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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bainimarama's votes for the Personality poll were sent from government phones

UNETHICAL:  Vodafone's boss, Aslam Khan, (third from left) alerted the regime to Premila Kumar's strong lead.

REDDY: One eyed perspective?
The so-called 1500 votes for Frank Bainimarama on the last day of  the Fiji TV Personality of the Year texting competition came from just two phones, both of them government numbers.

Coupfourpointfive sources have established the texts were sent by two personnel from Bainimarama's Suva office and that one of them was using this phone number: 9905393. 
FIJI TV FACE: Satish Narayan

Our sources reveal here the true scale of the dishonesty behind the vote rigging that saw Premila Kumar bumped from her win and Bainimarama cheat his away again to the top.

Here's how the sham was played out:

1) As has been established, Fiji TV made the mistake of closing the poll a day early: on December the 30th instead of the 31st. But on the 30th, Premila Kumar was already way ahead of Bainimarama by almost 600 votes.

2) The mistake was picked up by Vodafone boss, Aslam Khan, who alerted Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. Vodafone also informed the regime the revered leader was trailing badly behind Premila Kumar. 

3) On December the 31st, two government numbers, which typically begin with 9905, were used to send more than 800 texts supporting Bainimarama. The two personnel who wrote the texts were from office of the illegal prime minister.

4) These two then called Vodafone (their contact person and Aslam Khan's trusted man) to see if their texts had gotten Bainimarama ahead of Kumar. They were informed that while the numbers had indeed put him in the lead, the text initials were wrong. Bainimarama's two officers were texting "FB" instead of "VB" as advertised by Fiji TV.

5) The two officers then re-sent more than 800 texts with the initials "VB".

6) These texts were discounted by Fiji TV because they had already closed the poll by mistake, a day early. 

7) Khaiyum, Bainimarama and Khan then got the pay-ad Fiji TV to strip the title of Fiji's Personality of the Year from Premila Kumar to give to Bainimarama. 

8) Khaiyum then decided to lay a complaint with the Commerce Commission claiming: "The allegation is that members of the public could text in and give their vote and the announcement was going to be made on the first of January. Unannounced to many members of the public, Fiji TV closed the actual polls on the 30th of December as opposed to the 31st of December.' 

Khaiyum has been quick to take the high moral ground but as  Coupfourpointfive sources have revealed in the above information, the slight of hand came from the regime.

Consider the following, folks:

1) Even if the poll closed early, Vodafone broke all ethics by informing an interested party - the regime - about the result of the poll. Khan is of course a regime supporter and has been proven to be a colluder time and time again. If this happened anywhere else, there would have been an outcry.

2) If Mahendra Reddy is fair and impartial, then he needs to man up and acknowledge that text messages for Bainimarama were sent from two government numbers. Two years ago the Nausori town clerk, Satendra Singh, used his work mobile to send hundreds of texts and won a car offered by Vodafone as part of its birthday giveaways. Singh was sacked by the regime, which had control over municipal councils through Special Administrators. He had offered to pay the phone charges. His dismissal was justified because he abused his  power. Will justice be done here as it was then?

3) More worrying, though, are the implications for the supposed 2014 elections. If a texting competition can be rigged after the regime knows it is way behind its rivals and challengers, then it will cheat just as it has done in this poll. It's a poor loser.

4) Alarming, too, is this very real scenario: With electronic voting as planned, it will be much easier to rig votes because the regime has the advantage of knowing how the other candidates and parties have fared. This is the real zinger in this sorry, sordid affair by Fiji TV and Vodafone to find Fiji's Personality of the Year.


Anonymous said...

It now appears that Roko Ului was telling the truth after all.

If Aslam Khan has intercepted and divulged information about these vodafone texts transmitted over the Vodafone network to Fiji TV and made the information known to the Attorney General, what else has he also intercepted and divulged to the Government since the 2006 coup d'etat ?

What other private communications made over the Vodafone network has he intercepted using Vodafone resources and released details of to the Government ?

That the AG confirmed obtaining the information from Vodafone only gives more credence to Roko Ului's assertions over the interception of Vodafone communications.

grinno said...

destroy the vodafone towers and all switch to digicel

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Reddy should get a kick in his ass...who is one sucking "maasi polo" guy...there is is saying never trust a cock eyed guy...they are the most cunning and ruthless people...

Silvistrini said...

