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Saturday, March 5, 2011

From inside the junta: Bainimarama living 24/7 in a state of panic at fear of being brought down

"We have achieved nothing and are the laughing stock of the Pacific.  Two people…TWO PEOPLE run this whole Country…that is a sham and disgrace."

VB: Out of tune.
In our second story on the senior official who has revealed that the illegal regime of Frank Bainimarama is fragile, we can report further that the dictator is living in a state of total panic at the thought of being brought down.

Our contact admitted in our first story that he believed in the cause 100 per cent but has since woken up to the corruption and the huge flaws in Bainimarama's leadership.

He says others share his loss of faith and want free of the mess they're in.

The senior official admitted that his own hands were not clean but pleaded for help to bring an end to the decayed administration of Bainimarama and his Number Two, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

From further correspondence with him, we can confirm what we and others have been saying for some time, that there is huge fallout within the military ranks because the leadership is a sham.

Our contact says Bainimarama and Khaiyum's smoke and mirrors campaign is fading fast and are so unpopular that Qarase would win hands down in a poll.

He says Bainimarama has lost the plot and he and Khaiyum are living a life of lies, looting the country's coffers to feather their own nests.

He also reveals that the man many have been pinning their hopes on, the illegal president Epeli Nailatikau, is a lost cause.

We asked the source further questions:

Q)Why are they in panic mode?
A)Simple answer, smoke and mirrors only lasts as long as the smoke lasts, and it’s fading fast, bro.  If a straw poll was held today, Qarase would sweep back in like the Boxing Day tsunami.

Q)When and where was the 2,000 bottle party - or is that par for the course?
A)New Year’s, and #1 is pissed at least four nights a week, so is Pres. Nailatikau. you been to defense club recently?

Q)What do you mean by ATM - give details.
A)New gold/bling/watch/Rolex/clothes/and brand new personal Prime Bank account w/ANZ with over $275K.  that does not come from civil service salary.  we  are servicemen, not idiots.  i did not serve in sinai for this.

Q)How fragile is fragile and what will it take to tip things over?
A)It will take the boys in camp missing a few more paychecks or the boys in Namosi finally finding their courage or a new leader, or????.

Q)Was Naliva paid to make sure Renee Lal got dealt to and who by?
A)No, no, no pay, just following orders.

Q)Intel has revealed the salaries of everyone on blogs  - are the figures right?
A)Spot on.

Q)What's happening with Nailatikau?
A)Just a party boy waiting ‘till #1 removes him. He knows his fate but no courage to change his fate.

Q)Why did the regime tell FijiLive Aziz is still with the army? Was that just for show?
A)It's complicated, he has as much blood on his hands and money in his pocket as anyone, but he knows about everything #1 and #2 have done and are doing.  he is not so easy to put away.  he and I are in same position,  but he is happy to keep peace w/#1. i need to make my peace with Fiji.

Q)Why have you become disillusioned?
A)Bro, this is the easiest.  I believed that reform was the goal of December ’06.   But the Charter mess and on and on…we have achieved nothing and are the laughing stock of the Pacific.  Two people…TWO PEOPLE run this whole Country…that is a sham and disgrace and I wish I could get out.  But I am stuck….an old rooster…my kids can’t travel, I am ordering the arrest and beating of innocent people at the command of someone who has lost the plot. lost the plot, bro…it’s done. i am a religious man… I am ashamed of what I am doing.  I need to make peace before its too late.

I did not answer this question before.  many more arrests are planned…you think PER will ever be lifted?????  If you do you are simply an idiot.  People need to wake up.  #1 has said “life is good when no one can say no..”

So my question for you, bro…what is your plan?  I have read your site and there is lots of talk, but does this really matter?  I am putting it on the line because I am burnt no matter what.  but what are you going to do???  we need help. ."

Organiser: 'Rally called off because of heavy police and military presence'

Yesterday's planned anti-government demonstration in Suva was apparently called off in the face of high numbers of police and military personnel.
Radio Australia has reported it has been told by pro-democracy groups their attempt to rally at Albert Park in Suva was foiled by the heavy police and military presence.

Suliasi Daunitutu was quoted as saying the strong military turnout may have been ordered amid fears in Fiji that anti-government unrest in the Middle East could inspire domestic opponents.

