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Friday, April 1, 2011

Axe hangs over officers after leaks hurt Naivalurua

Intel sources say the Police Commissioner has been told to act immediately to save face after recent department leaks.

They say Ioane Naivalurua has to prove he is in line with the illegal prime minister's vision of unity and national security.  

That being the case, the following officers are keyed to be terminated or sent on indefinite leave:

Rank                Batch No.             Name                 Unit

DCP                2152        Isikeli Ligairi                   HQ (official corruption/ abuse of office)
ACP                239         Henry Brown                HQ      (official corruption/false Intel/ abuse of office)         
SSP              1023         RusiateTudeavu           RPC/S   (false Intel reports / official corruption)

SP                  389        Luke Navela Wainiu       CID (official corruption/ planting false evidence)
SP                    MESULAME SENIMOLI   Force Chaplin  ( false information/ abuse of office)
SP                    679      Erami Raibe                  HQ      ( abuse of sukuna sports  funds / false intel/ went to NZ and stayed at Balu Khans house in 2010)
ASP              2394        Abdul Khan                    NIB  (official corruption)

IP                 3010        Tevita Tadulala                HQ   (false information/ official corruption)

It's also being touted that some officers who were sacked and falsely accused are likely to be brought back to hold the fort for the illegal government and do away with any investigations for the 2006 coup.

Guilty verdicts in sinking of former Fiji vessel

ASHIKA: Sold by Fiji's Patterson Brothers Shipping Company to Tonga in 2009. Below: The grave of the 74 dead.

Four men and the shipping company charged over the sinking of the former Fiji vessel, the Princess Ashika, have been found guilty.

74 people, many of them women and children still sleeping below deck, died in the tragedy and their bodies remain entombed in the Ashika in Tongan waters. 
The men found guilty for the deaths include the New Zealander, John Jonesse, who was chief executive of the Shipping Corporation of Polynesia.
The other three were Tongan workers; the Ashika's captain, Maka Tuputupu; its first mate, Semisi Pomale; and a former director of the Tongan ministry of transport, Viliami Tu'ipulotu.
The Ashika was sold to the Tongan government by the Fiji shipping company, the Patterson Brothers. 

George Patterson (pictured above) was interviewed over the sale last year but maintained his company was not responsible for selling an unseaworthy vessel.

He made FI$600,000 from the sale, even though the Ashika was later revealed to be only good for scrap metal. 

Patterson told media it was the choice of the Tongan government to buy the ship at that price. “Well, that's their judgement,” he told TV3. “"We put up a price. If they are happy with it then they go along and purchase it.”

He said the vessel's seaworthiness was not an issue. “At the end of the day it's their judgement. I told them, ‘What you see is what you get.’”

The Ashika flooded with water every time it made a trip but Patterson claimed that when he sold the ferry, he didn't know where it would be sailed. 

“It was running, but running in sheltered waters. I didn't know it was going to run in open oceans around Tonga.”

In 2003, another vessel owned by Patterson Brothers Shipping sank. An inquiry criticised the company for ignoring signs of hull weakness, but Patterson blamed the crew.

“If you have a sloppy captain and a sloppy crew on board, what else do you expect?”

Patterson couldn't be forced to give evidence before the Royal Commission of Inquiry in Tonga. 

Fiji is outside the commission's jurisdiction, and although he was invited to take part, not surprisingly, he didn't respond.

Editor's Note (Monday April 4): Jonesse was  sentenced today to five years jail,
Tu'ipulotu to a three-year suspended sentence, Tuputupu was jailed for four years, but will only have to serve six months and Pomale was jailed for five years, but will only serve 18 months. The Shipping Corporation of Polynesia has been ordered to pay $US1.07 million in fines.

$38.9 heading to the regime's coffers

Thanks for the good times now back to reality and debt! MSG leaders head home and regime left to deal with money woes.

Fiji’s Reserve Bank has transferred $38.9 million to the illegal government of Frank Bainimarama.

According to a statement from the Bank, the money is made up of the Bank’s entire profits of $21.5m for the financial year ended 31 December 2010 and $17.4m, which represents one fifth of the balance of the Revaluation Reserve Account.

Quote: "The RBF Board decided not to set aside any profit to General Reserves but instead transfer the full amount to Government."

This year's transfer is just slightly under the 2010 transfer for the 2009 financial year of $39.2m. The profit was $16.6m and one-fifth of the Revaluation Reserve was $22.6m.

The acting Governor and Chairman of the Reserve Bank of Fiji Board, Barry Whiteside, is quoted in the statement as saying the Bank’s financial performance in 2010 was achieved in a challenging global environment.

