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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sources: trouble at Lautoka and Penang mills

LAUTOKA SUGAR MILL: TCTS is down according to sources.

REASSURANCES: Khan with Sojitz Corporation members. Sojitz is responsible for sugar exports to Japan.

Serious problems have been detected at Lautoka and Penang sugar mills - despite the esteemed FSC executive chairman, Abdul Khan, assuring and reassuring cane farmers and the people of Fiji that all is well.

Indications are the 2011 season could well be the worst ever on record, even worse than the disastrous 2010 season.
Sources say five weeks into crushing, and the Lautoka Mill is registering TCTS (tonnes cane to tonnes sugar) of 18:1. This means it takes 18 tonnes of cane to produce 1 ton of sugar. This is a big drop from the heyday of the industry when TCTS used to hover around 8:1.

Despite this dismal performance Khan has told the Fiji Times "this is to be expected, this early on in the season".
We think not, especially when the crushing season is only 20 weeks long.
Troubling, too, is the refusal of the FSC to divulge TCTS figures for Rarawai and Penang, although reliable sources say TCTS at both mills are close to that of Lautoka.
Most will agree that this is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with immediately because the livelihoods of too many people and the economy is at stake.
The setting up of the Sugar Ministry in Lautoka is a positive step but it begs the question: How effective is this move when the situation at our mills continues on a downward spiral?'
Khan has also told the Fiji Times the first shipment of sugar for United Kingdom buyers Tate and Lyle is scheduled for next month, saying the ship is expected at the Lautoka Wharf in August if all goes to plan.

"The first shipment is scheduled between August 5 and 15 and the tonnage would be approximately 29,000 tonnes," he said.

Khan also reckons local sugar should hit supermarket shelves at the beginning of next month and that the price of sugar will drop.

Inclusion of military soldier sure to create further division between NZ and Fiji

Fiji coach Sam Domoni (left) with Epeli Nailatikau
The fate of military soldier and rugby player, Leone Nakarawa, remains to be seen after he was named in the Fiji squad for the Rugby World Cup and presumably next week's test match against the All Blacks in Dunedin.

Nakarawa is believed to be only soldier in the 35-strong squad named by coach Sam Domoni. But just how Fiji intends to get him to New Zealand for next Friday's game in Dunedin and the September world cup is unclear.

By all that's right, Nakarawa shouldn't be granted a visa to travel to New Zealand because of the sanctions against Fiji military. The illegal regime and the Fiji Rugby Union board have, however, chosen to include him in the squad.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, says Nakarawa is not listed among the 22 Fijian players who will visit New Zealand and he has not applied for a visa. He also said New Zealand Government policy has not been softened. Where does that then leave Nakarawa? Probably in the middle as New Zealand and Fiji battle it out for a show of strength.

The full squad is as follows:
Campese Ma’afu, Sunia Koto, Deacon Manu (captain), Ifereimi Rawaqa, Sekonaia Kalou, Dominiko Waqaniburotu, Akapusi Qera, Sisa Koyamaibole, Vitori Buatava, Seremaia Bai, Napolioni Nalaga, Ravai Fatiaki, Albert Vulivuli, Vereniki Goneva, Iliesa Keresoni, Setefano Somoca, Viliame Veikoso, Rupeni Nasiga, Sakiusa Matadigo, Nemia Ranuku, Kini Murimurivalu, Timoci Nagusa, Netani Talei, Waisea Nailago, Adriu Delai, Nicky Little, Leone Nakarawa, Wame Lewaravu, Penijamini Makutu, Gabiriele Lovobalavu, Talemaitoga Tuapati, Ilikena Bolakoro, Malakai Ravulo, Waisea Luveniyali, Waisele Vatuvoka.

Two other players – Asaeli Boko and Metuisela Talebula – are also attached to the squad.

Khaiyum keeps up FNPF reform line as FICTU look to petition after rally permit is denied

UNCERTAIN TIMES: Patrons line up outside the FNPF Customer Services Care centre in Suva. pic Eliki Nukutabu via Fiji Times.
 OVERHAULERS: Khaiyum and Ajith Kodagoda.
The illegal atorney general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, continues to try to justify the regime's plans to overaul the Fiji National Provident Fund saying some terrible decisions were made by FNPF between the 1980s and early 2000.

