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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Disillusioned loyalists urge Mara to 'wake up and hear the cry of the people'

THUMBS UP CAMPAIGN: Mara trademark.
Coupfourpointfive today asks the question that is on a number of people's minds: Where is Roko Ului Mara and what is he doing to deliver on his early promises of 'telling all' about Frank Bainimarama to help liberate the people of Fiji?

In the interest of the people who supported him, this blog questions the credibility of Roko Ului Mara, the former 3FIR leader who last year fled to Tonga after being charged for sedition with fellow RFMF officer, Pita Driti.

Questions have been coming in to us reinforcing what we, too, have felt for some time: why is Roko Ului blogging instead of following through with promises to bring down his former regime colleagues, using his inside information since he was right there with them?
There are still pockets of support for Mara but we believe this story needs to run to answer the people of Fiji who want freedom from the unelected government of Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum: people who last year embraced Mara despite his links with the regime. The same people who are now asking what has Mara really revealed that has been useful to the fight for democracy?
As an insider says, from the time Mara defected from Fiji with the help of the Tongan navy, people have had a lot of hope in him to help Fiji move out of dictatorship. But for some months now, Mara has been fading away with the launch of his website and his analysis of the Fiji situation - work that blogs are already doing and doing better.

What has happened to his Pacific wide campaign against the regime and the 10-point transistion plan that included the removal of the Public Emergency Regulations, the restoring of the 1997 Constitution and the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Committee? What has happened to the information that was given to the New Zealand government ahead of the blogs?

Similar questions have been voiced by his loyalists in emails to Coupfourpointfive; loyalists who have now decided to answer for themselves the following: 
1) What has Mara actually achieved? Nothing. There has been no concrete evidence from him on Bainimarama with him maintaining the same lines the blogs have been running for the last four and a half years. It is a clever cut and paste job. 

2) Where is he now and does he plan to return to Fiji? His stay in Australia has turned into one of luxury. There is no sign of his 10 point plan. Mara is enjoying the contributions from democracy groups and forgotten his men in Fiji who are suffering because he just calls to get information and no action is forthcoming. 

3) Lack of direction and focus. What was he doing in New Zealand in September watching the Rugby World Cup finals when he was supposed to be leading the fight against Bainimarama?

Information suggests that Mara now wields no power or support that sees him the legitimate mover as he claims to be. 

An insider has told Coupfourpointfive: "Our message to him is that the resistance wants your support - not your political words written by someone else."

According to sources, "Mara's writers are his sisters plus the Australian democracy guys". But as a key insider says, the move is not against him - but aimed at waking him up because even now his right hand man is saying that Mara is keen only on enjoying the life in Australia." (He was in Tonga late last year and according to sources was heading back to Australia after watching the rugby world cup in New Zealand). 

This from a well-placed source: "Mara is not the brains - just a order following guy - he is not like his father - he is easily swayed by politicians and others to taking a road he is now on - which is a road to nowhere.  I say 'where deafs can't hear - you need no talk but action.' 

"We have heard that he collected a handsome sum of monies to follow a road map to democracy. He has not financed a single cent in any of the Fiji operations - even VRF used local funds to do what they do. 

"The general vote now is that we better turn to our own man here in Fiji and do what needs to be done. Mara is a failure - unless he wakes up and hears the cry of the people of Fiji and not talk but stand up like a man and come clean on Frank." 

Insiders note that at the time of Mara's escape to Tonga they felt that it was unlikely he would 'reveal all'. 

But they say he was given the chance to show what he could do in the interest of the fight against the regime. Disappointingly, apart from a "few revealing facts on torture and the publications on the 2000 coup" and the recent casino controversy, he has produced little else. They say he is now NATO - No Action Talk Only.

Coupfourpointfive has said that 2012 should be a Year for Justice. For that to happen everyone who is in a position to help restore democracy to Fiji needs to knuckle down. Will Mara be one them?


Anonymous said...

Why is Suva in "blackout" mode - no power - something sinister I heard going on !@!!

Anonymous said...

Is is very true. He is sleeping. Please Ratu wake up.

Anonymous said...

Rokoului stop running away from Frank please start running towards Frank.Bau vakadodonu mai kua na cici tiko vakababa de drau red card ruarua kei FB ...."VB" sara!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dont u know, Mara runs away from Vore to save his life, thats it...
he can only reveal something if Vore takes the stand in court....to be a witness against Vore...
believe me guys, thats the truth.
God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Ask Rajesh Singh, Padoo and Francis - they are all Mara supporters who collected money and as of this year, they were still entertaining him.
My source also tells me that Mara is remarrying in Tonga - waiting for his separation papers to go through. He is the guest of the Indian Mafia in Tonga - the Raman Lal brothers ( from India ).
He is no longer at the Kings palace but staying in Raman Bhais guest house - all he does is drink, eat and womanise ( same as Fiji). I feel sorry for those that supported him and gave money towards his cause.

Anonymous said...

The problem is whatever he says will only incriminate himself....remember he was a frankies main boy...and frankie could counter to say that half what RUM did was not ordered by frankie....in addition....frankie might very well hold more over RUM's head than rum holds on frankies head.

ask, same thing...has more on rum than rum has on him.

if rum is any good; answer following. how many trips has frankie taken out of fiji on the hong kong special to kl. is ffrankie or ask still taking these trips early week or not?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Lauan but I'm ashamed of this person. He used to treat us badly, he commands the Lau delegates as slaves in the Bose ni Yasana. To me he is a coward in the highest order leaving his comrade in arms Driti to face the gun. He is good for nothing

Anonymous said...

Revolution is only by force which needs RUM's action on the ground and in Fiji and not Tonga from where is is speaking words.

His words can do nothing nor can he in Tonga.

For him to live up to his words of overthrow of the junta he must go to fiji and fight a war of force with the junta.

Was he really the commander of 3 FIR or a stooge? Where is his men to fight?

Where is the thumbs up now? There are many civilains to fight word war, RUM is RFMF army so his copy cat words not needed.

Where is the Board of Enquiry report? only 3 pages on his blog-this a joke?

RUM is powerless and useless- he wants to float on the tide and not fight the waves in Suva.

