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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bainimarama the hypocrite covers up for Fiji's hanging judge and adulterous RFMF major

The regime has revived the Public Order Act to keep Fiji citizens under its control with the illegal leader claiming everything it did under the Public Emergency Regulations was justified and created a fair Fiji. This in the face of so many examples of regime hypocrisy, two of them alone below. 

The first involves a cover-up of Justice Daniel Goundar in a number of cases involving his maternal uncle, Keshwan Padayachi. Since the publication of Coupfourpointfive's recent story exposing the original conflict of interest, at least eight other cases involving Goundar's uncle that were heard by him, have been removed from PACLII. A search of the cases throws up the following: 404 File not found. 

The conspiracy and the attempt to shroud the truth by the Judiciary shows it is not independent, impartial or fair as Frank Bainimarama claims in flowery state of the nation addresses. If it is, when will Justice Goundar be asked to explain his undeclared conflict of interest and why is he being protected? Is it so because it is his job to send more innocent people to prison? 

In the other case, a RFMF major who was sacked alongside a female soldier after they were caught having an affair, has not only been reinstated but was promoted by Bainimarama. The same Bainimarama who this weekend insisted he has made a "better society—one that is more fair, just and transparent meeting international standards."

The following cases on PACLII – the legal information institute concerned Justice Daniel Goundar presiding over cases where his maternal uncle Keshwan Padayachi appeared for the Accused/ Appellant.
1.        Gani v State [2011] FJHC 712; HAA020.2011 (30 September 2011) [3%]
(From High Court of Fiji; 30 September 2011; 10 KB)
3.        Kiran v State [2011] FJHC 226; HAA009.2011 (19 April 2011) [2%]
(From High Court of Fiji; 19 April 2011; 10 KB)
4.        Jahid v State [2011] FJHC 262; HAA05.2011 (12 May 2011) [2%]
(From High Court of Fiji; 12 May 2011; 14 KB)
5.        State v Dayal [2011] FJHC 476; HAC009.2010 (29 August 2011) [2%]
(From High Court of Fiji; 29 August 2011; 9 KB)
6.        Bano v State [2011] FJHC 227; HAA008.2011 (21 April 2011) [2%]
(From High Court of Fiji; 21 April 2011; 11 KB)
7.        Prasad v State [2011] FJHC 710; HAA018.2011 (30 September 2011) [2%]
(From High Court of Fiji; 30 September 2011; 12 KB)

Sacked soldier now Commissioner Central
“Absolute power corrupts absolutely" and this old adage is ever fitting for Fiji’s military regime and its high school failure leader, Voreqe Bainimarama.

In an address at the Republic Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) commanders’ parade and award ceremony at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks top ground in Nabua, in December 2011, Bainimarama said that soldiers who abuse the powers bestowed upon them will have no room in the RFMF.

Unfortunately, these are hollow words indeed for the rest of the world outside the RFMF walls since Bainimarama himself and his underlings are an abusive force themselves.

Look no further than 2007 when then Major Laisenia Bale Tuitubou undertook a peacekeeping mission to the Sinai. There were female Fijian police officers in this mission. During the mission Major Tuitubou had an affair with a fellow married Fijian female police officer. It was during the time of Teleni’s run as Police Commissioner and his law of “extra marital affairs in the police force will find you sacked”.

Upon Major Tuitubou’s return, and later in 2009, the affair was found out and both the female police officer and Major Tuitubou were relieved of their military and police duties and sacked as per “Teleni’s law”.

But fast forward to 2011 and what has happened? Major Tuitubou is now Commissioner Central, Lieutenant-Colonel Laisenia Bale Tuitubou. He was also the soldier responsible for approving the permit for the annual meeting of the Soqosoqo Vakamarama of Rewa in November 2011, which was later blocked by police officers from Nausori and Ro Temumu turned away from attending the meeting.  

On December the 1st, last year he opened the ablution block at Ratu Alipate Primary School in Naitasiri delivering a speech that reeked of self-promotion and praise for his high-school failure leader Voreqe Bainimarama, who obviously enabled him to obtain the Commissioner’s role after the debacle of sacking for extra-marital affairs.

It is yet another classic example of “what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander." For while Laisenia Bale Tuitubou and his family continue to enjoy the benefits of the military regime’s corrupt practices with his high posting, the family of the sacked female police officer continue to struggle to make ends meet with only one parent now being the bread winner in these difficult and hard times in Fiji.

Why wasn’t the female police officer reinstated to her previous post in the force if Lt. Col. Tuitubou is now Commissioner Central? So, much for the promise by Bainimarama that no military officer will benefit from his coup. The so-called leader of Fiji is a liar.