Sayed-Khaiyum has told a meeting of Australian and Fijian accountants that people should realize the earlier Fund decisions were made by government, employer and employee representatives.

In yet another effort to justify the radical changes which include cutting pensions from 15 to 9 per cent, Khaiyum is quoted by Fiji Village as saying it is now imperative the people with the right knowledge and skills are appointed to key positions.

The FICTU march against the proposed FNPF changes planned for today, has meanwhile not taken place because the Commissioner Central refused to grant the permit. Security reasons have been cited.

SINGH: Rally permit denied.
FICTU had planned to rally in Suva as a follow-up to its submission after the FNPF board failed to respond to calls to meet and discuss the controversial reforms.

The union represents more than 350,000 FNPF members and about 11,000 pensioners.

In a statement, FICTU's general secretary, Attar Singh, says members are "obviously very disappointed by the decision of the authorities to deny us the fundamental right to expression by refusing us permission for our planned demonstration."

"The Protest March and Rally were intended to highlight our concerns and opposition to the FNPF reforms through the most peaceful means available to us. We cannot comprehend how a march by only a thousand people could be considered a security threat to anyone.

"The authorities need to understand that by denying us the right to demonstrate they are in fact aiding the FNPF in its planned reforms which we have already shown are without basis and against the interest of all FNPF members and pensioners.

"It should also be understood that we represent legally registered trade unions which have the right to collective bargaining and the right to freely organise their activities in the interest of members and workers generally."

Singh says the refusal of the permit is a violation of workers' rights as contained in ILO conventions 87 and 98 which have been ratified by Fiji and the FICTU board will look at filing a complaint to the ILO.

He says FICTU will also organise a petition against the planned FNPF overhaul next week. "Meanwhile we repeat our call on FNPF to suspend its planned reforms and maintain status quo until after the 2014 elections and to review the matter thereafter. The FNPF is sustainable for the next 30 years. Elections will be held in two years. So why the rush?"

Friday, July 15, 2011

Insiders: Bainimarama's wife and daughters called for 'loser' netballers to get the boot

NOT SO GOLDEN GIRLS: Coach Una Rokoura (second left). According to reports the Bainimarama's want her and others out.

Critics say cheers were really jeers! pic Fiji Sun
More inside reports have come in about the Bainimarama's trip to SIngapore and the disastrous results of Fiji's netball world cup squad.

A source says all four of the Bainimarama children went on the controversial taxpayer funded trip, including Frances and Ateca who are in the United Kingdom married to British Army boys.

Insiders say the entourage was made up of Frank and Mary Bainimarama, Rubyann, Litiana, Meli, Frances, Ateca and Bernie, and Litiana's husband Eremasi.

And they say the Bainimarama women were apparently  jeering the Fiji Team for much of the tournament. They're accused of screaming insults at the squad and demanding a change in line-up. Litiana is said to have been giving her orders directly to coach,  Una Rokoura, and when she didn't pay her any attention, she started insulting the players.

Insiders say after the game with Wales, Mary, Rubyann and Litiana told the president of Fiji Netball, Wainikiti Bogindrau, to tell Una Rokoura she wasn't good enough to be the coach for her country and that the team was unworthy of the support of the illegal prime minister.

Critics say the Bainimaramas didn't even bother to visit the camp but instead demanded that Matila Waqanidrola, the Captain, resign and retire from the sport immediately.

According to the netball circuit Mary Bainimarama also told Waqanidrola Simone Nalatu should be sent home and that the two shooters, Maria and Afa, were hopeless and must be dropped immediately.

She is also reported to say the team needs an overseas coach. According to some the call to dump Una Rokoura is ironic since her brother, Captain Aseri Rokoura, is Bainimarama's Number One PSO Officer.

The FIji Netball executives and management are believed to be deeply shocked by the behaviour of the Bainimarama women and their insults of the Fiji coach and the team.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Removal of Lau chair will help foster Bainimarama's plan to become president

All that has been said about the treachery of the dictator, Frank Bainimarama, has come to pass with the replacement of Adi Ateca on the Lau Provincial Council with his puppet chairman, Filipe Bole.

The coup leader will now ensure that no Mara will ever stand in his way.

Adi Ateca's outburst that Lau will not support the People's  Charter is not news as it was expected with all the Mara family throwing their support behind her. Intelligence information had tipped months earlier the Mara clan would denounce the Charter.