RUM must get no credit for fight of others.

A runaway he is- that is true cos he will be in gail soon in fiji.

How can a oppressor change colour so fast and become democracy fighter- cos his ass is on its way to naboro never to be released.

IF RUM cant overthrow when he was 3 FIR Commander and swam to Tonga with his sulu high- what he can do now- the answer is nothing.

RUM is nothing but a lamulamu- waiting for natural death of junta and claim credit.

Lamu when in RFMF and lamu now-civilans are better gutty.

Coward is the word for him and he must go down in histroy as the biggest lamu ever in fiji histroy.

RUM should remain in Tonga for life and do his democracy in Tonga.

Anonymous said...

King of Tonga is looking after him so well, that he could not be bothered about anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Whats else is there to know about Fiji & Frank! He took over the country-is there anything else we need to know! Question is Australia & NZ really couldn't care less what happens to Fiji as Fiji couldn't care less also right now! Is any futher information form anyone going to speed the process of elections in Fiji-Tikai! I asked of the question when Roko Ului took off from Fiji and was quickly embraced in Australia as a leader & fighter etc, etc-"If Frank also took off from Fiji would you also do the same for him?" Now the embracers are getting confused about Roko Ului and what information he has etc, etc? How slow do we learn & how little do we know of human behaviour-he ain't saying anymore than he has to-SORRY FOLKES but thats the damn truth! The same could be said of Baledrokadroka! Get the picture?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous blackouts due to lightening strikes-low building in Fiji! Suva has been the worst with lightening srtikes-1 lady in Wainiqanake died.
Nothing sinister unless someone can read Gods mind??????

Anonymous said...

When all the eupohoria started after this idiot escaped i knew back then that Mara is just another wanna be lamusona who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth and a silver one in his arse His father and all his clan are just as responsible for the mass we are in as Frank The first coup in 1987 was done with the blessings of his power hungry father and this coup as well has had his primary level hand in it Why most of you guys had any hopes for this scum is beyond me If Frank has done one good thing during the course of his reign that is he has made the Chiefs irrelevant in Fiji The people of Fiji must find their own destiny without the "mata vaka sona" chiefs of this country

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well the truth will surface once the members of the public can confront Frank and Khaiyum and not be declared treasonous!

At the moment it is one way street with Frank holding Khaiyum's bhandook the only one having the right of way. Neither Ului Mara or any other person can do anything now to move Frank or red card his left ball Khaiyum!

Even the foreign Governments with all their resources can do bugger all to influence Frank so spare some thoughts for Ului Mara, much as he would like to hang Frank or kill Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

RUM...Sorry to say this about you,
but you're not cut out to be a leader? Your appointment as head of the Fiji Territorial Forces, was handed to you on a silver platter, due to your Father's influence? Like we've said before, don't even try to do anything or pulled a coup, we don't want another damn coup; and we're sick and tired about anyone's coup? We,ll get through this problem and we intend to charges everyone, that were involves in the Military coup and thats includes you and Driti as well? I wrote to you many times after you took over the Lau provincial council by force? But you were reckless and your action then were quite dictatorial and very similar to Bainimarama? Remember the words of the wise:"IF YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD THOU SHALL DIE BY THE SWORD"

Anonymous said...

E dina kece qori o Ratu a lako mai sara qito ga i NZ. Qo e caka sara talega vua na veiqaraqaravi vakaturaga cecere duadua ka yaco saraga ni caka na kena magiti vakaturaga. Au raica sa bau dua na ka na nona mai soqovi toka i NZ. Sega ga ni mani kacivaki na levu ni sede a mai tauci ena siga ya....

Vinaka saka.

Cowards said...

From the very beginning, Mara's rhetoric and behavior did not convince many people that he would be a serious leader of a movement against the dictatorship. In many ways he resembles Bainimarama: He scares easily and prefers to run rather than fight. As a senior officer and head of the 3FIR he could have arrested Bainimarama, but this would have involved risks. So off he goes down the cassava patch ending in Tonga. Then he promises to reveal all the inside stories that would bring the dictator down. No delivery here, just as his former boss keeps promising elections, transparency, accountability and about everything else his advisers tell him to promise. And there are his dubious involvements with torture and human rights abuses. In a nutshell, just another goon who - when stripped of guns and the power to give orders to goons who are even dumber than him - is nothing but a very pathetic former bully.

Anonymous said...

He knows he cannot reveal the whole truth because he would implicate himself. Its quite simple really. He probably has committed some crimes and may have been complicit in those murders and severe beatings back in the early days of 2006/2007.

Sadly, I think Frank and his dirty regime know this so they just leave him be without much damage done.

More damage is being done by Frank and Aiyaz themselves with their stupid Public statements being aired in the foreign press. They seem to digging themselves a bigger hole by trying to justify their BS.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he knew what the wanted Tonga speaker of the house was doing and was the Fiji connection?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a Waden Narsey approach.

Anonymous said...

bringing democracy back to fiji is not an overnight job! we are trying to avoid another coup! lets leave RUM to do what he has to do..howabout the fijians now in fiji, do something about it .REVOLUTION! and not point a finger and keep waiting for RUM!you are all capable of fighting for our beloved country,,god save and bless fiji

Kiss of Death said...

Ului must return to Suva to challenge Frank if he wants the people's respect but maybe he doesn't need or desire that anymore.

Anonymous said...

RUM is a wolf disguised as a saint now.

He cant fool people all the time.

IF in RFMF he cant make coup what fart all he can do now.

RUM is in Tonga or else his ring in danger in naboror maximum.

Its only talk now- lot hot air?

Show the people sacrifice-fight or fart off for good- not needed.

where is RUM one 3 FIR men-forget the Land Force commander- now scratching his butt in suve.

these are loosers big time nd cowards- cant risk their lives then no can do now.

What RUM do blog now- compute can do nothing if yuou army where u gun?

Rum and Coke said...

I guess RUM is drinking Rum somewhere.

TV Head said...

