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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mara's Canberra speech: 'We will isolate the regime internationally, regionally, and in Fiji'

Bula vinaka, Namaste, Hello. My name is Ratu Tevita Uluiviti Mara. I am a son of the late revered, admired, first Prime Minister and once President of Fiji, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. Before I begin I want to thank Tonga for their help and support at a difficult time. They gave me a home when I most needed one; they have fed me, too well. My heartfelt thanks go to his Majesty King George, his Government and the people of Tonga. Malo and Vinaka Vaka Levu.

I would like to thank the organizing committee for inviting me here to speak at the Pro-Democracy rally. I am sure a month ago I was the last person you would have wanted to see here. I understand, as I was a senior member of the Bainimarama regime. I know I have a long way to go to gain your trust. I know that only when have I answered to the Fijian People for my actions in 2006 will I be worthy to stand before you.

I know now that a military coup can never be justified under any circumstances. In 2006 I did not know that. I believed we were embarking on a noble vision to build a better Fiji. I thought it was noble to eradicate racism, to eradicate corruption and to build a true democracy. In the original plan, Bainimarama was not to be PM; we were to hold elections inside of a year. However, as you know, he became PM and we did not have elections that year. Nor did we hold elections in 2009 or 2010 as he promised both Fiji and the international community.

In 2008 Pita Driti and I could see that the direction of the country was not the promised one. We were no longer following the vision laid down by Bainimarama. We started to question the decisions being made by the regime. Our questions became more and more vocal and we became the voices of dissent in the Military Council. It reached the point where we were both sent on leave and finally charged.

It became apparent that Bainimarama had only one advisor, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. In fact Khaiyum was not an advisor but a puppet master. Someone who told Bainimarama what to do.  And like the puppet he is, Bainimarama would obediently follow the instructions of the man pulling the strings.

The two of them have stolen freedom of speech from the people of Fiji. Last year, at a bar in South Korea, I allegedly said to a junior officer, “This Government is F-all.” The junior officer reported me and won himself a promotion. I found myself charged with sedition. As a result, I have found my true voice and have and will say a lot more about the F-All government in Fiji.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum are in the process of destroying the Fiji we know and love. Firstly, let’s talk about the economy:

a) The economy of Fiji is smaller now than it was in 2006. We’ve gone backwards.
b) The sugar industry has shrunk from 330,000 tons in 2006 to only 130,000 tons this year. Backwards.
c)  Investment is at its lowest level ever.  Backwards.
d) Poverty levels have nearly doubled in the last 5 years. Backwards.
e) Their latest ploy is to reduce the FNPF return from 15% per annum to 9% per annum. Backwards. Why? So they can borrow money from the FNPF at a cheaper rate, and cheaper for the regime means ripping off the pensioners of Fiji. As in everything they do, the puppet master Khaiyum and the Solicitor General Pryde will write a decree so no one can challenge this criminal decision in the courts. 
The Judiciary in Fiji is no longer respected or trusted: 

a) When a regime abrogates the constitution because they don’t like an Appeal Court’s decision, that tells you they have no respect for the Rule of Law.
b) When the first decree they pass mandates that no decree can challenged in the courts, that tells you they have no respect for the Rule of Law
c) When the regime’s legal advisors write judge’s rulings, that tells you they have no respect for the Rule of Law.

In 2006 we were told that we were embarking on “a Clean UP Campaign”. We were going to end corruption and bring to justice those politicians, civil servants and business men who had stolen money from the people of Fiji. We saw the foundation of FICAC, but instead of routing out major corruption, Khaiyum uses it as a way to intimidate the business people of Fiji. We see him use FICAC time and again to charge anybody he does not like with petty crimes and then appoint a judge who will give a verdict the regime wants.

All the time FICAC is working on petty fraud we see Bainimarama and Khaiyum lining their own pockets.

a) We all know about Bainimarama and Khaiyums’s salaries of over $700,000. I don’t think it is a coincidence, this week Khaiyum disbanded the organization that monitors and controls government pay, The Higher Salaries Commission.
b) We know about the massive government road building jobs that were awarded without tender
c) We know about the Land Bank which gives the PM the ability to lease land at one price and pass another amount on to the land owners
d) We all know about their jet set lifestyle as they travel the world at our expense. In contrast the people in Fiji are getting poorer and poverty is increasing.