The spectre haunting Fiji as exemplified by the texting episode is the Banivuaka / Talibhan alliance. They are transforming Fiji into a regime similar to that of Saddam Hussain's Iraq.

The texting messaging personality of the year contest was a dummy run, for how a fraudulent result will be extracted from the electronic system. They are aiming to operate eventually within an electrol framework so to signal to the world that they are legitimate. But with the Talibhan network in-place within Fiji's ICT network, the results will clearly be rigged.

The electronic voting system's purpose is to serve as a tool to show the world that fair elections were held and that Bainivuaka, Kaiyum and co were popularly elected thru a modern hi-tech computer enabled voting system. It will be a manipulated result thru which they will seek legitamacy and escape Naboro.

Well, well, se moce no na kai viti. Huge implications here for indigenous Fijians and the exploitation of the resources which they own. Sleep well in your blissfully kava induced somnulence dear ones. When you eventually wake-up, you might want to start practising that song "Sa moce lei sisi sa moce...."

Anonymous said...


The Fiji Dictatorship said...

The situation in Fiji under the military junta and human rights abusing dictatorship just gets worse and worse. Anyone who thinks there will be credible elections and a return to democracy and the rule of law in the near future is a fool (or in denial).
As for the UN, what a useless handicapped organisation this has become in recent years in dealing with anything difficult?

Anonymous said...

c4.5 - Please consider to ran a campaign against Vodafone and inform Vodafone UK about the Aslam Khan and his unethical activities as well. Please inforam all Vodafone users that the confodentiality of all the text and conversation is compromised by Vodafone and they should stop using Vodafone at all.

Aiyarsehole Khaiyum said...

Oh so VB and FB caused all the confusion. Let me clear it up.

FB : Fucking Bastard.
VB : Vutulaki Bastard.

Hope that explains the discrepancy when the assholes count the votes.

XMAN said...


mark manning said...

God help Fiji if this is the mentality of its Leadership !

President Nailatikau said...

All Bloggers...why don't we campaign that all Vodasfone users today are to change their allegiance to DIGICEL...let us start campaigning now.


Come on! let us boycott Vodafone starting now...with me.

Anonymous said...

frank has no idear at all, as PM you should be cteating not being a copy cat, frank wake up to yourself go and get help please..... for your own good.... you might be the millitry leader..thats all you good at...

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Only in Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Whats was the value of winning such a poll?

Radiolucas said...

Disgraceful and embarrassing, Frank. Is this how a world leader supposedly operates?

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Its time Vodafone UK changes Aslam and gets some one else to head fiji operation,how come he has been there since inception of the company,recently in Australia Voda was fined TEN MILLION DOLLARS for not providing service that was promised,but this cant happen in Fiji.. KANWA wake up because once VB and ASS are gone your other eye will be taken away too and you will be remembered as M R only

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how many votes did ASS get ???Can some one from Fiji TV shed some light

Anonymous said...

Today Saturdays Sydney Morning Hearld has given a good article on the Butako no school guys and also about their media image improving guy from US who is paid USD 40,000 a month and half of it goes to whose Bank account .. Get some one from Lovoni road to guess. The guys from Nabua are class 8 educated so they cant make the right guess because they are the dumbest Army in the world

Anonymous said...

Voceke you're simply a joke.

Testicle of the Year: Voceke Bocimarama.

Dead Penis of the Year: Voceke Bocimarama.

The titles keep coming and he's in for a clean sweep.

Anonymous said...

This clearly shows that Khaiyum and Frank are very paranoid about being declared the most popular guy of the year!

Paranoia is a sickness which Dictators suffer from in most cases. They always think that somebody is trying to kill them or that they should be declared the most popular and most important person of the year...

Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

VB must be given the cassava patch hero of the century award.

Anonymous said...

Someone had written to him bainimarama is king.(C4.5 dated13/01/12)
If your still there the FB which was wrong sent via govt phone which we the taxpayers sweat to pay, stands for this bainimarama sucker FB- FUCK BAINIMARAMA VB - VUTUKI BAINIMARAMA,Referee and Touch judges Ass Kuntyum.Mahendra Reddy and aslam khan

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FB = voting SLUT!!

Anonymous said...

NeelShivam lawyer one big time vutulakist

Anonymous said...

And this dumb arses think they are loved by the people of Fiji. Put their guns down and see what this Mataivalu Solisona is all about.

Better still people fighting for democracy in Fiji should ask Obama just to send one drone to our country to wipe out these crooks and the Mataivalu ni Solisonas once and for all.

