking another possible joint investor.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show VB is not PM material he is more for the decks!!
Aunty Nur & Khaiyum are riding on his ignorance to the detrimental of the fijians. They are making BIG $$ out of VB's ululala genes!!

JB said...

Well that is the kind of "Leader" that Fiji has not by choice but through the barrel of the gun.

He is just a pretend PM not a real one! In fact he is just a ship's deckhand...that is the way they talk!

Instead of using foul language to clear the queries raised he should get his facts and figures and show the people of Fiji how this illegal regime chose this Indian tribe to run this Casino. Better still as suggested, he should have a national referendum to get the people's opinion whether a casino is welcomed or completely the opposite!

In any event, a casino will breed illegal activities and social problems, the scope of which Fiji has never seen!

Anonymous said...

A thug who to save himself from corruption charges made the 2006 coup.

Yes, for a clean up but this clean up is for his pocketing of corrupt monies in large millions.

The waila city one billion dollar project is one scam the casino scam is another.

The thug is raping the nation and receiving corrupt monies from abuse of power.

no public tender is called for anything just a little ad called expression of interest. this no tender but crooking.

this thug must be arreested and put on public trial for corruption.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Mara has failed in businesses and owes people money in Fiji.

How does someone who has failed in businesses have the business acumen to blog about business ventures. He even gets the basic of the value wrong.

Come on Ratu your blog is so biased that you ignore the correction and still maintain your argument on the value and ROI when even when your capital value was off by 60%.

Vakaloloma nai taukei said...

Eda sa vakaloloma na levu ni veimavolotaki e caka tu qo vei keda nai taukei....a visitor coming in with a million hoping to return overseas with hundred millions.

Anonymous said...

Ratu ulaia maras questions shows his ignorance and no wonder he is hiding in tonga.
The mara clan is history and Ulaia should pursue his life in politics in Tonga. He will be surprised to see him lose his deposit

Anonymous said...

Even without casinos, we have had minister of state playing poker at united club and having brown envelopes delivered .

Have seen minister of finance of solomons island playing in casinosin honiara, flip flops, rugby shorts and vest.

ministers of state in the pacific islands can not ever be banned from temptation.

this is the ulitimate food for our leaders who will follow their snouts to the hand that feeds them .

Dont worry , RUM, will enjoy to when he comes back after the elections.

mark manning said...

I hope Frank finds it in his conscience to ask for God's forgiveness for his own wrong doings before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

The casino is where the junta thugs will clean their corruption cash monies.

Anonymous said...

I think Vuaka was telling Ului about him and Aiyarse vutulaki together in Vuaka's office.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

All the questions put forward by Rt Mara are all relevant questions.
It's called "due diligence".
Any businessman worth his salt would ask these questions.
Every Fijian should be asking these questions ( because it is our money after all that will be used )
For Bainimarama to ignore the questions but instead attack the person is childish and stupid and shows the level of intelligence and humility of our so-called leader.
Sometimes this is called "burying ones head in the sand".

-Valataka na Dina.

Yeah, right said...

What on earth are you guys thinking? As if.....

Yes, it's really me said...

I got an email yesterday from one Otto Limmput detailing this crap. As we all know, Otto Limmout is Roko Ului in drag. So the best thing to do is press delete, not put it on your front page, Coup 4.5.

Talk about a pathetic non-event! None of this is based on fact. It's the ravings of a madman who is now totally irrelevant.

"Wicked". "Evil". Look in the mirror, tau.


Not Blind said...

We should not be surprised

Fiji Loyal said...

PS The questions are spot on

Navy Groupie said...

No surprises Bai has tortured and killed a shittyemail is nothing for him

Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 8:44PM.."MIND YOU GUYS FB WAS A COMMODORE IN THE NAVY AND NOT A DECKHAND AS MENTIONED ABOVE.. HE IS A QUALIFIED NAVAL OFFICER SIMILAR TO THAT OF COMMANDER KEAN"..................and both are qualified murderers, you forgot that part mate........

Anonymous said...

Pictures worth a thousand words.

Just about sums up where he's currently at.

Anonymous said...


cheers mate!!!

Anonymous said...

Ului your goons during your time with RFMF are biting the dust. Your so called conman, Kesi Ledua who collected payback from Fishermen on your behalf is dead. And your so called Ops man Samu Tupou who collects bribes from foreign businessmen is now out of the army.
Come back to Fiji and clear your self before you banned from Fiji for life.

Anonymous said...

Yeah valataka na dina Ratu Rokoului Mara thums up for democracy...We will always stand y you.

Don't mind the two moron's they are jst out of their mind...

