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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More SDL members questioned over destabilisation claims

Coupfourpointfive sources say another two SDL members have been arrested this afternoon. Contacts say the arrest are linked to claims guns have been flown into Fiji. They say the destabilisation claims are false, and the names of those arrested are not yet known.

Editor's Note: Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili will decide on the bail application tomorrow for the four people charged with urging political  violence - former SDL politicians, Dr Mere Samisoni, Mataiasi Ragigia, Apete Vereti and Semisi Lasike.
The case was adjourned today to give New Zealand lawyer, Peter Williams, QC, who represents Samisoni, time to apply for admission to the Fiji bar. 

Update on reported arrest: The two SDL members taken in today were held briefly and then released. Their names have not been made available yet.

International reaction to plan to lift PER:

Commonwealth calls for Fiji elections 


Australia urges Fiji to restore democracy 



  1. I beg right thinking citizens to look at this situation (rumours of firearms being flown in) for what it is; an excuse to provide the right environment leading to prolonging the Emergency Regulation.

    This is what it is and that is the best FMF intelligence people and JVB' advisers can come up with. What hogwash from a bunch of intelligence wannabees.

    Remeber that whatever you do as advised by the Puppeteer Nashat Shameem to his Spokesperson Aiyaz Khaiyum who then ordered the Puppet Bainimarama to get the puppet pieces on it...

    You Military boys are just following instructions like good soldiers irrespective of where the instructions are coming from. As a former soldier I am so ashamed of you.


  3. Bainimarama and Khaiyum are paranoid over arresting SDL members for some unfounded allegations in breach of some stupid decree PER that is being lifted in a few days. Stop it Bai and Khaiyum and release the SDL members now. As for Lawrence Tikaram everyone knows he is a sucker to the regime that is why he is on so many govt appointed Boards. He will join Bai and Khaiyum in Naboro. And by the way not all Marist Old Boys are supporters of the treasonous Bai and Khaiyum. The Marist Brothers NEVER taught us at High School to do coups and overthrow elected parliarments and governments. Kenneth Zinck

  4. Aiyaz and Frank will make any claims to maintain a semblance of control over Fijians, and it seems to be working, still !

  5. 2,000 US Marines are now training in Darwin so, you better sleep somewhere else tonight Bai.

    Valataka na Dina.

  6. I just saw this on Fiji Democracy Now. Speculation is okay but I don't think the PMhas dropped the PER because of Namosi. The government has had worse moments in the past four and a half years and has successfilly ignored it all. The reason PERis being dropped is because Bai needs a exit strategy and he needs to become the 'legal' leader of Fiji through the 2014 elections. The next two years will allow him to campaign etc etc. Sorry Namosi folks, your protest was brave but it is not the catalyst. Bai's actions have been well mapped out. Wait and see

    New year, new tactic, what’s going on
    January 2, 2012

    All around the world, discussions around the tanoa are speculating on Frank’s motives in dropping the PER. Is it to get his critics to show their hands? Does it signal that the influence of Khaiyurn is fading. We know that Khaiyum’s favoured methodology is total control at all times. He knows no other way, but Frank knows there are limits to how far he can push his troops. Once he gives an order that one of his officers refuses to carry out he knows he could be heading down the path that Gaddaffi found himself on. Is the Namosi protest the one that he feared? Under the PER he would have to round up all the villagers that protested, but this could be the order that he’s afraid to give.
    Radio Fiji January 02, 2012 Consultations on new constitution to begin soon, PER to be lifted

  7. Anyone with half a brain knows that PER was counter productive.

    No brains army is dumber than dog shit.

    These stupid sh'ts need to pay somebody $1 million dollars to be told that they are as "stupid as dog shit"

  8. @Anonymous 8:16 PM

    No need to worry, it's unlikely their noise will be heard in Suva from Darwin.

  9. @ Kenneth Zinck: Hows about you show some balls for once in your miserable life and come over to say it in Fiji? Better still, you can brag about it over a few beers, god knows that's all you've got to show apart from your globe trotting, hideous neck tie wearing days!!!!

  10. @Kenny, Kenneth has done everything and hassled for it but survived. How about you try is yourself sona levu!

  11. @Kenny 11:41 Agree. Kennie Zinc ... show some courage for once. Shouting from afar about Lawrence Tikaram ....another example of your cowardice. Go back to Fiji and shout from there to the army. we haven't forgotten your junket trips to HK sevens when you were a minister. as for being tortured, being made to do 50 push ups and a stride around the park hardly warrant a whimper from you. Its people like you that frank is trying to rid Fiji of...corrupt politicians like your friend Ricketts. Missing the United Club are we? yeah I'll have another round for you. Hope the Aussie authorities find your case weak and your application for asylum a joke. Which it is. How is it Fiji manages to continue to produce cowards like you and Ului? Go back and face the music.

  12. @ Kenny... Oh lord! really?!

  13. Kenny...I don't really who you are; you could be Kenny Boci, Kenny Toy, Kenny Baci, Kenny Qaloa.

    Whatever your name is, Zinck is doing the best for himself (safe in Australia) so are you (using a false identity), so are we all...so why asky Zinck to come to Fiji and comment. Can you yourself reveal who you are?

    What hypocrite! Comparing you and Zinck; you are just a nonenity who is trying to be somebody through the illegal undemocratic way.

