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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Narsey tackles Hayward-Jones' naivety of treacherous Fiji politics

Aussie fears of China being played up

Lowy Institute lectures Australian Government
By Dr Wadan Narsey

The article by Jenny Hayward-Jones (Executive Director of Lowy Institute) in The Australian (6 October 2011) is a scornful lecture to the Australian Government diplomats, and a slap in the face of all those who suffer under the Military Regime’s dictatorship in Fiji.

With convoluted underhand logic, she transforms the Australian Government’s criticism of the Lowy Poll into a criticism of the Fiji people, and a criticism of critics of Australian Government policies.  She writes:

“COMMODORE Frank Bainimarama once famously told an Australian journalist he did not trust the Fijian people.  Apparently the Australian government doesn't trust them either.”

She further alleges:
“Just because the people polled expressed views that conflicted with what the Australian government believes the Fijian people think does not make the poll ridiculous.”

So according to Hayward-Jones, criticism of the poll is merely because the poll “reveals Fiji peoples’ views” that do not jell with the Australian Government views of what Fiji people think.

So what about all the substantive criticisms of the Lowy Poll?  Neither she nor her polling experts  have bothered answering them, either publicly or privately.

She completely ignores the statistical reality that the Lowy Poll results could not represent the views of the “Fijian people” because firstly, the sample polled was a biased urban/peri-urban sample on Viti Levu, totally ignoring all rural people and all Vanua Levu.

Secondly, and more importantly, even this biased sample could not be expected to give honest opinions on frightening questions such as “is Bainimarama doing a good job as a Prime Minister” or “should the Army continue to be involved in government in Fiji”.

Hayward-Jones needs to think a bit more why even Bainimarama told the Australian journalist that he “does not trust the Fijian people”.

Hayward-Jones may not have heard of the Fijian term “liumuri” which political analysts and politicians in Fiji (including Bainimarama) know all too well as a very apt descriptor for treacherous indigenous Fijian politics for the last century and a half.

Indo-Fijians also have a similar term “aage-peeche”  which aptly describes equally treacherous Indo-Fijian politics as many an Indo-Fijian political leader has found out belatedly, to their cost.

Although Bainimarama keeps getting profusely thanked and praised (very prominently in the media) by Fijians all around the country for the tax-payer funded goodies he has been delivering, he quite sensibly does not trust them enough to go to the polls.
Kamisese Mara
Bainimarama has seen what Fijian people did to Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and Sitiveni Rabuka despite all the goodies they delivered to the Fijian people.

Bainimarama also knows that the very people singing his praises today, were also singing Qarases’s praises before 2006, but were nowhere to be seen when Bainimarama deposed Qarase.

Neither were Indo-Fijian people (except for an intrepid few) to be seen outside the Fiji Parliament, where Chaudhry and his fellow ministers, were held hostage for 56 days in 2000.

Which is why Bainimarama and Khaiyum will hang on to power in Fiji for as long as they can, without any elections, regardless of the huge public support that any Lowy Poll claims to show for him.

Lowy Lesson for Australian Diplomats in Fiji
But this is Hayward-Jones’ expert opinion on how the Australian Diplomatic Mission gets its allegedly biased information on Fiji people’s views:

            “Thanks in large part to the Fijian regime's restrictions on free speech, the Australian government has relied on the views largely of elites - academics, non-governmental organisation leaders, Fijians with chiefly status, former politicians, some businesspeople, blogs written largely by Fijian citizens residing in Australia and New Zealand - to inform its views of what the Fijian people think.

Oh dear. Who is left to give an opinion?  Hayward-Jones reveals all:
          With the exception of the occasional taxi driver, the people diplomats rely on for information and opinion tend not to be gardeners, textile workers, nurses, teachers, shop staff or unemployed people.”

Now, how many “gardeners, textile workers, nurses, teachers, shop staff or unemployed people” were invited to speak at Lowy Institute’s Auckland talk-fest recently? Did you say none?

But Hayward-Jones claims that this latter group “probably don't come to the attention of the regime in Fiji, and they may not feel as fearful as outspoken critics of the regime about the consequences of expressing an opinion”.

So you would expect their views to come through in the newspapers, radio and TV stations?  Oh, they don’t because of the media censorship?  You mean the Military Regime is censoring anyone critical in Fiji, and not just pesky academics at USP?  What a surprise.

