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Monday, January 23, 2012

FNPF Transition Decree - last nail in FNPF coffin for pensioners

by Dr Wadan Narsey

The illegal President has signed the unlawful “Fiji National Provident Fund Transition Decree” which trashes lawful contracts between FNPF and pensioners, takes away their basic human rights to personal property, and removes their basic human right to take their just FNPF grievances to court (while it shamelessly claims that no one’s human rights are adversely affected by this Decree).

The FNPF Transition Decree claims in Part 2, that:
“the principal object of this Part is to ensure that the arrangements for the provision of annuities by the Board are sustainable, non-discriminatory, and do not involve cross subsidy of one group (pensioners and annuitants) by another (FNPF members).”

Such phrases are also in the draft FNPF Act, and the drafters have no idea (or they don’t care) how internally inconsistent all these phrases are even within their Decrees (elaborated below).

The Decree makes a pathetic attempt to justify itself by referring to IMF, World Bank, ILO and “actuarial experts” who we know all recommended reductions of future annuities, but none recommended the breaking of lawful contracts and basic human rights to property nor of denying recourse to justice for existing pensioners. 

These agencies need to be publicly challenged as to whether they lend their support to this unlawful Decree which undermines laws of contracts and fundamental human rights of pensioners in Fiji.

The Decree has five Parts:

Part 2:  Terminates the current pensioners’ claims
Part 3:  Share investment scheme (not commented on here)
Part 4:  Protections  (what a farce).
Part 5:  Regulations (not commented here)

Part 2:  Trashing lawful contracts

Despite the FNPF CEO’s strange claim that pensioners do not have a “contract” but an “agreement”, the facts all suggest that pensioners do have lawful contracts approved by the elected Fiji Parliament:

I remind again, Article 4 of the FNPF Act states that the FNPF Board shall be a body corporate and shall, by the name of "The Fiji National Provident Fund Board", have perpetual succession and a common seal .... The Board may sue and be sued in its corporate name and may enter into contracts.

(a) the contracts were freely offered by a corporate body, FNPF, on the OP-9 form all of which were signed by pensioners and accepted by FNPF.

(b) On Form 9-OP, the FNPF informed the retiree that if he chooses to take the pension options, he will receive exactly this or that annuity (annual sum of money in dollars, and exactly this or that precise percentage of his final balance) payable for his lifetime (single pension) and the lifetime of his last surviving partner (in the case of the lower double pension). 

The FNPF warned pensioners “Once you have made your choice it is final and cannot afterwards be changed or revoked.”    The pensioners had entered a legal contract which could not be changed by them.

But the FNPF and the Military Regime clearly think that they can do whatever they want.

Part 4: Protections: Stealing pensioners’ lawful property

Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) says “Everyone has the right to own property” and “no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property”. 

Have a laugh if you thought that Part 4  of the Transitional Decree titled “Protections” was about protecting you, the pensioners and your property.

Do you really believe Subsection 11 (2) of the Transition Decree which brazenly claims “the relevant provisions are not to be taken to provide for a deprivation of property of anyone”.   What a farce. 

By all relevant criteria, the current pensioners’ FNPF annuities are real financial property, guaranteed by a lawful contract guaranteed by elected Fiji parliaments.

Yet for virtually everyone currently receiving more than $300 per month, their entitlements are going to be drastically reduced – by between 30% and 54% of their lawful property. i.e.

The total loss to existing pensioners, in present value terms, will amount to more than $150 to $200 millions in aggregate (I roughly estimate).

Given that Australia and NZ do not recognize the Military Regime or its unlawful decrees, FNPF pensioners who are being adversely harmed might think about suing FNPF in Australia or NZ where FNPF has investments.

Part 4  “Protections”:  Denying Human Rights of Access to Justice

Clause 11 of the Regime’s Transition Decree shamelessly states the following, straight out of Animal Farm: (1) “The relevant provisions are not to be taken to be inconsistent with a human right or a similar right of any person”.  What a farce.

i.e. the Military Decree assures you, in legal gobble-de-gook, that your human rights are not being harmed.  What a farce.