This dictatorship has created a new order in Fiji. One where Bainimarama and Khaiyum rule with their cronies whilst the rest of us suffer. Bainimarama has not delivered any of its promises. 

a) Instead of a true democracy we have a true dictatorship
b) Instead of ending corruption we have 2 new pigs with snouts in the trough
c) Instead of a happy, vibrant, unified Fiji we have a subdued, frightened and divided Fiji.
d) Instead of a distinguished and respected leader, we have a PM who personally beats up women

We all want to change the regime in Fiji. We all want to see democracy return to Fiji. With your support, and the support of pro-democracy movements around the world, we can help the people of Fiji to bring about change. We can bring democracy back to Fiji. Those of us that cannot go home whilst the puppet and his master are in power will be going home soon.

We will isolate the regime internationally, regionally, and in Fiji. Piece by piece we will remove all their support.

I will embark on meetings around the region and tell the leaders of the regional countries the truth about Fiji. And not the glossy lies spun by Sharon Smith-Johns.

I will meet leaders globally and plan on meeting senior officials here in Canberra, Auckland, Washington, London and Brussels. I will meet with the UN, the Commonwealth, and the ACP. I will unveil the truth about Bainimarama and Khaiyum to the world.

We have already started spreading the message in Fiji. We can see we are having an effect. But we need your assistance. We need you to talk about the true situation every time you are in touch with Fiji. 

              a)Tell the truth by phone, 
              b) Tell the truth by text, 
              c) Tell the truth by email,
              d) Tell the truth by letter.

Above all let the people of Fiji know what is really going on in their own country because Sharon will never do that.

We need to build the confidence of the people back home, so tell everybody you know to do the THUMBS UP FOR DEMOCRACY! It is a small first step but one that will give the people the strength to take bigger steps in the future.

Everyone here is working on a roadmap towards democracy. It will be published soon but first we need to coordinate the plans and actions of the pro-democracy movement worldwide and within Fiji. Unlike the dictator, we will publish our roadmap.

I want to make it clear we need to make this change by peaceful means. We will use passive resistance and civil disobedience. There will be no violence.

I can assure the people of Fiji the military will not shoot. There have been many discussions informally at the camp and the soldiers know that shooting is not an option. Even if Khaiyum orders his puppet to order the soldiers to open fire, THEY WILL NOT FIRE ON CIVILIANS. They know it is wrong.

We will have democracy, we will have a new government and we will have them soon. Thumbs up for Democracy!

Pictures courtesy of the Sydney-based magazine, Drum Pasifika

Moving the 10-point plan ahead: Canberra forum

JOINING FORCES: Peter Waqatairewa and Roko Ului Mara.

Democracy advocates, academics and community have been at today's forum at Quebeyan, in Canberra. 

The plan will promoted by Mara on his Pacific wide campaign.
Suliasi Daunitutu & Jone Baledrokadroka

Part of the crowd at the meeting.

Academics Jon Frankel and  Brij Lal plus former Fiji politician Simi Kaitani.

Pictures courtesy of the Sydney-based magazine, Drum Pasifika.

Canberra forum adopts 10-point transistional plan: Mara speaking soon

The first report has emerged from the one-day conference of the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement in Quenbeyan in Canberra.

Iva Tora, a reporter from the Sydney based magazine, Drum Pasifika, says the forum has accepted the draft 10-point plan as a blueprint for the restoration of democracy to Fiji.

She says the conference got underway this morning with a preliminary  meeting and a discussion on internal strategies. Those attending include ANU academics Professor Brij Lal and Dr Jon Fraenkel, plus democray movement leaders and supporters from NSW, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Dr Fraenkel said the movement had started to lose some momentum but felt reinvigorated in its fight for democracy by the recent crisis triggered by  Lt-Col Roko Uli Mara’s departure for Tonga and joining the opposition against Fiji’s military regime.

The 10-point plan was stitched together by Profesor Brij Lal, Dr Fraenkel and ANU Phd student, Jone Baledrokadroka, and is expected to be presented at the meeting of the Forum Secretariat in Auckland later this year.

Mara will be speaking soon.

Fiji regime strikes out as former officers lead Canberra charge

SET: Former officers Baledrokadroka and Mara leading from the front.

The fight for Fiji's freedom goes up a notch today.

Former insiders, Roko Ului Mara and Jone Baledrokadroka, are leading the charge from the political capital of Australia, Canberra.

