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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Regime Change should happen in Fiji soon
A Statement by Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Uluilakeba Mara 

Friends and contacts in the Army as well as the Police warned me of a plan hatched by Khaiyum to utilise the provisions of the Public Emergency Act and Crimes Decree 2010 in order to incarcerate Pita Driti and I for at least a year on trumped up charges of sedition and attempted mutiny without the opportunity to defend ourselves in open court.

Considering the state of corruption of the judicial system and the extent to which it is controlled entirely by the political frivolities of the Attorney General, I was obliged to take these warnings seriously.

For inexplicable reasons, Commodore Bainimarama, weakened by ill health, morally and intellectually bankrupt, is no more than Aiyaz Khaiyum's hand puppet.  

The advice which we, as senior officers had offered the Commander in an attempt to soften the regime's approach to public dissent were seen by Khaiyum as a direct threat to his person and his megalomania is inspired entirely by the self importance of a lonely and inadequate man.  

Endowed with no leadership qualities and incapable of understanding the simplest principles of decency and respect even in a society that is grounded on such virtues, he is the sole architect of the cruelties which have sadly become common in our daily life.

When I was rescued by the Tongan Navy I asked to be brought to Nuku'alofa where under the sure protection of King George's Government I shall be able to tell the truth, without fear of retribution, about the tragic oppression which stifles my beloved land. 

When this hateful dictatorship has been eradicated all of us who once served it shall answer to the Fijian people for the part we played and I will gladly submit to their verdict.

14 May 2011

Video statement by Roko Ului link: 

Bio-data of Ratu Tevita Kapaiwai Lutunauga Uluilakeba Mara

Ratu Tevita Kapaiwai Lutunauga Uluilakeba Mara is a Fijian career soldier, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as of early 2006. On 3rd Feb, 2001 he was named Army Chief of Staff succeeding Colonel Meli Saubulinayau, a close relative of his. 

This position is the fourth highest in the Fijian Military, behind that of the Military Commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff RFMF Brigadier General Mohamed Aziz and the Land Force Commander Brigadier General Pita Driti.

Mara held the position for several months, before he was appointed Commanding Officer of the Third Infantry Regiment, a key position in the Fiji Army as he controls the infantry division.


In December 2006 The Republic of Fiji Military Forces took control of Fiji in bloodless coup. The army had a strict plan which was to remove corruption and corrupt politicians and to return to barracks within a year. 

Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Uluilakeba Mara was in charge of the 3 FIR on that day and for the next 4 years.

He witnessed from the inside how power has corrupted the key players in the regime and how now they have forgotten their original objectives as they desperately cling to power. Colonel Mara has left Fiji so that he can speak freely about the need to for regime change in his beloved Fiji.

Bloggers 'name' high ranking chief being held in Tonga

Roko Ului Mara has been named by bloggers sending comments to Coupfourpointfive as the high ranking chief picked up by the Tongan Navy in their waters.

Ului was last week charged with sedition and was according to sources facing a second charge for misuse of funds.

The high ranking official, who has been accommodated in the Royal Place, is believed to have ended up in Tongan waters after drifting from Ono-i-Lau.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the Fiji chief is being looked after by the Lord Chamberlain himself at the Royal Palace in Nukualofa.

Officials clearly know the name of the man who has been dubbed the 'Fiji Castaway' but are keeping it secret. A Tongan source told Coupfourpointfive the story was covered on TV last night but the man's name was not released.

Bloggers are saying Ului, who was  shafted by Frank Bainimarama and cohorts like Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz, has taken refuge in Tonga and is seeking the protection of King George.

We will post more information as we get it. Below is the original statement from the Tongan Ministry of Information: 

13 May, 2011. While on routine patrol His Majesty's Patrol Boat SAVEA was attracted to a distress signal south of Ono-i-lau and to which it immediately responded and the Navy reports that there was, thankfully, no loss of life. 
The rescued passenger has been brought to Nuku'alofa where arrangements have been made for his accommodation by the Royal Household Office in deference to his rank. The King, who is travelling in Central Europe, has been fully informed of events by the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal. (Lord Privy Seal).

Fiji's first dark day .... 24 years ago

 TREASONOUS LEADERS: 1987 Sitiveni Rabuka, 2000 George Speight, 2006 Voreqe Bainimarama

" ... Ladies and gentlemen, this is a military takeover. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ... Stay cool, stay down and listen to what we are going to tell you."