Article 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states  “Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law”.
Article 10 of the UDHR “Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations...”.
But Subsection (3) of Part 4  of the Regime’s Transition Decree states:  “No court, tribunal, or other adjudicating body has jurisdiction or power to accept, hear, determine or in any other way entertain any challenge by any person, or to grant any remedy or relief to any person in respect of” (a and b) the validity of the Decree and (c) “any loss or damage suffered by any person...” as a result of the provisions in the Decree.

(4) states if there is any relevant claim before any court, “the presiding judicial officer, without hearing or in any way determining the proceeding of the application, shall immediately transfer the application to the Chief Registrar of the High Court for the termination of the proceeding or the application...” and “a certificate to that effect shall be issued by the Chief Registrar of the High Court”.

(5) states if any relevant proceeding has already been started but not determined, that proceeding is also terminated.

(6) in case some brave judge thinks otherwise, the Transition Decree sternly warns that any court that is currently hearing  such a proceeding, “must, on application by the Attorney-General ... issue a certificate to the effect that the proceedings .... have been wholly terminated..”.

And under (7) Such terminating certificates cannot be challenged in court.

Bottom line:  the judiciary will not be allowed to hear your case, even though it involves a lawful legal contract entered into between FNPF and pensioners (backed by elected Fiji Parliaments), your basic human right to personal property, and your human right to go to court with your just grievances.

Tough luck for the Burness/Shameem case, eh?

The very fact that this Military Decree stops all legal challenges is clear evidence that the Regime knows that the FNPF case will not stand up in court.

Why else would they have Part 4 in this Decree, alleging “Protections” – yeah, protection of the Military Regime against legal action.

So much for the separation of the judiciary from the State.
Part 2 of Decree:  False claim Number 1

Part 2 of the FNPF Transition Decree claims that the lumps sums the pensioners left in the Fund and the investment income thereupon (allegedly amounting to $310 million), cannot meet the present value of the future liabilities owed to current pensioners ($565 million). 

This statement totally ignores that:

(a) there was a Pension Buffer Fund specifically set up for this very purpose by the Fiji Parliament;

(b) that Pension Buffer Fund (which had lump sums paid into it and pensions paid out) was not credited with the interest which it was entitled to,

(c) that this Pension Buffer Fund would have accumulated to more than $850 million by now- ie $300 millions more than the $565 million that is admitted (for the first time), to be the present value of liabilities to current pensioners.

Part 2 of Decree:  False Claim 2:  the Board will be non-discriminatory. 

Part 2 of the Transition Decree claims that the FNPF Board will be “non-discriminatory”.

Yet Clause 8 (titled “Top ups”) is all about arbitrarily discriminating between different classes of retirees- whether they are currently receiving less than $100 per month, receiving between $100 ands $300 per month, and more than $300 per month.

Subsection 8 (2) states that for those pensioners currently receiving less than $100 per month, and who wish to convert their lump sum to the new annuities offered which will of course be less than $100 per month,  the Board will arbitrarily offer $100 per month.

i.e the FNPF now will become a welfare organization, (with whose permission?) subsidizing current low annuity pensioners at other pensioners’ expense.  So cross-subsidization will continue, whatever the Decree claims.

I will also bet you, that the over-paid drafters of this Military Decree have never thought about those retirees who might currently have an annuity less than $100 per month, only because they took a partial lump sum upon retirement.

Subsection 8 (3) states that if any pensioners are currently receiving more than $100 (bad drafting- it should really be stating that if a pensioner is receiving between $100 and $300 per month) and they leave all their lump sum entitlement with the Fund and take the new annuities being offered, then they will receive either their current annuity or $300, whichever is the lesser.

i.e. those pensioners currently receiving between $100 per month and $300 per month will be left alone.

Subsection 8 (4) then states amazingly, that if you  are currently receiving more than $300, ands leave all your lump sum entitlement with FNPF and take the new annuity rates that apply to you, then you will arbitrarily have your lump sum increased by $10,000 or 25% of your existing lump sum, whichever is less.

Why are they giving this small “bonus” lump sum option rather than just raising the annuity rates?  Because they want future retirees to receive the lower annuities.

They will give a small lolly to existing pensioners, whose contracts they know they are breaking.

So for any particular retirement age in the past, pensioners will lose a higher proportion of their annuity, the higher was the lump sum they left in the Fund:  i.e. the more you trusted the Fund, the bigger is the percentage you will be losing. 