But the renegades look to have already done some damage to Suva before even taking to the podium at Queanbeyan. 

Cracks have been showing for weeks but a MINFO statement last night reveals the illegal regime of Frank Bainimarama is deeply affected by the growing opposition towards it.

From saying it doesn't care about Mara and his criticisms (and that Baledrokadroka is talking from the wilderness), the regime has launched a full scale attack on the former commander of the 3FIR as well as Australia and New Zealand for supporting him.

The clearly disturbed regime is describing Mara as a political opportunist who is taking advantage of Australia and New Zealand’s short-sightedness of Fiji.

It's also making personal attacks on the foreign ministers of the two regional superpowers, Murray McCully and Kevin Rudd. 

"It is apparent that Mara, a fugitive and political opportunist, has taken advantage of Rudd and McCully's myopia on Fiji and the Southern Pacific.

"Rudd and McCully, driven by their neo-colonial and personal agenda, on the other hand see Mara as someone who can give some form of credibility to their unfounded and misplaced assessment of Fiji and the rest of the Southern Pacific.

“So what we will see now over the next few weeks in Australia and New Zealand is the red carpet being rolled for Mara, a man who has abandoned his country; unfounded statements and lies being espoused about Fiji which will be far from the ground realities in Fiji; these lies will be used to justify interventionist policies and positioning; the cajoling and courting of political opportunists who are beholden to a skewered, racist and inefficient system of governance. Of course all of this will make Rudd and McCully feel good, important and self-satisfied.”

The regime goes on to describe Rudd, McCully and Mara as ‘three men with their motley crew of opportunists attempting to salvage their personal reputations which are at stake of their own doing.

It meanwhile insists that unlike the trio, it will follow all international law and protocols based on candour and for the benefit of all Fijians and the rest of the Pacific Small Island States.

The regime has also tried trotted out the old bogey that its planned upcoming elections could be under threat with Australia and New Zealand supporting  Mara.

It has aso highlighted Mara's arrival in Australia conciding with the presence of the Tongan Navy boats within Fiji’s EEZ at Minerva reef.

The forum is at the Ukranian Hall, Queabeyan, just outside Canberra at 2pm. We will have coverage of the meeting plus Mara's speech and other speakers later in the day.

Forum Agenda
1. Opening Devotion
2. Interim President Opening Address
3. Minutes of Last Meeting
4. Matters Arising
a. Financial Report
5. Afternoon Tea
6. Presentation and Adoption of Strategic Development Plan 2011-2014
7. Tabling of Fiji Transition to Democracy Plan
a. Prof Brij Lal
b. Dr Jon Fraenkel
8. Lunch

9. Key Note Address by Guest Speakers:
a. Lt Col Roko Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
b. Samisoni Tikoinasau, SDL party
c. Fiji Labour Party Rep
d. Fiji Methodist Church Rep
e. Australian Trade Unions Rep
f. Message from the GCC
10. Adoption of Resolutions
11. Closing Address by Interim President

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fiji leader's heroic yearnings far cry from reality

By former Fiji editor, Jale Moala
It's interesting that Bainimarama should be using the name franciscopancho as his email address. 

Franciscopancho, of course, refers to Francisco Pancho, or Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula, a Mexican general during the time of the Mexican Revolution. Clearly, Bainimarama fancies the brave exploits of this Mexican freedom fighter.

What many also don’t know is that as a dictator, Bainimarama served his apprenticeship under the regime of General Augusto Pinochet when he trained aboard the Chilean barque, Escuela Esmeralda, at the time when Pinochet was a murderous and corrupt dictator. 

Evidence provided by Amnesty International described Esmeralda as "a kind of a floating jail and torture chamber" for political prisoners of the Pinochet regime from 1973 to 1980, within the period of Bainimarama's time on the ship.

Amnesty International estimated that more than 100 political prisoners were kept aboard Esmeralda and subjected to "hideous" treatment. One of those prisoners was a Briton, Michael Woodward, a Catholic priest, who was tortured to death.

It is very unlikely that Bainimarama will mirror Pancho's heroism, for as the shameless leader of a military regime that is a known bully of women and civilians, he has already shown a likeness and a liking of Pinochet. 

Recent accusation of Bainimarama's role in the torture of women at the army barracks in Suva is too frighteningly similar to the reported experiences of those who suffered on Esmeralda.