Ask Mara if he has the inside track on Hari and son buying Fiji TV

Hari Punja and Sons Ltd acquires Govt’s shares in Fiji TV
Publish date/time: 18/01/2012 [16:53]

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Fiji Television Limited Group company secretary Tanya Waqanika confirmed that Hari Punja and Sons Limited acquired Government of Fiji’s 14% shares held with Fiji TV.

The South Pacific Stock Exchange approved the special crossing of 1,442,000 Fiji TV shares from government of Fiji to Hari Punja & Sons LTD at $2.40 per share.

The transaction will not affect the current market price of Fiji TV shares, which currently stands at $2.50 per share.

The sale of Fiji TV shares is to allow the government of Fiji to diversify their portfolio and liquidate their assets.

Hari Punja and Sons LTD will now have 26.16% shareholding in Fiji TV.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

Anonymous said...

Recently when he sold shares in communication Fiji it looked fishy,how much changed hands ASS ,and now communication Fiji will take over Fiji Tv once decrees go away ,Vinaka Hari.You and Div Damodar know which side of bread to butter

The Unforgiven said...

Mara, Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai were all given the opportunity to redeem themselves. We can see for ourselves who is doing what

Jake said...

Well what one can say except this fellow is not a loser but a disgrace to the memories of his parents.

Anonymous said...

anon Jan 18 5.11pm....matavakasona levu o iko!
tamata susu madrai dau lose yaqona!
go to your village to learn and appreciate the kai viti socio political structure u cultureless and identity less fool....
as for RUM he is enjoying his stay in Sydney courtesy of Lauans and relatives there,,,WHY RISK HIS LIFE WHEN MAJORITY OF KAIVITIS ARE JUST PRESENTING TABUAS TO VUAKA!!

Anonymous said...

sobo sa leqa tu mada o RUM qai buturaki tale vei kemuni na bloggers sona lelevu qo

Fiji Loyal said...

What then from Suli and the democracy movement?

mark manning said...

Clearly, in my view, though through no fault of its own, the Chiefly System is all but dead and buried, at least when it comes to Politics in Fiji.
Consequently, all Fijians now must be seeing and discussing as never before, the benefits of of having a constitution, an elected government under a functioning Westminster system and the subsequent Rule of Law, which applies to all its Citizens, including Police, Military and Parliamentarians alike.
Perhaps Fiji's coups have after all, delivered something positive and compelling for Fijian society as a whole !

NadroKid said...

Lets stop worrying about what Roko Ului does or does'nt do. Just make sure we all do our own part in getting rid of this lawless regime.

If Only said...

Anon@9.17 An exxageration. Mara is not down and out and no one picking on him he has brought it all on himself. Read Matavuvale Suliasi Daunitutu not defending Mara but now the subject out on the open is being honest about RUM

Anonymous said...

From day one when he escaped to his ancestoral country Tonga, we all knew he was the biggest bullshit artist who cared for his own self.
He is now enjoying grog and routing the tongan women.
He has no time for Fiji.

Motion Sickness said...

PS C4.5 I see your Facebook people hiding under the table on this one many of them open Mara supporters and supporters of the chiefly system too.They burying their heads in the sand

Anonymous said...

Can anyone find out more about RUM's sister hiding in Tubou and not talking even to her people? She left her dumb President husband and went to Lau on her own and is hiding from people. She is suppose to be the First Lady

Anonymous said...

RUm & JB are just a bunch of toothless tigers.They were there but scared to death to start a revolution.Hence they are just a bunch of losers.To them, just shusss you cowards.Let those who dare to stay in Fiji initiate the revolution.

Anonymous said...

Rokolui my advice to you is try and save face by redeeming yourself.You can only achieve that by coming back to Fiji and try to do something that will have a substantial impact on the fight against this regime and bringing back democracy.The only way to achieve that is by removing or neutralizing Frank and as many of his closest supporters, particularly Khaiyum,and selected senior officers in the military that only you know too well.That can only be achieved by a well planned military operation in one or several coordinated hits within a few hours.You still have very close supporters within 3FIR who will be willing to help you.For arms and munitions just make friends with one of your yaughtie friends who can help you smuggle a few hand guns , submachine guns and hand grenades that can be easily purchased from a coastal town of NZ and head straight for Fiji.There is no other way.

Anonymous said...

RUM is a lamulamu and worse. The 2006 coup would not have happened without his collusion. He is at the center of numerous human rights allegations. He only became an open supporter of democracy after fleeing Bainimarama.

Bainimarama and ASK are even now scripting the whole constitutional 'dialogue' that will place Bainimarama in a vastly empowered presidency for life and see ASK replace Gates as Chief Justice. The only way to derail this plan is through armed struggle. Is RUM the man to lead that effort? Little evidence to date of that.

Since RUM has no job and no visible means of support, one can only assume he is feeding at Canberra's teat. Why is Canberra bankrolling a goon who helped lead the 2006 coup and is accused of having tortured democracy activists? Do the Australians want RUM to lead another coup?

Leaving aside the question of how this is consistent with its stated support for democratic processes, Canberra would do better by resorting to the Baledrokadroka Solution or by turning to the only leader left in Fiji who has any balls. They can find her in Rewa.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Anon@9:15pm...I'm sorry that you still feel a soft spot for RUM inspite of the fact that he was one
of the main players in Bainimarama's Military Coup? RUM could have stopped the coup,he has
the power,people and the Vanua on his side! As a Lauan, I wrote to him and advised him to do just that
and to opposed Bainimarama ASAP.We know that he didn't do it and was used by Bainimarama as enforcer, to
beat-up,disrespect and abused those
people that opposed the coup? While
acting as Bainimarama chief enforcer,RUM clearly thought that he was the toughest hombre in the whole country! He was involved in the disrespectful treatment of his own Aunt-The Roko Tui Dreketi-at the Camp and the assault of civilians that were brought in to the camp at Delainabua to be tortured and mistreated? As far as i'm concern RUM is a loser,has no heart to be a leader and is far better-off as refugee IN A FOREIGN LAND!As a Lauan i am totally ashamed to call RUM my chief or have anything to do with him? Like what someone had said before-IF YOU LIVE BY THEN SWORD THAT YOU'LL DIE BY THE SWORD

The Oracle said...