So, the Lowy Institute thinks that ordinary Fiji people will honestly give their opinions on Bainimarama and the Army, to totally unknown interviewers appearing on their doorstep?

And you will then have a good idea of what “all Fiji people” think of how well Bainimarama is doing as a Prime Minister and whether the Army should continue running the country?

I remind that the national poll on the Charter allegedly received 92% approval, yet John Samy (one of the driving forces behind the Charter exercise), apparently admitted to the American Ambassador  that the results were obtained through intimidation.

Hayward-Jones needs to think a lot more about the draconian censorship in Fiji that stops anything negative from appearing in the media.

Two weeks ago, all 10 articles in one newspaper on the ANU/USP Fiji Economy Update were censored.  They were reporting on only mild and constructive criticisms of the Military Regime’s economic policies.

None of my writings can appear in the Fiji media, even if they are about far-away Japan.

But of course, writings by Graham Davis or Croz Walsh or any local academic sympathetic to the Regime can appear in any Fiji media, and they do.

Now, no doubt, any article by Jenny Hayward-Jones will feature prominently in at least one rag in Fiji, which calls itself a newspaper.

Hayward-Jones’ concluding paragraph

Hayward-Jones’ concluding paragraph really takes the cake in logic.   According to Hayward-Jones, to doubt the results of the Lowy Poll in Fiji must lead to the following conclusions:

The lessons we have to draw are that the Fijian people should not be asked to express their views and that critics of Australian policy towards Fiji are unreasonable.

You have to wonder if Canberra really is committed to freedom of speech in Fiji or only to the kind of speech that confirms the views of the Australian government.

The Executive Director of the Lowy Institute does herself no credit with such illogical attempts to defend the results of an indefensible opinion poll.

These convenient results she very selectively uses to support her real policy advocacy which is that she would like the Australian Government to change tack, re-engage with the Military Regime in Fiji, and end all the sanctions.

The Lowy Think-Tank Advice
In summary, Hayward-Jones’s advice to the Australian Government is: Let us give in to a Military Regime that has shown no interest whatsoever in returning the country to democracy, transparency, accountability etc which they keep trumpeting through their Charter, while totally ignoring and contradicting them in their everyday policies and actions.

Her real advice: Let us give the clear message to the military in all Pacific Island and nearby countries: they can

*treasonously remove their elected government on totally spurious grounds;

*change the judiciary and pass decrees so they cannot be legally challenged on anything;

*buy off the army by promoting your incompetent army officers trained to uncritically obey orders, into key government positions and increase the salaries of all the rest;

* co-opt enough disaffected citizens from within the country and abroad into your government machinery (especially religious leaders) to give it credibility;

* appoint as many white faces as possible to give international credibility;

* get leading business houses on your side by giving them the lollies they ask for;

* get all the Business Councils with Australia, NZ, Canada, China, India, etc to ask for “normalcy” so that their business and profits can flow as usual (who cares about human rights and good governance in Fiji);

* misuse hundreds of millions of tax-payers funds and stop all govt. audits on their own misdemeanors;

* wreck as many organisations as you can control, with no explanations to the public;

*get morally bankrupt persons to serve on an Audit Committee which in 2011 is looking at little pot-holes in 2004 while ignoring the craters of abuse since 2006;

* totally silence the people through Military Decrees and media censorship;

* pay themselves multiple ministerial salaries;

* use financial blackmail to get rid of critical academics at the University;

* hang on to power long enough;

* know that even for Super Powers like US and international “human rights preachers” like UN, democracy and human rights in Fiji or PNG are not as important as their international strategic interests in obtaining Fijian soldiers as cannon fodder in Afghanistan or Iraq;

* and frightened by the China bogeyman and its unstinting support of military supplicant dictators;

* eventually, even the Australian and NZ governments will give in and compromise with them.

But that would indeed be a sad day for the fundamental principles of basic human rights, law and order, and constitutionality in Fiji and for the rest of the Pacific.

Lessons for the Pacific
No doubt, the military hierarchies of resource-rich countries like PNG and Solomon Islands (once RAMSI is gone), are looking at Bainimarama’s kingdom, his international bravado, and frequent globe-trotting with great admiration and envy.

If Bainimarama can successfully run George Orwell’s Animal Farm in Fiji, so can they (they also must have lots of “Khaiyums” waiting in the wings for such opportunities).

