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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crackdown won't deter next week's Free Fiji march

The organiser of a planned land mark march to remove the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, says the rally will go ahead despite the increased terrorising of people.

Suliasi Daunitutu says the march is geared at getting the military leader to relinquish the illegal hold he has on Fiji.

Daunitutu says people will congregate at Albert Park and also Sukuna Park next Friday. From there, the people will demand Bainimarama step down and the military withdraw.

He says once that is done, the Great Council of Chief will be asked to reconvene, and put into place an interim administration. 

Next week's march was planned before the regime's current crackdown, which stems largely from the discovery by military of what it says is evidence of last year's plot by some senior officers to overthrow Bainimarama.

Several SDL former cabinet ministers, including the former attorney general in the Labour Party government of Mahendra Chaudhry, Anand Singh, and Poseci Bune, also a former cabinet minister were subsequently taken in for questioning.

The politician Sam Speight was also arrested and beaten unconscious this week.

Daunitutu says Bune was arrested again yesterday and the SDL offices were also raided.

On his Matavuvale blog a short time ago, he said  the arrest and raid will not deter next week's protest and "our fight to liberate our country."

He says people have suffered long enough.

"Some have been hurt along the way, some, unfortunately have passed on, trying to tell the world the message, that Fiji needs help, like mataqali Rauluni.

"These tragedies, and hurt felt by a lot of families, must not be ignored by us who are carrying on the fight.  We must fight on behalf of the weak and cry out with loud voices on behalf of the voiceless.

"There is only 5 days left and if you are going to be idle, if you are going to wait till 2014, if you are going to bow to the demands of oppressors, "what will become of our image - which translates to country and freedom ?"

Daunitutu is encouraging people to find the courage to break and overcome their fears. "It takes tremendous amounts of courage to get past this wall, but once you are through it, you can change your life."

He's urging people to be at the Albert Park next Friday to tell Bainimarama and his regime the people have had enough and that they want a government of their own choosing.

The DVD that scares Bainimarama

This is the DVD that led to vengeful military goons this week beating another helpless Fiji citizen.

It was compiled by the New South Wales-based freedom advocate, Suliasi Daunitutu, and is aimed at informing the ordinary Fijian, especially those in rural areas, about the corrupt ways and harmful policies of the illegal regime.

Many of Viti's ordinary folk, of course, are isolated in rural areas and removed from the grim realities of life under Bainimarama.

Daunitutu's resourcefulness obviously scares the hell out of Bainimarama, otherwise his goons would never have gone after Sam Speight.

There's nothing like the truth to unsettle, eh?

Click on the links below to watch the first part of the Daunitutu interview in 6 parts. We will post the second lot as we go. And please don't forget to pass it on. 

Meanwhile a quick summary of some of the things Daunitutu touches on for our readers who don't know Fijian:
1) He talks of Thailand and Burma and of how the military put democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi into house arrest, even though she won an election fair and square
2) Using this as a backdrop, he talks about the unnecessary public emergency regulations Viti has been forced to live under, the loss of media freedom and the illegal acts Bainimarama has committed to stay in power
3) He talks about what happened to Laisenia Qarase and how the SDL leader was deposed as prime minister but stresses that he's not a SDL supporter
4) He talks of how Bainimarama tore down the established judiciary to create his own law and has gone on to carry out many other illegal acts
5) He also talks about how Bainimarama is using FNFP to fund his and cohort's retirement and how the Dictator has allowed the money be siphoned for dud deals like Natadola
6) In all he discusses, he tries to explain the events in Fiji since 2006 in a way that is easy for people to understand and poses questions in a way that encourages them to think about the way ahead for Fiji.

Editor's Note: We will bring you details of the planned march in Suva next week to Free Fiji, tomorrow.

Daunitutu Interview part 1

Daunitutu Interview part 2

Daunitutu Interview part 3

Daunitutu Interview part 4

Daunitutu Interview part 5

Daunitutu Interview part 6

Friday, February 25, 2011

Speight: Military pissed about pro-democracy DVD

The former Fiji politician, Sam Speight, has told Pacific Beat how he was picked up by military soldiers while he was working at the headquarters of the SDL Party of deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase on Wednesday night.

