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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fiji Govt Online continues to be a target

Screenshot of www.fiji.gov.fj at the time of the attack

The website http://www.direxer.com/ is claiming responsibility for hacking the regime's Fiji Govt Online as recently as last night.

The website was hacked just a day after the illegal leader (January 2), Frank Bainimarama, announced he was lifting the public emergency regulations.

As people rushed to read his speech, the hacked website diverted visitors to a website in Malaysia.

Hackers say they again brought down http://www.fiji.gov.fj at 7.30pm last night for half an hour.

Anyone visiting the web portal reportedly only saw a black page with the slogan "CODE SECURITY WAS HERE" and a Code Security logo.

The page title had been changed to "Hacked by direxer".

Months ago the resistance movement requested assistance from international hackers.

June 28, 2011

HackerLeaks received a message purporting to be from intelligence officers in Fiji requesting the aid of hackers worlwide in hacking their own governments servers. here's the full text of the message received and the reply address.

"Hello brothers
We are intel officers fighting to free Fiji from a dictactor and its miltray rule by bringing peace and a democratic government. The people are being beaten everyday while our government fills it pockets with huge monies from public funds.
Reference of what is happening in our small country Fiji can be found at our blog sites:
we in Fiji dont have resources to fight the government and retrive information from their servers to let the world " know the truth" about our governments shady dealings. That is why we need you.

please help us crack and steal government file and sites.


Lance Corpral Tomasi said...

Wow! That is a direct hit!!! Well done. Ha ha ha ha. Yes, people power can topple this illegal and oppressive regime.

Hit em from all angles I say. All hackers of the world unite and smash the illegal junta of Fiji.

They took away our democracy to rob and plunder the nation's treasury. They dismantled our structures of governance based on a constitution, parliament,senate, and independant judiciary.They trampled on our values and norms that they ought to have protected.

"...the shells were rainning down on Berlin, the fuerher could dimly hear the approaching tanks, he knew the end was nigh, he opened his drawer and reached for his luger..."

Nabukalou Dadakulaci said...

When Democracy is eventually restored we need to remember and identify the people and organisations which supported all the illegal acts of treason against the nation of Fiji.

They will need to explain and justify their actions for the wanton destruction they were a party to.

Anonymous said...

What do you guys think of the move by the military government to give all citizens of Fiji the right to call themselves "Fijian"? Does the resistance movement believe that this privilege should be reserved exclusively for the iTaukei?

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE AND KEEP IT UP Hackers. HACK the whole lot of em !

Anonymous said...

How about Fijianese as an identity for all and reserved Fijian for the native,Indo for Indian&Chinese and others in their own ethnicity?Why should the rest of the population be called Fijian and the natives be identify differently
as I Taukei? Everyone is clearly identified as(Fijian) having something to do with Fiji? While the Native are clearly been sidelined, with a foreign identity
known only to their language-Itaukei.The fight is not over, as Fijians, we will win this war and with it comes a new constitution; and the reversal of most illegal changes, enacted by an illegal Government?

Anonymous said...

Respose to Anonymous 20.01.2012 @ 2.04PM

Whilst the move by the Military Govt may be seen as illegal, the move to classify all citizens of Fiji as "Fijians" is adirection for the betterment of Fiji.This will create the basis of a true democracy if anything else would The objective is to unite all people and cut out the discrimination which has existed ever since Adam was a cowboy. Name me one nation that segregates its citizen and classes them through their respective ethnicities.Even in NZ which has a multi ethnicity population classes its citizen as New Zealanders. It gives everyone an equal right as a NZ citizen.One citizen one equal vote is the correct solution.
If the resistence movement elects to change this forward thinking view , then its back to square one and will open more avenues for future coups in Fiji. The power hungry few will instigate more upheavels on an ongoing basis. Any pariclar reasons why you are not happy with is move. Think long term.

Anonymous said...

Hack them to death

Anonymous said...