I said it before, when he began blogging that he had not provided anything substantial by way of incriminating evidence. He still hasn't.
He has been denied a visa to the US, to the Solomons and probably to other Pacific island countries.
Payment for his visas to Australia and NZ have been made via the Royal Family and his visa applications have been lodged officially by the Tongan Royal family.
Yes, he is now living a life of luxury but at someone else's expense.
As I said before - he is just as guilty as Frank for the downfall of Fiji since 2006 and he should be man enough to come back and face the music.
Roko Ului should stop talking and start puting into action some kind of rebellion .. otherwise, he should just shut up and enjoy his freedom.
And he should remember .. no mater how close he might be related to the Tongan Royal family, they can be ruthless when they wish. He just might find himself cut off from the free-ride he's curently enjoying in Nuku'alofa.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me,I don't support RUM stupid action, but i still support my chiefly system.We just need to upgrate and make it work better for the people as well as the title holders? The British hierachy system, after thousand of years, is still working and our system can also survive the test of time.Fijians have build this system for over 4 thousand years,why destroy it now? Modify areas that requires mordification and removed unworkable areas? That's all i'm saying and i'll still stand by the protection of our Chiefly System.Chief can be removed and must be removed or self-removal, if they don't have moral responsibility or ethics?

What do you expect? said...

The reason Mara hasn't "revealed all" on Frank is obvious; there's nothing to reveal.

This was all a big con job - to escape Fiji with the bizarre notion that he'd be embraced by everyone as the alternative leader in waiting.

He's not a leader's boot licker, never was and never will be. The guy is a total poseur who'd be nothing without his chiefly title and illustrious father.

The wonder of it all is that anyone thought otherwise. This guy's been a drop kick since he was a schoolboy. Even his family knows it. He's a total embarrassment to them, as well.

Think about it. With all of his contacts - including his sisters - what has Mara come up with in the way of fresh information to damn the regime? Zero.

Ergo, there isn't any smoking gun. Bainimarama's dirty washing is already hanging out for all to see. And by most standards, it's clean.

Anonymous said...

@6.37 Delainabua....you could not go and protect and bring Driti to barrack and how will you protect ROKOLUI...with do or die situation. At the moment you are neither doing or dying!!

Anonymous said...

The Playboy

He will come back to Fiji one day siting on a grand white stead, decked in silver armour, awaiting a posting that befits a Prick of Lau.

..and the people shall oi,oi,oi.

Anonymous said...

Send him back to Fiji

Anonymous said...

Count RUM out- he is a coward enjoying lovo pigs in tonga.

The guy is no army only talk.

only when he have the uniform he show gut-now real lamusona.

RUM got no supporter in fiji and 3 FIR will arrest him if he goes back.

RUM will play safe in hiding in Tonga and do blogging hoping junta will fall and then say he did it.

RUM has and will do nothing.

Just a lousy man.

Anonymous said...

Ului Mara don't have the resources to do what he promised earlier. He was threatened by bais right ball man to remain quiet. Poor lamusona boy

Anonymous said...

Guys! Guys! guys! The things you are calling RUM as, coward, loser, lamusona, deserter, fake, womaniser, free-rider, and many other adjectives and nouns, was sweetly sung by Kenny Rogers, "Coward of the Counntry." Well, You know how the song ended, "Not a Gatling boy was standing". I beleive that is how its going to be with RUM, its "all bottled up inside him, and he'll let them 'Have it all." give him space, he is weighing his options, he'll be the last one standing. Guys! Have the patience of a hunter. I hate RUM cos he beat my friend up, but something always tell me we are reading "Tommy" wrong. God Bless and FREE my home country.

Anonymous said...

What resource does he need?? All he has to do is tell all the inside-out story of the regime!!! Piece by piece of info is not good...3 page enquiry report is incomplete...cause he's involved just trying to find a way out in kukuland!!!!

Anonymous said...

How can he lead when there is no one willing to follow. No one can do anyhing right now, because no one is willing to take the risk of ending up in Korovou or Naboro under the PET or the Public Order Decree.

Meanwhile our lives are slowly and surely going to the dogs - only those in the Army and those who support Bainimarama get a better life.

But the rest of us are leaderless, our chiefs are dead while Khaiyum and the muslim take our land.

4,5 Coup should stop giving us hope, where there is no hope anymore, why blame RUM - he tried but we are just nor there with him.

Anonymous said...

in 2006 RUM was riding on the tide and pretend to be a coup hero.

when he get clean up campign up his backside he now want to ride the tide again.

he cant make the coup years back he can do nothing in years to come.

the man got nothing and no one need to follow him.

why cant he face the court in fiji and fight his fight on fiji soil.

he is in tonga and not fiji and nothing will happen just big mouth talk from far far away

Anonymous said...

Its is true the junta men in uniform are thugs and will flee in the cassava patch or even swim to tonga when chased.

RUM is responsible for crimes, human rights violation, sedition and treason- now he is fugutive.

He must stand trial in fiji and not be made hero cos he changing his colors.

He is a thug and part of the junta now with a barrel up his backside.

Clan of the Cave Bears said...

I suspect many people agree Ului has let the people down but very few will say so publicly on it because he is a Ratu and from esteemed Mara family. Remember the chiefly clans and the major families of Fiji are still sticking together because of the hierarchical lines

Loyal Fijian said...

Suli is talking about it on Matavuvale and this one here too worth reading

Reply by Kuna Osea Malamalanitabua 2 hours ago

MM It's not the Chiefs...the people hold the trump card and they are the ones that hold power and strength of leadership for the Chiefly System.When the people are quiet and docile the chiefs are laid back and this has hampered the urge to mount an onslaught to fight and demand the true state of Democracy which was taken by force from the Military Junta.The people can no longer rely on the Methodist Church of Fiji because it has tarred History of Political infighting and its open support for previous Coups.First and foremost redress their differences and put their house in order and only than it can remove the murky waters and clear the way for reconciliations.Roko Ului is a cog in the wheel and no man is an island and his role to help the FDFM is so limited, to put hope and trust in him shows naivety on our part as Taukeis longing to turn the table by ousting Suguraki.The Arab Spring Revolution showed a glimmer of Hope to allow a tiny spark to allow a combution in our fiery hearts to mount attack and force Suguraki in a sewer full of rats.So much talk and finger pointing which began in 2006 soon after the Military Coup and relying on outside help was a rallying cry for help has failed us and missed our target.What have we realy done in the meantime?We have now in January 2012..five years of misery through our fault in allowing the Military Junta to destroy us all without lifting our fingers to save our once great Fijian Nation.No pocket of resistance..only verbally most of time and if no opposition is strong enough soon our Chiefly System will naturally die and our future is dead and buried.2014 is looming in the horizon,Suguraki is hoping to dash for victory and he will if we don't put a human barrier to block him for good.The ball is in our court..no deuce we need to win it to raise our hope again for the next generations.