Australian and NZ capitulation to Bainimarama is all they would need to start them off on their own glorious quests to “save their countries from corrupt politicians”.

If they need an accompanying ideology, they also can promise to bring any one of electoral or economic or political or social equality to all their hundreds of scattered  backward tribes. 

Someone, somewhere, some tribe, some group, will believe them and rise to their defense, which can be given great prominence through the total media censorship of opposing views.

But of course, their army officers will also need at least eight years at the helm, like Bainimarama (2006-2014), or perhaps more, given that their people appear to be “less educated and advanced” then Fiji people! (yeah, don’t laugh).

Perhaps Lowy Institute should do a region-wide poll in PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands, and ask their people if they would like a popular Military Government like Bainimarama’s?

The Lowy Institute could approach the Melanesian Spearhead Group to finance such a poll, given their love for Bainimarama.

They won’t even need to ask those countries for permission to conduct the poll: the Tebbutt Poll Manager in Fiji claims they did not ask the Fiji Military Regime for permission and the Ministry of Information claims they did not know anything about the Lowy/Tebbutt Poll!   Yep, pigs and elephants fly as well.

With friends like the Lowy Institute and Jenny Hayward-Jones fighting to get oppressed and censored Fiji peoples’ voices heard by the Australian and NZ Governments, who needs enemies?

Post-script on the Lowy Poll Results

According to the Lowy Poll, 91% of the respondents are being honest when they said to strange interviewers on their door-step that Bainimarama was doing a very good, good or average job as Prime Minister, when under his five year reign:

* the economy has failed to grow (effective loss of more than a billion dollars in income); * the sugar industry is in dire straits, with hundreds of millions of FNPF and Reserve Bnk funds wasted on a failed FSC mill refit;

* FNPF has lost hundreds of millions through bad management of large investments;

* FNPF pensions are going to be reduced drastically;

* $300 millions of EU money has been withheld from sugar industry reform;

* hugely expensive foreign debts are acquire unnecessarily

* The Military Regime is playing “Monopoly” with large Fijian companies like Fijian Holdings Limited with no accountability to shareholders;

* massive billion dollar deals (like the Waila City) are being plotted with little evidence of financial viability or Planning Office approval or public accountability;

* trade union rights are totally being gutted;

* Fiji’s relationships with all her traditional partners (Australia, NZ, EU, Commonwealth, Forum Secretariat) are in tatters.

* Fiji’s sports people are denied participation in the Commonwealth Games

* Fiji’s religious groups are more alienated from each other than ever before.

* military interference in the national rugby organisation and team which may have contributed to the debacle at the RWC and trauma for the rugby-mad Fiji public.

No Fiji Prime Minister has ever visited such blights on Fiji people: not Ratu Kamisese Mara or Timoci Bavadra or Sitiveni Rabuka or  Mahendra Chaudhry or Lai Qarase. None of them would have survived an election after such a five-year “performance”.

The Lowy Poll also sees no problem that at the same time that 91% of their Poll respondents thought that Bainimarama is doing a good or average job, 95% of them also stated that the following human rights were important to them:
  •     the right to freely express yourself
  •     the right to freely vote in national elections
  •     the right to a fair trial
  •     the right to a media free from censorship.

Yet the Bainimarama Regime has severely curtailed all these basic human rights. 

The Opinion Makers: An Insider Exposes the Truth Behind the Polls

Air Pacific pilot in custody for alleged leaks to Coupfourpointfive

Shalend Scott
An Air Pacific pilot is in police custody for allegedly leaking documents to Coupfourpointfive confirming Air Pacific's role in the initiating and drafting of the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree and paying a New York law firm and a British consultant for their role.

The pilot, second officer Shalend Scott, is the Secretary of the Fiji Airline Pilots' Association. He has been suspended pending further investigation.

Coupfourpointfive revealed on Wednesday that a few Air Pacific union officials were in police custody from Tuesday night as part of a witchhunt by Air Pacific CEO, David Pflieger, and illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, to investigate officials of the two unions after the leaks caused them acute embarrassment and proved them to be liars.

After the leaked documents were published on this blog, the international media, unions and parliamentarians in Australia questioned why Air Pacific, which is 46 percent owned by Qantas, appeared to be actively supporting the regime.