He says the financial outcome in 2010 was significantly better than what was originally budgeted. 

He attributed this to the higher than expected level of foreign reserves, which was $1.3 billion at the end of 2010 compared with $1.1 billion a year ago.

According to Whiteside, the audited accounts and operations report of the Bank for the 2010 fiscal year were submitted to the Minister for Finance on March 31, in accordance with the Reserve Bank of Fiji Act.

The Board thanked the staff of the Bank for this achievement and extended its appreciation to the Bank’s stakeholders in assisting the Bank meet its objectives in 2010.

In the FijiVillage today, however, the Permanent Secretary for Finance, Filimone Wawabaca, said the regime has to borrow money from abroad to improve its services and lift the standard of living.

The comment was made during a panel discussion on the recent successful international bond issue of $US 250 million to the regime. 

Waqabaca is quoted as saying  government funds alone are not enough to run the country.

He also said the bond will help reduce the illegal government's debt.

The regime raised FJ$500 million in foreign bonds to pay off $300 million on a foreign bond raised in 2006, with the remaining FJ$200 million set aside for capital projects.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Koussa sticks it to Gaddafi: Kubuabola sticks to Easy Street

REGIME POINTSMEN: Kubuabola at today's MSG discussion and Libya's Moussa Koussa (below).

Both had their digits out today but just one of them had the balls to give their beloved dictator the fingers.

Libya's Foreign Minister, Moussa Koussa, broke with the rabid Muammar Gaddafi today, defecting to the United Kingdom.

Koussa's departure is significant news; it shows major cracks in the hierarchy of the Libyan regime as it fights to keep rebel and Coalition forces at bay.

His Fiji counterpart, the illegal Foreign Affairs Minister, Inoke Kubuabola, was also pulling finger today but with less integrity. He was bedding down at the Melanesian Spearhead Group discussions on Strategic Framework for Change – Good Governance, Socio Cultural and Economic Development. 

Noble subject but one Kubuabola and the regime are unworthy of commandeering, considering their track record of refusing to allow elections and unmandated decision to dismantle Viti's constitution, judiciary and public service.

Koussa's motives may not be pure (he obviously wanted out before Gaddafi was brought down and will help the Coalition forces in return for a safe haven); still the gesture helps put another nail in the coffin of the Libyan leader. And that's welcome news to the Libyan people and the free world.

Could the likes of Kubuabola have the balls to ditch Bainimarama and bring down Fiji's illegal regime?  No. Like the other gutless wonders who've been able to graze and get fat on Bainimarama merino, he'll take his chances of being treated leniently in a return to democracy. 

In the event of that happening, no mercy should be shown him and the others who chose to not lift a finger to help Fiji when she most needed it. Worse, they led the raping and pillaging.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goons eye DVD distributors but too late - message is out

The illegal regime might be hunting those who distributed or passed on the controversial Suliasi Daunitutu DVD, but the message has gotten out to people.

According to figures given to Coupfourpointfive, 300 copies were initially made of the three-set DVD and these were all distributed, just before Christmas last year.

Organisers achieved their target of getting at least 1000 sets to villages, the main target of the democracy DVD. Many are largely in the dark over the treachery of the regime and the DVD, which was made offshore, and aimed at raising their awareness levels. 

Sam Speight was, of course, beaten over the DVD and it appears the SDL member, Dr Mere Samisoni, is now on the hit list. 

The illegal regime of Frank Bainimarama is so scared of allowing people to see a homemade DVD; it shows it knows it doesn't have the mandate to rule.

Moment of mirth: while the regime hierarchy was getting drunk and living it up during the Christmas holidays, Fiji villagers were taking in the illicit message as part of the festivities.

Awake, the Fiji countryside!

Deputy police commissioner got off lightly for crashing new pajero

A police report shows the deputy commissioner of police, Isikeli Ligairi, cost the force $35,000 while he was Regional Police Commander, North.

Ligairi is one of the officers listed in a recent leaked report about officers taking bribes and the subject of an earlier leak revealing he was caught drunk, associating with a well-known drug peddler, while using a police vehicle.

According to the latest information given to us, he tumbled a brand new vehicle while using it (again), for non-police work.

Sources say Ligairi was relieved of his duties after an investigation and transferred to the office of the former police commissioner, Esala Teleni, and later became CAO (ACP post) in Jan 2010. 

His case file has been classified and he was not charged for the damages to the police vehicle. Fiji police ended up footing the 35k bill.