The voice of the Mara family has now been officially killed in Fiji, leaving just the First Lady and the President in the official channels. The outburst and support of the First  Lady to the Lau chair on Wednesday has shifted the next target to the President.

He is next to go to totally eradicate the Mara disease “as the illegal AG terms it” whether we people of Fiji like it or not. After that, Bainimarama will resume the president position as he will have the support of all 14 provinces as he puts his choice of chairman and they will all support him to become president, an excellent strategy to side step the GCC.

After resuming the President post, Bainimarama will slowly take out PER as there is no threat on him on the ground. He is in absolute command of the army, police and prisons. By next year he will declare elections and his party will run to win.

The illegal AG is already acting PM – he is getting the required exposure in PM position and is also gearing up for elections.

The grim reality is that, the illegal PM will take out anyone who is opposed to him and his self-appointed government and will do the same to any opposition parties who plan to run for elections. He has nothing to fear and he has successfully tested the waters when he is away overseas and travelling – there will be no uprising!

Rape allegation against Chaudhry Junior dropped but questions remain

The woman who claimed Rajendra Chaudhry raped her has been charged with giving false information after she withdrew her complaint.

She appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court on Tuesday and has been bailed to appear in court at the beginning of next month.

But the following questions need to be asked: 

1) Why didn't Rajendra Chaudhry return from Australia before the woman withdrew her complainant? If he had not done anything wrong, he had nothing to fear. 

2) And how did the father, M P Chaudhry, know the complainant was withdrawn by the woman last week? The day he mentioned it was the same day the woman came to Suva to be interviewed, ie last Wednesday. Chaudhry was in Ba that day.

Former Fiji MP flees to NZ after commiting fraud

VAYESHNOI: Bounced cheque.
Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi, the former Minister in Frank Bainimarama's regime and a trusted man of his leader Mahendra Chaudhry, who in 2007 described Bainimarama as God-sent and the coup as a revolution, is in New Zealand trying to seek political asylum.

And sources have confirmed that in a pre-planned plot, Vayeshnoi purchased $50,000 worth of jewellery from a shop in his hometown of Sigatoka and paid the owner with a cheque from a bank account that had been closed months earlier. The matter was reported to Sigatoka police but Vayeshnoi had already flown off to New Zealand.

Our sources have confirmed that the owner of Bhavani Gold Industries Ltd was a good friend of Vayeshnoi and had previously cashed his cheques while Vayeshnoi was a Member of Parliament until the December 2006 coup. 

In December 2010, Vayeshnoi also gave the shop owner a cheque but post-dated it by 6 months, telling him to keep it and that he would cash the cheque as per the date on it.

During the first term school holidays in May, Vayeshnoi went to the shop owner and told him he would use the cheque to buy jewellery. He selected assorted gold jewellery worth $50,000, that was packed in a box and given to him. Vayeshnoi then wrote the cheque and left. It is believed by then it was too late to go to the bank.

The shop owner went to cash the cheque the following day but realized it was an ANZ cheque and that his bank account was with Westpac. He took the cheque to Westpac but was informed by the staff they would need clearance from ANZ to clear it.

To the owner's horror, the bank staff informed him that ANZ had replied saying the cheque was from a dormant account that had been shut down much earlier.  Vayeshnoi had given the owner the cheque, knowing full well it was a worthless piece of paper.

The owner reported the matter to Sigatoka police. But it was discovered Vayeshnoi had flown out of Nadi to Auckland before the owner reached the bank with the cheque.

Already, his leader Mahendra Chaudhry is facing money laundering charges over the $2million dollars he has stashed away in Australia - money raised in Haryana, India in the name of the poor in Fiji after the 2000 coup.

His puppet, Vayeshnoi, is now following in the foot steps of his master.

Samoa PM: NZ and Australia need to quadruple sanctions on Fiji

The issue of sanctions against Fiji has popped up again during a meeting in Apia between the Samoan Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielelagaoi, and New Zealand's Foreign Affairs minister, Murray McCully.
McCully is visiting Samoa as part of his annual Pacific mission.

At a press conference, Tuilaepa was asked about the situation in Fiji and made the following observation. "I think the New Zealand and Australia are too soft, they should be quadrupling or increasing their sanctions 10 times." 