Daunitutu said it was too risky to go ahead with the protest but maintained "there was about 40 or a little bit over that were there for the demonstration. But they were outnumbered by about one to 50 in police officers and military personnel. The police presence was chock-a-block."

On the Matavuvale blog, some people have said they were at Albert Park yesterday for the march and that others were there, too, although on the periphery of the ground.

One blogger said there were Police in uniform below the pavilion, plus some on foot patrol and that the army were parked up the road next to the tennis court, plus more in four wheel drives on the road next to Thurston Gardens.

Critics, however, say the only thing happening at Albert Park was the rugby.

The failure of the march was a disappointment to those hoping for democracy, including this blog. We have sent several emails to the organiser and are still waiting for a reply.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Takiveikata jailed while Frank roams at large

Takiveikata jailed while Bainimarama gets off scott free for coup 2006!

Ratu Inoke Takiveikata has been taken to Nasinu Prison to serve life imprisonment after he was convicted by High Court Judge, Justice Daniel Gounder of inciting the 2000 mutiny at Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

Ratu Inoke will not be eligible for parole for eight years.

Gounder has ruled that Takiveikata can't be released after 4th March 2019 on a license and will be subject of recall to continue serving his life imprisonment if he breaches any conditions of his release.

Takiveikata will serve the life sentence concurrently with the current 7 year term for the charge of conspiracy to assassinate the Commander and others. (FijiVillage)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

From inside junta: Help us bring down Bainimarama

Coupfourpointfive has received a plea from the inner sanctum of Fiji's turbulent illegal regime to help bring an end to the corrupt and evil reign of its leaders.

In an email to Pacificinthemedia, a senior figure from the highest echelons of the military regime reveals that he and others have had enough of the hopeless direction they've been pulled in by Frank Bainimarama and his decree-manufacturing attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Our man admits his own hands are not clean but says he believed '100 per cent in what they did in 2006.' But he says 'no longer,' and that others share his frustration and desperation.

He says the regime is fragile.

Coupfourpointfive has established as much as it can that the senior figure we've been dealing with, is indeed who he says he is. 

A list of questions were sent to him and he was able to provide us with information regarding the recent arrests of senior military officers and former prominent pro-regime supporters among other controversies.

In this first part of our story, we can reveal that the email we received went something like this:
"URGENT TO COUP 4.5....i am risking my career and getting buggered by the BOSS' thugs.....i don't know how much longer I can do it."

He adds: "But you need to be advised and to publicise that it's falling apart here from the inside out. My conscience can't take much more. I have seen enough."

We asked him the following questions and recieved these answers:

Q: Why have you not resigned?
A: Why is not relevant…what is relevant are the threats that came to me and my family and everything I have worked for directly from the top and #2.  Do you really think anyone is still here because they believe in the direction the two of them are taking us…don’t be naive…we just have no way out.  I am not clean in this either, I know that and will have to live with that for the rest of my life.  I believed 100% in what we did ’06, bro – but that is over.  i hoped for big change....now sega options and buggered.

Q: Where are Driti and Roko Ului? Did Ului clear his quarters in Domain on Sat, and was he asked to do that by regime?

A: They are both in Suva and being closely watched.  Yes to your second question…I have seen the letters all done under direct instruction from #1

Q: Who is FA referred to in the email - Felix Anthony? The one who suffered eardrum damage from his beating?
A: Yes

Q: What has happened to Poseci Bune? Arrested just yesterday.
A:Yes, taken then released under direct instruction from #1

Q. Who is Ben Naliva?
A: Naliva is just a thug under #1’s control now that tuks is gone.  #1 and #2 are in panic almost 100% of time.  I don’t think people know how fragile it is here…#1 sees what is happening in Libya etc and knows it could and will happen here (and to be honest, there is little difference between #1 and Quadaffi…just fewer people know about our man.) i have seen him raving drunk more times than i can count recently...that is what a 2,000 wine-bottle party can do for a man. i was one of his biggest supporters...that is over.

We need help…real help…and that starts with people knowing that #1 and #2 won’t stop until they know there is no opposition left…then they can have their business-house friends fill their pockets without anyone watching.  #1 and #2 are getting rich while the rest of the nation suffers…Fiji is not their personal ATM.  That’s what Driti and the others see and saw and makes them crazy…two people profit while the country becomes the laughing stock of the pacific.  I am done abetting a ransacking….i don't really know who you are, but i know people read your blog and trust what you say.'