Qantas has yet to front with an answer for what should be deservedly dubbed Air Pacific Gate.

Tony Sheldon
The Transport Workers Union of Australia says Qantas has tried to wash its hands of the ongoing brutality being perpetrated in Fiji against Air Pacific employees and other union members.

TWU National Secretary, Tony Sheldon, says: "This formally makes Qantas the most dis-interested 46% shareholder of a company anywhere in the world. Can anyone imagine Rupert Murdoch owning 46% of anything and not caring? It beggars belief!

“Moreover, the standards they apply in Australia and won’t apply in Fiji makes them hypocrites of the highest order."

He says it's outrageous that
an Air Pacific employee gets taken up to the Suva army barracks and gets the ‘Underbelly’ treatment and isn't of interest to Qantas and its CEO, Alan Joyce. “This is a pathetic double-standard”.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Second surprise fire: VRF

Someone has been blogging 'Fiji is burning' for some time now: it seems they might be onto something.
These pictures from VRF, the group behind the burning several months ago of one of the police bure.
No details yet of the circumstances or whereabouts of this fire, so information as it comes to hand.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The murderer's and torturer's among us

Dictator Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s bodyguards and intelligence spies exposed as VRF campaign intensifies 

By Victor Lal

Since the 2006 illegal and treasonous coup, we have been busy tracking down, preparing dossiers, and warning the opponents of the Bainimarama-Khaiyum regime of the henchmen who have been operating in the shadows to perpetuate military rule and oppression of the citizens of Fiji.

As our fight to topple the deranged dictator Bainimarama and his master puppeteer, the measles stricken Khaiyum intensifies, below is the list of the murderers and torturers among the citizens of Fiji who need to be routed, quartered and brought to justice when democracy, freedom, justice and rule of law returns to Fiji.

The Dictator’s Personal Bodyguards
Protection Officer 25572 LCPL JONE SAVUA
Protection Officer 26439 LCPL RALOSI GASUA
Protection Officer 22976 CPL EVELI RATUKENA
Protection Officer 24265 LCPL VERENIKI NAQORO
Protection Officer 25674 CPL SIMIONE VONOVONO
Protection Officer 27431 LCPL SAIRUSI NAVONU
Protection Officer 24545 PTE SEREMAIA WAINIDRALA
Protection Officer W DAKUROKO
Protection Officer 26314 PTE SOLOMONE WARA
Protection Officer 29602 PTE ILISAVANI MATAI
Protection Officer 29279 PTE AKUILA LUVENI
Protection Officer 29724 PTE SAIRUSI BICI
Protection Officer 25467 PTE PITA FILIPE

The Traitor’s Intelligence Spies and Operators

Warrant Officer SSGT ANASA WAQA
Intelligence Clerk 27484 SGT SAILOSI T TANE

And Intelligence Operators



We say to you all, and to your poor families, abandon the dictator and his master puppeteer and come to the side of democracy and freedom. Your illegal regime’s power and oppression will be coming to an end.

Free yourselves from the devils ruling Fiji, to quote Ephesians 6: 11: “Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.” In our case, the two biggest devils: the deranged Frank Bainimarama and power hungry Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
He who allows oppression shares the crime.

Ten reasons NOT to fly the Fiji flag

The Permanent Secretary of Misinformation, Sharon Smith-Johns, is asking the people of Fiji to commemorate Fiji Day with pride.

Perhaps Ms Smith-Johns should take a moment to reflect on the fact that we do not have much to be proud of under the current illegal regime.
It might suit her and the unelected government to be ignorant but we have not forgotten the:
1) Deaths in custody, at the hands of our security forces

2) Continuing intimidation of trade union leaders, church leaders, media personnel and outspoken citizens

3) The continuing shadow of the PER

4) The dubious media decree that only allows for the illegal government's propaganda machines - the Fiji Sun and FBCL - to flourish

5) The questionable actions of the national airline's general manager in initiating and  authoring an illegal decree that contravenes ILO conventions

6) The questionable salary payment system which by-passes the Finance Ministry for the  illegal PM and AG, which allows them and cohorts to earn unjustified amounts
7) The rank nepotism and the theft of pension funds

8) The questionable granting of exploration licences to predominantly Asian companies

9) The significantly increasing numbers of Asians now living in the country and conducting business depriving locals of a fighting chance
10) The decimiation of Fiji rugby

The list is long and we could go on and on. Instead Ms Smith Johns wants us all to celebrate Fiji Day by reaching "out to those who are less fortunate than us."