The army officers were in civilian clothes and took him to the Queen Elizabeth barracks where he was kicked and beaten with rifle butts.

Here is the transcript of the Sam Speight interview with Radio Australia's Bruce Hill.

TIKONISAU: Yeah, I think Bruce there's a dvd that was prepared in Australia by the freedom community in Australia who are in the struggle for the return of democracy to Fiji and they've prepared a documentary in the Fijian language on certain important issues that were happening in Fiji prior to the coup 2006 and our information giving it a true state of the country economically and so forth. This was on this particular dvd which was sent to us in December, and which was circulated to supporters of the SDL party in the rural areas.

HILL: So your suggesting that the military got wind of this distribution of this dvd which had been prepared in Australia and they were trying to find out who was distributing it?

TIKONISAU: Yes, that is basically it Bruce, yeah.

HILL: Did they give you any reason for the beating, did they say anything to you while they were doing this?

TIKONISAU: Well, the contents of the dvd was the thing that they were very angry about, because sort of anti-regime and they exposed a lot of truths leading up to the coup in 2006. As you know, the leaders of the coup in 2006 were accusing the government of the day of corruption and various other things and so I think the disk exposed material that was contrary to that, yeah.

HILL: Well, I have to ask this question, you're a former politician yourself. Your active in the SDL, the party which was deposed in the coup. You've got a vested interest in painting the current government in as negative a light as possible. How can we know that this beating did take place and that you're not perhaps exaggerating what happened?

TIKONISAU: Yeah, that's a good question, because I was the only person taken from the office that evening on Monday the 21st and for two nights and two days, there was total blackout. No one knew what was my fate, only just the SDL party members and family. I was held there from Monday night through to Tuesday, then Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, about three in the morning when this incident occurred where they took me from the cell, got me to crawl and into the interrogating room and tactics were used to kind of extract information further regarding the disk.

HILL: Now how did you manage to get to Australia immediately after you were beaten?

TIKONISAU: Yeah, surprising thing Bruce, I really didn't expect to be released, because I just told them yes, I received this material from Australia, and distributed it. And the reasons are that I felt that the people needed to know some truths, the other side to the story and to give them an informed judgement of really what happened in Fiji during the coup 2006. My release late Wednesday night, about 10.30pm came as a surprise, so I came out of there and I walked out and made my way to the main hospital in Suva to try and get some treatment and then the family were just so concerned, they said no, no we've got to try and get you out of here and make arrangements made here in Australia from family to get me out so I just made by way to Nadi and thankfully I managed to get onto the plane.

HILL: And what are the extent of your injuries?

TIKONISAU: Well, basically bruising to the face and all that and swelling on my head and on sprained fingers which they tried to sort of bend back to get information, use of the pain and overall body aches and all of that, yeah.

Padarath fronts in court as tipped

The former Suva politician, Ben Padarath, has appeared in court as earlier predicted by Coupfourpointfive, on a failed plot to overthrow the dictator Frank Bainimarama last year.

A draft decree aimed at allowing the President of Fiji, Epeli Nailatikau, to authorise the ousting of Bainimarama is said to have been found in the home of Padarath, the nephew of former land force commander Pita Driti.

The FijiVillage confirmed today Padarath has been charged with allegedly concealing false government documents and is to appear again in the Suva Magistrates Court in early April.

'Evidence' there was a plot to overthrow Bainimarama last year, was found at the home of Padarath by military soldiers while they were investigating the con man for alleged fraud with lawyer Renee Lal.

Padarath was beaten and was in hospital nursing injuries until he was shuffled earlier this week to the court, where he was represented by the lawyer son (Rajendra Chaudhry) of the Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry.

Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz is also implicated in last year's attempted plot, which was not executed in the end.

Our information is that Driti and the former 3FIR Commander, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara who was arrested by military earlier this week, have also been charged although they were not seen at court today.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Soldier behind Speight beating named

Major Ben Naliva has been named to Coupfourpointfive as the soldier issuing the orders to beat Sam Speight.

Speight received severe injuries after several days in the hands of the miltary goons.

Naliva, who is from the Rewa province, has been named as the ringleader firing the orders for Speight to be thoroughly thrashed.