Anonymous said...

C.5 looking for RUM
He is in Auckland, ask SSP Josaia Rasiga of 1st Security, Suli of AA NZ, Rajesh Singh of No Job and his CRW bodyguard Samu Railoa of BP NZ.

Jake said...

This fellow Mara has lost all credibility and integrity, he has used the FDM to spin what is now known to be lies about his leader, in fact there is no demarcation between him and Bainimarama.

He stood before the Fijian people there in Australia and lied through his teeth to any one that cared to listen, but most importantly he has fooled not the movement in Australia but also NZ.

I would be interested to know just how much these freedom fighters, paid out in terms of money among other things, for this liar to stand before them and spin lies.

Bottom line, he is a gutless coward.

Anonymous said...

Well there's pretty much no use for RUM to go back to Fiji as the Pig has just about brainwashed everyone into believing his lies. Just picked this comment from the RFN blog about this guy heading up the Namosi landowners to discuss their plight with the Pig. Little does he know that the Pig is the main guy pushing for Newcrest to go ahead. As early as last year he was overheard saying that the mine will go ahead regardless of landowners wishes. Pity guys like Nariva still not seeing the pigs true colors -

"The secretary of the Namosi landowners committee, Sipiriano Nariva, says they are concerned about the environmental impacts of the planned mine, and are glad that Commodore Bainimarama is stepping in.

“This government is a very good government, the government hears the voice of the people. In the past governments, our voices and our rights cannot be heard, but Bainimarama is a different man, he is a man of the people. I’m ready to face Bainimarama. I’ll tell Bainimara, ’tell this company to go away’.”

Sipiriano Nariva.

Nariva some advice for you, that company will not go away because its got Bai in their pockets....its more likely you will be going away. For all your posturing Nariva I can tell you that by this time next year Newcrest will be mining your resources. For the life of me I don't know what all the rush is about...considering the increase in the price of gold over the years that resource will be worth 10 time more in 10 years...are the people in Namosi starving that they need the money now??..oh wait...its Bai needs the money now since he's been borrowing left right and centre!

Anne said...

Why would C4.5 be asking this question? C4.5 and the NZ and Oz media blindly supported Mara WITHOUT question and believed every word uttered from his mouth and reported it as fact. Maybe the fact of the matter is that he had nothing of importance on Frank B and that Mara's actions were the result of envy and jealousy and the fact that he was not a VIP anymore. Maybe it is about time those who run C4.5 start working positively to help Fiji on its path to a proper democratic democracy - where ALL votes are equal, one man one vote and no racism in politics.

Fiji Democrat said...

On a completely separate matter. Why were such experienced Permanent Secretaries such as Isireli Koyamaibole and Anasa Vocea replaced? Why have they been replaced by people with NO experience of the areas they are now in.

Biman said...

It appears that all you guys are doing is venting your anger at Bainimagaitinana through posts in public forums. Now who will make the first move by putting a bullet between voceke's eyes? Now that is action.

Meantime the pig shit Bainimagaitinana is filling his pockets alongside Aiyarsehole and others close to them. Family members and close friends.

The army of uneducated school dropouts are following blindly and they are all gutless and above all useless.

RUM has tried but the pig shit Bainimagaitinana has brainwashed the chiefs and the people of Fiji, and RUM will find it hard at the moment to make an impact. I thought the Fijians are strong people but I'm doubting that as you are all being conned by the biggest conman of all time, the pig shit Bainimagaitinana.

KOI COLO said...


Anonymous said...

lets be frank, bainimarama does not give a hoot about your comments, actually he loves reading them, he gets stoned from it,like smoking marijuana. as long as the citizens of Fiji submit to the ways he manages his government and we obey what he says he and aiyaz are set to rule for the next 20 years. he is a good destructive strategist although not a deep thinker. actually his mind becomes wobbly when confronted with complex issues. this is where aiyaz comes in.
he is a smooth talker yet very superficial. actually, he will try and impress upon the citizens of this country that he knows what he is talking about. when you take time to analyse it, it really does not make sense because there are alot of half truths in all he says.

ului for all our wishes will not come to our rescue as he does not have the balls to do so. if he is waiting for the right time, that time will not come.

anyway, the form of government we now have is of our own making. we submitted and obeyed bainimarama's rule and this fueled his ego and pride. we continue to pay tax to his government so aiyaz and his hangers-on can spit on our face and crush everything indigenous. yet, we think it is ok to obey the rules of government because it is the right thing to do.it is in us to obey...what if it was wrong? well, to disobey would result in our being hunted and bitten by his bulldogs in delainabua and vinod patel plaza.

so, who then can save us from this brutal dictatorship? only us, the citizens of Fiji...we can save ourselves from this tyranny when we decide that enough is enough...

Coup 4.5 said...

Anne@2.09pm Search the archives and you will find C4.5 was always and FIRST to ask Roko Ului the hard questions. Search the archives again and you will find this blog has also done it's part to bring people together and move us forward. And whether people are comfortable about it or not, the issue is Roko Ului's failure to deliver not C4.5

Anonymous said...

If anyone ever wonder about Mark Mannings level of stupidity-you just need to read his post!

The very issue that got us into to shit he now looks at with sunglasses-Mark Manning its not the Chiefs -you can't understand that and you never will zero understanding it-no matter how hard you try -It the Cour mentality we trying to get rid of. No different from you not understanding the Aborigenes in their plight but how can you as WHITE person see things from their perspective-it will be too much to ask of you, a DOPE anyway or DOCE might be a better word?? Different words same meaning.