Anonymous said...

FB or VB wants the whole world to think that he is the most popular person in Fiji which he is not.

That Premilla won this popularity contest fairly, but unfairly claimed by FB or VB, should be a message to FB or VB, ASK, and their disciples that the people do not endorse their actions.

They are now testing the waters for the 2014 elections if it should ever happen at all.

As I have always said, this guy was always a failure and will always be a failure.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

There was a man who entered a local paper's pun contest. He sent in ten different puns, in the hope that at least one of the puns would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

Anonymous said...

Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.

Senior Constable Maika said...

What the personality of the year fiasco demonstrates to Fiji and the world is the vulnerability of computer networks and databases to security breaches. Based on their past behaviour, it is quite feasible that the regime has intended to commit identity fraud on a mass scale in an electronic voting system to show that Bani and Kaiyum were popular and well loved so much that the Fiji people voted them into office.

Baini's Sharon Jones was previously in telecom and co-operated with the regime to have phone taps and listenning devices installed to track people. That is why Baini promoted her. With Aslam an "insider" he is able to snoop around annonymously behind the security barrier of Fiji's ICT network.Putting Aslam Khan in Vodafone is like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. His ultimate role is to provide cover for identity theft in the proposed electronic voting scheme and help perpetrate the biggest Cyber Crime in the Southern Hemisphere.

Anonymous said...

That is why it's best to use a VPN connection when blogging from Fiji.


This way they cannot read what you r writing or know what sites you r visiting.

Anonymous said...

ASK N BAI MUST DECLARE NOW THAT THEY HAVE NO INTENTION TO STAND IN UPCOMING ELECTIONS. if I recall right, they said earlier when they all got appointed to take Fiji towards election will not be allowed to stand in the elections. So we need this statement from the 2 leading heads to bring some comfort in the people.

Mahendra Patel

Anonymous said...

Who really cares about this stupid personality poll!!

Anonymous said...

Well, once Fiji TV realized its msitake, why didnt it annul the whole competition - surely it must take some blame?

Anonymous said...

I have a mate who works at Vodafone and he tells me [ this is inside information] that all senior staff including Mr. khan were on leave over christmas and new year period . And noone knew of the results of this competition till it got flagged by the PM's office . Also platform staff @ vodafone were vaguely aware of this competition .
This is all the manupulation of AG to get at the media . Its a very trivial mater to take to CC and Media Authority .

Anonymous said...

The truth will come out during the media authority deliberations . So hold your horse and stop making rash comments .
Fj TV, Vodafone , Digicel will all face the music as part of their conpiracy to manuplate the results .

Satish chand and Jeffery smith will be exposed too

Bisun said...

So the US$40K/month for qorvis hasn't been working. What a waste of taxpayers money. All tax moneys are directed towards the safeguarding of Vore.

Anonymous said...

This is dumb arse Fiji media is. See Fiji village story on airpacific. Show picture of 747 when the story is about 767.

Khaiyum said...

Voceke Bocimarama you're one sick man. Get some help you useless bastard.

Anonymous said...

premila uro levu
voreqe - luveni puaka

Anonymous said...

wow - the falling out amongst thieves.....premila reappointed by regime, husband Jai working at USP closely with Rajesh holding up franks balls......the usual masipolo types...see USP web site which now directs you to Fiji Sun for an official news on Fiji.....
watch them run like rats when the shit hits the fan!

Anonymous said...

the next rampage through the streets will be worse than 2000 and 1987,,,,,,,,run now while u can guys,,,,

Breaking News said...

One of the leading Pro Bainimarama and Khaiyum supporter, Thakur Ranjit Singh has a Heart Attack following which a by-pass was successfully carried out at Auckland Hospital. Another, coup supporter ex mayor of Ba, Rajendra Prasad, scheduled for by-pass soon... looks like regime chronies are getting their just rewards for their sins

Anonymous said...

Tu na boci o Nailatikau who does not know what he is signing - eg. the Public Order Amendment Decree!

Smile you're on Kodak (dakai da)...with shit as the bullets!

Anonymous said...

Losers let it happen Frank. Come 2014 under common roll a cat can win.

Anonymous said...

Was this whole fiasco not run by Fiji TV as a 'text in poll' for 'News Maker of the Year' ?

How come 'News Maker' has now turned into 'Popularity' ?

News Maker does not equal Popular !