Reports said that Pinochet used the Navy Academy, which hosted Bainimarama, as a torture centre. In one evidence, a woman detainee by the name of Maria Comene, said that on Esmeralda "there was violence 24 hours a day. Prisoners were taken out, beaten and tortured, returning bruised and vomiting blood.

"They took me out every night to interrogate me. They hit me on the ears with their hands, they applied electric currents to my tongue and my vagina. They took us out to amuse themselves, to abuse us sexually. They raped us."

Sound familiar?

NZ government put on the spot over Mara

It may be harder for the former 3FIR Commander, Roko Ului Mara, to get into New Zealand than originally thought.

The Auckland-based Fiji democracy group has gone public about lobbying the New Zealand government not to give Mara a travel visa to enter the country, saying he was only recently a member of the military regime and shouldn't get one.

The spokesperson for the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji, Nik Naidu, also says it appears Mara has only joined the democracy movement because of a fall out with the regime and being charged for sedition.

Naidu says prior to that, Mara headed the regime's hit squad which was responsible for the torture of Fiji citizens at the barracks. He  says Mara's change of heart needs to be questioned.

"Suddenly he has seen the light and possibly because he has been removed from the military. It is a case of sour grapes we feel. He really is the worst type of officer in Fiji. He's the one who led a lot of the arrests, illegal detentions and tortures and how come he suddenly has become a supporter of democracy?"

Mara arrived in Australia yesterday and wants to visit New Zealand next as part of a Pacific-wide campaign to rally support against the Frank Bainimarama regime.

He's been given a Tongan passport, which may have helped him get his visa for Australia but New Zealand authorities say they're still deciding over his application and a request for an exemption.

But Naidu today told Radio New Zealand the democracy movement will oppose Mara's visa application and are writing to the Prime Minister, John Key, to register their opposition.

Naidu says they will also be asking New Zealand to clarify its position regarding the smart sanctions, where military are concerned.

Coupfourpointfive has also questioned the speed with which Key said Mara might be allowed into New Zealand. 

While buoyed by the thought of the treasonous regime being brought down with the help of a former senior officer, this blog has not been blind to Mara's not-too-distant-past and the opposition to him.

We wrote to John Key on May the 25th after he told Kiwi media Mara was no longer military and he didn't see any reason why he shouldn't be allowed into New Zealand.

Among other questions, we asked Key the following:

1) Many people in Fiji would applaud you for saying Mara and his wife could be allowed into New Zealand. But there are others who think this is rash. Why have you been so sympathetic to Mara?

2) Other soldiers could see this as a way out for them as well. Would New Zealand be prepared to offer them political refuge as well?

3) Our readers have made the point that Mara is not a political prisoner - why then is he being taken off the travel ban list? Would New Zealand do this for a soldier who is not so well-known?

Key's office has confirmed our email but have not replied to our  questions.

The Leader of the Opposition, Phil Goff, however, sent us a statement that said in part this: "Tevita Mara is now effectively a political refugee. He can't go back to Fiji without the high risk of persecution, without expectation of a fair trial given that the independence of the judiciary has been subordinated to the control of the military regime.

"That means he could be considered for asylum. That however does not relieve him of being held to account in due course for the role he played in overthrowing Fiji's elected Government by force."

But Naidu thinks Mara "should go back to Fiji where he should be tried under those new rules, those draconian rules, that he helped put put in place. How come they're suddenly not good enough for him to be tried under when it has been okay for him to try all these other people in Fiji who've been fighting for democracy, to be tried and jailed under?"

Ten-point plan to return Fiji to democracy first step in move to oust Bainimarama government

A transitional plan to return Fiji to democracy has been revealed by the Australian democracy movement and the organisers of tomorrow's Canberra forum.

It's hoped the forum will be the catalyst for a strategic alliance with SDL, FLP, Vanua, Church, Unions and Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Leaders Forum.

The 10-point plan includes the removal of the Public Emergency Regulations, the restoring of the 1997 Constitution and the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

It also touts a caretaker prime minister and the reconvening of the Great Council of Chiefs.

Significantly, the plan calls for the military to disengage from a civilian role and to return to barracks peacefully.

The plan has been released ahead of tomorrow's forum which is being hosted by the Canberra-Queanbeyan (NSW) chapter of the Democracy Movement.