He said ordinary people would not suffer because they grew their own food and fished from the sea, the only people to be affected would be those who supported the illegal military government. 

Tuilaepa said the Pacific was often likened to the situation in Africa where soldier "roam the countryside and kill people left, right and centre and steal their property... that doesn't happen in the Pacific". 

He said Fiji would deal with it's own problems but would need time to sort it out for itself and everyone else must have patience.

"The Fijians will eventually solve their own problems by talking, waiting, rest, talking, eat, talk again, eventually they will solve their problems themselves." 

McCully said Tuilaepa's strong words showed it was not New Zealand and Australia pushing other Pacific nations to speak out against Fiji, as the leadership there often claims. (original source Stuff.co.nz)

Fiji's illegal regime: everything okay until Adi Ateca's outburst

LEWENI: Unworkable situation
FBC - Wednesday July 13
Filipe Bole is the new chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council – replacing Adi Ateca Ganilau who was elected into the position yesterday.
The decision was made morning after government asked the Bose ni Yasana to reconsider the leadership of the Council – following an outburst by Adi Ateca against the Peoples Charter and the government at yesterday’s close of session.

Commissioner Eastern Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni told FBC News government made it clear that assistance to the province and the people of Lau would continue and not be affected – but they would not be able to work with Adi Ateca after the comments she made. 

The delegates were asked to deliberate further on the stance of the chairperson – due to her outburst yesterday – in which she clearly showed her intention that she is not willing to work with government. 

That’s the gist of government’s message this morning – that if this is the stance of the chairperson, it is unfortunate and government will not be able to work with someone who does not see eye to eye with government’s development plans.

Leweni adds the Council was given an hour to discuss the issue and after deliberations appointed Education Minister Filipe Bole as chair.

He says they had no problem with Adi Ateca’s election as chair until she made the outburst. 

Prime Minister’s Office official Kisoko Cagituivei told FBC News Adi Ateca agreed to step down after Leweni told the Council government could not work with her. 

Fiji Village: The chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council Adi Ateca Ganilau who was appointed yesterday has stepped down from the post in the last hour.
As the final day of the Provincial Council meeting continues in Nadi, Education Minister Filipe Bole has now been appointed as the Chair of the Lau Provincial Council while his deputy is Roko Josefa Dalainauluvatu.
Adi Ateca Ganilau stepped down after one hour was given by Commissioner Eastern Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni to the 40 official council members to sit together at the meeting venue and discuss the importance of development in the province and the benefits of supporting the People’s Charter.
Lieutenant Colonel Leweni addressed the council members this morning after Adi Ateca said that she does not support the People’s Charter and the leadership.
Lieutenant Colonel Leweni told Fijivillage after his speech that the Chair and members of the Provincial Council should think of the people of the province of Lau and set other issues aside that would hinder the developments in Lau.
He also said people should remember that the Provincial Councils are governed by the I-Taukei Affairs Act and are fully funded by the government.
The Lau Provincial Council had supported the People’s Charter when it was first taken around to the councils.
Lieutenant Colonel Leweni said he cannot say why Adi Ateca decided to reject the Charter yesterday despite the earlier endorsement of the council.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Lau chair resigns after pressure from Bainimarama

The new chair of the Lau Provincial Council, Adi Ateca Ganilau, has been forced to step down on the second day of the meeting after an ultimatum from Frank Bainimarama.

The dictator's ultimatum said “Either remove Adi Ateca Ganilau, nee Mara, as Chairman or the meeting will forced to end immediately”.

Adi Ateca Ganilau was elected Chairman on Tuesday. In a shock result for the dictator, Bainimarama, Adi Ateca received 17 votes, The regime stooge Filipe Bole 15 (pictured above) Roko Josefa Delainauluvatu 6.
A statement from Roko Ului Mara says Adi Ateca stepped down as Chairman to allow the meeting to continue. 

"She said on the day before the meeting Leweni was lobbying the members of the council to vote for Bole or the province would not receive any government funds. The members of the council disregarded that and voted me in as Chairman. However, following the ultimatum I felt it was in the best interests of Lau if I step down to allow the meeting to continue. The Interim Government now has no excuse not to deliver on the promises made to Lau by Bainimarama last month.”

Ratu Tevita Mara said “I congratulate my sister Adi Ateca on her victory. However, It is a sad day for Fiji when an elected representative is forced to resign because of a dictator’s blackmail.