For a lump sum of $100,000 you will lose 36% if you have just retired, the loss increasing to 50% if you are age 66,  and then decreasing to 46% if you are about 72 years old now.

How astonishing for a Decree that claims that the FNPF will be non-discriminating!

This Transition Decree, contrary to its claims, is discriminating between all kinds of retirees, discriminating by age and by lump sum originally left in the Fund.

The Military Regime and the FNPF Board have set themselves up as redistributing agencies between pensioners or all kinds.

And how do they intend to make sure that future pensioners and future contributors are not discriminated between?

Aaaah. You do not need to be an Albert Einstein to figure this out, do you?  Just as they allegedly eliminated discrimination between past pensioners and current contributors.

What of the future?

Many current and future pensioners are asking what they should do

Should they take the lump sum being offered, or the new annuity rates?

Sorry, but all current and future pensioners have to answer this question themselves.

But there is a quiz in the previous article which current pensioners can rack their delicate or tired brains over, if that’s any help.


mark manning said...

Move over George !

Anonymous said...

SHAME on you FNPF CEO You have as one would say did a wholesale sale of all FNPF members. Shame on AJITH KODAKODA,TOM RICKETS bina pendi ke lota, Shashi CDP singh,and Ass,you have screwed us all big time,some day we will all do the same to you.. All military goons sitting in there dont smile as you have NO bloody Future once you retire. get ready to kerekere from you neighbours in time to come..or maybe be nice to them

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha.. I know quite a few pensioners who ardently supported this regime.. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

This is another definite proof that the illegal regime's coffers are running dry. The recent increase in departure taxes and then this.

The financial and economic plunge never seems to slow down.

Anonymous said...

FNPF member says..

Thank you Prof Wadan for keep reminding people like Aisake Taito what "contract means". Taito does not seem to understand or have a wider pragmatic meaning of "contract". This is because he himself was part of the plan to kick Olota & his many senior executives so he could get the top job. Its a common public knowledge. For the purpose of this converse, there is also something called..."psychological contract" which Aisake Taito & his idiot rubber stamp karua Prezie should try and respect if they ever had respect. Aisake has taken the short cut here I suppose so he can avoid public scrutiny where his poor management skills and competence/knowledge was exposed.

Satini Koki said...

ekdam kalas! FNPF is now the illegal regimes lifeline.

Anonymous said...

They all must have read the blog this morning and some one tells me FNPF board members read it early in the morning and ring each other to comfort. Tom Rickett no more morning walks ,LAMU and Aisake new hiding place at new girl friends place ,Sashi run to NZ and Kodakoda Ajith ,already got his Australian PR which expires in 2 YEARS ,so he must go and settle with Sandeep Patel and advisor SURUJ SHARMA LAWYER also ready for a run to Syd . all planned well Vinaka Fiji Sun for this info

Anonymous said...

The illegal Military Dictator and his corrupt thugs are robbing Fijian Pensioners Now. Time to get the walking sticks, Zimmer frames and wheel chairs to the Suva Barracks and Government buildings take out this Evil Cowardly Military Regime

Anonymous said...

Fiji Salary and Wage Earners...do not sit on the sideline and watch this fiasco. In due time, you will feel the brunt of this arrogance.

Fiji Citizens...in one way or another you are affected being children, grandchildren, and relatives of Pensioners and would be pensioners.

How can we take out those responsible? In whatever small way, we can contribute. Taito, Kodagoda and the clique cronies including the elites of this IG are everyday people who have families with children, homes to live in and also own properties.

It is time we pool our resources; work on them individually on the street, in the market, supermarket or wherever; invade their homes, destroy their properties, and so on.


Anonymous said...

Attended one consultation of this pension reduction @ Suva Town hall, and many had voiced great ideas etc of how to go about it, even 1 ex Reserve bank staff but to no avail... they still went ahead with it shows that Gov needs FNPF more than its members,,, its not that pensioners wont have money in coming future its Gov will no longer be able to draw cash from it... Isa Viti sa na vakaivei ni mataka...

Anonymous said...

Vinaka, Wadan, for again clarifying what amounts to this regime's robbery from the elderly and infirm. And with no legal recourse or respect for due process! Pretty despicable stuff when you think about it.

My friends, when the people have lost their ability to petition their government, it is not their own, and they have the right to revolution.