(Wednesday 5th October 2011, No:1877/MOI) FLY A FLAG FOR FIJI DAY
The Government is urging all citizens to fly a Fiji flag to commemorate our 41 years of  independence. 
Ministry of Information permanent secretary Sharon Smith-Johns said the Fiji Day celebrations marked an important and significant date in Fiji’s calendar.

“Fiji Day is the only time of the year when we remember how Fiji was given the responsibility to govern the country without external influence,” Ms Smith-Johns said.

“Apart from the promise of just another holiday, this anniversary is about remembering our commitment to running our own affairs and it is something we should all be proud of.

“Government is encouraging all citizens and friends, who are in Fiji, to support this year’s anniversary by flying a Fijian flag outside your home or office premises.”

According to Ms Smith-Johns, Government is working closely with relevant stakeholders to make this year’s event a memorable one.

“We have a fine tradition of celebrating Fiji Day both locally and overseas. I think the best way for all of us to also celebrate Fiji Day is to reach out to those who are less fortunate than us,” she said. 
Celebrations at the Albert Park in Suva will include a full military parade at the grounds including a march through Suva city on Friday.
Newspapers will carry the program for the Fiji Day celebrations.

“On behalf of Government and my personal well wishes, I congratulate and hope for a happy and safe Fiji Day celebrations,” Ms Smith-Johns said.  

  A Time Bomb Lies Buried: Fiji's Road to Independence, 1960-1970

Mixed fortunes for Fiji FA

Patel and supporters. pic FBC
The regime supported candidate, Shailedra Prasad, last night lost out to businessman Rajesh Patel in the presidential stakes for the Fiji Football Association.

Patel won convincingly with 43 votes to Prasad's 10.

Sheik Ibrahim retained his Northern Division seat, Yogeshwar Singh won the southern vice president’s seat while Jitendra Kumar and Tarunesh Reddy are now the new vice presidents from the Western Division.

But the victory wasn't without its drama: according to reports the voting got off to a bad start when Fiji FA chief executive Bob Kumar told delegates Prasad was not eligible to contest as his nominations were filled by the secondary schools soccer association. Voting settled the argument and Patel was ushered in on a huge margin.

Meanwhile, more woes for the former Fiji FA president, Sau Khan, with the  Idependent Legal Services Commissioner John Connors ruling the disbarred lawyer cannot apply for a practicing certificate for 10 years.

Khan (pictured right) has been found guilty of nine counts of professional misconduct and unsatisfactory professional conduct and is to surrender his passport on his return to Fiji.


Kava in the Blood: A Personal & Political Memoir from the Heart of Fiji

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FHL flicks Kiwi Ngamoki-Cameron and tries again to get it right

No surprises today over the Fijian Holdings Ltd's decision to bid New Zealander Carl Ngamoki-Cameron haere ra: the parting of the ways was a matter of time after revelations shareholders had very serious gripes about Ngamoki-Cameron and his 'misuse of office'.
What has been interesting is the way the board has extricated itself from yet another disaster. 

Ngamoki-Cameron's appointment has been rescinded by Frank Bainimarama in his capacity as the Minister for iTaukei Affairs.

According to reports, the 'rescinding' means Cameron, who challenged the investigation into his impropriety, will automatically relinquish his chairmanship and directorship in all FHL subsidiary companies, where he is a board member.

In another supposed show of transparency after being conned and ripped off by yet another chairman, Bainimarama has re-appointed Iowane Naiveli as acting chair. 

Just nine months ago Naiveli was ressurected from the ranks of retired directors (he opted out in 2008) and made acting chairman because of the double dipping and raiding of the till that led to the sacking of managing director, Sereana Qoro, and chairman Isoa Kaloumaria. 

As it did with Qoro and Kaloumaria, FHL has damaged control the Ngamoki-Cameron fiasco to avoid having more egg on its face over the dodgy appointments it makes.

The post Ngamoki-Cameron FHL board is now made up of Iowane Naiveli, Padam Lala, Sai-moni Lutu, Ulai-yasi Baya and Ilimotama Cawi with the usual but all too shallow reassurance from FHL that it's business as usual.

