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Friday, March 18, 2011

Police sting: drugs and drunk police official

This was sent to Coupfourpointfive a short time ago:

Leaked Report Fiji National Intelligence Bureau (NIB)

Sub 1.1

Latest Priority: Classified by Dir. NIB
Authorized by COO ACP Brown

Feb 2011 (exact dates and names withheld)

Suspect Case: Drug Peddling Surveillance Report  

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Seikeli Lageri used the GN: 480 official vehicle after hours from 6pm to 2am.

GN: 480 – seen parked outside Deep Sea Night Club from 9pm to 2am with DCP Official Driver. DCP was seen drunk and in heavy conversation with one Mr. Setoki Cei Naturaga suspected drug peddler and distributor inside the Deep Sea Club.

Back Ground on Mr. Setoki Cei Naturaga – officially charged and under NIB surveillance for the 2010 drug bust at Toorak worth more than FJ 1 million dollars. Implicated in this case is also Pita Driti Fmr. Land Force Commander.

Mr. Setoki Cei Naturaga brought three other people with him as they joined DCP in heavy drinking and chatting until 1.45am in the morning. (Conversation not recorded as our surveillance team risked being indentified by DCP).

All four people left the club at approx. 1.50 after one another with DCP Lageri going out at 1.55. GN 480 then drove him home.

…… Certain details been left out for security reasons.

Fiji Democracy Movement and SDL win its first battle.

There is definitely major support brewing for the democracy and SDL within the Fiji Police force as the NIB ( national intelligence bureau) and CID personnel find courage under the new police commissioner to gather information and open files prior to the 2006 coup and after.

The Fiji Democracy DVD that had Sam Speight beaten up – is the leading key for the change and the evidence portrayed by the DVD has been the guidelines of these brave NIB and CID major crime unit to investigate Teleni, Roko Ului and Driti.

There were very strong supporters of Teleni who were sacked before the new commissioner came in as they were hindering the process of investigations in 2006 files. ACP Berenado, SSP Rusiate ( NIB) and ACP Brown ( Fmr. D/Dir NIB) with the guideless from Mosses Driver a key supporter of SDL party  managed to have the following people removed so that investigations could proceed:

Sacked were:

  1. ACP Tevita Lesu ( Chief Operations Officer and Fmr. Director CID)
  2. SSP Taufa Lote ( Director Logistics)
  3. SSP Tabakau ( Head of Special Police Task Force)
  4. SSP Tevita Uluilakeba ( CO RAU)
  5. SP Nadeem Tahir ( Deputy Director Logistics)
  6. SP Nadiu ( OC Valelevu – major investigator CID)
  7. ASP Gopal ( OC BMU)

After removing all these people who were hinderers to the investigation process of coup 2006, a perfect team has been set up who have complied major data on the events of 2006.

Well this is a starting point and victory to some extend.

Sayed Khaiyum and Gavoka's daughter to tie knot tomorrow

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's wedding to Viliame Gavoka's beauty queen daughter, Ela, will take place tomorrow.

Well-placed sources have confirmed that Gavoka is incensed and distraught that his daughter has chosen to marry Sayed Khaiyum.

As the regime's Tourism Minister, Sayed Khaiyum was responsible for his removal as CEO of the Visitors Bureau. 

His interference behind the scenes through Commerce Commission chairman and puppet, Mahendra Reddy, and the illegal regime's Sports Minister Filipe Bole also led to Gavoka's forced resignation as FRU chairman.

Sources have confirmed Ela Gavoka has resigned from her job as human resources manager of Raddissons Resort on Denarau Island and is moving to Suva.

Sources also say the Gavoka family is deeply divided over tomorrow's nuptials with some family members supporting Ela's decision to tie the knot with the treasonous attorney general.

Viliame Gavoka has not been invited to the wedding but sources say his wife and other relatives got invites.

Neither did Sayed Khaiyum ask Gavoka for his daughter's hand as is the custom.

We have confirmed that Sayed Khaiyum was married at least twice before. Both marriage failed. His first degree was in drama and arts. He fled to Australia after the first coup in 1987 to escape from the clutches of Sitiveni Rabuka after being wanted in connection with making home made bombs.

He was a democracy activist first but deserted his friends and ran away to  Australia, to pursue a law degree.

A gathering of family members from both sides will take place this evening at the home of Khaiyum's younger and only brother, Riyaz, the CEO of Fiji Broadcasting. 

Riyaz's home is off Vunaceke Road in Namadi Heights, Suva.

Tomorrow morning, a Muslim wedding known as nikah will take place. Tomorrow evening, there will be a reception for family members and invited guests, mostly regime supporters and cronies at the Novotel Hotel in Lami. (pictured above)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where did Ghanian businessman get money to invest?