Mara, who is already in Australia and who has joined forces with former land force commander Jone Baledrokadroka, is guest speaker.

Transitional Plan for Democracy in Fiji
A statement by the Fiji Democracy Movement of Australia

Fiji’s 2006 coup has reached an impasse. The economy is stagnating, international relations are deeply troubled, human rights have been violated, and political life has been stifled. The original promise was of a short interlude of military rule paving the way for a vibrant multiracial democracy. Fiji has instead lurched towards a long-term military dictatorship. We urgently need a new way forward to pull Fiji back from catastrophe. The Fiji Democracy Movement stands ready to lead this struggle.

1) Remove the Public Emergency Regulations (PER) to allow political life and dialogue to emerge afresh in Fiji.

2) Allow freedom of speech and immediately cease all media censorship.

3) Restore the 1997 Constitution with an appropriate electoral system, including the removal of communal rolls.

4) Respect the verdict of the Fiji Court of Appeal, and allow a caretaker Prime Minister to lead the country to fresh elections in 2012.

5) Restore full diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries, the Pacific Islands Forum, Commonwealth, European Union and the United Nations.

6) Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to initiate a national healing process to ensure that no community in Fiji is victimised.

7) Re-empower institutions of governance, including allowing democratic elections for such bodies as municipal councils, industrial associations, trade unions and statutory organisations.

8) Allow the Great Councils of Chiefs to reconvene to deliberate on the affairs of the nation.

9) Restore public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary and the civil service.

10) Disengage the military from civilian roles and to facilitate their orderly return to the barracks.

Tomorrow's Forum Venue: Ukranian Hall Queanbeyan, just outside Canberra starting at 2pm.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rattled Bainimarama contacts Baledrokadroka and sends message to bloggers

CHECK MATES: Baini and Jone.
Frank Bainimarama has sent an email to his former land force commander Jone Baledrokadroka, with a note for bloggers.

It's the first contact between the pair after their falling out and comes as Baledrokadroka organises the pro-democracy meeting in Australia on Saturday with Roko Ului Mara as guest speaker.

So what did Bainimarama send Baledrokadroka? His Mahogany speech, the one touting huge benefits as a result of the new Fiji mahogany licence fee and payment structure.

Bainimarama (using the email franciscopancho168@gmail.com) sent it from his ipad, to Baledrokadroka in Australia who has now joined forces with Roko Ului Mara. 

Looking at the email trail, the speech was written by Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and was sent to the dictator this morning. With the speech was this note: "Put this in your blog site so you fools can learn."

Sa! Now why would he say something like that if he wasn't bothered by our ongoing revelations?

MINFO has, meanwhile, today tried to intimidate Australia who has granted Mara a visa to visit the country. 

The illegal Foreign Minister, Inoke Kubuabola, is quoted as saying he's disappointed Australia hasn't allowed the issue of Mara's extradition to be resolved before allowing him into the country.

Quote: "By intervening in what was a bilateral issue under consideration, Australia has shown little regard for achieving a resolution to the matter. Australia’s action in welcoming a fugitive from Fiji risks an escalation of tensions in Fiji-Australia relations, which Australia must take responsibility for."

That email:
--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 12:54:35 +1200
From: franciscopancho168@gmail.com
Subject: Fwd: Speech by PM - SMI Mahogany Licence
To: jone.baledrokadroka@anu.edu.au

Put this in your blog site so u fools can learn.

Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:
From: Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum <aiyazsk@gmail.com>
Date: June 9, 2011 10:18:00 GMT+12:00
To: vbainimarama <vbainimarama@connect.com.fj>, franciscopancho168@gmail.com
Cc: pmsoffice <pmsoffice@connect.com.fj>
Subject: Speech by PM - SMI Mahogany Licence

Please see attached for this morning.
Thank you.

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
Attorney-General, Minister for Justice, Anti-Corruption,
Public Enterprises, Communications, Civil Aviation, Tourism,
Industry and Trade.

Ph: 679 330 9866 ext 544
Fax: 679 331 0807

Leaked evidence implicates Bainimarama in May 2000 coup

Evidence has emerged that the incriminating files against Frank Bainimarama gathered by former police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, are indeed safe and being kept by the Fiji Police Force in a secure location.

We have been sent some of the documents from the 300 pages of the first of the 13 files.