 “This result showed the people of Lau cannot be bought. The dictator thought he could threaten the members with withdrawing Government financial support for the province. The people of Lau ignored the threats and voted for who they believed had their best interests at heart. The regime responded by removing Adi Ateca.”

“The election of Adi Ateca demonstrates that the people of Fiji can see through the dictator’s lies and broken promises. It shows when the people are allowed to vote they do not vote for Bainimarama or his lackeys. They vote for independence from the regime.”

“Khaiyum announced Fiji would have elections in September 2014. That maybe the case, but here we have a clear example of how this regime acts if they don’t agree with the voters. They use blackmail and threats to get the result they want. I urge all the supporters of the Bainimarama regime to take note. There will be no free and fair elections in 2014. The only chance for a fairly elected Government in Fiji is for regime change.

“The pressure is building on Bainimarama and his puppet master Khaiyum. Pressure is building within Fiji and it is building in the region. I have a meeting in Sydney on Saturday and will then fly on to New Zealand to talk with the pro democracy movement.”

Sources: Fiji businessman stopped at US airport over alleged terrorist cells

IN LEAGUE: Bainimarama and Khaiyum with the Arab league.

Aslam Khan
Intelligence sources say the CEO of Vodafone, Aslam Khan, was frisked and detained in a US airport on the suspicion he may be financing terrorist cells.

Intel officers say the information prompted them to conduct an internal investigation and to report some astonishing revelations.

Sources now claim a huge sum of money is moving around Fiji naming Aslam Khan and others (including his wife and FBC CEO Riyaz Kaiyum, who just returned from buying TV equipments for FBCL from Cuba) as moving monies in and out of Fiji. 

Certain ministers in the Cabinet and a few Reserve Bank employees are also accused of moving monies out whenever they travel out of the country.

Intelligence sources say the biggest threat, though, comes from dealings approved by Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum for “certain” individuals to VVIP transit through Nadi International Airport to the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The privileged few are taken through VVIP lounge and without any proper checking.

Sources say they've released this controversial information to warn the US, AUS, NZ and EU that Fiji is a potential carrier of terrorists who might get into their country with the help of the illegal regime and that the above people may well be moving large amounts of monies that might have come from links to world terrorist cells.

In September last year, a newspaper in the United Arab Emirates, The National, reported the Arab League plans to open a regional office in Fiji. The announcement came after an endorsement by the League of the UAE initiative to promote co-operation between Arab countries and Pacific Island states.  

Fiji is among ten Pacific countries that has established links with the Arab League, including the Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu & Vanuatu. The UAE has provided funding for a US$50 million aid programme covering 14 countries, many of them suffering from the effects of climate change and often have small economies with rising populations and dwindling resources.

Late last year Voreqe Bainimarama said Fiji has been present in the Arab region since 1978. Fijian peacekeeping troops served in the South of Lebanon from 1978 to 2002 while 300 Fijian troops currently serve with the UN in Sinai, a mission they have served in since 1982.

Fiji troops are also the only UN blue helmets in Iraq since 2004 with a 221 strong contingent, as well as a presence in Sudan and previously Kuwait and Kurdistan.

Bainimarama told FBC some troops even speak fluent Arabic. Despite this, however, Fiji did not develop nor pursue formal political, economic and cultural relations with the Arab countries until now. He says Fiji has now taken steps to join the Non-Aligned Movement and does not want to fall into "predetermined political spheres of influence or have predetermined alignments".

Yesterday, Investment Fiji Chair, Adrian Sofield, said more than two hundred million dollars is expected to be brought into Fiji from various investments over the next twelve months.

He said they have been receiving a lot of interest from investors and that the 2011 TFL Prime Minister’s Exporter of the year awards theme “Taking Fiji to the World” recognizes the many new markets opening up for Fiji and the reforms taking place. 

Intelligence sources say the current investigation is continuing with large areas to cover as some intel personnel are doing extra work to uncover scams and threats but say the information released to Coupfourpointfive has been done so in a bid to let the world know and for it to take measures to protect their country.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lau council chairman ship stays in Mara clan

MARA POWERBROKERS: Adi Ateca Mara (right) and her sister, Adi Koila Nailatikau.

The Lau Provincial Council has a new chair - Adi Ateca Mara. 