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is likened to a boy scout who helped a reluctant old lady to cross the street when she did not want to cross the street, and later praised his own service to his scout master. The Old lady had to cross back where she wanted to be originally. Fiji will cross back eventually. Bainimarama and Rabuka should join Speight in jail for life, if justice is to prevail in Fiji.

Judge Jiuta said...

The revival of the Public Order Act by the illegal PM is to protect abusive individuals in the regime, not to protect the innocent people.

The judiciary is a mickey mouse operation with all strings pulled by Kaiyum. It is a masquerade to try and patch the cracks of their criminal enterprise. Daniel Gounder has no ethics and has turned his services over to be used in the promotion of evil.

Bring back a truely independent judiciary, legislative assembly - parliament, the previous constitution.

Anonymous said...

Dina says..

Sa tu na DA...boi dada kece ga.

If what Fijians are seeing is not corruption and nepotism...than we are living in a different world.

As a career civil servant & military reserve, I am seeing all these mul/corrupt practices happening in front of me. Bianimarama & his corrupt group are shameless. His crank military officers are following his idiot animal farm circus of mismanagement and jungle rule typo.

Its a waste of time trying to reason out with my pro army pro coup mates, I just do my work and go home.

I learnt a different type of military officer training under sound commanders and how to respect and value life and others. Providing peace and stay impartial from politics. With Frank, he is just a scared and fear-ful person, very insecure. I guess that because he has never worked hard to earn his status like other top military persons, well qualified and learned the real stuff of being a professional soldier.

Frank taught us how to fear and abuse your powers because we had guns. he has no moral obligation genuinely and can't be trusted. This young officers are like him now egoistic and qaciqacia, viavialevu and dokadoka.

I just resigned , madua and ashame of our beloved military institution we once look up to and proud to wear that uniform. No more now.

the barracks is now a battle ground ever since Frank came into leadership. Thats the fact.
I dream we can someday reclaim our lost identity but under different leadership.

God bless Fiji.

4FIJI said...


If we organised a peaceful march/ protest for all the beatings, murders, outrageous postings as highlighted here, corruption in the highest order and listed all these appauling events (which will easily fill up 50 A4 Pages), will we be classed as 'Terrorists' and fall under the public order act? For those who can read between the lines of the Act please comment.

Our dead brothers, beaten sisters and ruined fellow fijian families deserve our action. We've got enough to show the rest of the world the injustice that is ripping us apart. I dont want my kids suffering because I stood back and did nothing!


Anonymous said...

Incidentally his uncle Padayachi did "win" all those cases didn't he ?

All in the family. Aiyaz and his Aunty Nur.

Bainimarama and his tavale Francis, big bro Ratu Meli and favourite daughter CEO of Sports Council

Goundar and his favourite Uncle Padayachi.

Aren't these the same guys who made such a fuss about Trapper Ltd and Qarase's son ?

Kiuva Kulina said...

The abuse of power bestowed upon them in the Vore's speech referred to those may undrmine his leadership like Roko Ului & Driti.

Hell they are welcome to abuse the public at large to maintain control oh sorry stability.

The Oracle said...

The promulgation of the Public Order (Amendment) Decree 2012 should be recognised as an even bigger threat to all Fiji citizens then the PER was.
The Decree not only "legalises" the current state of military dictatorship but further cements it by giving "judiciary" powers to the Commissioner of Police - combining the "ingredients" of a "police state" with the current militarisation of Fiji.
The usually expected independence of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has been completely compromised. Whereas a DPP is usually an appointee with substantial experience in legal matters and someone who has probably served some time as a judge or magistrate, the position of Commissioner of Police does not require the same degree of legal expertisr.
Under the new Decree, the Commissioner of Police has been given powers to interpret, without judicial review, aspects of the law which should rightly be determined by either a magistrate or a judge. This includes placing restrictions on the freedom of movement of individuals the Commissioner of Police believes - rightly or wrongly - should be so restricted.
The Public Order Decree also gives immunity to the armed forces in the use of arms, explosives, corrosive of inflamable substances etc, against people involved in protests/marches which a police officer deems necessary to "stop" - even if the protests/marches were at first approved by the authorities. While police riot squads usually carry - in the following order - shields, batons, gas canisters, and guns (usualy as the last line of attack/defence), the new provisions in the decree allowing either police, prison officers or soldiers to also use corrosive or inflammable substances (usually chemical in nature)is a dangerous tool when allowed without judicial supervision/authorisation. The Decree allows for the use of such "weaponry" even if it is against protestors/marchers who might be carrying only sticks and stones!!!
Whereas in the past,dress codes during protest marches were normally assessed on the basis that they represented a "trained/organised" challenge to the police/security forces, now the simple manufacture of the same, without proof of its intended use, is unlawful. Strictly speaking, the manufacture of "uniforms" for school cadet programs should also require prior approval.