It was ten o'clock on the morning of Thursday 14 May 1987, after only just month in power, the democratically-elected government of Fiji was overthrown in a coup d'├ętat conducted by the third-in-command of the Royal Fiji Military Forces, Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka.

The morning session of Fiji's House of Representatives was on when 10 masked soldiers entered and one of them yelled: "Sit down everybody. ... Ladies and gentlemen, this is a military takeover. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ... Stay cool, stay down and listen to what we are going to tell you."

Rabuka, dressed in a suit, had been watching from the public gallery. 

He stood up, walked over to the Coalition's Fijian leader, Timoci Bavadra, and said, "Mr. Prime Minister, please lead your team down the right ."

Bavadra looked around at his stunned colleagues, and at the 'immobile faces of the Alliance Opposition seated across the chamber.

"Very well", he replied, "Under protest. Come along, gentlemen. Let us comply in a dignified and correct manner." 

As they moved off, Bavadra turned to Education Minister Tupeni Baba, another Fijian member of the Labour Party, and asked: "Is this really happening? A coup d'├ętat in Fiji?" 

And so it began.

Yaqara farmers ticked off with Fiji military gunfire

Another moment of mirth from the illegal regime....
This little story from the field.

The extensive military exercise involving firing live rounds of firearms and explosives in Yaqara in Western Viti Levu has been ruining farming activity in the area.

Sources witnessing the exercise say horses have literally bolted into the mountains after being startled by the firing of live rounds of ammunition and explosives.

In a few cases, the horses that were being used to work peanut farms and other cash crop land literally broke free from the harrows they were pulling and bolted off with farmers helpless to stop them.

Sources say farmers are now worried some horses have been injured while trying to escape to the mountains and rough terrain to avoid the explosions.

The farms are near the Yaqara boundary. The farmers there are angry at the show of firepower by the military as they were hoping to take advantage of clear weather to cultivate their farms after the recent spell of heavy rain.

While Yaqara is an ideal place for military exercises, sources say it's the first time soldiers have been using powerful ammunition and explosives.

The military alerted Suva residents recently to training it was conducting, urging people not to be alarmed. Rural folk, it seems, don't deserve the same consideration.

Prospectus shows Fiji regime as paupers scrounging for funds

The dictatorship military regime has lowered itself to the status of beggars by resorting to publicly asking for money, with the minimum amount being $50.00.

In an advertisement titled "Prospectus of Cash Offer" on April the 29th, the regime's rogue Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who acted as the regime's Finance Minister in the absence of his boss Frank Bainimarama, placed an advertisement with the aim of prospecting ONE HUNDRED THIRTY ONE MILLION, EIGHT HUNDRED ONE THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($131, 801, 500).

He claimed it was for a development loan approved by the regime's Cabinet in the 2011 Budget, the very budget that was forced down the Fiji's people throats last November.

But Coupfourpointfive sources have confirmed the money is not for capital expenditure and neither is it a development loan as claimed by Khaiyum. It is, instead, funds for operational expenditure, which means salaries or wages for civil servants as the regime is basically scraping the bottom of the barrel for money, due to the deteriorating economy.

According to the regime's Prospectus, domestic debt stood at $2,834.6 billion at the end of last year (December the 31st, 2010). This means the regime borrowed $229.6 million domestically in 2009 as domestic debt stood at $2,605.0 billion in 2008. It also means domestic debt alone stands at 48.2% of GDP. (The above figures are in the regime's 2011 Budget documents.)

The minimum Investment for the latest prospectus is $50.00, repayable at par in three years. The maximum amount a citizen can lend is $100,000. The repayment period is between 3 to 15 years - 2014 to 2026.

The prospectus comes in the wake of recent pronouncements that Fiji's economy is expected to grow by 2.7% this year. Given this latest attempt to borrow, the regime's claim is clearly a lie.

Picture: Cash-strapped Khaiyum and Bainimarama happy take it any way they can.

Read Khaiyum's prospectus of cash offer

A letter from Lau

The following communication has been received by Coupfourpointfive.