Fiji union officials arrested over decree leaks to Coupfourpointfive

Reliable sources have established that a few Union officials who are employees of Air Pacific are in police custody from last night, suspected of leaking documents to us confirming Air Pacific's role in the drafting of the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree and paying a New York law firm and a British consultant for their role.
Details are sketchy as the sources have been unable to confirm the identity or identities of the officials and which Union they are officials of. The two Unions representing Air Pacific employees are Transport Workers Union and Fiji Airline Pilots Association. But the arrests have been confirmed.

Sources say the officials were picked up by police from their homes last night. Sources have confirmed Air Pacific CEO David Pflieger and the military regime's attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum have ordered the police to probe officials of the two unions after the leaks caused them acute embarrassment and proved them to be liars.

Coupfourpointfive was tipped off a couple of days ago that  Pflieger had ordered all staff to leave computers on last week when they signed off for the day and brought in IT specialists to go through hard drives and emails to find out who leaked documents to us.

A source within the airline said Pflieger has come down hard on Air Pacific's internal IT Dept for their inability to flush out the insiders.

There is even a reward offered for any info leading to the apprehension of this person or persons. It's believed IT specialists have installed software that enables Pflieger to peek into people's desktops at any time to see what they're up to.

More on the arrests when we get confirmation.

Regime looking to dominate Fiji soccer backing Vodafone manager

PRASAD: Looking forward to victory and World Cup qualifiers. pic Jet Community newspaper
It looks like the regime is trying to take control of Fiji soccer, even as it admits it stuffed up big time with Fiji rugby.

The new, unknown candidate in the Fiji Soccer elections (FFA) for Fiji soccer presidency is one Shailendra Prasad, the corporate affairs manager with Vodafone.

Prasad is backed by Aslam Khan, the CEO of Vodafone.  

Word to Coupfourpointfive is that the regime is backing Prasad against the current vice president Rajesh Patel.  

Shailendra Prasad is the former Coco Cola employee who  was terminated from Coke after he wrote off a company vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

He was immediately hired by Vodafone thanks to the recommendations of his close buddy, Pradeep Lal, who happens to be Vodafone's chief operating officer/financial controller. 

It is believed Shailendra Prasad has been campaigning for the presidency by travelling to various districts using Vodafone funds under the pretext of official Vodafone business.

The Fiji FA Annual General meeting starts at 6 o’clock tonight with the election of the President and four Vice Presidents.
 Fiji Village is reporting today the former Fiji FA President, Samshud Dean Sahu Khan, is supporting Shailendra Prasad, who is campaigning under the umbrella Wheels for Change.

Prasad has told Fjii Times he expects to win and that his team has mustered 95 to 97 per cent district support. And he says if he wins one of the first things he'll be doing is getting the FA ready for the World Cup qualifiers.

Prasad confident of victory

Prasad denies Sahu Khan support

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Khaiyum's arrogance and incompetency revealed in correspondence with American ally

The military regime's dictatorial attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has displayed his arrogance, hunger for power, and confirmed his incompetency as a lawyer who cannot understand or clarify simple issues that the treasonous regime regards as legal issues.

Aiyaz Khaiyum has showed himself up as one who is worse than a junior law clerk in an exchange of correspondence with his ally in the private sector, Air Pacific's Chief Executive Officer, David Pflieger.

The incompetency is exposed in his letter to Pflieger where he tries to clarify that Pacific Sun is a designated corporation and whether or not it is included in the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree, despite not being listed as a designated corporation under the Regulations gazetted on September the 9th.

Coupfourpointfive readers will recall our story last Friday, where we reported that Fiji Airlines Limited, trading as Pacific Sun, which is a subsidiary of Air Pacific, informed its employees through a memorandum dated September the 26th and issued by its General Manager Shaenaz Voss, that they are now included as a designated corporation in an essential industry under the ENI Decree.

Voss stated that "government had clarified the issue on September the 23rd". We had said that no Decree was gazetted to amend the ENI Decree Regulations to include Fiji Airlines Ltd or Pacific Sun, therefore the clarification - whether verbal or in written form - would still be unlawful.

We remind readers that on September the 15th, C4.5  published a letter from Pflieger to Aiyaz Khaiyum requesting him to include Pacific Sun as a designated corporation. Pflieger to Khaiyum: "...whether it could be listed as a separate corporation to avoid any confusion with respect to its existence as a separate company and with respect to it being a separate covered entity under the Decree".