C4.5, please take a lead. said...

Of course, C 4.5, you have to take some responsibility for lionising this guy. As soon as he defected, you rallied around him, gave him a permanent presence on your site and trumpeted every small thing he did as a big deal.

This encouraged the mainstream media to also regard Roko Ului as a serious contender for dislodging Frank. It's there for everyone to see. Why haven't you stuck with your "main man"? Presumably because you can now see what a lot of us told you before; that he's a tamani sized flake.

The only hope now is to use your influence to apply maximum pressure to make sure the 2014 election ( and let's not kid ourselves, there will be one and Bainimarama will stand ) is as honest and open as possible. If you really believe in democracy, this is the responsible course you should take. Otherwise you'll just be yapping from the sidelines as you become more and more irrelevant as the months progress.

What is wrong with an election based on one man, one vote? You just can't argue against it. But what you can argue is that anyone should be able to stand for office. The Government's weakest link is this notion that no-one involved in communal politics before will be allowed to take part. That's not democracy at all but giving big ticks to the people you approve of and excluding the rest.

This is what should be fought now. Continually calling for the demise of the regime is a total waste of time. They cannot be dislodged because most people in Fiji approve of the way they have run the country and provided basic services.

If you can't see this, you've lost the plot. But you can be a crusader for genuine democracy, not the sham they're proposing. Now all this will take guts. But it's about fighting smarter not louder. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

@C4.5 Don't worry about "Anne 2:09". She is delusional.
It's obviously coming from Illegal PM's office.
The fact is Bai does not sleep well as he is forever looking around him to see who is holding the dagger.
One of these days someone will do the job One of his close comrades will do it.
As for RUM... the timing has to be right. Ratu Mara and a whole lot of other people who are now on our side are unfortunately in a compromised position and it will take a lot of events and lobbying to get the masses to follow them.
As someone has said, a lot of villagers are still being conned by Bai.
However the hardship that 2012 will bring, will turn more people to hate Bai.

Bai can run but he cannot hide. One day soon and he will pay dearly.

-Valataka na Dina.

Paula Tucaketale said...

Firstly do these former miliytary officers have a plan or they gonna
be blogging all their time out of uniform. After all with all their
training how do they think they are going to resolve the situation
here in Fiji? They were part of it and helped create the beast that is
now incharge of this country.

Anonymous said...


...when we decide enough is enough. It seems you're so confused with your verbal diarrhea, how long are we going to wait until we've had enough? By the way, you seem to know a lot about how Vuaka thinks, so I guess you've just emerged from his ass.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 still looking for RUM? He is in Auckland. Ask Josaia Rasiga, Suli,Samu Railoa or Rajesh Singh for his whereabouts in Auckland.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

people of namosi dont care about the enviroment....just worried about the cash.

if they cared aout the enviroment we would have been told years and years ago that namosi was off limits , not negotiable. dont even think about it....and so there would not have been waste of time and money on exploring.

January 19, 2012 6:18 PM

Coup 4.5 said...

The comments of the president of the Australia FDFM, Suliasi Daunitutu, made on the blog Matavuvale have been reposted here with his permission. Included are the comments from the other bloggers to provide context.

Suliasi Dauntitutu wrote: "I totally agree, we have been blogging since 2009 and RUM hasn't delivered as he said he would. I hope he's not listening to others for advise as none of these so called advisors were with him beside Bainimarama from 2006 - so the onus is on him to get information and evidence to relevant authorities. The longer he holds on to these secrets the higher the risk for him to be labelled a fake. If he is genuine about exposing Bainimarama....I want to tell him, that he is running out of time as others are now doing the job he was supposed to do a long time ago."

▶ Reply

Loruama TawawiliPermalink Reply by Loruama Tawawili yesterday

"Dee it is the same for us in the USA.I have had candid talks with his men on the ground in Fiji but RUM has not been heard. He said we will reveal the Jack Evans report on Bainimarama's participation in the 2000 coup but nothing has happened up to now. I think RUM is running on empty.His supporters in Fiji do not have any trust in him anymore.RUM has suddenly gone underground.

▶ Reply

Ratu SugamaPermalink Reply by Ratu Sugama yesterday
whats happened with Roko Ului gdev ?


looks like the initial infatuation and the love affair between the Democracy people and Roko Ului has lost its spark.

they're now accusing Roko Ului of living in luxury in Aussie.

what did they expect ?

that Roko Ului would follow in the footsteps of his illustrious warrior ancestor Roko Malani ?

Roko Malani sailed off to the warrior Ha'a Ngata Tupu of Vavau - the Ikale Tahi - and the warrior Mata ki Nabou of the Lomanikoro, Nakaukabara and Delainauluvatu of Totoya - the Lau Qio - he got warriors from these warrior clans of his Kainga, no questioned asked.

he looked after his kainga, and his kainga looked after him. blood in, blood out. the old code of the warrior clans of these stomping grounds of the Malie Toa of this side of Polynesia.

its in the blood. in RESPECT. in KAINGA. veiwekani.

Ta e To'a, Tu e To'a.


▶ Reply

Suliasi DaunitutuPermalink Reply by Suliasi Daunitutu yesterday

I wouldn't call it infatuation, we of the democracy movement wanted to give him a chance to redeem himself. We provided a platform for him to prove his worth to the Fijian people. The ball is in his court and we the democracy advocates will fight on, as for him, he is giving a chance to people to question his motives....and that....cannot be good for him.

▶ Reply

Ratu SugamaPermalink Reply by Ratu Sugama yesterday

what did they expect ? that Roko Ului would follow in the footsteps of his illustrious warrior ancestor Roko Malani ?

I wish people would stop jumping to conclusions prematurely, without thought or evidence.

▶ Reply

Suliasi DaunitutuPermalink Reply by Suliasi Daunitutu yesterday

But really Ratu Sugama, it will be one year soon and RUM hasn't delivered on his words to expose Bai. We are still waiting for the evidence he promised he would deliver."