And in all of this, the Commissioner of Police does not need to prove anything .. the onus is on individuals to prove their innocence. So the time-accepted notion of "innocence until proven guilty" is cast out the window.
The Decree makes no mention of reviews/amendments. It is obvious that it is here to THREATEN the people of Fiji into submission and will remain in force for as long as Frank Bainimarama and his treasonous senior officers who have been placed as heads of strategic civi service positions (including the Police and the Prison Department) wish to remain in power.
We may well be in for a forced state of marriage and the pledge, "until Death Do Us Part" may well be our punishment rather than the harmony it intended.


Anonymous said...

Another interesting point - Keshwan Padayachi's son in law is the Acting Solicitor General.

Anonymous said...

once again the blog shows frustration from the losers

Baini will survive and the losers will continue to be losers

Anonymous said...

isa sa vakaloloma o Viti ni sa cicivaka tu na matanitu nei setani,,,,dau lasa i tuba, dau laba, dau meteni, lasulasu, kococoko, butabutako, dokadoka etc,,,,,

Anonymous said...

First it was Tikoitoga now Tuitubou as Commissioner Central any similarities both from the military and both adulterous womanisers.what about junior ranks in the military who were discharged for the same offences who have been discharged,Frank what about them .Any chance for them.'Animal Farm' by George Orwell in reality.

Anonymous said...

Remember how much money was spent by FICAC calling for the recusal of Justice William Marshall from presiding over the Appeal hearing of the former Chairman and Managing Director of Post Fiji Limited.

Why aren't they investigating this idiot and all the cases?

Namajiu said...

The bastard Vuaka should be castrated the big volo.

Ex soldier said...

Military ulukau lala vakalevu.Too much I,I,I,I etc.Like all Fiji Turaganivalu who always want to be something!!! Learn from the NZ & Aussie Officers who are very humble & helpful.I believe they had been to the real wars not peacekeeping mission.That is why as Colonel Pio once said that the Fiji Turaganivalu are always lamu of drinking in the public pubs and avoid nightspots frequented by lower ranks otherwise their sonas are going to be f...d.That is they tabetabe to other soldiers to gain support.Ni yavu tamata lamulamu.Come to the metropole or caesars palace to see the fun.Qori ga na cici e na caka.

Anonymous said...

E sa yaga ga me tara tu ga na dena o Bainimarama baleta everything he does and touches reeks of shit!

He is just shit!

Anonymous said...

Anyways, there must be a family connection between Tuitubou and Teleni? I know of a Tuitubou family whose mother is the sister of Teleni! Who says there is no corruption in Fiji? Nepotism, favouritism, how about kean the murderer?

Constable Adriu said...

Well much vinakas to the Oracle for presenting us a a legal analysis of the Public Order (Amendment) Decree 2012.

As expected it is much worse than PER.

Not only do we have a legitimised Military Government but thanks to Frank's concern for the common folk of Fiji he has blended it into a Police State as well.

There is no legal qualification stipulated for the Commissioner of Police although he has been given powers to interperate law without Judicial Review.Woe betide Fiji with the likes of Naivalurua at the helm. The man who gave the order not to undertake an autopsy on the soldier found floating in the army swimming pool.

Its is a disgusting state of affairs. Very dangerous for ordinary Fijians. Fiji has been converted into a pressure cooker of oppression due to the fear of prosecution by the illegal gangsters who are fobbing themselves off as leaders of the nation.

Well, the ball is your court peoples.Especially us the idigenous Fijians. Io, gunu yaqona, wele tiko...sa takali vei keda na nodatou vanua.

It is true I conceed, that a country deserves the government it gets.That little bamboo shoot has finally detached and drifted off for good.

The Oracle said...