Increasing interest in Coupfourpointfive's story about the Ghanian at the centre of the alleged fraud case involving Renee Lal and Ben Padarath.

Lal and Padarath were busted after they tried to get Paul Kofi Freeman deported by telling authorities he had HIV and it came out Frank Bainimarama's name was somehow used to swindle money.

Both Lal and Padarath have been dealt to by authorities and the spotlight is now zooming in on other players and enablers, notably Freeman but also the law firm, Lal worked at - Jamnadas Associates.

Comments coming in suggest there is some sympathy for Freeman, just as there is speculation about the work the Jamnadas law firm did for Freeman.

Coupfourpointfive is continuing its investigation into the dealings between the parties but can reveal today a little bit more about the mystery Ghanian businessman.

We understand he came to Fiji from Ghana where he was promoting boxing and helping local pugilists get visas to other countries and better opportunities.

Fellow country man and boxer, Joseph Kwadjo, who is now well-established on the Pacific circuit, was his ticket to Fiji. From there he got to know Boxing Commissioner, Tim Nobriga, who according to one source showed him how to wiggle his way around Fiji.

Freeman's resume suggests he's well connected in the world of oil exploration but this has been challenged by some locals (Coupfourpointfive March 1.) who say he is an impostor.

Sources have told us he was a key cog in an incorporated company by the name of South Pacific Natural Resources Limited.

It's believed the shareholders were Freeman (fixer and commission agent), Tim Nobriga (failed businessman in Southern Cross Management for oil exploration), Ben Padarath (real estate agent), Martin Kamandu (a US registered nurse), and a Dr Macharia Irungu, who Freeman said was an oil tycoon from Oilibya.

Sources say difficulties arose between the shareholders resulting in the shareholding being reduced to Freeman and Kamandu only.

Another source has since suggested Freeman told Bainimarama he had money from a United States loan to invest but the money came from Kamandu.

But doubts have been raised about Kamandu, a nurse who apparently earns $30k a year, having the capacity to come up with the millions of dollars needed for investment in oil exploration.

Coupfourpointfive has tried to discuss this with Freeman but he seems to have gone to ground after telling us he was not, as originally, believed exploring for oil in Bau waters.

PICTURES: No photos yet of Paul Kofi Freeman but pictured are boxer Joseph Kwadjo (top) who has a fight coming up at the end of the month, Tim Nobriga (middle) and Martin Kamandu.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More military officers and police revealed as QEB Goons

THUG AT WORK: Savenaca Siwatibau Rabuka (middle) at the Qarase blocade in 2006. Naliva at front left.

Coupfourpointfive today reveals a list of military soldiers and police identified by Fiji citizens as those who've taken part in beatings at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

Bovver boy Rokoura middle.
Ben Penioni Naliva has been the focus on this occasion but others from RFMF and the police have had a hand (either as ringleaders or bum boys) in the illegal acts of violence in recent years.

Savenaca Siwatibau Rabuka is one and Captain Aseri Rokoura, who was identified in the beating of trade unionist Felix Anthony, another.

And thanks to the help of reliable sources, the following have also been identified as QEB Goons or the underwear intelligence masipolos as one reader has dubbed them.

Bovver Boy Naliva left.
Where possible we have included the addresses and phone numbers. As said, the people behind the ugly practice of punishing and brutalizing citizens who disagree with  Frank Bainimarama, should not be protected. 

1) EPARAMA BULEWA. Father's name Timoci Bulewa, 50 years old, resides at Lot 11 Cevuga Road, Kalabu Housing. Home 7566 2326. Member of RFMF for 29 years.

2) SAVENACA SIWATIBAU RABUKA. 31 years old. Resides at Lot 4 Lady Davila Road, Davuilevu Housing. Phone 3385 222 extension 1490 work. home 363 1158. Army Officer.

3) MIKAELE WONG, 31 years old. Block 5 Flat 7 Grantham Road, Raiwai. Phone 3385 222 work. Home 7289 129. Army Officer.

4) DETECTIVE SERGEANT 196 APIMELEKI DIGITAKI. Father's name Taniela Mavi, 42 years old. Tomanu Road, Nadera. Police Officer.

5) KALUSI V SERU. Father's name Akariva Seru, 39 years old. Residence Raiwaqa Police compound. Phone 3310 721 (work). Police Officer.

6) VILIAME SAUMAISUE. Police officer.

Others also named with some information missing:

Private Dusi, Private Lee, and one Epeli - lay preacher at Wainivula Methodist Church and soldier by profession. Confirmation of their details to be provided.