Daunitutu says he has heard that Mara is currently in Auckland.

Anonymous said...

Suli Daunitutu, levu ga nomu vosa.

tovolea mo dau veirokovi me vaka noda i tovo nai taukei.

nio sa vosa vaqori baleti RUM, kila vinaka tiko ni o RUM e tu na wekana ena veiyasana kei Viti, ka se tu vinaka tu na sema ni dra ni weviwekani kada kilai kina nai taukei. sa vaka me curu uciwai mai nomu it tovo ni o sa laki tu vakadede mai Ositerelia.

Ke o via valu, valu ga, focus on the issues not the person, colata nomu kauveilatai ka liutaka yani nomu i soqosoqo o liutaka tiko qori. Na vei vakacanani gona vaka qo e sa vakaseavutaka nomu sega ni vakabauti, you lose your credibility, and Bainimarama is laughing his arse off.

Drau toce, na turaga Tui Nayau e tu tale ga na kena kawa ni bati mo kila vinaka tiko. tovolea mada mo vosa veibeci e matadra baleta nodra turaga ko na qai raica kina na kunea.

Anonymous said...

All talk and no action..RUM is still baini's boy...I hope we stop talking this year 2012..but we try stop trading with Fiji so we can step up the protest...this year we shud nz and aust to severe all ties with Fiji and ban all sports even the Fiji Sevens Team...1 year of sanction is worth a thousand years of democracy...to my methodist ministers please resign or retire...sa rauta na politiki tiko..tovolea me vakavuana na masu

Anonymous said...

RUM has nothing to reveal-all lies.

RUM said he was fishing ans ship wrecked?

Like he said he will reveal all.

He has revealed 3 pages of a Board of Enquiry on his blog- what a joke.

There is enough blog-who needs his blog.

Unless he can lead a overthrow by force in suva the man is a zero.

The truth is the man is scared, lamu and in hiding from being throen in naboro and has to protect his ring for the rest of his life from prisioners he abused from 2006.

The man is a wolve now trying to wear garments of a saint?

a thug, crook and coup star- thats what he is and nothing else.

The RFMF will lock him up if they get their hands on him so forget about the lamu falla to do a coup.

RUM is doing nothing but saving his backside from the crimnal case he got.

He aint going back and will die in tonga.

So forget the lamu now and not waste time.

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina@7:48pm...RUM-nom de plum-Pathetic outlook in your writting.No remorse detected and no apology for your action? When do
you think that you might want to apologies to the people of Fiji for
your part in Bainimarama's 2006 Coup? Are you reading the tone on the above blogs?Are you aware that almost every single one of these bloggers have no respect,trust or admiration for you? As far as they're concern, you can fall off the ravine and disappear from the face of the earth for ever? Does'nt say much for you and your proud ancestors, whom you have dishonoured, disrespected and humiliated permanently? The great American President. Abraham Lincon once said: "IT'S BETTER TO REMAIN SILENT AND THOUGHT A FOOL, THAN TO SPEAK-UP AND REMOVED ALL DOUBT"

Anonymous said...

Hasn't enough blood been spilled already ! those poor CRW soldiers have paid the ultimate price being conned by Frank ! 
Say Rokoului goes back to Fiji and over throws the government? how many more lives will it cost ? I don't want to see any of my relatives killed !  
I have allot of relatives in Fiji and maybe I'm just lucky that none has been killed by soldiers so far !taken to camp and beaten yes but thank god not killed ! 
 Rokoului did the right thing  to walk away from the fight.  The ultimate responsibility for any chief is the welfare of the people !  
We see the people of Iraq paying the price of freedom ! Now the people of libya ! There will never be peace in those country's for generations to come ! 
Are we ready to take up arms against each other ? who is the enemy ? are you sure ? can you win ? How much are you going to lose ? Then ask yourself who is the winner ? 
In the end they all end up turning on each other because they all want a bugger piece of the pie 

Anonymous said...

RUM said on his blog he was going to release a RFMF board of enquiry report on 2000 coup.

He did only 3 cover pages- what a joke.

This man has nothing to reveal and can do nothing from tonga.

He even got a tongan mistress now and live like a king.

The blog he got is a show he doing something.

The people expect him to fight and in fiji not tonga- war of words.

even with words he got nothing.

he swam the seas to tonga with his sulu high with nothing except his scared bottom.

Forget the guy now.

Thumbs down RUM-liar and coup star.

If he knew frank was beating women at QEB and he was there on that night why he speak in 2011 and not 2006?

To run from fiji to tonga is nothing but a coward.

Anonymous said...

sa rui levu na nomuni viavia kila and full of talk. why do you all , do something about Fiji and not rely on RUM...!!seriously, its pathetic you all relying on one man...we all can do something about it..democracy movement groups if you're reading this...start a revolution and stir up the people in Fiji! that is your role isnt it????

Anonymous said...

RUM can not overthrow the government because he lacks the courage, committment, the know how, the metal capascity, professionaliam, intergrity, etc. He is on a free ride because of his father, he has not earned his place in the military or society. Actually he has lost points because of all the "BS" that he has said so far and big talk, no show.

Anonymous said...

c4.5, its disgusting how all of these you have turned against RUM why dont you spend less time on this blog site and take arms and get rid of baini and khaiyum,all these writings and energy will be more useful in coming up with a plan to bring our country back to democracy, its not up to bloody RUM,ts up to you and every individual who have commented above!

Anonymous said...

RokoUlui- Welfare of the people!! What a laugh, his people need him now and he has deserted them, at least the cRW had guts and they went face to face unlike Roko!!!

Radiolucas said...

Was this piece written by Suli Daunitutu?

Just a wild guess...

Anonymous said...

Secret support for RUM like Facebook crowd shows people in fiji still suck up to chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Keep this in mind,that the military led Pakistan Government of President Pervez Musharaf.Pulled his coup in 2001 and run the Government for 7 years, to 2008. Before calling an election.He was not elected and the new pakistan people party was elected by the pakistan people.Bai is now between a rock and a hard place? His loan with the Chinese Government and its interest is mounting every day? The chinese are tough business people and they get nasty when you missed your payments?