More to follow tomorrow.

Free Fiji Rally message: Aust and NZ will keep a close eye

TIME TO BITE BACK: Fiji citizens urged to stand up to illegal regime. pic NZ Herald

"Cameras and phones are important, if footages are taken in the first hour, they should be relayed instantly to the world, and every hour, there should be an update of progress sent out from Albert Park to the world through the social network."

Message from Free Fiji march organiser, Suliasi Daunitutu

Fellow Democracy Advocates!

This is the last day that you will live under dictatorial rule, which in the last four years pressured you into believing continuous lies and propaganda. The 4th of March 2011 will go down in history as the day the people of Fiji demanded their freedom from its oppressors, and decided that their future and their country should always be in their hands.
As I write this last letter of encouragement to you all, the US and British warships are making their way to  Libya as the confrontation between Qaddafi and the people’s rebellion intensifies.  Warnings from the bigger countries to the dictator have been forthcoming, cautioning him not to harm his own people.  Australia and New Zealand will be keeping a close eye to your progress and how the military regime will react to your peaceful protest.
You must remember, that, as the “Rules of Engagement” states, soldiers will not harm unarmed civilians” we also know the identities of soldiers who have tortured helpless civilians, the likes of Captain Penioni Naliva and Major Rokoura. 

They will face the consequences of their actions. If there were higher authorities who gave orders for the beatings, we will make sure that this mistreatment of Fijian citizens gets its day in a proper court of law.
You must also remember, that it might take days before Bainimarama understands the motive behind the protest as he has been locked in his own chain of thoughts about how to siphon money out of your government into his and his family’s pockets, so please, stay focused and if the need to stay longer than a day arises, then you must endeavour to achieve our goal, that of a complete and unconditional liberation.
You must also remember, that dictators don’t get to rule because they obey constitutional perimeters, so, be prepared for draconian rulings to be administered, use your humility and be armed with facts and the truth, shout that out for the world to hear, as that is what they have been censoring all this time.
Loruama has advised, cameras and phones are important, if footage are taken in the first hour, they should be relayed instantly to the world, and every hour, there should be an update of progress sent out from Albert Park to the world through the social network. 

International Media will be focused on your progress, and will be trying to interview people or publish photos as they come to hand, so don’t worry, we will be watching very closely.
If you can get through the first 6 hours of protest, Fijians overseas will see that your protest is sustained for the period you will stay there awaiting your demands be met.
Bainimarama’s government said, that “Fijians live on handouts, they should learn to stand on their own two feet”.  My countrymen and women, that is exactly what you will be doing tomorrow.
You will be telling Bainimarama, “We don’t want handouts bought by your loans from China, we are here to tell you, we want to decide what is right and what is good for us.”  That is an act of standing on your own two feet.
There will be people there who you will see are the organisers, and any queries you might have will be accommodated by them.
This is my last message to you all, and I will post again in this forum tomorrow. I will be keeping an eye for further comments that might be coming from QEB, but that should be all water off the dalo leaf for us.  This is the time to focus and be ready.
To conclude my friends, the Bible in Acts 5, told us the story of how the people saw the miracle that started by a few men (apostles) and before long the place of gathering called Solomon’s Porch was full of people from the city.  

The authorities jailed the men who started the teaching and healing, but they were released by the power of God.  In verse 29, Peter and the apostles nailed the core reason of the gathering, and that is what you will be doing tomorrow.
Me maroroi kemuni na Kalou ena siga ni mataka, ka me duru bukawaqa taka nai lakolako ni kena gadrevi na tu galala.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Youths arrested and tormented over Free Fiji March and DVD

"These young people we made to do duckwalks, run around, crawl and kiss each other in the hot sun, while some soldiers cheered and made fun of them. They were also beaten and kicked around the ribs and backs."-

"So far only high profile figures have been highlighted in many overseas media and blog posts, so the plight of ordinary citizens detained by the military is hardly reported. "

A human rights worker in Fiji details the latest abuse!

On the 26th of February, the XXXX was advised of various arrests following a raid of the political party Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party. A concerned youth relayed to the network how his father was taken by military officers from their family home in Nausori Town on the 26th February "they came at 9pm at night, and were shouting at the gate for my father, they took him and returned him on the 27th of February at 2pm in the afternoon. He was beaten up and have bruises when he returned". His arrest was due to a DVD that was distributed discrediting the Military Junta's efforts.