There had been some uncertainty over where the files ended up and whether they were still intact. It was thought Hughes had taken them with him when he was forced to leave Fiji in November 2006 but many have wondered if they still existed or had been conveniently destroyed.

But as revealed by Coupfourpointfive this week in our story about a target list detailing the charges and a reported bounty on the heads of the illegal regime and its key supporters, the files are indeed back in the hands of Fiji's current COMPOL, Ioane Naivalurua.

The Hughes' file continue to be of intense interest because of the huge volume of information and supporting material on Bainimarama, implicating him in the 2000 mutiny and other crimes through to 20006.

With Bainimarama continuing to resist any inquiry into the 2000 coup, the files have become sought after material.

They've become even more important as momentum gathers against him and his corrupt illegal regime as an increasing number, including senior military officers, speak out and reveal the truth about Bainimarama's heinous and treasonous crimes.

Material released to us includes documents that show the legal scope Hughes was working to and the charges that were being mounted against Bainimarama.

Documents sent also show a statement by army officers that reveals Bainimarama and his team pledged their support to the plan to remove the Mahendra Chaudhry government.

That plan was kept under wraps despite Chaudhry spending a whole day at Queen Elizabeth Barracks as the guest of RFMF a month before the coup.

Other documents include a statement by a witness and a diagram dubbed Operation Katokau.

In one of the extracts, it's revealed the army told rebels there were no more supply of arms, when in fact they had already received the weapons, implying Bainimarama sanctioned the supply of arms to the coup plotters and was the hidden power behind the scene.

We can also confirm that Bainimarama sent Lt Col Etueni Caucau to Parliament (where the government was held hostage) to get the CRW soldiers to sign the leave forms so they would continue getting paid. Months later, he swore an affidavit defending the abrogation of the Constitution for the State's appeal against the infamous Chandrika Prasad case.

It is a bitter irony that the two main players in that case - Anthony Gates who ruled the May 2000 coup was illegal and that the Constitution was intact; and Mahendra Chaudhry, whose government was unlawfully deposed as ruled by the Gates and Fiji Court of Appeal (which declared him to be the PM). Both supported Bainimarama's 2006 coup and went on to become active players in the treasonous act.

The other 12 files are believed to provide specfic details of deaths of the CRW soldiers on the orders of Bainimarama.

1) Scope of Charges 1

2) Scope of Charges 2

3. Evidence Extract

4.   Evidence of Arms

5. Missing Arms

6. Evidence Frank

Mara waiting for NZ travel visa decision

Roko Ului Mara has formally applied for a visa to enter New Zealand to meet with the Fiji community and government officials.

He says he wants to share top secrets about the regime and campaign for an early return to democracy for Fiji.

Mrara also plans to travel to Australia to speak at a forum in Queanbeyan near Canberra on Saturday. It's believed he'll travel first to Australia and then New Zealand, next week.

He has been granted a Tongan passport but there are no guarantees it will make it easier for him to get into New Zealand.

Mara fled to Nukualofa last month after being charged with sedition by the regime along with Pita Driti.

New Zealand's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has already had some communication with him.

"My understanding is that he's going to seek at least a temporary exemption from the sanctions. He is of course on the list of persons banned from New Zealand," said Foreign Minister Murray McCully.

McCully says officials had been expecting Mara to apply but the former Commander had lodged the application just a day ago and there was no way it would be approved at such short notice.

COMING UP: Bainimarama sanctioned the supply of arms to the 2000 coup plotters!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fiji regime issues decree to cover up salaries deal

NOT QUITE READY TO BARE ALL: Bainimarama still holding out on pay.

Telling move by the illegal regime today. It has revealed it's scrapped the Higher Salaries Commission, publicising the decree that nullifies it.

Transparency at last? We think not. We suspect it's more a case of it covering its arse for the illegal act it has indulged in already. The regime stopped using the Higher Salaries Commission some time ago and has been deciding itself what they're paid. And they'e paid handsomely.

But listen to the gall of the illegal Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, explaining why the decree was issued: " .... the HSC lacks commercial understanding and sufficient knowledge of the market forces, and tends to apply a public service approach in determining the remuneration of these entities.

“Furthermore, the current establishment and processes of HSC are very cumbersome, bureaucratic and time insensitive. In addition, the process fails to obtain a proper independent assessment of these salaries, by professionals who have the necessary expertise in making such analysis.”  