We can today confirm that on September the 12th, Pflieger signed two letters. We have today received copies of the two letters as well as Khaiyum's reply to Pflieger dated September the 23rd.

The contents of the letter were exactly the same. But closer inspection will show that Pflieger's first letter was rejected by Khaiyum because it didn't list his Civil Aviation ministerial portfolio! Khaiyum now holds nine portfolios, of course, among them Civil Aviation.

Sources say Khaiyum was incensed his American friend  omitted one of his portfolios and ordered another letter be sent with the appropriate correction. Pflieger quickly got it corrected and emailed the letter. Both letters were also sent by official postal mail.

According to sources, Khaiyum's arrogance has been obvious since he assumed office in the treasonous regime. Sources note that his media officers used to write letters to the editor in the daily newspapers in the regime's early days reminding them that his name is Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and to spell it properly.

Any omission of any of the three names - or the hyphen - would result in a letter the following day, along with a correction. Sources add that after Khaiyum's failure at the Forum Ministerial Contact Group meeting in January 2009, Fiji Times published a cartoon showing Frank Bainimarama telling Khaiyum off and spanking his backside.

The cartoonist left the hyphen out. The following day Fiji Times re-published the full cartoon with Khaiyum on the receiving end.  Interestingly, his humiliation at the hand of the dictator was secondary: according to sources, the bigger concern over the cartoon was the misspelling of his name.

In another anecdote, sources reveal that during a meeting with some businessmen this year, one of them was put in his place after calling Khaiyum 'Aiyaz.' Khaiyum told the businessman: "Don't call me Aiyaz, call me Attorney-General". 

Hunger for power & incompetency 
"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Aiyaz Khaiyum is a perfect example. Apart from his monetary gains, Khaiyum's ambition to be the Prime Minister is now coming out in the open. Last week we reported and showed a picture of a plaque naming Khaiyum "Acting Prime Minister".

In his reply to Pflieger in the letter dated September the 23rd, Aiyaz Khaiyum signed off as "Acting Prime Minister & Attorney-General". This, after the display of arrogance and the order to Pflieger to write a second a letter because he left off the Civil Aviation portfolio from the address. 
Khaiyum's letter clearly shows his hunger for power and recognition, and exposes him as an incompetent lawyer.

Pflieger requested Khaiyum to include Fiji Airlines Ltd Trading As Pacific Sun as "separate company, to avoid any confusion with respect to it being a separate covered entity under the Decree".

Khaiyum's clarification was this: "Given PSL (Readers note: He is referring to 'Pacific Sun Limited', a company that doesn't even exist)
is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Pacific Limited, PSL is also a designated corporation for the purposes of the Decree and the Regulations".

Shaenaz Voss based her memo on this clarification, signing the memo as Fiji Airlines Ltd General Manager, not as PSL GM. As readers know, the name of the corporation is Fiji Airlines Ltd, Trading As Pacific Sun. So even while trying to enforce regulations of a unlawful and draconian decree, Aiaz Khaiyum has made cardinal errors. In any fair court of law, his letter will be thrown out and he crucified, if the ENI Decree and its Regulations are allowed to be challenged. 

Sources reveal that given his lack of understanding of the most basic laws, it was no wonder Khaiyum did not represent the Colonial National Bank in Arbitration Tribunals or Court to defend the Bank in employee/employer disputes and proceedings, despite being employed as General Manager Legal.

Given Aiyaz Khaiyum's incompetency, it is not surprising Pflieger sought external help from the New York law firm MILBANK and the British Consultant, Andy Cook, in drafting and fine-tuning the provisions of the ENI Decree. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fiji rugby chair: 'the buck stops with us'

TIKOITOGA: Accepting blame for Fiji's shocker World Cup performance

Mosese Tikoitoga has taken full responsibility for the Flying Fijian's miserable performance at the Rugby World Cup but insists his board had no say in naming the team.
Angry fans and bloggers have criticised players and coaches but have also singled out the military appointed Tikoitoga for Fiji's disastrous Cup campaign.

FBC says "even though the current board came in after the coaching panel and the team had been chosen, the FRU chairman says he now needs to make some tough decisions."