Traffic Incident Report – Labasa 2009 (Classified)

Ref # XXXXX / 2009


Sub: Dir. Traffic 624 SSP Mahesh Mishra

Report Complied: As directed by COMPOL

Investigation Officer: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (PSD)

On the XXXXXXXXX day blue GN XXXXX Mitsubishi Pajero after hours was involved in an accident on the XXXXXXX stretch with was driven by RPC

Initial reports confirm that vehicle tumbled off the road due to high
speed at around 2300hours on XXXXXX day 2009. As the result the total damage is estimated to be around $35,000.00 as vehicle is brand new.

After interviewing a number of police officers on the activity of RPC North 2152 ISIKELI LIGAIRI, it was establish that RPC was using the official vehicle without his driver for private activity by visiting a Ms. XXXXXXXX. His driver PC XXXXXXX told us that RPC North 2152 ISIKELI LIGAIRI   usually visit this lady after hours and does not use
the driver but prefers to drive himself.

RPC North 2152 ISIKELI LIGAIRI  at the time of accident is said to be under influence of alcohol but not evidence on hand is avail to
confirm this. After the accident RPC North called a tow truck company of his friend from his official mobile XXXXXXX and vehicle was towed to Labasa Police Station.

No incident report is lodged in Traffic records – only a journal entry

was found ref XXXXXX.

Report Respectfully Submitted for your Comments and Directive

SSP Micheal Nand

Director Professional Standards (PSD)

NZ should sort itself out first before pointing the finger at Fiji: Kubuabola

Fiji's interim illegal Minister for Foreign Affairs Ratu Inoke Kubuabola says the regime is committed to holding General Elections in 2014.

This follows comments by New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully that they will only lift travel bans on Fiji once the military government gives a firm commitment for return to elections.

Last week the dictator Frank Bainimarama threatened to stop the Flying Fijians and the Sevens team from attending either the World Cup in New Zealand or next weeks Adelaide 7s tournament if the travel sanctions weren't relaxed.
Ratu Inoke said New Zealand just doesn't want to recognize nor understand that Fiji needs to give its people a fair and just election system that makes up the multiracial country of Fiji.

He said these things cannot be achieved overnight, and the government has set the time to 2014.

Ratu Inoke said New Zealand has some real issues to address first before it can, make such a swipe at Fiji and question the commitment towards elections in 2014.

Monday, March 28, 2011

DPP recommends charges for 'plotters' as Bainimarama fishes for info

According to intel sources, police interviews against the alleged plotters who last year tried to overthrow the dictator Frank Bainimarama, have been completed.

Sources say the information was submitted to DPP to evaluate and decide what charges should be laid. 

The DPP has since recommended the following people be charged for trying to overthrow Bainimarama.
a) Roko Ului, Mohammed Aziz (although he remains in the army), Pita Driti from the Army

b) Tevita Lesu, SSP Tabakau, Tevita Uluilekeba from Police

c) Epeli Ganilau, the former Minister of Defence.

The former police commissioner, Esala Teleni, was on the list to be interviewed but sources say the questions that were sent to him remain unanswered.
Sources say the above men were brought to Bainimarama's attention through the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB).

The NIB approached Bainimarama on several occassions through Lt. Colonel Pio Tikoduadua and reported against Teleni and supporters.

Police and intel sources say Bainimarama was manipulated with the help of the illegal attorney general and Tikoduadua to suspect his own men from 2006, which led to Teleni's resignation last year.

Sources say four weeks ago Bainimarama visited George Speight in Naboro Prison to ask him if he knew anything about the failed plot to remove him last year. 
A prison guard has told Coupfourpointfive that Speight said to Bainimarama "Prime Minister you are finished!"
Bainimarama stormed out swearing at Speight.

Regime still to allocate tax identification number to Freeman's company

On 8 July 2010, the acting Registrar of Companies of Fiji, certified that a company calling itself South Pacific Natural Resource Group Limited, be incorporated under the Companies Act. 

The Memorandum of Association was presented by Messers Jamnadas & Associates, Barristers & Solicitors, Suva.  Earlier, on 24 June 2010, the acting registrar was notified that the registered office of the above company will be situated at Level 6, FNPF Place, Suva.
While the company has a registration number (RCBS20102707), to date, curiously, it still does not have a TIN – Taxpayer Identification Number, which is an identification number used by Fiji Inland Revenue Department in the administration of tax laws. A TIN must be furnished on returns, statements, and other tax documents.
Directors and Secretaries
Who are behind the SNRGL? According to the Particulars of Directors and Secretaries, there were three directors at the time of the registration.  