The regime now says the pay of every Permanent Secretary or other officers who manage a ministry or department will be set by the Public Service Commission, after its approved by Bainimarama. 

The path is surely clear for them to keep paying themselves as much as they like via Nur Bano Ali's accounting firm. And with all CEO of public enterprises like Air Pacific and FBCL being appointed by Khaiyum, they can keep getting away with things like housing allowances of $FJD12,000 a month like David Pflieger does.

One who is willing to show all is Fiji's minister of youth affairs before the December 2006 coup, Rajesh Singh. He  surfaced on Coupfourpointfive recently and says he wants to work to restore democracy to Fiji.  C4.5 bloggers have rightfully grilled him about his motives and intentions.

Singh maintains he wants the same thing as bloggers - a return to democracy - so has sent us paperwork he says should clear his reputation. One of these is his pay slip, a letter he says clears him of bankruptcy and another he has sent to Bainimarama challenging him and the regime to show their pay slips. 

Read Singh's letter to Bainimarama

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Death of Bainimarama operative under scrutiny

Questions are surfacing about the death of Maciu Vulaono, the younger brother of former police commissioner, Esala Teleni, and the one time operative of Frank Bainimarama.
The 3FIR officer died just over three weeks ago. Coupfourpointfive was told at the time that Vulaono had died mysteriously and that information from within was that the operative might have become a 'liability' and had been 'taken care of'.

It was said he was actively involved in a lot of operations under the direct command of Roko Ului Mara and that after the fallout of Esala, Mara and Pita had been sidelined, as well.

According to information at the time, Vulaono was loyal to his commanding officer (Mara) who was also his chief, but  intel to Bainimarama suggested he might have been passing information to Driti and Mara after they were dismissed.

Sources say that on the day Vulaono passed away he 'collapsed' during training. They say the team was visited by Bainimarama's personal bodyguards 'who had a brief chat with the Tailevu guys' in the same squad before talking to Vulaono. 

Vulaono is said to have been found dead by his squad a few hours later.

A blogger on Matavuvale has now posted this information:

"Does anyone know the "true circumstances" surrounding the death of a Maciu Vulaono (a Fijian soldier) during a military training exercise in Fiji a few weeks back? Apparently, there was a directive from the Military that the coffin was not to be opened during the 'somate'. Only the wife was allowed to have a glimpse of her husband's face earlier. His face had apparently been bashed in and almost unrecognisable. (Maciu Vulaono was a brother of Atu Vulaono, Qase Levu of the NCF in Fiji). Just curious as there had been some stories about "foul play" that was pre-planned by the  military during that exercise."

Coupfourpointfive sources have sent further information today saying Vulaono was on the training squad in Rakiraki and his platoon went ahead of him, the day he died. 

After an hour when he didn't catch up with them, they came back to find him dead under a tree in a sitting position with his head facing down.

Sources say he was taken to hospital after a military doctor pronounced him dead.

Vulaono was not awarded a full military funeral.

Informers release target and bounty list for Bainimarama and key supporters

Explosive information has emerged from the secret world of Fiji intelligence: a target list accompanied by a bounty for key members and supporters of the illegal government of Frank Bainimarama.

With the list has come information that 'investors' are prepared to pay handsomely anyone who can arrest or 'bring down' Bainimarama and his key aides, including the attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the illegal solicitor general, Christopher Pryde.

Key business supporters, like Aslam Khan the Vodafone CEO,  the Air Pacific chief executive, David Pflieger and the FNPF CEO, Aisake Taito are named as is coup advisor and former judge, Nazhat Shameem, and Khaiyum's accountant aunt, Dr Nur Bano Ali and husband Zarin Khan.

The target list includes the charges that would be laid against members of the inner core of the illegal regime and runs from $400,000 for Bainimarama to $50,000 for the Ministry of  Information spokesperson, Sharon Smith Johns. Khaiyum faces the most charges and has a $350,000 bounty.

The list was emailed to Coupfourpointfive by a group calling itself the Fiji Action Group. The group says the world needs to know there are people who are willing and determined to bring down the dictator with or without national or international support.

An intelligence source, meanwhile, says police HQ have the 13 files on Banimarama that was compiled by the former Police Commissioner, Andrew Hughes CID team on the 2000 mutiny and other documents until 2006 on the illegal Commander. The 13 files are concealed in six boxes with all evidence and statements.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the files were uplifted by the army from CID in December 2006 but have found their way back with the current COMPOL  task force. None of the files were destroyed.

Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama: Illegal Self-Proclaimed PM  & Dictator. Price Tag $400,000
Treason, Crime against Humanity, Kidnap, Torture, Murder, Rape, Aggravated Assault, Damaging Property, Arson, Extortion, Embezzlement of Public Funds, Commercial Fraud, Bribery, Abuse of Office and Corruption.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum: Self-proclaimed AG. Price Tag $350,000
Extortion, Embezzlement of Public Funds, Conspiracy to Defraud the National Treasury, Money Laundering, Abuse of office,, Circumventing internal accounts, control of national treasurer, falsifying books and records, Submitting false statements, engaging in monetary transactions from an unlawful activity, Securities Fraud and conspiracy, Obstruction of justice and Destroying Evidence, Wire Fraud and Bank Fraud, Manipulating the executive office of the President and Cabinet to camouflage conversion of millions of dollars in overseas accounts.

Christopher Thomas Pryde: Self-Proclaimed Illegal Solicitor General. Price tag $150,000
Criminal Insider trading & Tax Fraud, Conspiracy to commit securities fraud, engaging in a conspiracy that illegally manipulated the PER decree and the Commerce Commission Decree, Obstruction of justice using the judicial system to block fair court ruling, manipulating the executive office of the President and Cabinet to camouflage conversion of millions of dollars in overseas accounts.

Dr Nur Bano Ali  and husband Zarin Khan, Fraudster and Self- Styled Government Consultant. Price Tag $250,000
Filing false income tax return, Failing to report taxable income, Manipulating the executive office of Cabinet by obtaining money through false pretence. Securities fraud, insider trading and tax fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to falsify financial information. Conspiracy to make false statements to auditors and to maintain false books and records. Corporate accounting fraud, Grand Larceny.

Aslam Khan, Vodafone Fiji CEO: Self-Styled Government Business Advisor. Price Tag $100,000
Enterprise Corruption, criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, Corporate accounting fraud.

Nazhat Shameem former judge: Self- Styled Legal Advisor. Price Tag $100,000
Conspiracy to obstruct justice, Manipulating the judicial system and the attorney general’s chambers perverting fair trial, criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory.

Dr Ganesh Chand: Vice chancellor and Academic Advisor. Price Tag $80,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, Engaging in a conspiracy that illegally manipulated the Education System for fraudulent conversion of FNU and academic committees as business entities, Insider Trading and Fraud. Conspiracy to commit securities fraud.

Mosese Tikoitoga, Illegal Land Force Commander, Adulterer. Price Tag $100,000
Criminal conspiracy, Aiding and abetting or accessory, Conspiracy, obstruction of Justice

Dr Mahendra Reddy: Illegal Commerce Commission Commissioner. Price tag $80,000
Criminal conspiracy Aiding and abetting or accessory, Conspiring to build political power base for next election, Trading on inside information, Obstruction of justice and securities fraud.

Iowane Naivalurua: Illegal COMPOL. Price Tag $100,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, obstruction of justice and securities fraud, conspiring to mislead yellow ribbon as commercial venture, Insider Trading concealing chargers of treason, rape, assault, murder and kidnap on high profile figures, Withholding information from auditors.

Sharon Smith Illegal Self-styled PS of Information. Price Tag $50,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, Embezzlement of public funds, Conspiracy to defraud the nation through obstruction of justice and honest reporting, Conspiracy to commit public funds for political campaign of current regime, Criminal trespass and being involved in local politics.

Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Self-Promoted CEO FBCL brother of AG. Price Tag $80,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, Withholding information from auditors, Falsifying records, falsifying books and records, wire fraud, securities fraud, engaging in monetary transactions derived from an unlawful activity, submitting false statements

Air Pacific Chief executive officer, David Pflieger. Price Tag  $100,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, withholding information from the company’s internal investigators, conspiracy to make false statements to auditors and to maintain false books and records. Corporate accounting fraud, grand larceny. Obstruction of justice, insider trading and tax fraud.

Aisake Taito, CEO FNPF. Price Tag: $100,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory Securities fraud, insider trading and tax fraud, Conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to falsify financial information. Conspiracy to make false statements to auditors and to maintain false books and records. Corporate accounting fraud, Grand Larceny.