Would it make any sense to have a popularity contest between choices that include a countries PM and someone who works in Consumer Rights, I think not.

The winners in this fiasco are the mobile phone companies
making the profits. But to be fair they also use a lot of those profits for charity.

The losers of course are anyone who actually thinks there is any credibility whatsoever in text in polls.

Khaiyum Aiyarsehole. said...

I hope the pig Voceke reads these posts, if he does, I'm pretty he'll be so excited and tell his wife "Mary sow the people of Fiji love me, they call me Voceke Bocimarama, pig shit, shit face, wooohooo I love it Mary sow."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

VB and A@#%&*%$s K's participation in this whole shit game shows How desperate they are?
Which PM in the past has sujected himself to such a contest.....look at the line up in the first place.All coup supporters and what does it mean?
You stop all important leaders in the community from speaking, thru a PER,put a gun to their heads,torture them for dissenting and then participate in a contest...how popular am I?Does the regime really think that the people of Fiji are so DUMB????They have to understand that it will take alot more to convince people Because you in the dictatorship are stupid and will remain stupid even if you win the elections. 30 years later will Be thrown out in a revolution...see the trend in the middle east.....

January 15, 2012 1:45 PM

Coup 4.5 said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word of caution to Frank

The muslims who are close to you may be s*&^%$g your c&^k now, as soon as you lose your power they'll s#@%w your backside.

Amongst themselves, they are labelling you KAI VITI LIALIA.They only behave appropriately in front of you. Deep down in their hearts, they despise and hate you.

You are only a tool to to fullfil their greed

January 14, 2012 9:59 PM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

First off...Whose the lady on the
President right? I've seen her in the PM SUV lots and lots of times? Is she involves with the BIG guys security? By the way getting back to the subject of "Fiji Personality of the Year" Now, what the hell is it? Could someone explained, what is Personality of the YEAR???Who the hell comes up, with stupid Award like that? I mean if i was the PM, i'd sent in the boys from Delainabua, to take this assole to the camp; and really show him the
importance of creativity?Maybe a few exercise,jogging,running,
crawlin,dancin,jumpin will suffice etc.Something that will change your entire makeup; and show to the
people, that you are deserving to
be considered for such creativity?
Thats all i'm saying!!!


January 15, 2012 3:19 A

Anonymous said...

The woman beside the President(r)is the PM's wife.

Anonymous said...

Read todays Fiji Times and Fiji Sun ..it shads more light on this whole saga ... truth will always prevail no matter what venon people spew .

whats the big deal about this personality award anyway - 2014 elections will be the result when people will vote - peoples power

The Oracle said...

TRANSPARENCY: Vodafone and Fiji TV should make public all telephone numbers that sent texts in and the number of texts per phone. Fiji TV owes this much to the people who made genuine efforts to send in texts.
Think this will happen?? -- NEVER!!
Imagine, more important things to consider and all Khaiyum is concerned about is having Bainimarama voted Personality of the year? Vodafone should state the total number of active Vodafone sets in Fiji and have votes for Frank compared as a percentage. That will give us some indication of just how "popular" he is ... and that's only from active Vodafone sets - not from the whole of Fiji!!
Let's be transparent Khaiyum... allow this to happen for the sake of transparency! Otherwise, go and tell Frank the truth .. he is not as popular as he thinks!!!!

Anonymous said...

HIMMAT LODHIA and RAM RAJU when ASS said about chamber of commerce not to be power hungry he mentionmed to his close ones it was for you TWO. Get some new blood before a decree comes your way

Anonymous said...

Weekend news BOCIMARAMA seen getting into SAUNDRA SPA in Suva on Sunday .Itsfree for him as he holds a gold card for extra services..not the Sunday Church service

Anonymous said...

Bloggers have not heard anything on Kutta Neel Sharma choroa ???Got commission on purchase of laundry equipment at hospitals..

Anonymous said...


FBC todayAG grills chambers of commerce
Monday, January 16, 2012

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

The chambers of commerce in Fiji have been told not to be power hungry.

Attorney General and Minister for Trade and Industry Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says recently the Fiji Chamber of Commerce was defunct as a handful of people thought they needed to continue to hold office.

He says as a result, the Fiji Chamber of Commerce lost the energy and the zest needed in order to drive - not just the interest of the various chambers of commerce in Fiji but also of various business houses.

Sayed-Khaiyum says instead of wanting power - the chambers of commerce should act as facilitators for the businesses and the community.