Jake said...


My boy does it matter, the fact is your bum buddy is a known liar.

A trait you both share.


Taukei 5. said...

Don't get mislaid - not about Rum or Baledrokadroka or anybody else -its about making this traitorous & murderous regime accountable.

@ Anon 3;18.
Vinaka. Exacly - painful ripple on effect with Taukei society never ending...Looks like something else straight out a Middle Eastern Handbook?

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Ganilau introduced Frank and Kaiyum, and they booted him out of the limelight hi! hi!

Anonymous said...

News Flash

Confirmed Fijian Holding Ltd will purchase the 51% shares of Yasana holdings in Fiji TV. Hari Punja will then buy the remaining shares of Fiji TV leaving the split 49% for Hari and 51% for FHL. Fiji TV IS CASH STRAPPED and needs funding to have it's Sky Pacific pay tv arm stay solvent. With escalating costs like satellite transponder and programming fees, Hari needs a banker with cash flows to keep FIji tv afloat. Who else but to get FHL to fund the technically insolvent sky pacific. Industry experts say sky pacific will never break-even and history has proven that. Since it's start this arm of Fiji tv has not made money and the cost of running Sky pacific has escalated since it resigned on a new satellite to carry it's service. As Hari Punja does, use other people's money to make money. Hari Punja has been doing this on day one since he got into Fiji tv. He funnels funds from public listed companies into Fiji tv by paying for advertisements and gets the potion of this money into his family owed company in Fiji tv dividends. Tarun Patel CEO is his pet boy. now Hari, ajay and Tarun have schemed a plan to get money from FHL. Reminds me of momi and nagar la. Only the fool now is FHL and not FNPF. GOOD LUCK Fijian Holding Limited. This investment is worst than the mobile one.

Bob Lee Swagger said...

RUM is a toothless tiger!! so much talk no action!!

QEB Snitch said...

U can all croak your views like a frog all day and night but nothing will bear fruit on what we really need.

May be it is already past the time when we should be thinking of , planning, preparing all logistics to execute a plan to take out by eliminating Bainimarama, Khaiyum, the Taliban Connections and their close associates in the IG.


Penaia Delana, Veisari, Suva said... said...

Penaia Delana, Veisari, Suva said...

"RUM to do something" must be a joke. All of a sudden he is singing praises for democracy and all its principles when only a few years ago 2006-2010 he was the very person that was part of the effort that raped democracy.
"Katakata ga vaka kuro kava" as the saying goes. RUM is a gutless person who thinks only of himself. Never in a million years will the likes of him ever care for the people of Fiji. He has lived the privileged life of a Fijian royalty, all he cares about is that he is to able to protect that privileged position so enjoyed by him and his family. I have never seen the Mara family visit the squatter settlements and give handouts to the under privileged. We're better off without the Fijian royalty!!
Also, RUM got his officer commission because of his RATU status and not because of his IQ.
And to conclude, he does not have any more sympathizers in the army. His actions as a whistle blower will not sit in well with the men because he was the one giving orders for them to go out and arrest people, some even to the extent that his business competitors were tortured to back off a lucrative business deal that his company was about to make. By revealing to the enemy the identities of his troops, I'm sure the 3FIR will surely await his return so that they can give him a taste of his own medicine.
Long live Fiji...
January 22, 2012 6:27 AM

Anonymous said...

Has the First lady returned from Tubou.Pressie must be missing her.

Anonymous said...

RUM Where are you "............we still waiting for the disclosures ......you thought we could be taken for a ride eh .........you appear to be another big joke

Coup 4.5 said...

Radiolucas@12.27pm The story was written by C4.5

Anonymous said...

RUM Where are you "............we still waiting for the disclosures ....

January 22, 2012 10:06 PM

Anonymous said...

Why all the pressure just on RUM. What are all the other Top Military Officers ousted by the Illegal Dictator doing or saying. Revolution has to come from the Majority of the Military within Fiji, but instead the Military Cowards are happy get their grubby hand-outs from the Corrupt Dictator and shining their shoes and guns in their Barracks and offices. Letting Fiji and its oppressed people go to Hell and oblivion. The only way to put pressure on Fiji from the outside is for Trade Unions around the World to ban all imports and exports and travel to Fiji. Trade Unions should threaten to do the same to China if they do not withdraw all their support to Fiji. The UN to ban any Fijian Military personnel for working for them in any capacity. RUM releasing a few incriminating papers and information about the Dictator is not going to bring down this Fijian Junta. It is time for the supporters for the Freedom of Fiji to be realistic. RUM cannot save Fiji if the Fijian people and Military do not try and save themselves first.

Anonymous said...

It seems there is a curse imposed upon the Mara clan. Because the old man was the one that pushed Rabuka to do the 87 coup, his children are now facing the consequences. Sa qai yati mai na colo. Rabuka ended up getting all the flak because of this power hungry old man who thought leading Fiji was exclusive to him. Look at all his sons where are they now. He was banking on Finau to continue the legacy but he has slipped into oblivion and now a non-entity altogether. He is supposed to be installed Tui Nayau and Tui Lau but that is now a remote scenario. Ratu Joji is gone and now Roko Ului out of the show. This guy Ului is useless he cannot lead anything. Spoon fed poor guy. Listen all you Indians who used to worship Rt Mara - know now if you don't that this guy wasd the architect of the sufferinmgs your people had gone through in 87.Do not blame Rabuka, he was merely following orders being an obedient commoner he is. Rabuka is a great man but his image has been tarnished by this evil chief.

Anonymous said...

Just to make it 100 comments...lol
RUM where are you, come out to play!

QEB Snitch said...

Roko Ului Mara...I'm thankful and happy that you are safe out there. Who knows what would have happened to you if you were here in Fiji.

You do your own things there in your own way trying to help bring back democracy in Fiji. Foregt these hypocritical fools, wankers, bludgers and cowards who have been saying so many bad things about you.

These people are just a bunch of ANNONS.

Anonymous said...

you all take this energy against RUM and form a group to REVOLT against this illegal government!! UPRISE AND BURN THEM TO THE STAKE!!