Also known as Penioni Naliva, this zealot surfaced a few weeks ago in the beating of con man Ben Padarath.

Naliva was Frank Bainimarama's main personal staff officer around the 2006 coup and is still in the job, getting his hands dirty and bloody for the dictator.

Of course, the real culprit behind the assaults of ordinary Fiji citizens is the despotic Bainimarama, the biggest criminal of the Pacific, who is beginning to look as grotesque as the mad Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

Like Gaddafi, Bainimarama continues to intimidate and terrorise citizens because he knows that if he doesn't keep his foot on people's throats, he wouldn't be in power. 

And like Gadaffi (this is the monster who yesterday called on his supporters to go out and attack the 'cockroaches' demonstrating against him), Bainimarama must eventually fall.

What was Speight doing after all? Distributing DVDs with a pro-democracy message - hardly a killing offence but one that clearly gives Bainimarama the runs.

BLOODY HANDS: Naliva and Bainimarama.

Beaten pensioner's story taken up by regional media

The story of the Fiji pensioner who was beaten by military goons after trying to talk to Frank Bainimarama has been publicised in Australia.

Tawake's beating last December was documented in a statutory declaration and revealed earlier this week by the Fiji Democracy Movement.

It made for poignant reading and revealed the arrogance and lawlessness within the military that is clearly condoned by the illegal leader of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama.

Cynics accused Tawake of manufacturing the assault to secure a visa or residency in Australia but as Coupfourpointfive reported, Tawake is already a resident.

Below is the link to the Pacific Beat story, which aired earlier today. It's understood Tawake is on the programme again in the next hour (6pm Fiji time), fielding questions from the community. 

Let's hope Tawake's assault (along with other recent beatings like that meted out to Sam Speight) gets the wide publicity it deserves so the world can bear witness to the crimes being committed in Fiji by the illegal regime.


Speight released and Nailatikau sevusevu had undertones

Updating our last major story - Sam Speight was released last night.

The member for Tailevu North was badly beaten and needs urgent medical treatment. Sources say he has departed for Australia today, to get medical help.

The joint military and navy delegation to Epeli Nailatikau yesterday was made up of senior officers and was led by military commander and dictator, Frank Bainimarama.

They went to Government House and presented a sevusevu to Nailatikau, thanking him for his role during the funeral of the former president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

But the thank you or sevusevu was punctuated with a finely veiled message to Nailatikau that his time is up.

According to military sources present, the message was contained in the presentation speech made in Fijian language by the delegation.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LATEST REPORT - Nailatikau still at Government House

There may well be antipathy between Epeli Nailatikau and Frank Bainimarama but it seems supporters have been too hasty to tout the illegal president has been removed from Government House by soldiers.

New information suggests our earlier story, based on information from two sources, was premature.

We've now been told Nailatikau is still at Government House and that soldier's were visiting him about something else.

It's been suggested troops were presenting a magiti for Josefa Iloilo's funeral.

We'll keep you posted.

MORE BREAKING NEWS! Nailatikau removed by soldiers

THE EYES HAVE IT: Bainimarama and Nailatikau (left) at Josefa Iloilo's funeral.

Reports are coming in that Epeli Nailatikau has been removed as president from Government House by soldiers.

Nailatikau's removal apparently follows the arrest last night of the former 3FIR Commander, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, in Lautoka.

Supporters say Roko Ului has been detained to deter any uprising as a result of the removal of Nailaitikau; Ulilakeba wields a support of more than 1200 royalist soldiers in the Fiji Army.  

Information given to Coupfourpointfive says the President was questioned on Wednesday the 6th of this month about the decree found at the Suva house of con man Ben Padarath.

We've been told Nailatikau was summoned to camp at QEB and kept in an interview room for four hours on the directive of dictator Frank Bainimarama. 

Coupfourpointfive sources say a letter has been delivered to the President to step down on the 28th of this month - in five days time. The letter came from Bainimarama. 

The president has not responded to the letter but tension is said to have already started to build with people of Ra pledging their support, together with the high chief of Rewa.

It's believed Bainimarama wants to have executive authority as President and to do away with the role of prime minister.

BREAKING NEWS - Mara, Aziz and Driti in custody!