John F. Kennedy once said, 'those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable'. Bainimarama and ASK don't seem to understand that principle. I pray they change course -- for, come the deluge, it will already be too late.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Does this fool Nailatikau ever understand all these decrees he is signing or he just sits and visits the public only to go back to his office and blindly sign all these laws without even reading them?

I ask this because I'm sure he must see that the rights of the people of Fiji are being trodden and yet he never ever asks any question! He is so greedy for his salary which he does not earn the culprit!

He goes to parties and cocktails and makes a fool of himself grabbing the mike and singing with the band. Is he real??? The President of Fiji singing in a band?

Anonymous said...

I curse Taito, Frank and Khaiyum that they and their families for 4 generations will suffer from mental retardation and that they would continue to embarrass themselves in public for 4 generations and would live poorly and suffer sicknesses that cannot be treated!

I have so cursed!

Anonymous said...

Wadan makes clear the Buffer Fund should have adequately catered for the "shortfall" in members' funds thereby setting aside this need for the major illegal and downright destruction of lives of the aged persons who cannot remedy either by law of re enter the work force due to age and the forced retirement of past Civil servants late 2010.
What Wadan did not talk about (perhaps it is considered so obvious) is the fact that the FNPF has since its inception been handicapped by the limiting of its investments to the Fiji economy, forcing such investments in Hotels, but most importantly almost limited to lending the the Government of the day to fund Budget deficits all at low interest to the FNPF. I believe that had the funds so lent to Government at low interest rates been lent at commercial arms length rates, that variation alone would have prevented this debacle. Now to add salt to the wound the same "government" now sees fit to change the laws protecting itself from legal challenges. What I cannot understand is how the Government can "take over" the Fund when it is not the major contributor! The Fund is autonomous...isn't it?
Wadan also says that the final decision rests with the pensioners and current members albeit without legal redress.
What next Frank, no political assembly, no unions, no religious meetings, no freedom of speech unless to praise the illegal government, 15% VAT (so much for no taxes for the poor)preference for military personnel only for top jobs (as long as they continue kiss VB's seat, which appears to have a long list of willing participants); huge influx of Chinese workers doing mundane jobs like ditch digging truck driving (so called look north policy and soft loan kick backs); Influx of Chinese fishing vessels; no work now for the "poor" locals...Now you have taken away their last resort their pensions.... I was to suggest that the remaining thing is our dignity...but you have long started removing this as well.
What next?

Anonymous said...

Dina says....

FNPF Pensioners what are you all waiting for. Taito and his board have sold your life..

You need to claim it back............go on a massive country strike and march to Frank and demand reverse decree.

It seems that these lazy thugs only find decrees the way out.

Option two, go hunting them down and burn their properties, than see if it hurts them too.

time to act now.

Anonymous said...

This Epeli Nailatikau who signed this draconian FNPF amendment, does he have any brain or conscience? obviously NOT the sucker of all suckers and parasite of all parasites

Kenneth Zinck said...

Take thsi from me Ratu Epeli you have sold yourself and all pensioners and future pensioners all out by signing this FNPF decree. I hope you realise the grave mistake you have done and hope also that some times dont sign anything this illegal regime gives you like you predecessor did. GOD HELP FIJI. Kenneth Zinck

mark manning said...

Frank and Aiyaz must be crapping their pants now, given that the money is running out.
They know that the disloyal Soldiers of the RFMF will turn on them both, the moment the bribery stops.
Move over George !
Frank and Aiyaz should have built a new state of the art Prison complex while they had the chance.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent disection of the FNPF decree by our good friend Wadan. Especialy on the contradictions and the cowardly shield of protection against legal retribution they put in the decree to ensure nothing in it can be reverse. If the government is against us who will be for us.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1215...if Aisake cannot keep his marriage contract...how in the world can he keep any other contracts...!!!

I TAUKEI DINA said... said...

January 24, 2012 4:50 PM

Anonymous said...

iTaukei Dina @ 8.27pm, who cares whether Eveli Nailatikau is Tongan most iTaukei are tainted with Polynesian even in the Colo when Tongans penetrated that area in the 17th/18th century (long before the Deed of Cession) and married into principal families. O keda kece and kaiviti eda sa bula tu ena dra veicurumaki. That is the reality but not you have part Indians, Chinese kaivalagi registered in the VKB.

Anonymous said...