On the 26th of February also, the XXXX was advised of the arrest of four youths in Wailoku. They were arrested at 1pm and taken to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. We were informed that their arrest had to do with a planned 'protest on the 4th of March', I with two other human rights youth advocates and parents of two of the detained youths arrived at the Camp at 3pm to negotiate and to call for the immediate release of the youth's, when we arrived at the gates of the camp we saw young people ( 7 youths) running around the ground in the distance (a portion of the ground is visible from the gate) and been taunted and constantly been hit by solders on the Camp grounds. 

One of the parents of the youths arrested from Wailoku identified one of the persons running in the ground as her son, she started crying and kept pleading to the soldiers at the gate to release her son. The youths were than told to sit in the sun, some were visibly injured. They were later told to get up and move to a part of the ground that was hidden by fauna. There was at least 20 soldiers in the ground.

We were not allowed to come into the camp and were kept at the gate. At this point one of our youth activists began filming on he's digital camera as I began negotiating with a Sgt Turaga on the immediate release of all those on the ground. Sgt Turaga ordered that we leave immediately. A military truck arrived at 3:55pm and a military officer grabbed the digital camera and slapped one of the youth activists, he later punched one of the parents who moved in to help our peer.

I was literally pushed several times by another military officer and ordered to "fuck off". Although a few of the solders had guns, no one attempted to threaten us with them.

At this point we saw all the youths coming out of the gate, as they walked towards us, a few solders we swearing at them. At the gate some of the youths stopped to pick up their wallets, watches, and phones. We greeted all the youths (some needed immediate medical attention), but the military officers kept ordering us to leave the camp. We all left immediately fearing that we would be targeted next. We advised the youths and their parents to write statements, they have come back to the network in phone conversation to say that they were very scared to write anything or go to the doctors.

In a phone conversation with one of the youths who was arrested on 26th, I was told of the inhumane treatment they all faced at the military camp. These young people we made to do duckwalks, run around, crawl and kiss each other in the hot sun, while some solders cheered and made fun of them. They were also beaten and kicked around the ribs and backs. 

They were told that if they complain or are seen to be distributing anything against the government, they would be cut up and thrown into the sea. The youth, also informed me that all those arrested were at a house on the night of the 24th in Wailoku, drinking grog, where they were discussing a protest planned for Suva, on the 4th of March by some people on the internet. The internet source was asking people to assemble at the Albert Park.

I have since informed the youths concerned to write statements and document their injuries, we can also meet with them to do this. They have been shaken emotionally and fear for their lives. We are very concerned with the targeting of young people in the recent escalation of human rights abuses in Fiji. So far only high profile figures have been highlighted in many overseas media and blog posts, so the plight of ordinary citizens detained by the military is hardly reported.

These citizens are hunted down, detained and abused. Many are also interrogated and forced to undergo various 'military exercises'.

I now see, that it is very important that human rights activists station themselves at military institutions when news of arrests happen and negotiate the immediate release of detainees. Also the indignity surround those who are detained is a 'crime against humanity' and we are currently drafting a letter to Fiji's Military backed President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, asking for a stop to the recent violence against Fiji Citizens.

The violence on Fiji's citizens must stop immediately. (Report has been compiled for Amnesty International and was given to Coupfourpointfive)

Second QEB goon named

IN THE FRAME: Captain Aseri Rokoura in 2008 with Bainimarama and Aziz Mohammed. 

A second goon from the Queen Elizabeth Barracks can be officially named today, thanks to sources who were quick to recall him from earlier run-ins.

He is Captain Aseri Rokoura, who was singled out as one of the army operatives behind the brutal assault of Felix Anthony of the Trade Union Congress, recently.

The blog, Intelligentsiya, reported that Anthony was beaten over a story that appeared in the Fiji Times concerning Fiji Sugar Corporation maintenance work. 

The goon singled out for that beating was 'Rokoua' but we've since established with the help of bloggers and sources that he is more likely to be Aseri Rokoura, a trusted member of the inner gang of Frank Bainimarama.

Aseri was also Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi’s ADC when he was still vice-president. He went to Duntroon Military College in Canberra, the same place military school as Major Ben Naliva, and married an Australian girl.