    Sega Ni Ura Me Tei Damu...e na qai damu ga (nomu mai muri) ni o' sa curu ki Naboro se Korovou...na mavolo ga vei Khaiyum

  14. Sorry Ken,you can yell as loud as you want from your safe haven NZ and no one can do anything about it? We know your true color-A representative of the people-A slight slap on the head by a poofter solidier;at Delainabua and you're out of FIJI, before anyone can say BOOO!If you're planning to return,you can forget about it!We don't need fairweather friends,so you can stay there for ever as far as we're concern? We'll ask Mr Khaiyum to create a decree to make
    sure people like you and RUM to not
    run for public office in this lifetime in Fiji?

  15. @ Kenny,,what are you trying to prove..KZ has done that..What have you done yourself???? Grow up!!!

  16. Lifting of PER or what,,,I want to see FB and Khaiyum go to Naboro..Yhey belong there and all military pers who participated in the torturing of civilians....

  17. Mere deserves thus treatment. I was in for 56 days and she was supplying free bread to my captors. God works in mysterious ways. I am so happy. Peter Williams is gobe by the day lawyer.

  18. @Anonymous 10:31
    That's alright. Tell him to sleep tight because the next stop after Darwin is Delainabua.
    You remind me of Tariq Aziz who was living in denial.
    It takes 1 hour to reach Nadi by military aircraft. (About the same time you drive from Suva to Sigatoka)
    Love the Americans. No messing around. Tread carefully my friend.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  19. Ultimate justice for Fiji is for Frank to not contest elections. For a new fresh face to lead Fiji. For all those military advisors and coup supporters to be flushed out of the system. We have had enough of Frankboci. Fiji desperately needs a fresh face. All those military Berkley Place advisors should be given a bilo of paraquat each and ask to drink it as the nations gesture of appreciation for their contribution to peace and stability in Fiji.

  20. KENNY.

    Kenneth Zinc is 10 times the man you are. You are anonymous.

  21. Kenneth Zinck for PM!

  22. @ 56 days PrisonerJanuary 4, 2012 at 2:57 PM

    One day Mere Samisoni will be laughing just like you are. Does the thought make you feel better, BaiKhaiyum cheerleader? Grow some real substance in that old gray head of yours, if its not a tad too late.


  24. Seems ken zinck aint the flavour of the month!

  25. Aha....this is funny, why lifting of the PER. WHY??? and WHATS behind it. Viti lomani think twice about what these CULPRITS are up to. Nothing can just be blown out of the roof top like the lifting of the PER cos for sure sumthing is behind it.

  26. Awright..this is better than politic's...MOB's against MOB's....

  27. Kenneth Zinck is all right; he had been a Minister and had held a high position in the Bank (BNSW/Westpac) where a lot of trust, integrity, honesty, transparency, etc are required...qualities that you critics of Zinck can only dream of.

    Why don't you shut up and stop your useless rhetorics

  28. Zinck is tha man ,,,at least he put his real name down.
    Down with Keni the anon coward brother of kaiyum

  29. Why does it have to take the Chief Magistrate another full day to rule on the bail application? Does that mean that he has to consult with some faceless people who make decisions for these judges and magistrates?

  30. At least Kenneth Zinck is still engaging and in the debate. Sows he's got guts

  31. Love u kenneth Z. You are right, Marist Brothers don't teach coups. They teach equality for all, honesty, forgiveness,social obligations ....I guess VB learnt well and implemented the change.

  32. "intergrity and honest are qualities you need to work at a bank"...seriously??? Kenneth is and always will be a smooth talking con man! And a coward! He ran like a girl from this country and started his preaching from the safety of Australia!!! lol seriously? im the coward? The only time he had the balls to speak out was when he was drunk which was all the time! Ask his mates down at the watering holes in Suva (and ask the ones who Kenneth still owes money to)

    ps: I note my previous comments were 'censored'....strange, because I see no reason to censor it unless you dont like opposition which Kenneth seems to espouse all the time

  33. Scaredy Cat Kenny at 3.24pm mouths off about censorship but can't post under his own name the coward. Get a life and a personality Kenny at the moment you're just another identity thief

  34. So says the anonymous kalavo

  35. common guys, we're here fighting the same battle against the common enemy? Please stop the infighting.we're been here together
    in the trench,sweating it out in the summer and try to keep warm TOGETHER in the winter? We've beat the odds and
    we've just begining to see the light. So please guys we're almost
    there-home?Lets just stay together,
    be true to our fight for justice,peace and freedom,i'm sure together, we'll soon be
    home!...and when we do...OMG i can

  36. Someone raised the issue of US troops traing in Darwin-Obama may think twice before sending his troops into Fiji as the chinese will support Fiji. For goodness sake all anti supporters of Bai must now leave and contribute in the open forum for the new constitution -this is the waay forward -Zinck should lead the delegation!!!

  37. Ratuvili has been hand picked to do the job. I am sure he will do it right or kicked out.

  38. RUM...
    i'M SORRY but i just don't
    believe your bull, about 2000 marines training in Darwin;and we're supposed to believe, that they are doing that, to come to Fiji and Removed Bai? Common RUM grow-up!Bai made a major mistake in first, hiring you into the military.Then he really screw things up, when he appoint a no-school like you, as the person in charge of the 2nd FIR.You really think that 2000 Marine personnel can out-dual, the Fijians, well trained UN global peace keepers? Even if they can?We
    don't want them to interfere with
    our sovereingty. We're sick&tired of coup and we don't want anyone to
    pull another shit, that will cost our people another 150 years to pay
    back, this type of expedition, for services rendered? We'll fight our
    own way through? Bai hasn't really done any major problem, that requires drastic action, he's actually following clear Fijian protocols.You really haven't learn
    anything about our culture-inspite of your chiefly position?Bai will
    eventually sucum to our cultural demand and as you can see,may eventually, hand back power to the rightful Fijian leaders?


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