Sa yaco mai na gauna e waraki tiko. Oya me ra talaraki na Turaga ni vanua mai na nodrai tutu era dau saki taki kina. Na bose ni yasana o Macuata sa tekivu kina na bavulu o Bainimarama. Sa biu tuba na Tui Macuata. Sa tukuna tiko oqo ni o ira na Turaga bale era sa balebale rawarawa sa sega na nodra kauwakauwa. Na tau vanua era sa tucake mai mera na vakatulewa taka na vanua. Na veika sa yaco oqo sa kenai tekitekivu ni ka ena rawa ni yaco vei Lau. O Ului Mara na nona gone na Tui nayau sa yali,sa caka oti tu na nona lovo. Me vaka ni sa chairman tiko ni yasana o Lau ena gauna oqo,sa na daumaka me cakacaka taki koya rawa ni b era ni tau vua na veivakamaduataki nina taubitalaki I tautuba ena vakasequruquru bati.

Mara must understand the illegal PM is the most worried person because his security is not around his soldiers. It is the power of the vanua, the church and the civil servants. He is now changing the chairmanship of Macuata the High Chief, Rt Aisea Katonivere. The next change is the chairman for Kadavu. Then the chairman of Lau.

Bainimarama’s main plan now is to eradicate and terminate the Mara family from active public life and from future political leadership. Ului’s removal will be a big blow to the people of Lau and the Mara family. Bainimarama is planning to place his chosen people at the chairmanship of the yasana’s all over Fiji, so he can use them and dictate terms to them for the people’s vote in 2014.

Bainimarama, the illegal PM, is plotting his exit road map. He wants to participate in the election and is planning to use the yasana platform to organize and rally for the people's support. See, what is prevalent now is the capital projects, the bridges, wharfs, hospitals, roads and airports, being put out to rural communities and the vanua to get their undivided support and confidence.

The 2014 campaign has already started for Bainimarama. His strategy is to confuse the masses and while they are confused and stressed, he works on the chairmanship position by putting a pre-chosen name (who he knows) in advance. The Lau provincial council is planning to hold its meeting next month at their new hotel to be opened in the west. I am of the view before this meeting takes place, that Ului will be out.

The plot is clear as broad daylight. Ului must let the illegal PM be the chief guest and when he is there give him all the traditional welcome; he must know Lau welcomes him to be their candidate in 2014. Ului must get PM to know Lau will always support him despite his court case with Driti. Vanua politics is a battlefield which past governments like SVT, SDL and Alliance used to get popular support.

Vanua is the Fijian people strong hold, because it is the source of identity and character. Vanua shapes the popular traditional belief of the Fijian people because hereditary roots are intertwined through blood marriage.

At the last Lau meeting in Deuba, Bainimarama was accorded a full traditional welcome by Ului when they came in a canoe, however during the entertainment a lady from the Vuanirewa clan stood up and sang the famous song “Isa Lei Bainimarama nanumi Lau mada, neimami rarawa moni karonii keimami mada.” This song is a complete contrast of what happened the following week when Ului and Teleni were both kicked out of the army and police. Let us see if this backdrop works. (From the Lauan's Desk)
Editor's Note: This story is being reposted because of an earlier technical glitch. It originally appeared on Thursday, May 12 at 7pm. Comments posted on this story have unfortunately been lost.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moles: Mara to face a second charge and Fiji police woefully equipped to deal with riot situation

HUDDLES: Naivalurua and Kean.
Insiders say the regime hasn't finished with Roko Ului Mara yet: they say the former 3FIR commander is to be further charged, this time over spending without following tender procedures and giving some five million dollars of business to Crown imports in 2010.

Sources also say exposure by Coupfourpointfive of the plan to remand Mara and Pita Driti in custody while they wait their trial has forced police commander Ioane Naivalurua to back off, for the time being, but they say it's preordained the pair will go to jail.

Both Mara and Driti were last week charged with sedition, with Driti incurring the extra charge of inciting mutiny against Frank Bainimarama.

Sources say, though, that the army, navy and the police are still poised for any any trouble and have gone into amber alert as the regime faces its biggest hurdle since the 2006 coup.

But insiders have also revealed the 700-strong Fiji Police is embarrassingly less than prepared for a challenge from civilians, let alone rebel troops. They say the force is woefully ill-equipped and lacks basic resources like spare uniforms, handcuffs with officers outrageously using expired pepper spray.