"We are all facilitators. We are here to provide the framework. We are here tp provide the assistance. We are here to provide the processes but there are other people who will take it up. The Chambers of Commerce should not become powers unto themselves."

He adds - chambers of commerce must continue to consult with all business houses to maintain their viability and credibility.

The AG was speaking at the launching of the Lautoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry website on Saturday night.

Circus Master said...

I was laughing so hard - I fell out of my chair! What a circus!

Keep The Faith said...

Heads up Chamber of Commerce - a new Companies Decree is a coming your way soon.

And here you all were thinking that only the unions would get cut off at the knees?

What's good for the goose is good for the gander y'all...you listening Himmat?

Aiyarsehole Khaiyum. said...

Voceke Bocimagaitinana is the butt of all jokes. He's so thick and dumb he didn't even notice that the people are laughing and making fun of him. Hehehehe that's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for a bullshit cover-up from Khaiyum’s Commission
January 16, 2012

No-one understands better than Khaiyum and his Puppet PM, that the exposure of the rigged Personality poll won by Bainimarama will be read by the public as an indicator of the way the 2014 poll will be held. Now Coup Four and a Half have given us the inside story of the role played by Vodaphone and the monkeys in the dictator’s office. Khaiyum has been called in to clean up the mess and once again he’s showing the PM why he needs him. His Commerce Commission run by Khaiyum’s personal slave, Mahendra Reddy, will provide the bullshit cover-up needed. The Fiji Media Development Authority should handle the issue on its own, but they have too many members for Khaiyum to be confident that they’ll do his bidding.

Coup Four and a Half January 14, 2012 Bainimarama’s votes for the Personality poll were sent from government phones

Posted in Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Bainimarama stupidity, jokes on the junta, Restore democracy | Leave a Comment »

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say No to future Electric voting.... For this simple reason. ASK to become PM and Bai to lead as President come 2014.

What the f %# k you all gonna do?I guess nothing. Just talk no action Nation....blah blah blah...

January 15, 2012 10:51 AM

Anonymous said...

The Vodafone poll was manipulated in order to give a false impression of the regime's popularity.  Expect more unscientific polls in the future to be manipulated in order to give such an impression.

Can anyone imagine the late Ratu Mara stooping to manipulate a text contest like this?

We always knew just two guys were running this whole joke of a government.  But we thought they were ASK and FB -- oops, pardon me, VB -- and not a couple of monkeys with strong thumbs working out of the PM's office.

Since all cellphone users had to register their identities in order to have cellphone services, will the regime now demand Vodafone provide a list of all texters who voted for someone other than VB?

ASK telling the Chamber of Commerce not to be power-hungry -- now, that is rich in irony!  Aiyaz, the good democrat!

I hope C4.5 notifies Arianna Huffington about Textgate.  Shows that Bainimarama's '99 percent' really consists of two monkeys with carpal tunnel syndrome.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Premila be very very careful as you do not know know how much pain and humilation you have brought to VB indirectly through no fault of your own.

Do you know what happens to people like you where there are Military Dictators in power. They are either thrown in prison (Naboro Max in your case so VB can win their popularity votes or are never heard of again.

My advice is pack your bags and your family and go back to Australia as I seriously fear what this Military Regime will do to you as their dry run for the 2014 Elections has been exposed through their stupidity in highlighting this case in the media and calling for an investigation.

Dumbos you could have used this situation to your advantage by saying that your E Vote in 2014 would be fair and free as even VB could lose through the electronic voting system.

Now you have exposed your cunningness and deceit to the people of Fiji and we now know what will happen
in 2014 through the Electronic Voting.

I hope the US, UN, EU and Australia & NZ are watching & monitoring the SCAM that will be used against the people of Fiji in 2014- If it happens as the rot has now been exposed.

Premila it is Dog eat Dog and do not think you are safe because you are an insider that can be easily replaced by another a$$ l$#@%r.

Khaiyum is to be promoted from Aiarse to Dumbarse and I am sure that any other strategist in the Mataivalu ni Solisona Military at Berkely Crescent could have done a better job on this one.


I did not know that Grammar old boys ( Satish & Vijay Narain) were big a$$ l@#$!%s of Marist old boys too.

Bisun said...

Premila better start looking for new job oversea

Anonymous said...

Frank would have had no idea what was going seeing as he was pissed as a parrot at denarau.

sharon must be spitting tacks as she is paying millions to qovis to handle PR for frank so he doesnt look like a jackass

...and hairy arse couldnt help himself but get involved...then screwed it up real nice and has made frank the laughing stock of the world....lmao.