The iTaukei are the only ones who are classified as Fijians. Aiyarsehole is just a mouthpiece of that stinking pig Voceke.

Taukei. said...

@ Anon 2:04,

While one can use both & others can not.
Eg: "we are Fijian & we call ourselves Taukei".
"were Fiji Indians - Rotumans etc".

Anonymous said...

WRONG: All iTaukeis are Fijians but not all Fijians are iTaukeis.

RIGHT: All iTaukeis are Fijians and only indigenous Fijians are true Fijians.

Anonymous said...

This is why, as a "Kai Idia", I am reluctant to invest in my future in Fiji. I am educated,not wanting to emigrate, and willing to work hard, but i have to keep in mind the fact that some racist fellow in a red bow-tie may come into power one day and kick me out of the only country my family has known for over a hundred years. I sincerely believe Fiji is a better place to reside in than India, Australia, NZ, US or UK, especially with the global financial crisis having more of an impact on more developed economies. But as long as I am treated like a second-class citizen, I will think twice before investing in my future in Fiji.

Vutu Lucky said...

Can they hack into the dictators account and take all his millions!!

Raju Tamana said...

OK, how about we call indigenous people Fijians and everyone else iTaukei.
What kind of fool wants to have two identities (iTaukei AND Fijian) only reserved for their race.

Fiji is the name of the country given to it by explorers. The natives have always called themselves iTaukei.

We need a name to unite us, and that is the name of our country (Fiji/Fijian).

Anonymous said...

It was a poorly thought out and waste of money exercise to call everyone Fijian.

Reliastically Fijian (itaukei) will still be saying Indian man or Indian woman to those with Indian ethnicity while Indians will be still calling itaukei Fijian man and Fijian woman.

Uptill now it was the best way to identify people in difficult situations.

Try and look around for a home to rent or apply for a job to an Indian dominated company. Discrimination is rife in those two areas. The goverment should pay it's wasted and corrupt resources there.

We are different and always different and race in Fiji will always be an important element to everyone. You can not forcefully change it because it in my gene, it is who I am.

Vutu Lucky said...

I'm a taukei, I like to see everyone treated equally. Our forefathers have accomodated vulagis for the past hundred years and we've all known Fiji as home.

Anonymous said...

NABUKALOU DADAKULACI hope we never become like the German Gestapo-because thats were that process you advocating can take us! There are in many in Fiji not supporting this Regime but they need to work in Govt to feed their families too unless you have a better idea & provide maybe jobs for them? To stoop down to whatever levels there are in place now in Fiji is just as bad as they are because many innocent people could be hurt and i beleive we have already hurt more than we had to since the first coup of Rabuka's began to "save the Fijian race" from what? Till today i still can't understand what that meant! Right now we trying to save the Fijian from the Fijian thas we have ended up!

Anonymous said...

iTaukei is not a Foreign identity its the corect identity of the Indignous Fijian!The word Fiji is not even in Fijian legends-so please lets cut the crap!

Observer said...

Maybe it is best to tell Bainimarama to legalise calling us based on our ethnic background; Kai Viti, Kai Idia, Kai Jaina, Kai Loma, Kai Vavalagi, etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

In Australia, they all call themselves Australian, but when you ask people closely they refer to people as Indians, Chinese, Lebanese, etc, etc. It is the same in NZ even though they call themselves New Zealanders. And every other country! Those who want a common name are disillusioned in thinking that it will make everyone equal. Sorry mates you will still be Kaidia, kaijaina, kailoma, kaivalagi until the world comes to an end. But I will live happily with everyone of you and share my land and or whatever I own (which is not much becos I AM POOR), to tell you that you are my brothers and sisters - not second class or first class, but an equal if you do not mind joining my poor class. I love you.

Lucky Vutu said...

Vutu Lucky...lako mada i vutulaki

Anonymous said...

i thot the people frm fiji islands were called fiji islanders.