The pepper sprays are said to have expired in 2009 yet policing crews are still carrying them around and are expected to use them. Sources say the sprays could prove very dangerous if turned on civilians, eg in a riot situation or even when trying to break up a fight as it can cause permanent blindness.
Informers also say almost 90% of police officer are without any handcuffs or protective gear when they head out to patrol the streets. According to one officer: "The standard equipments of the Fiji Police are either not in stock, expired or not being purchased because there is no money."

The source says it's been a general practice of police officers who don't have any equipment NOT to respond to crimes in progress.
A rumor has, meanwhile, surfaced that Bainimarama's brother-in-law, Francis Kean, could be the next police commissioner, with Bainimarama sidelining Naivalurua.  

Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz, who Coupfourpointfive revealed yesterday as betraying Mara and Driti and turning state witness despite allegedly being involved in discussions to topple Bainimarama, is being talked off again in connection with an overseas post.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fiji's chief of staff, Mohammed Aziz, fingered for betraying Driti and Mara

Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz has turned out to be  Brutus in the midst: he's been identified as the one who betrayed fellow military officers, Pita Driti and Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, last week.

Sources have confirmed Aziz is the main State witness and that it was his evidence that led to the former land force commander and former 3FIR Commander being charged.

Driti and Mara appeared in Court last week: 
Diriti was charged with making seditious comments by allegedly calling for the sacking of rogue Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and even dictator Frank Bainimara if he (Bainimarama) failed to sack Sayed Khaiyum. 

Driti is accused of having told a military officer to act against the regime. Roko Ului is alleged to have expressed his anger about Khaiyum and Bainimarama during a trip to South Korea last year.

Sources say Aziz, who was made brigadier the same time as Driti in 2009, was allegedly part of the group with Driti and Roko Ului, as plans were hatched and discussed to remove the treasonous duo, Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Aziz is believed to have confessed every single detail about the oval plot to police and later grovelled and begged forgiveness from Bainimarama and Khaiyum. As a result, he gets to keep his top job in the military after greatfully agreeing to be the main State witness.

In other revelations, Bainimarama's former trusted man in the military, Sitiveni Qiliho, has been sprung as one of those now helping the dictator's QEB henchmen Ben Naliva, Aseri Rokoura and Savenaca Siwatibau arrest and brutalize civilians like Renee Lal, Ben Padarath, Samisoni Tikonisau and others. 

Qiliho was given command of Fijian troops on a peacekeeping mission to Sinai last year, but returned unannounced early this year, and has not been seen publicly or at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. 

But it's believed he's now an operative and is another who is trying to prove to Bainimarama that's he's still the dictator's trusted man.

Sources say Qiliho was basically kicked out of the Fiji peacekeeping mission after a sexual harassment
case was taken against him. It's whispered he was having an extra-marital affair with a female officer but it fizzled in Sinai under the strict code of conduct there.

Qiliho tried to re-kindle the affair, failing which he is alleged to have sexually harassed the woman. The matter was reported to the United Nations Command and he was sent back to Fiji.

Trio jailed for missing Fiji wharf money

One of the more interesting stories of the past year has had an end, all the way in Singapore.
The case of the missing one million Fiji dollars (all $20 dollar bills) from Suva wharf has been solved with three men jailed for the theft.
Questions about the missing money were never answered  locally with Fiji authorities remaining vague about the details to the very end.

Trio jailed over $650,000 theft from vessel
By Elena Chong for the Straits Time, Singapore
May 9, 2011

THREE men behind the theft of 1 million Fiji dollars (S$650,000) belonging to the Reserve Bank of Fiji were jailed on Monday.

Abdul Quadir Katu Miah, 39, a time-keeper and container-checker, pleaded guilty to five of nine charges and was jailed a total of five years.

He had conspired with Azhar Abdul Shukor and Musa Mohmad to steal the money on board mv Pacific Voyager, berthed at Jurong Port, last Aug 19 (2010).

Lashing foreman Azhar, 37, who entered the vessel with Musa and moved the FJD 1 million in FJD 20 denominations, was given four years and nine months after pleading guilty to four of six charges.

Musa, 41, also a lashing foreman, was jailed for four years on two of four charges.