He is the brother of Fiji Netball coach Una Rokoura and his father was a former professional boxer, Tomasi Rokoura. The family are from Naitisiri. 

Rokoura was also shot by rebels at the 2000 coup in parliament and according to Peter Usaia Waqatairewa from the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement, he hasn't got over the incident.

Waqateirewa - one of the people to identify Aseri Rokoura - says Rokoura threatened him in 2009, using Bainimarama's s email address and Blackberry to do it. 
Waqatairewa says he'd been trying to approach the Dictator to discuss a way forward when he was verbally abused and sworn at. He thought it was Bainimarama but his interrogator identified himself as Captain Aseri Rokoura.

Waqatairewa says Rokoura admitted to him in text messages in 2009 that he still carries that grudge of being shot and wounded by rebels and his main driving motivation against Fijian Nationalist.

The freedom activist says Rokoura's father worked under him as a Trust Accounts clerk when he was Manager Finance and Admin at NLTB.

He says Rokoura senior brought his children to thank him and management personally for allowing him to work until 56 instead of the mandatory 55 when he was Manager Finance at NLTB. He says this allowed Rokoura's father to pay off the family mortgage.

The QEB goons obviously have families and friends (trawl through Facebook and you'll see they're 'normal' people) but remember they don't treat the people they're beating up on are father's, husbands, brothers and grandfathers.

They have no conscience about tormenting and mistreating people. Where were can, let's name these goons so the world knows who they are, and influential organisations like the United Nations don't give them jobs or treat them like heroes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Questions being asked about the Ghanian 'oil explorer'

Mystery surrounds the Ghanian businessman at the heart of the scam involving Suva lawyer, Renee Lal, and con man Ben Padarath.

Paul Kofi Freeman has been touted as a big time oil explorer and investor but several Fiji locals have been in contact with Coupfourpointfive challenging his qualifications and credentials.

In recent weeks, Coupfourpointfive has tried to establish who and what Freeman does but checks have yielded few details and certainly no photographs of the Ghanian national.

Our interest in Freeman, of course, is legitimate - he is the lynch pin in the estimated $400,000 fraud allegation involving Padarath and Lal. 

This was the fraud investigation, remember, that led to key military officers behind a failed plot last year to overthrow the dictator Frank Bainimarama being fingered.

It was also the scam that made a laughing stock of the Dictator when it was revealed Lal and Padarath had been using his supposed 'good' name to hook business investors like Freeman.

Lal and Padarath apparently prised money out of the Ghanian by saying it was for Bainimarama, for things like the illegal leader's Christmas presents.

An embarrassed Bainimarama later admitted to the Fiji Sun he was worried about other people using his name and that the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) was investigating.

We have yet to hear anything about that FICAC investigation but Padarath has been charged and Lal is about to go the same way. 
Freeman, who appeared to have been the victim when the story broke, is now looking as though he, too, should be investigated.

Information unfurled through several sources shows he is supposed to be from Ghana and a French resident. He has sold himself as having a history with GE Petroleum, however, his identity is unverifiable; no identity documents for this investor can be found anywhere.

Internet engine searches only return Paul Freeman as a 419 Internet scammer that sends emails to unknowing people soliciting money through Western Union.

According to one source, Freeman's full name is Paul Kofi Freeman and his date of birth is May the 20th, 1977. He is said to have been born in Accra, Ghana.

Sources claim he has been conning people all over the world and is a known operator in South Africa, South Korea and Japan. They also say he has lied about working for the President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and having a degree from the University of Ghana.

Coupfourpointfive has his resume and has checked with some of the places he says he is supposed to have worked at and there are no records of him. 

Searches for pictures have thrown up several Paul Freemans but no Paul Kofi Freeman. In fact, all of the pictures found on the internet with his name show someone who is definitely not of African extraction. The pictures we've seen show men who are older and white.

Pictures: Freeman's listed contacts, President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo in a photo with former US state secretary, Condaleeza Rice (top). And (below right) Fiji's Bau waters, where Freeman is supposed to be looking for oil.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Confirmed: Roko Ului has vacated army quarters

Time to name and shame QEB goons

SOCIAL ANIMAL: Naliva (above) shows the ladies his fine social graces but, really, he loves to beat up on old folks for Frank. Right: Always close at hand.

International eyes are on Fiji again with the revelation the illegal regime is conducting another crackdown on citizens.

