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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fiji conspiracy accused to front today

CID HQ in Suva where Mere Samisoni, Mataiasi Ragigia, Apete Vereti and Semisi Lasike are being held.

Big story of the day: the fate of the deposed SDL Lami member Dr Mere Samisoni. 

The 74-year old and three others - Mataiasi Ragigia, Apete Vereti and Semisi Lasike - are appearing in court this afternoon. 

A campaign is underway to help free Samisoni who was been detained since December the 30th, two days before Frank Bainimarama announced the PER will be lifted.

Those speaking out against the latest detainments, include the national secretary of FTUC, Felix Anthony, who says such arbitrary arrest without citizens being given the right to legal counsel and unnecessary prolonged detention must be condemned. 

"This detention itself is persecution. Those detained are respected citizens of Fiji and former elected Parliamentarians of Fiji. The regimes tactics to treat anyone who appears to be offside with them as criminals is a clear demonstration of abuse of human rights. 

"We call on the regime to immediately release Mrs. Samisoni and others. This case is a clear indication of how the regime wishes to deal with anyone who does not support it, using the Crimes Decree. We call for the immediate repeal of the Crimes Decree and the Media Decree to ensure peoples rights are fully protected and promoted. Without the repeal of these two decrees the withdrawal of the PER will have little effect if any as the rule of law only applies to ordinary citizens in Fiji today."


Sanguine said...

I have just read an article about the fall of the Russian Empire - quote

Read the whole article here - I think the same is happening now in Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Mere is like any other ordinary ctizen who has been charged. Let the Courts deal with her. Felix Anthony should let the law follow its course. Mere is not special.

Taukei. said...

Assuming Dr. Samisoni has dual citizenship & the ACTU & ITO are dysfuctional bodies run by usless well paid ambitious political ms ladies - that only leaves DFAT - so where's Marles?

QEB Mole said...

Bainimarama, what are you trying to prove? Are you still in command of the Army and leading the nation?

The word going the round now that Ben Naliva is working directly with Khaiyum because of the kickbacks he is getting through AZK now assessed to be far more than you.

Now with Savenaca Siwatibau Rabuka and cliques at the FMF Camp, they are operating under your (JVB) radar and filling their pockets from illgotten gains through businesses recently set up...why the arrest of these SDL people trying to ruin the arrangements with the mining companies.

BHAIYA said...


Anonymous said...

@ sanguine, it sure is. Wasn't the fall of the great USSR spectacular and even more so, by the driving force behind it's collapse. Utterly amazing...

Anonymous said...

If only Felix had been talking like this shortly after the coup, we would not have had the pig take total control of the country and FNPF. No, he jumped in bed with the dictatorship, riding and patting the pig's tail until it was too late

Anonymous said...

Mere deserves this treatment from the regime.
Nothing special of her .
How about supplying free bread to the poor?

Anonymous said...

I'll say this Dr Mere is definitely
a special Fijian Woman.But if the
story is true that she's trying to
pull a coup with her friends and Fijians overseas? I'm not interested, i'm sick & tired about
another coup? We don't need another
group to come in and illegally oust
the current Government. We want democracy and just lets us wait and see where Bai is taking us?Lets
give Mr Bai the benefit of the doubt- eh?

Anonymous said...

Time to boycott coca cola as Fiji's senior staff, Lawrence Tikaram's days working for the “real thing” may be coming to an end soon.

mark manning said...

A house whose foundations are set in sand, won't last long.
Fiji's foundations are set in a sea of sewerage.

Anonymous said...

For those of you speaking against Mere Samisoni, you are just way out of her league!She is worth hundreds of you! She has the courage to stand up to this illegal regime while you bow your heads in shame to the illegal dictator!

You're all just a bunch of puppets in skirts as far as I'm concerned.

James Lockington said...

Yeah I admire Mere too for her business acumen and community work. But if its true that she's up to her 2000 coup tricks of stirring and causing even more trouble....then she needs to front up to the charges. I live abroad but long to return. Can't do that until things settle politically and economically in Fiji. I know of many people in my shoes who simply long to return and live peacefully in Fiji. Just hope that if and when the army relinquishes control, we won't have an explosion of violence and crime sprees. Its a pity this and many other so called Fiji Democracy blogs have become a stomping ground for people making useless commments and personal attacks. Lets focus on the subject.