Even Aiyas doesn't know that he is washing my pots n eating my leftovers....

Cheers man...


No Mandate said...

Yes, the illegal leader of Fiji is an arsehole and a wanker. Wake up United Nations and European Union. This is the man hurting and killing the people of Fiji

Anonymous said...



Joker said...

@Ex Navy

What is his qualification? No one wants to know that he has qualifications similar to Kean, rather what is the qualification. The laguage he used is inappropriate and it would be grossly unfair to deck hands to equate such uncouth language to their profession.

Bad Lingo said...

I wonder how Tina Jeon and co at Qorvis will try and tidy up this foulmouthed arsehole?

Wanna Know said...

What has happened to Big Red Sharon Smyth Johns

pacific john said...

is it not Denarau .....

Twat Twat said...

Was just looking through Shazza and MINFO's Facebook and it's a failure man. Very few people following or 'liking' it: check out older posts showing Aiyaz and Bai's twitter pages etc, very few likes

AS Khaiyum said...

Bainivuaka cheated when he sat the tests, so he reached that rank by cheating. Farking cheating vutusona Bai.

Anonymous said...

In the first photo, Bai was trying to locate his balls, they've shrunk thanks to Khaiyum hahaha.

WankyFranky said...


Anonymous said...

Answers for Questions for Snoqualmie Tribe

1- Have you had approval at all levels in the tribe for your involvement in this deal?

Mr. Claunch has not had any formal meeting with any tribal member other than employees of the tribe who coincidently have travelled to Fiji on someone his dollar (that is, Claunch flies them to an exotic island in exchange for a positive word at a council meeting) also nice work if you can get it.

2- Are you in a position to proceed?

I would say this investment deal is dead once everyone has a moment of honesty. Mr. Claunch will earn real money for years to come while he is travelling, selling and developing his pipe dream. Casino investment frauds happen all the time in the US and in the end the only people who live off the pipedream are greasy guys like Mr. Claunch.

3- How much money can you afford to invest?

The Snoqualmie Tribe has 1,200 enrolled tribal members. Since 2007 the members have not received any split of the money their casino has generated. When a tribe gives money to tribal members it is called “per capita” distributions. If the Snoqualmie Tribal leaders spend casino profits instead of distributing per capita money Tribal Council members will be removed from office. When changes in a tribal Council occurs, investments made by the previous Councils are often voided. Mr. Claunch won’t have to invest any of his money. The Fiji government awarded an exclusive gambling license to him and the MONEY MEN (the Snoqualmies) will pay for EVERYTHING.

4- What is your current debt level?

This tribe is hopelessly in debt. Other local tribes start with small casino investments then expand without a heavy debt load. The Fiji casino idea is moving forward under the same Snoqualmie leadership that approved and signed a couple of bank loans totaling $385 million.

5- What experience do you have of working outside of North America?


6- How long have you known Larry Claunch?

Maybe 5 months.

7- Can I see the accounts of Snoqualmie Casino since its start?

You will see pigs fly before you will see the balance sheet of the Snoqualmie Tribes Casino! They are a sovereign nation located within the US and no one can force them to disclose where the money comes from and where it goes….

8- What is the population in your catchment area?

In a 50 mile radius of the Snoqualmie Casino, there are approximately 3.5 million full time residents. The average household income for 2010 is $42,500. With this demographic the Snoqualmie Tribe was forced to restructure their debt last year to prevent bankruptcy.

9- Who will you send to do the training in Fiji?

Some unknown group of human resource people the management group finds in the telephone book. A very pedestrian method of doing business. There will be no Snoqualmie Tribal shaman type group to mystically share their casino ownership experience with your people because they don’t have any qualified to do so.

10- Who are your experts and can I see their CVs?

The Tribal leaders do not currently know, they will find experts in the local telephone book. It is a sham if they tell you Snoqualmie Tribal members are involved. The high school graduation rate is 18% of the enrolled tribal membership.

11- Which casino makes the biggest profit in Washington State and why?

The Muckelshoot Casino, Puyallup Casino and Tulalip Casino all earn profits greater than the Snoqualmie Casino. Why – BECAUSE THEY STARTED SMALL AND BUILT WHEN THEY COULD AFFORD IT. Also each of these casinos operate in excess of 2,500 video lottery machines (similar to slot machines) and survive in a very vibrant gambling community.

This idea will only benefit Mr. Claunch and other besides the Snoqualmie Tribe. They are being defrauded and will back out of this insane scam.

Anonymous said...