The Public Order Decree is specific. You will not be allowed to oganise such a march/protest. FULL STOP.
It will be ruled as "villification". In simple language, that is speaking ill of or bringing into disrepute the current regime's actions/history.
Even if a permit is issued, you will not be allowed to carry any pictures as a tribute to the "victims' of this regime.
The other issue in the Decree is the use of past refusals as an automatic decline for new applications for meetings. One such case is the Methodist Church. While they should now be allowed (in theory) to hold their AGM, they will now have to first discuss the matter with the Commissioner of Police because their earlier applications had been refused.
So in effect, the army is more entrenched then ever with Bainimarama wielding power on the political front and the Commissioner of Police and Commissioner of Prisons (all military men) holding the balance of power with regards to public order.
The new Public Order (Amendment) 2012 Decree is no longer a tool to protect national security but is now a "legalised weapon" which gives the military, through its placement of officers in key positions in government, the right to even kill our people with complete immunity.
Bainimarama justifies the Decree by saying that it contains safegurads that other countries have against terrorism. <ost of those countries have indeed been real victims of terrorism. The difference is that our terrorism has come from the very same people who are now given additional powers under the Public Order Decree.
And the most disappointing aspect of it all is that the judiciary is made a eunuch in this instance where the military can move against our own people as it sees fit. One shudders at the tremendous power this gives a man like Frank Bainimarama .. a man well known for the tantrums he throws and the questionable mental state he is in.
The Decree also refers to treason without as much as an admission from Frank and the Decree drafters that what happened in 2006 and is continuing in Fiji today is, in any civilised world, a GROSS act of TREASON.
Every day, as Frank continues in power, George Orwell's Animal Farm is being brought to reality - bit by bit!As a member of the military one is now more equal than any other citizen - that's what the Public Order Decree really means. Without realising it, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and the Decree drafters may have just begun digging their own graves!!!

Anonymous said...

da tucake mada yani na kai VT da cakava e dua na ka sa sivia na blog. Me da vakaraitaka da sega ni taleitaka na matanitu veitalia da mate , meda mate ga baleta na noda vanua lomani.

au sa oca na blog. au vakabauta keda march e lewe 1000 na kawai taukei ke da mani mate sara yani, da lauvana se cava yani sa da mate tu e na vukuni noda vanua. laivi ira na sotia mera lamusona wavoki jiko ga qori mai na keba ra yavu sona lelevu masi polo vei bainipuaka.

Sa ra vakaloloma mai na wekada na veivaaloloma taki sa caka tu qo. qo sa viavia vinaka cake o Libya. sa vo ga mera polishtaka nona sona o bainimarama oira na sotia qo. Ra kila tu na dina ra qai vakamumuri tikoga.

Da yalo vata na i taukei meda cakava e dua na ka . kua na vakasuka tiko i muri!@! tiko vei keda na dra vaka dau valu so lets bring it back and wage anotther war! sa sega ni rawa na sala malumu io me caka na sala kaukauwa kei na vakadave dra , me bula kina na noda vanua ni mataka!

Anonymous said...

Remember the 7s team, after a beautiful display of running rugby which warms the heart of rugby lovers the world over? In comes Vore's boy as head coach, and we got a beating which is hisotric from Wales. Everything Vore touches, turns to shit. Jail the bastard!!

James ....Bond said...

The Public Order Act has been in place since 1979 you ULUKAU'S.

Ratu Mara put that into place and it has just been re written to make it sound like a new piece of legislation.....HULLO !!!!!!

Socrates said...

Bainimarama is becoming an expert at cover ups.

Fiji TV recently announced that Premila Kumar was voted in their Vodafone survey as the Personality of the Year. They've since corrected that to say that NO, NO, Vodafone made a mistake and that Frank is the personality of the year. The announcement was buried at the end of the Fiji TV news bulletin on the evening of Monday 9 January 2012.
I wonder if Vodafone had a change of heart or whether the late texts for FB came after the cartoon depicting his limp genitals were displayed on this site (Monday 9 January 2012)?
Maybe Aslam Khan is getting one back at Frank for using Nazhat Shameem more than Aslam himself?


Anonymous said...

Sa rauta nai valu vosa ena blog me da cakacaka taki keda me baleta na nodra bula na luveda kei na makubuda mai muri, da tu cake ka vaka raitaki yani ni sega ni tamata ravarava,sa ke na gauna me da veisau taka na i lakolako oqo, au sa vaka IO taka meu vaka i tavi e na sasaga oqo.

Anonymous said...

anon jan 10 9.07am
liu yani mudrau,,,,sa sivia la nomu vosa....
ke lewe dua madaga e vesu sa talavo ya
liu sara yani

Anonymous said...

na matanitu qo e illegal so we can do whatever we want. Illegal decree ni sona volai jiko mai qori. ni kauta ga i valenivo ni lai taqari kina. Levu ga na dai. dou veitauri cici.

Anonymous said...

na matanitu qo e illegal so we can do whatever we want. Illegal decree ni sona volai jiko mai qori. ni kauta ga i valenivo ni lai taqari kina. Levu ga na dai. dou veitauri cici.

TURUKAWA said...