The older sister of the former chair, Roko Ului Mara, is believed to have beaten her sister, Adi Koila Nailatikau, to the role.
The Lau council had to appoint a new chair with Roko Ului now living in Tonga after defecting from Fiji's army.
The Australian FDFM is, meanwhile, planning its Sydney meeting for Roko Ului on July 16th, but a venue hasn't yet been named. Three meetings have been announced for New Zealand July 21st in Wellington, July 22 in Christchurch and July 23 in Auckland. There are also talks of helping form a government in exile.

Editor's Note: Reports have come in that all stories today on the Lau Provincial Council meeting were censored including the one where Adi Ateca Ganilau told off the Government.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rajendra Chauhdry rape complainant believed to have paid $17,000 in legal fees

The media has quoted Police Commissioner Iowana Naivalarua as saying police will interview Rajendra Chaudhry upon his return to Fiji from Australia. Naivalarua has told the media a woman has made certain allegations against Rajendra Chaudhry but has not stated what the allegations are.

Coupfourpointfive reported on the 26th of June that Rajendra, a Suva based lawyer and son of Fiji Labour Party leader and the former Finance and Sugar Minister in Frank Bainimarama's regime, is alleged to have raped the woman, an Indian national. Rajendra Chaudhry was the woman's lawyer defending her over allegations of possessing cocaine at Nadi Airport.

Chaudhry Junior provided accommodation to the woman and secured her bail.

Since 26th June when we broke the story, our sources have been gathering more information and we can confirm the following details:

1) The woman's name is Muskan Balaggan and the accommodation Rajendra Chaudhry provided was in his own home
2) The woman has told police she has paid $17,000 in legal fees
3) The woman is now staying with a Sikh family in Rakiraki
4) The woman came to Suva on Wednesday July the 6th but her interview was suspended after an hour because her lawyer Simione Valenitabua (now employed in Rajendra Chaudhry's law firm, was unavailable).
5) On Friday the woman appeared in the Suva High Court and according to a Fiji Times report had earlier made an application for Rajendra Chaudhry to no longer represent her. According to the report the application was heard when the Suva lawyer was in Australia.

In another twist, Mahendra Chaudhry has been telling his remaining few close associates that the woman has written a letter and withdrawn her complaint against his son. He has been telling his associates that a certain "Indian Minister" is behind what he describes as a plot to get his son charged. There are two Indians by ethnicity in Bainimarama's regime; Neil Sharma and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. 

Another source earlier told Coupfourpointfive the woman who has made the rape allegations met with Khaiyum on two two occasions and that it was only after these meetings that she made the allegations against Chaudhry.

That source claims she has been promised immunity from prosecution if she testifies against Chaudhry and has been promised a flight home back to India.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Illegal regime to start fingerprinting minors for electronic voter registration

As with many of the illegal regime's ambitious measures for a so-called fair society, its plan for the next election (supposedly 2014), will require anyone over 15 to be fingerprinted and photographed.

According to the illegal attorney general and Minister for Elections, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, preparations for electronic voter registration in time for the 2014 General Elections, will reduce costs and improve sustainability for both national and municipality elections.

He told Fiji media the registration uniquely identifies every individual voter based on their bio-data and unique finger print.
“Using birth certificates or passports as the primary identifier or requirement for registration, the voting system is designed to speed up the process and help eliminate cheating for voter impersonation." 

Khaiyum says the new electronic voter registration system "will require conducting a nationwide registration exercise inclusive of fingerprints, and photographs of all citizens who are now 15 years old and above."

Electronic voter registration has been used in the United States, India, Brazil and most South East Asian countries like Bangladesh.
But critics say it is not fool proof and is not secure as paper ballots. It's also unreliable because of the possibility if electronic failure.

In Indonesia, where illegal Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama was earlier this year discussing with election officials there how they could support the Fiji elections, critics say the system penalises people in rural communities who are computer illiterate.

In Fiji, many people, especially those in the village, have never even  used computers.

For the system to be fair, a lot of money will need to be spent on establishing the system and making sure people are trained to use it accurately and to make sure voters understand how it works.

In Fiji, where power blackouts are common, breakdowns could be a real issue.

Most countries that use electronic voting have huge populations; Fiji is just 800,000 - why does the illegal regime want this costly system?