Major developments in Fiji overnight - the former 3FIR Commander Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara was arrested by military in Lautoka.

Roko Ului was in the sugar city of Fiji to conduct Fiji Pine matters as board chairman. 

Ului is still detained.

Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz has also been taken in by military soldiers clamping down on a plot by Frank Bainimarama's one time henchmen and junior officers. 

Former close ally, Pita Driti, is the other officer who has been questioned by both police and military.

It's believed Driti has confirmed the information revealed earlier by his nephew, Ben Padarath.

Padarath, who is to appear in court, is said to have spilled the beans to military soldiers about the plot last year to overthrow illegal leader, Bainimarama.

He had offered to turn state witness.

Sam Speight is also still in military detention. Coupfourpointfive was advised late yesterday he had been released but we have been told today he is still in custody.

The family of the member for Tailevu North is particularly worried because he has health problems.

Speight's second wife was Ratu Iloilo's daughter, who died. He went on to marry Ana Kalounivale - widow of murdered CRW soldier Selestino Kaluonivale, who was brutally killed despite being off duty on November the 2nd in the 2000 Mutiny Day by Bainimarama's soldiers.

Sam Speight's son, Henry Speight, is Ratu Iloilo's grandson. He played rugby for Waikato last year and this year is playing for ACT Brumbies in Super 15. 

ESTRANGED: Roko Ului (top) Pita Driti with Bainimarama in happier times and Aziz (bottom).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

65 people killed in Christchurch earthquake

The New Zealand prime minister John Key says 65 people have died from today's 6.3 magnitude quake, that struck just before 1pm.

Mr Key revealed the devastating news a short time ago. More deaths are expected.

The mayor of Christchurch Bob Parker said on television a few minutes ago people should prepare themselves for 'significant' numbers of death.

Civil Defence authorities say they will be working overnight to rescue people still trapped under buildings.

Christchurch was hit by a massive seven point one quake last September and has been wracked by aftershocks since, including a 4.9 one just before Christmas.

The city is home to a big Fiji community. 

About 80 per cent of the city is without power and the phone lines are said to be jammed so they may be having difficulty reaching family and friends to let them know they're okay.

Coupfourpointfive will bring information as it can.

Speight in custody at Nabua!

The politician Sam Speight was picked up by the military last night for distributing pro-democracy material.

He is believed to be still with soldiers at Nabua.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Speight was taken in for distributing DVDs from the Fiji Democracy Movement.

The videos feature pro-democracy advocate Suliasi Daunitutu.

The member for Tailevu North is one of several people to have been taken in recently for questioning.

The blog, Intelligentsiya, reported earlier that Felix Anthony from the Fiji Trade Union Congress was beaten at an empty house near the military compound.

The Fiji Times reporter Felix Chaudhry and Gaffar Ahmed from Ba are also reported to have been in military custody recently.

Another to have been at the hands of military was New South Wales based pensioner, Apisai Tawake, (see earlier Coupfourpointfive story), in December last year.

Tawake's story has prompted some questions, including whether his injuries were verified by medical authorities.

Coupfourpointfive has asked and has been told by a source close to Tawake that he did not get medical treatment while in Fiji because he was too traumatised, but he did take pictures of himself. 

We're told he still walks with a limb and has a swollen wrist.

Coupfourpointfive has also been told Apisai Tawake has been an Australian resident for 20 years and is not seeking a visa or residency. 

Editor's Note: We have been notified that Sam Speight has now been released. (5pm)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bainimarama 'sanctioned' pensioner's beating!

One of the worst examples of arrogance and brutality from the illegal regime and its goons from the Queen Elizabeth Barracks today.
 A Fiji pensioner, now living in Australia, has revealed in a statutory declaration that he was beaten by soldiers after asking to speak to Dictator Frank Bainimarama in December.
APISAI TAWAKE wanted to discuss with Bainimarama village matters, something he says he had done previously with the self-appointed leader.
But what Tawake got was a beating from soldiers because he had taken part in a democracy rally.
And what was worse is that Bainimarama knew of the assault as it was happening.
 Coupfourpointfive will let Tawake's signed statement tell his sad story, but note it's a classic example of the ongoing shameless behaviour of these illegal buffoons.