Civilian informer: ATONIO TANABURENISAU, 60 years of age, resides Tacirua Village, Nasinu. Phone 7566 2361 (home).

MACIU VULAONO of 3FIR. The younger brother of Teleni/Atu Vulaono. Ringleader of Roko Ului's hit squad and involved in some of the tortures last year and the beating of SDL members in February 2010. 

A petition has also been launched to urge the United Nations to stop offending soldiers from peacekeeping duties. See link below.

Editor's Note: Vinaka Vaka Levu to the reader who started the list.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ghanian businessman: I'm not the con artist

The Ghanian at the centre of the fraud allegations that led to both Ben Padarath and Suva lawyer, Renee Lal, being beaten says he's not guilty of conning anyone.

In an email to Coupfourpointfive, Paul Kofi Freeman says if anyone is a con artist he claims it's Renee Lal.

Coupfourpointfive made contact with Freeman over a week ago and he told us he wanted to set the record straight regarding his resume, in particular misconceptions he worked for OilLibya and the President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

Freeman said he has never told Renee Lal or anybody else for that matter that he worked for OilLibya, saying he made it clear in his resume that he only had contact with top management of the company.

He also told us that he had never said he worked for Mbasogo but had connections with the President. 

Several Fiji locals have questioned Freeman's credentials.

A resume in Coupfourpointfive's possession believed to be Freeman's reads: "As a citizen of Ghana, attended one of the top universities in Ghana and upon graduation from the University of Cape Coast in 2002 worked for petroleum related firms in Africa and then worked with an international logistics and planning firm based in Kenya from 2007 until present.

"2002-2007 PETROLEUM EXPERIENCE: Hired by G E Petroleum to work with the customer relations and marketing departments in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. After gaining much experience in leveraged purchases of petroleum and advanced commodities contracts for both crude and natural gas was hired by Voltabase Consultancy in South Africa to work in the major purchases section of the marketing group."

Freeman said he was surprised to see our report (Coupfourpointfive, March 1) describing him as an internet conman.

He told us he believed Lal was behind the misinformation and that it was aimed at deflecting attention from herself.

He says: "She took my money and planned with Ben to deport me out of Fiji by saying I was infected by HIV."

He added: "If someone is a conman, Renee is Number One con master here."

Freeman also said he wasn't doing any oil exploration in Bau waters and was to tell Coupfourpointfive the exact nature of his business in Fiji but has since been unavailable.
Coupfourpointfive broke the story early last month about the $400,000 fraud allegations involving Renee Lal and Ben Padarath.

It's alleged Lal and Padarath tricked the Ghanian into giving them money claiming it was needed for the dictator, Frank Bainimarama, for things like Christmas presents.

Renee Lal was beaten by military soldiers before Padarath and is understood to be mounting a legal defence. 

Padarath's involvement has been more complicated. It emerged after the fraud allegations that Padarath, the nephew of the former land force commander, Peter Driti, knew of last year's failed plot to overthrow Bainimarama.

He has since been charged with allegedly concealing false government documents and is to appear again in the Suva Magistrates Court early next month.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Naliva: the pictures that lie about the Hit Squad ringleader


THE SOPHISTICATE: Without the M16 rifle.
This is the Ben (Penioni) Naliva he'd like family, friends and the world to see him as.

But Naliva is no sophisticate or cultured ambassador as these pictures show.

The photos are a long way off from the butt prodding abusive soldier that has been identified as having beaten and tortured at least two Fiji citizens at the QEB barracks.

Coupfourpointfive continues its name and shame campaign today of soldiers illegally committing acts of violence against citizens. 

And we continue to encourage anyone who is unfortunate enough to be taken in by military and police to identify their abusers and to gather evidence so the illegal acts can be reported to the international organisations that can document and prosecute.

Naliva (pictured here in Rome in 2009) has been named now by two of the victims of the recent crackdown, former government minister Sam Speight and Suva man, Ben Padarath.

All of the beatings and tortures done, of course, with the knowledge and on the orders of Fiji's self appointed leader, Frank Bainimarama. 

COSMOPOLITAN: Dirty soldier more like it.
In these pictures and others we have of Naliva, there's no sign of the brutal ringleader of Bainimarama's hit squad.

Former government minister, Sam Speight, identified Naliva as the soldier who stepped on his head, and who was armed with a M16 rifle. 

Most of the soldiers wore scarves to hide their faces but Speight picked Naliva out saying: "I was shocked when I felt the metal barrel of the gun forcing my shorts down from the hip exposing my buttocks and to my horror he attempted to force the point of the gun into my rear end. "

Naliva was also singled out in the particularly vicious beating of Ben Padarath.

No pictures available yet of of the other soldier identified in the Speight beating, Siwatibau Rabuka.