What are we waiting for,its time & time again for him to go & his band wagon!!

the leopard does not change his spot from day 1,he has dig himself in like the old dictator from Indonesia Shurhato following exactly in his foot steps to cling for power. he has to be taken out simple. an eye for an eye or blood for blood!!Lets forget about beign oh man sa rauta mada na laba,well if we dont laba the fella soon,fiji is gone to the vultures and hyenas already circling his throne at the time.

Bainimarama has got so relaxed that he thinks evryone does not hate him or either get rid of him like the poor policeman that was murdered at the Hapkido training at QEB.

The illegality of his governence has made buss ppl & fly by night investors rich and also accquring big chunks of land & properties because of the laxity of his rule by using teh coup as a jumping board to get themselves rich. because their is no true ppl or checks left in the govt institution to counter this all this illegal stuff happening in fiji or there may be some but all are laying low.

I am sorry to say the gap between the rich and poor has got bigger.The prices of everything as sky rocketed since 2009.Ppl are going to steal to survive and ppl are taking home weekly salary that cannot even feed everyone in their individual household & yet teh PM and his household can use govt money to stay at a 5 star at Sofitel for a week to kana full chow with all his family.

So wake fiji ppl and lets do something.

Bainimarama so called lifting of hie PER is a load of rubbish and please dont belive it.



Anonymous said...

@anon Jan 10 4.06pm

sa vakaraitaki gona ga ni dui yaloyalo qori , se o iko beka e dua vei ira na dau polishtaka na sona i bainimarama? kailaa

drau veitauri kau vakaikai.
sa tukuni la toso io me toso, ca gona qori na butubutu rua tiko. sa rauta ga me leqa o VT sa levu la na tamata liu muri. kaya mada ga me ra lako kece mai na kai China ra mai take over ni qai drami da vei ira.. ni vakacucu mada.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the twin shot ya!
not sure what you're yappin about and you're just as bad as the vulture-hanging around to see whose
ready to die before swooping in to
for the kill?
Why don't you be more like an Eagle? Hunt down your prey and be more satisfied after the hunt?

Anonymous said...

The "Fiji Public Order Act" has been inexistence, since 1975-I think?C-4.5 could you please check this out .I'm sure that Fijian Nationalist Party, former General Secretary Mr.Sakiasi Butadroka and 2 other Executives, were charged and incarcerated under this Law during the 1977&78 Fiji General Elections?The
law was not; and i repeat-not the
handwork of the blockhead lawyer &
A.G -Khaiyum!

Anonymous said...

@6:33 PM ... Losers?? Winners?? How old are you?? Its not about who wins and who losers you block head!! Its about whats right and wrong. People have died under your so called 'winner'. People have been beaten ... you needs to open both eyes and not just your mouth and legs to Bai...

Anonymous said...

If the lowest rings of hell are reserved for judges, journalists, and clergy who prostitute the truth -- because by profession they are bound by duty to uphold and defend the truth -- then a special wing of Hades must be reserved for Bainimarama's Fiji. Judges like Gates and Goundar, journalists like Lomas and Smith-Jones, and clergy like --well, we'll just let the Good Lord fill in that blank -- are lower than those who merely sell their bodies. They sell their souls.

And for what? Bainimarama's regime will have no lasting positive impact, because its rule remains illegitimate. And it cannot be legitimized through an election that fails to meet minimum international standards.

Stupidly and cowardly, Bainimarama has repeatedly fled from true engagement with the people of Fiji, opting instead to use lies and intimidation to force his will on his countrymen. And now that he has tasted power and received so much lucre by selling out Fiji's patrimony to the Chinese and oh, by the way, the Russians, Bainimarama finds he cannot dismount from the tiger's back, for to do so would be to leave himself open to certain prosecution.

As I've repeatedly warned, Bainimarama plans to make himself president for life. Well, he may have all of the guns, but unless an until he brings the people of Fiji with him, he will never know the people's respect. Quite the contrary. Once he is out of the way, his name will be publically execrated and his legacy obliterated.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Gone are the good days of the RFMF which I knew,which my father new after going to the Solomons and Malaya.Gone are the good days when we served with pride and honour.I wouldlike to ask Frank 'When my father was in the Solomons and Malaya,WHERE WAS HIS FATHER?'

Anonymous said...

Frank's father was busy trying to educated this boy
to become the military commander?We
cannot be all fighting in the war(s) as someone has to run things at home? Some one has to prepare Fiji for the next generation of Fijian warriours? My respect to your warrior Father for fighting in
that war(s) to ensure that we survived into this new generation
of peace,Harmony and Goodwill...

Democrat said...

Well last nignts TVNZ laid it on the line about the new draconian POAD. Give with one hand and take away with the other. People are less gullible these days and can see through such attempted 'slight of hand'.