Anonymous said...

@James Lockington - what then is the subject?

Anonymous said...

Free Mere Samisoni she is a great lady with integrity who thinks of the rights of the people. She has FIJI in her mind & its people.

Please free MEre Samisoni!!

Anonymous said...

Mere only has Fijians in her mind because she wanted them to vote for her in the coming election.

She is an arch enemy of the other races.Dont forget her part in the 2000 civilian coup.

If she can put the lives of so many Indo Fijians in misery during the attempted takeover in 2000, then she deserves to be in custody and be miserable.

If she can support Speight and put Chaudary in custody for 56 days why cant she spend the same days in custody.

What ever goes around comes around Mere.

Frankie goes to Hollywood said...

@anon 1216...the subject is whatever we are commenting on at the moment... the reason for you writing... dimwit

Anonymous said...

Isa mere you supported all the thugs to get into the parliament,had you stayed in business your intergrity would have been very high, but you chose to get rich by supporting thugs which SDL was composed of and Garase was scared to clean them up as he would be lost his power. remember the cost incurred for preferential treatment of speight on Nukulau, how many times mere visited nukulau!!!

Anonymous said...

Mere is not worth anything. She holds extreme nationalist views and is a danger to public safety. Prison is not too far away for her and her colleagues. God bless Mere.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Qarase will be locked up in the same cell as his SDL members.

Anonymous said...

As far as the Fijians are concerns
Qarase was the best Fijian Leader to lead a political administration
in Modern Fiji! Second to Qarase was Rabuka administration.Both had
done their job faithfully to advanced Fijian education,economically and culturally.Mara was mostly busy with working toward self-aggrandizement at the cost of Fijians development? The only problem with Rabuka and or Qarase
was that they did not create or established an entity to safeguard
Fijians freedom and democracy? I have no other complains, as to how they managed, to developed a better lifefor all Fijians?I'll most probably vote for them, if they run again in the next general election?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:47pm-Qarase was the best Fijian Leader no wonder we in the State we in.He lacked the courage to take on Frank and even sack the President-as for Rabuka he sure was the greatest under his leadership we had a national Bank go from a million dollars worth of assets to a big fat ZERO! if we accept your conclsuions we will should all pray we we have more Qarases and Rubukas to lead Fiji in the future that will surly be something nice to see add to that we have the likes of Mere Samisoni-stirriing the fire of Racism behind the banner of Indigenous Rights! No wonder George Speight was always getting free bread & Buns on Nukulau!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning said"A house whose foundations are set in sand, won't last long.
Fiji's foundations are set in a sea of sewerage."
Mark you need to go visit the Aboriginal population in you foster motherland.Since you attempt to show your ignorance of Fiji-on Palm Island there is shit everywhere with overflowing tanks in Alice Spring its part of the scenario so you either live in North Sydney or just a racist pretending to care for us Fijians. WE can live with our shit you white occupiers in Aussie or as you are called by Aborigenes Migaloos-don't even know black people own the land!

Anonymous said...

Garase wrecked FDB,caused and encouraged racial overtones in parliament and was the main cause for this coup. Neither leaders Garase or chaudhary or their ex parliamentary members be given any political leadership.

Anonymous said...

Qarase,Mere & Rabuka are proud Fijians and had represent their people well, in the Fijian Parliament during their terms! We as Fijians are proud that these 3
former parliamentarians had done
their job well, in defence of our home-FIJI! Just remember, that your current Hero is also a 100%
Fijian (Taukei)and if you think with you numbskull that he's agenda
is to annihilate his own race? Then
here's what i think of you...Block-heads!How many Indo-Minister does he have? Why did he fired Chodo, as minister of Finance? Why does he Fired Reddy -as Governor of
the Fiji economy? You think maybe he really doesn't trust the INDO to
mamnage our economy? What about Khaiyum? The guy is not past the wood yet, theres two white guys waiting in the wing, to take over his job if he screws up badly? Hey,
like I said, Bai is 100% Fijian and
you can pay him as much Money as you can- he's DNA -is still 100% Fijian!!!