He is quoted as saying: "As chairman of the board I take full responsibility for what has happened. The buck stops with us. We've heard all the comments and criticism and we accept everything that's being said."

Fiji Police Jazz band playing before the game
Tikoitoga is part of the Nadi welcome home committee for the Flying Fijians and told FBC the team will be accorded a welcome ceremony be-fitting of any team to represent Fiji at the World Cup.

Disappointed fans were baying for blood after Fiji was beaten 27-7 by Samoa but the team's fortunes worsened yesterday when it was thrashed 66-nil by Wales.

Many fans have put the shoddy Cup performance down to the general woes of the country since Frank Bainimarama took control after a coup in December.

The unelected government says it pumped $3 million dollars in the World Cup campaign.

Earlier, FBC quoted FRU member and Comissioner Western Colonel Joeli Cawaki as saying changes will be made when the team arrives home. 

Cawaki says the board will meet on Thursday adding it came into power when the team was already chosen, and could not do much but help with preparations required.

BLOODY EFFORT: Fiji at the hands of Wales yesterday.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fiji regime signs off on another dubious Chinese deal

SIGNING AWAY FIJI'S RIGHTS? Bainimarama dots down.

Another arrival party gets the red carpet treatment
Yet another Chinese company is looking to make its fortune in Fiji.

Gold Century Group (Fiji) Limited plans to inject about F$500 million in a commercial and residential project on 17 acres of land at Raiwai where it intends to build a multi-storey complex to house retail outlets, modern and professional office space, and up-market residential lots.
Bainimarama dotting down again
Gold Century Group's chairman, Shi Yubao, has himself revealed (at the handing over ceremony of the lease in Suva) that the regime fast tracked its application. 

 Yubao says the Frank Bainimarama government 'facilitation' ranged from Investment Fiji allowing it to register, to surveying the land, to approving the survey and building concept and the environmental management plans, all in the space of just 15 weeks.

In a MINFO release, the permanent secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Filimone Kau, lauds how hard Bainimarama has worked to attract investors to Fiji, saying the whole project could've easily taken 18-24 months.

“Government agencies are beginning to realize that time is extremely critical in the business world, and they are now taking concrete measures to satisfy the expectations of foreign investors." (see attached statement)
Development and business is welcomed but cynicism continues to grow about the deals between China and Fiji and fears Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum are selling Fiji off as they line their pockets, in kickbacks.

.... And again
Informants say the pair are getting $50 million in cuts from the Gold Century loan alone.

Those in-the-know also insist Bainimarama and Khaiyum have almost $US30 million in offshore accounts, distributed in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai.  Coupfourpointfive is unable to verify these figures at this stage and can only say sources have proven to be right in the past on this sort of information.

Informants have also sounded the alarm about Bainimarama giving Chinese contractors army land to build a shop in Bay View. They claim the Chinese workers who are there are in fact 'Chinese army guys establishing a base in the Pacific under the nose of the dictator.'

"The Chinese vice president has visited twice in two years. This is not a coincidence. He comes to oversee the development of the mini chinese state that is Fiji," says a source.

"The Chinese government knows quite well Fiji is incapable of paying these loans and history shows that China took control of Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan by force. Fiji is its conquest and they have already started setting up a base by pouring in labours and businesses in Fiji."

Intel sources say they have been getting first-hand reports from the Chinese movements and that monitoring of workers has resulted in reports of some of them carrying satellite phones with a Chinese army encryption system.

It's believed as many as 10,000 Chinese nationals are now in Fiji as a result of work facilitated by Bainimarama since 2009.

Chinese investors propose $500m project

Return of Viti Revolutionary Forces

VRF seems to be back to rattle the regime, sending these pictures to Coupfourpointfive.
Reiterating its message of people standing up against the coup bandits and needing to support the Methodist Church and the unions, VRF says these banners were posted on the fence of the Vodafone repeater at Maro Sigatoka.

With the pictures came a message about "Independence": "We are promising the thieves today and we are giving our word to our children. We will make every single person who benefited from this illegal thugs and murderers. 

"We will make them pay with interest. We will make them pay for our tears. We will make them cry in agony and pay back for all the luxuries they enjoyed selling our country."

Earlier pic: promise of things to come.
In August, VRF claimed responsibility for burning a police bure and a graffiti campaign targeting roadside billboards of the unelected prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, bus stops and other infrastructure.