The court heard that a container with 127 cases of FJD 202 million new notes was loaded onto Pacific Voyager on Aug 19 and its doors sealed.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fiji military poised for trouble: Ready Action Unit activated

Fiji's security forces are preparing for any trouble after former senior military officers, Pita Driti and Roko Ului Mara, were charged last week with trying to coup Frank Bainimarama.

Informers have sent us critical information, plus a map revealing the military is taking the possibility of retaliation seriously.

Details of the Ready Unit Action Compound (above) shows preparations for a new detention centre and a back-up National Command Centre.

Insiders say key officers from the army, navy, police, and prisons have been in the FTG (force training grounds) camp at 8 Miles to address and prepare for any mass riot situations since Thursday.

The RFMF went into high alert on Friday after Driti and Mara appeared in court, with the police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, approving road blocks and 1500 officers, backed up by the army, to provide 24/7 shifts.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the regime intends to remand Driti and Mara in custody while they at heir trial, because they compromise 'national security'.

Naivalurua today denied to Fiji Live Driti and Mara were in custody (we had not said they had already been detained), but our sources insist that is the plan and the Ready Action Unit has been activated in preparation of trouble.

We've been told officers at 8 Miles have been working on  boosting their leadership skills in the past four days. But more importantly:

1) Army experts have also been reviewing the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt and looking at how to counter people who wish to rise against the illegal government. Videos were shown with discussions focusing on how to detain mass people movement and how to cut routes off. 

2) A list of high profile targets and government enemies, including union leaders, political parties, churches and chiefs is being drawn up, so they can be arrested first at any time. 

3) Surveillance has already started on these people. Insiders say the model being followed here is the Chinese government response in recent weeks to detain all activists in China.

Fiji's illegal regime set to quash the country's Trade Unions

ABOUT TO BE CRUSHED: Fiji's unions. FICTU's Attar Singh (right) and FTUC's Felix Anthony (below right).

The military regime's insatiable appetite for crushing the rights of workers has reached new levels.

The regime is now finalizing a draft decree that will totally nullify trade unions and the role of trade unionists. The decree will be known as the CRITICAL INDUSTRIES EMPLOYMENT DECREE 2011.

Sources who have sighted the decree, say it is the brainchild of American David Pflieger (pictured right), the boss of Air Pacific. Our sources say the Schedule of the Decree lists the Sugar Industry and Airline Industry as Critical National Industries.

The Schedule also lists as Critical Corporations: Fiji Sugar Corporation, Airports Fiji Ltd, Air Terminal Services Ltd, Air Pacific Ltd, and Fiji Airlines Ltd trading as Pacific Sun. The Schedule is still a draft and sources say more state-owned industries and corporations will be added to widen the objective of quashing unions and trade unionists.

Sources say the Decree in its draft form gives absolute powers to the Regime and the Corporations, with the rights and terms of condition of employment of workers rendered meaningless.

Under the pretext of "continued viability and sustainability of critical national industries and "avoidance of interruption", the Decree:

1. Forcibly outlaws all trade unionists currently leading their unions, from holding positions in trade unions that are representing workers in these industries.

2. Requires all office-bearers of such trade unions to be employed by the Critical Corporations. This means the Regime is hell-bent on seeing in-house unions with 'yes' men as unionists.

3. Doesn't recognise all Collective Agreements currently in place that govern rights of workers and protect them against injustice from these State corporations

4. Regime will impose a new Collective Agreement without any negotiation that will last for two years

5. Only after two years can the Union (which will initially be registered as a Bargaining Unit) hold elections for office bearers to elect representatives who are employed by the Corporation.

6. The Election of the in-house office bearers will be conducted and supervised by the Minister delegated responsibility to conduct such acts by the regime.

7. Stipulates that the initial two years, from the commencement of the Decree up to election of the in-house office bearers, should be used to negotiate a new collective agreement that will be binding for 5 years.

8. The provisions of the Critical Industries Employment Decree will prevail over the provisions of the Employment Relations Promulgation (ERP) in the event of conflict between the provisions of the two Decrees.

Sources say the Decree has been sent to the Employers (Corporations) for final input or vetting. It has not been given to the Unions.

The promulgation and enforcement of the Decree will be yet another blatant violation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions that past Fiji Governments have ratified.

The imminent promulgation of the Decree is also further proof elections will not be held in September 2014 as promised by dictator Frank Bainimarama as the Decree is nothing but another oppressive tool being used by the regime for absolute control of every sector.