The first one was the controversial Ghanaian businessman Paul Kofi Freeman, who gave his nationality as Ghanaian, and his address c/o P O Box 14824, Suva. The second director was listed as Martin Gitonga Kamandu (reportedly a licensed nurse Coupfourpointfive March 17), who gave his nationality as a US citizen. 

The third was Losalini Bainivalu, who gave her nationality as Fiji citizen. Like Freeman, the other two also gave their postal addresses as P O Box 14824. Bainivalu was listed as company secretary. She, however, resigned her positions on 30 November 2010.
The Declaration of Compliance with the Companies Act was presented by Mele L Rakai of Jamnadas, and was declared on 24 July 2010 before barrister and solicitor Tevita Bukarau, the former Native Lands Trust Board lawyer, who was jailed for two and a half years for consorting with people carrying firearms in parliament during the 2000 coup. The signatures of subscribers to the Memorandum of Association are listed as Makereta Nawani (conveyancing clerk) and Losalini Bainivalu.
According to the Memorandum of Association the SPNRGL’s share capital is $10,000 (Ten Thousand Dollars) Fiji divided into 10,000 shares of $1 (One Dollar) each, with power for the company to increase or reduce such capital.
It is worth pointing out that with the resignation of Bainivalu, Freeman and Kamandu are sole directors, and both foreigners, contracting the illegal regime’s much-vaunted chant that companies operating in Fiji must have 90 per cent local ownership.
Curiously, the much maligned Renee Lal (no relation to Victor Lal) seems to have played no part (at least from the Company Records) in the formation of the South Pacific Natural Resource Group Limited in July 2010.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ghanian businessman had eye on Taunovo Hotel

TAUNOVO: Freeman was last year trying to buy the collapsed hotel from Mitch Hagerman.

Another interesting snippet about the mysterious Ghanian businessman with the money to throw around in Fiji.

Readers will know that Paul Kofi Freeman is caught up in the alleged fraud involving lawyer Renee Lal and con man Ben Padarath.

Freeman has gone to ground after protesting his innocence to Coupfourpointfive, claiming  Lal was the con artist and that she and  Padarath did the dirty on him.

The scale of wrongdoing is wider than that, though, and not so black and white. It also reeks of the incestuous corruption at play under the Frank Bainimarama leadership, particularly in the area of business and consultancy. 

We can today make public another document in Coupfourpointfive's possession that shows Freeman had his finger in several pies, including the failed Taunovo Bay Resort.

We're not sure whether the deal went ahead, but it would appear not.

The question that keeps popping up is: how did the Ghanian, who was supposedly dripping in money (he was able to cough up $30,000 in backhanders for Bainimarama) get FTIB and FRB approval to operate locally?

As a non-resident, he would've needed a licence to set up a business, as he did with the South Pacific Natural Resources Ltd (Coufourpointfive March 17).

The company, which had Freeman as fixer and agent, is understood to have been incorporated by Dilip Jamnadas (Lal's business partner at Jamnadas Associates) and his personal assistant, Losalini Seruitanoa, whose brother-in-law is QEB goon, Ben Naliva.

The following application to the US Embassy seeking a visa for Freeman shows Lal was last year helping Freeman negotiate to buy the collapsed Taunovo Hotel from Mitch Hagerman:


Dilip K Jamnadas LLB (NZ)                                       LEVEL 6
Renee D S Lal LLB (USP)                                       FNPF PLACE
                                               VICTORIA PARADE
                                               SUVA, FIJI
Mele L Rakai LLB (USP)                        P.O.BOX 14824, SUVA
                OUR REF:                 PHONE:(679)3311911
                                                FACSIMILE: (679) 3300161
                                E-MAIL: djlaw@connect .com.fj
                                WESBSITE: www.jamnadaslaw.net

10th November 2010

The Consular
The U.S Embassy

Dear Sir,


We act for the above-mentioned, who is involved in the purchase of Taunovo Bay Limited, which owns and operates Taunovo Bay Resort (“TBL”)

TBL’s property has been placed under receivership and it’s properties advertised under mortgagee sale. The abovementioned and his associates have conducted due diligence on TBL and a sale now needs to be urgently finalized. The principals of TBL, Mitchel Hagerman and others are located in the United States. Due to statutory infringements including tax and FNPF it is not adviseable for them to travel to Fiji to conclude the sale. As such the final discussions need to take place in the United States. This proposed meeting will involve lawyers from Fiji and the abovementioned.

We trust that the above mentioned application will be given due consideration. Should any further information be required please do not hesitate to contact the writer.

Yours faithfully

Renee Lal