The BIG CON indeed @ bainimarama the pretend PM of Fiji! hahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

joker just get the F out of here mahn.... what qualification do you have... you are just nothing to FB ....who the hell are you to ask his qualification..... you know nothing and you have nothing at all.....what have you done to the country at all...NOTHING....YOU BLOODY MACAWA O IKO KEI TAMAMU OK....

ex navy..

warrior said...

Mara I believe that there should be a new approach to topple this boofhead comes the new year.My advise for you is to read through some Mossad books and you'll find the answer. Its time to learn from the experts rather than trying to be one.After all u and JB were there but .....The people of our beloved land are suffering and there needs to be a stop to all this army-coup culture bul....I will be in touch for a revolution is the answer.Dou moce.

mark manning said...

Assuming Aiyaz is pulling Frank's strings, why haven't Fijians just removed Aiyaz ?
You can't tell me that the Soldiers still believe in Frank !

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, inspite of what RUM is
trying to tell us about Bai and Khaiyum,howcome the Toronto Star in
Canada in a poll is saying that Fijians are the happiest people on
the planet? Does this means that Bai may be doing a fantastic Job in
running the country? The poll even put Canada at 24 spot and Italy at the very bottom? Really? I'm begining to re-evaluate my focus!!!

SpadeOfAce said...

lol! @ anon Dec 31, 2011 2:57PM
Tell that Toronto star editor to come live in Fiji earning 250FJD per week....he will change tune after a week haha......

Anonymous said...

Army Coup is not the answer. What we need is people to force the government out. If PER is lifted today then let's march the streets. but we still need to be careful as this could be a ploy to just see who is against FB and AG.

ex navy the asslicker said...

Ex navy, or should I say ex bum boy, Fark Bainivuaka is a fraud,just like you. By the way asslicker, do you have any?

Anonymous said...

i thought that Tongan kings new bitch was dead

Bob Lee Swagger said...


Anonymous said...

Mark Manning Howard never could say sorry even after all the evidence of killings and slaughter of Aborigenes all these years whats it with you with Frank-he sure hasn't done any thing to you Aussies or Aborigines for all i know? OT am i just guessing?

Anonymous said...

Wanna Know...
Sharon Smthy John was getting too
picky-what with all the big dumb dick at the camp to pick from? Last
i hear she was kind dragging her backside when the Bai's calls,cause
you know that Sharon been unhappy with Bai's ED & Small size winnies?
So she's been having a funckin good
time with much begger sausages at
the Camp 24/7.

Anonymous said...

If you have a comment regarding the Fiji Island casino project and want your voice heard by a major US newspaper contact: lmapes@seattletimes.com

Thank you

Anonymous said...

A Major US Newspaper Wants to Hear From You - If you have comments regarding the Fiji Island casino and want your voice heard by a major US newspaper send an email to:
Thank you

Anonymous said...


http://www.snoqualmiehereditarychiefs.com LETTER TO LARRY CLAUNCH FROM SNOQUALMIE HEREDITARY CHIEF, Chief Jerry J. Kanim Enick - The Official Position of the Snoqualmie Hereditary Chief on the Fiji Casino deal.

Anonymous said...

Residents of FIJI: Please take the time to read the open letter sent from the Snoqualmie Tribal Chief to Larry Claunch. Here is the link http://www.snoqualmiehereditarychiefs.com

There are a couple of important references in this document that should cement the true state of tribal fighting in the Snoqualmie Tribe.
On page two "the clandestine manueuver by the invalid council and the rogue and opportunistic Tribal Administrator."

One thing I can say for certain about the Tribal Administrator he is consistant in his inconsistancies...whenever having a Tribal Chief benefits his position Jerry Enick is respected. When opposition to the Fiji investment is discussed Chief Enick is only a "traditional position, not one created under the authority" of the US Constitution....I smell a rat

As you can tell accepting any money from the Snoqualmie Tribe in your country is a dishonorable act. It will further cause inter-tribal discord for the Snoqualmie People.
Besides, there is no casino resort in the world that has survived a market with as SMALL a population and visitor market as Fiji and survived.
Stop Mr. Claunch from stealing from the Snoqualmie Tribe and making fools of your people...

Anonymous said...

The Muckleshoots are the ONLY tribe in Washington which distribute casino profits to their members. The reason they chose the Snoqualmie Tribe to run the casino, is the exact reason everyone on here is complaining about. They borrowed millions of dollars at the worse possible time to do so. They have also made on-time and in-full payments against all of their debt, while experiencing a 75% reduction in all of their earnings forecasts for 3 years. Even after all of the hardships they have faced, they are the ONLY tribal casino in WA State to post profits in EVERY quarter of the last 4 1/2 years. They have gained substantial market share in a market that can not be described as supply-constrained.. Pretty impressive really...

Unknown said...


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Unknown said...

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