Fiji Loyal said...

Below is why very few people follow the fiji times these days.

Fiji TV promo inquiry
Frederica Elbourne
Monday, January 16, 2012

INVESTIGATIONS into a text promotional campaign by a television company was initiated after public enquiries were made about the final vote count.

Vodafone Fiji Limited made the comment in a letter to the Attorney-General and Minister for Communications Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum earlier last week as a complaint against Fiji Television Limited was lodged with the Commerce Commission.

Referring to Fiji Television's Personality of the Year Awards, which was conducted from December 14 to 31, Vodafone said the television company closed the campaign a day before it was supposed to.

"Vodafone Fiji Ltd only came to know about the Fiji TV Personality of the Year award when our staff saw the promos to the competition on the Fiji One channel," Mr Khan said.

He said some customers who participated in the voting campaign called Vodafone to query the result.

"This led to our Value Added Services (VAS) team being asked to verify the number of votes for the different nominees to ensure that recipients of the highest vote was correctly declared as the winner by Fiji TV," Mr Khan said.

Vodafone said the votes registered through the company's platform was far more than what Fiji TV declared as its final count on January 1, where it announced Consumer Council's chief executive officer Premila Kumar as the winner.

Mr Khan said Vodafone "noted that the duration of the voting event on the system was from December 14-31" and that voting did end on December 30 when Fiji TV "apparently took the final tally of the votes".

"The platform was open to register votes until midnight (12 o'clock) on December 31," he said.

Anonymous said...

Fiji loyal thank you for highlighting this piece in FT today. It's shads more light as the saga unfolds via the blogs .

Keep reading C4.5

Anonymous said...

Only in Fiji !

Quote from 'Fiji TV promo inquiry
Frederica Elbourne
Monday, January 16, 2012'

"Vodafone Fiji Ltd only came to know about the Fiji TV Personality of the Year award when our staff saw the promos to the competition on the Fiji One channel," Mr Khan said".

So does this mean anyone can run a phone in text poll or competition without assistance from the phone companies ?

Seems like a case of a reporter not considering or questioning their report.

Anonymous said...

FB oops! VB please read this article in mining journal


The headline calls u dictator. The whole world is calling u by this name.

Anonymous said...

This thread is more popular than JVB. As of this post the number of comments are more than 70. Just sayin...lol.

Great work c4.5.

Anonymous said...

one eyed dina!!
That is hilarious!
Vinaka bloggers!!

Anonymous said...

Naca Takayawa-Kua ni via lai mix yani vata kei ira na yavu dau butako era tuvani tu qori!

O na sega ni vakila ni ko sa coriti tu e loma qori. Vaka ga nona sa coriti tu na ligana kei na yavana ruarua o Voreqe vei nona gone o Khaiyum!

paula raqeukai said...

Anonymous 4.21pm

Please note that the person you referring to in the picture is not Naca Takayawa but the Marketing/Sales/PR Executive Officer for Vodafone - Mr. Liga Vukisuva, he just doing his job and he does not associate with any of the illegal-junta's supporters above...

Anonymous said...

SOLOMONE said...


January 18, 2012 12:06 AM

Fiji reader said...

Fiji govt orders investigation into popularity poll

Campbell Cooney

Tue, 17 Jan 2012 11:06:00 +1300

Fiji's interim government has lodged a complaint against the country's free to air television broadcaster Fiji TV over a text-poll it ran for its 2011 Personality of the Year competition.

It follows Fiji TV's decision to award the title to interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama, eight days after it originally said Consumer Council chief executive Premila Kumar had polled the most votes.

It has led to unsubstantiated reports on pro-democracy and anti-regime websites that the winning votes came from mobile phones within the prime minister's office, and that those votes came in after it was informed the prime minister was trailing.

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the complaint has been lodged with the new Media Industry Development Authority, which became the body responsible for Fiji's media after Public Emergency Regulations were lifted.

The Commerce Commission and Commissioner Mahendra Reddy will also be investigating.

Fiji TV says it is waiting for the results of the investigation.

But during its Friday night news bulletin it made it clear it stands by the final result.

Anonymous said...

Todays Fj One news update .
PM declared winner and Fiji TV hels in breached of fair trading decree .
Ordered all refund of the voting public .

Hurray justice at last . we get our money back .