Military stuff up hints at inner circle rumblings

AT EASE: We think not! Positions of Nailatikau and Aziz speak volumes. pics FijiLive
The illegal regime's mickey mouse march for Josefa Iloilo continues to draw comments. This opinion piece reveals that those who marched had also trod ground in recently liberated Egypt.

One of the most crass breeches of state protocol was committed by the President and Commander in chief Epeli Nailatikau marching with troops during the state funeral for former President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

Modern Heads of state or even  Commander-in-chief of armed forces, Do Not March! in formation with troops as the incumbent is the fount of all state ceremony.

All official state ceremony is carried out with the  supreme office bearer remaining aloof  as the head of  state. All military honour and  homage is also paid by servicemen/women to  the head of state in any state military parade or procession.

The flying of regimental and presidential colours  draped with black streamers paraded  with the funeral procession is sufficient symbolic representation of the head of state.

Does Her Majesty the Queen march in formation with her troops? Definitely Not! Her Majesty as the fount and object of the state takes the salute on behalf of the state! She remains aloof as state protocol demands.

What can we make of  this state faux pas? Was it deliberate?

The military funeral procession was clearly choreographed to show military solidarity and a 'closing of the ranks'. However, the adage 'Keep my friends close and my enemies closer' springs to mind when one looks at the funeral military procession photos, given the recent rumblings of assassination plots and regime corruption twists.

It seems the Commander Frank Bainimarama flanked by the President Nailatikau to his right and Brigadier General Mohamed to his left aptly epitomized the cliche. Both have been fingered as conspirators in a plot to get rid of el supremo.

Further more, if there is one thing that binds all those that marched during the state funeral procession, it's this: they all served in Egypt with the MFO during ousted president Hosni Mubarak's rule and know of the Pharaoh's curse! Let my people go!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Aziz business dealings under the microscope

Leaks of conflict of interests and corruption in the business dealings of one of the illegal regime's key military figures, Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz, keep surfacing and resurfacing.
It's been revealed that:
a) Aziz borrowed $2.5 million from Merchant Finance while he was chairman of the company and still on the Fiji Holdings Ltd board. The money was used to build his wife's medical centre in Rewa Street.

The work was done by 4R Electrical, a Ba based company owned by Rishi Kumar, the president of the Ba Football Association. 4R Electrical is the same company that is under scrutiny for the work they did for Fiji Pine.

b) Friend Sanjeev Pal's wife was given a $500,000 loan by Merchant Finance, which was used to buy a home. Pal was running Hunts Travel before it shut down a few years ago.

c) Like former FHL CEO Sereana Qoro, Aziz double dipped - he was paid by the illegal government and received a board fee as well.

Sereana Qoro was accused of using Basic Industries bungalow while claiming her house was being renovated. She also reportedly has a homestay on Ovalau Island.

d) It's claimed Aziz, former employee Aiyaz Muza (the worker who got the golden handshake and car) and acting FHL CEO, Nouzab Fareed, made multiple overseas junkets and reportedly ran up thousands of dollars of credit card bills in Singapore, Dubai and India.

e) It's also claimed that excesses included 10 Indian staff staying at a Holiday Inn for more than 8 months at a daily rate of $200 during the BP Oil deal. An extra room was apparently hired for the use of Fareed, Aziz and Muza.

f) A businessman has also told us he was offered a business loan but was told he'd have to pay 10 per cent in kickbacks. He says he was told the loan would guarantee access to FHL tenders, government and military tenders. Says he was told the tax breaks would be arranged with Bainimarama, Sayed Khaiyum and Aziz.

Coupfourpointfive revealed this week that Aziz was one of the military personnel fingered by the regime in a plot to overthrow the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, last year.

Military sources revealed the plot came to light after con man Ben Padarath was interviewed over fraud dealings with lawyer, Renee Lal, involving a Ghanian businessman.

Evidence was found at Padarath's Suva house but the regime is in a dilemma about taking action because a trial would reveal the widespread scale of corruption and fallout in their midst. 

When Aziz resigned from the FHL board last month citing 'personal reasons', he used the same line Bainimarama later used when he said the investigation into FHL had wrapped up: 'Let's just leave it at that.'