Amnesty International released a statement on Friday denouncing the recent beatings and called again for the regime to  stop the arbitrary detention, torture and other ill-treatment of critics and activists.

It also said the regime should initiate an independent impartial investigation into the arbitrary detention and torture of people.

Coupfourpointfive thinks people on the ground can help the flow of justice by openly naming the goons from the Queen Elizabeth barracks who assault them.

The information should be useful to organisations like the United Nations for future reference if these soldiers ever seek prominent international positions.

We've begun with Major Ben (Penioni) Naliva who was named to us as the senior officer giving the orders for Ben  Padarath  and Sam Speight to be beaten.

Naliva has been Bainimarama's personal officer for several years  and has probably been behind a number of the beatings of Fiji citizens.

He has served in Sinai, run the army's rugby team and did his training at Duntroon Military College in Canberra. 
Duntroon's motto is Doctrina Vim Promovet, which means Learning Promotes Strength. We're sure ordering minions to beat up on pensioners like Apisai  Tawake was not what Duntroon meant. Learnt at the lap of Bainimarama?

We also ask this: Where was the Commander of 3FIR, Colonel Jone Kalouniwai, when all of the recent beatings were taking place?

Editor's Note: One of the terrorizers in the beating of  trade unionst Felix Anthony was named by the blog, Intelligentsiya, as an army operative called ROKOUA. Send us information if you have anything on him.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Intel: Bainimarama is guilty of the spilled blood of soldiers

Unedited report filed a short time ago by intel source:
Uluilakeba, Driti,Teleni Lynman and Aziz are scape goats. What is being done to them serves them right because they were suppose to be martyrs and champions for the course of the people's freedom. In actual fact they were the master movers and drivers for those notable tortures and arrests of honest people protesting for their own rights and freedoms. They were the plotters of death plans and murder of soldiers and civil citizens. The blood spilled on those cell walls in the camp, the women brutalized and raped are living spirits created by God. These spirits are coming back to haunt them until justice and truth is displayed.
The plan plot to unsit Bainimarama in his reign as Commander is not a new plan. Ratu Inoke the high chief of Naitasiri is still in prison for his plan plot to unsit Bainimarama as Commander. His appeal case is still pending in court. What is new on the arrest of Ului,Driti,Aziz and Lynman? They were called to answer questions at the Nabua Police Station for their alleged involvement in the planned plot to remove Frank from power upon the testimony given by conman Ben Padarath. Is this the real issue? We believe it is a well orchestrated plan by Frank to use Naivalurua as CP to conduct this investigation with the real intention to remove Driti and Ului permanently from the army. The investigation was just a white wash. The target is to pile case after case for the court to decide at the same time gives PM the legitimate reason to put them out totally.
Our elite intelligent source from the police informed us the huge big breakthrough that is now being wrapped underground with  high sensitive secret command, control and security is the compilation of high profile well coordinated affidavits of senior officers, lawyers, civil servants, bankers, private business executives and private senior citizens and politicians of volumes of information to interdict PM, his cabinet ministers, senior officers and executive appointees. The elite intelligence special task force have compiled large volumes of information dated back in Dec 5,2006 to date.
The plot to investigate Teleni, Ului, Driti and Epeli Ganilau was motivated by Baimarama through Naivalurua. These two officers Frank and Naivalurua were not initial plotters of the 2006 coup they were on holidays when the coup took place. They came only to the front when everything is plain sailing. The real culprits are Driti,Ului,Lynman and Aziz. Naivalurua according to our intelligence source is improvising a strategy to save his face from the hand of the law by organizing his own special task force to complete the investigation on the allegation against the plot to unsit Baimarama.The real position Naivalurua is he is coming with a dagger underneath a cloak and this will be surfacing soon. Bainimarama is losing many good friends and many loyalist. He is now being advised by very young immature officers and hitman of the army. Frank is holding guilty the spilled blood of the dead soldiers he commanded to be killed. He is not willing to listen to any deep visionary advise because he is thinking of no one else he is greater than himself.
The paper work to interdict Frank is  well protected under a no go zone stacked  neatly on a people's established network compiled within the  police force and backed by prominent people, human activist and  they are tasked with this responsibility to take the regime to the international court of justice. The violation of human rights, torture, murder, extortion, crime against humanity are some quoted charges. There are many more. These underground elite intelligence sources are civil servants and military officers.