Aisake and his 'karua' the Pressassident of Fiji both in the same boat ,family problems.How can they do their work.

Anonymous said...

VENGENCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD.Flood waters today what next?Repent Bainimarama.Do not listen to that non beliver pig Aiyaz,read your Bible and see for yourself.Do not say you were not being warned.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of thieves

Gone Ni Lomanibai said...

Anon 9.37pm...where is all these bullshit rhetorics coming from...from your SONA?

Do not talk about something you are not sure of. EVELI NAILATIKAU being TONGAN we are 100% sure off, and through illegitimate lineage...and now is trying to usurp the title of Vunivalu Tui Kaba.

Kua so na viavia vuku...e cava, o kana tiko mai vua? Na cava beka o kania tiko?

Kai Colo said...

Anon 9.37pm...u are insulting the heritage of the KAI COLO by saying that the Tongans had reached right up the interior of Viti Levu.

Are you implying that our ancestors could not defend our territories? Are u implying that wer are cowards?

They never did; all would have been eaten. Try and know your history and legends.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong Gone ni Lomanibai kei Kai Colo, don't you like the truth? O' kemudrau ga modrau wilika vinaka na nomudrau history because what we're given is the Colonial history and what is rife now ya na veitalanoa ga ena bati ni tanoa! Check the VKB now, o na qai raica ni sa veisau sara na kena roka. The whole crux of this issue is, ni dau a tauyavutaki ena LASU, na veika kece e baleti keda e sa na lasutaki. Me vakataki Eveli ke kai Tonga, ia me mai vakacava kina ni o ira kece ga na turaga koya eda kila e tu vei ira na dra vaka Tonga baleta na veimaliwai ena gauna e liu. Drau bavulu sese!

Anonymous said...

Gone ni Lomanibai & Kai Colo, e kilai vakavinaka na tabana 'o drau vosa tiko mai kina. 'O ya na tabana ni tawa kila. Yes of course, everyone knows about Ratu Tui being Queen Salote's half brother. That is common knowledge. And yes, the Lapita and Polynesians had reached the top, to the extent, there is no pure iTaukei. Drau lako mada drau laki vakadidikeva na ivola makawa baleti keda, the type that was not taught to us. Even the name Viti is derived from the Polynesian word Fiti - meaning 'crossover' because of our geographical location. Recent migrants like Lutunasobasoba and Degei were POLYNESIANS. Everyone knows that!

Anonymous said...

FYI Kai Colo @ 11.01am, the Colo were the bravest and fierest of people not only those of us from Viti Levu but also Vanua Levu. Yes, the eastern chiefs including Cakobau, the Wesleyan missionaries and Europeans only won the little wars because they were equipped with guns. Otherwise, it would have been a different story and Fiji would have been led by the real KAIVITI who have Melanesian, Lapita and Polynesian in their veins.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:57

Dua na duidui levu e na ka o tukuna tiko mai oqori.

O ira na Tonga ka ra gole mai ena taudaku ni koloni era gole mai ena vei matanikatuba ka sa tauyavutaki tu ka mau ka dei tu e na gauna balavu sara. Era gole mai baleta na i sema ni dra kei na veiwekani.

E vaka kina na nodra gole na qase ki Tonga ka ra lai tauyavu talega mai kea.

Ia na duidui levu oqo. O ira na Turaga ka ra tubu mai ena na vakamau vata ke ira na Tonga, era "gone ni lomani vale". E lakovi na marama na tinadra ka ra kerei vakavanua.

Na tamai Epeli Nailatikau e sega ni gone ni lomani vale. E tikina bibi toka, baleta ke me veitalanoa taki vakavarada e na kenai vakamacala donu beka ni o tamai Epeli Nailatikau e luveni sala. Vosa bibi, vaka tulou saka sara tiko yani. Ia e dina.

E a mai maroroi mai Bau na marama na tubudra. Oya ni sa oti mai na nodra vakasausataki ena veiyacovi vakailoa ka vakayacora vei ira o George koya a qai lai King George e muri mai Tonga. Kunekune taki mai na veiyacovi e sala koya na tamai Epeli Nailatikau.

Kena duidui levu oya.

Anonymous said...

Ok guys cut the infighting, we need to concentrate on our freedom fight, for the next generation.Hang up our old history for the time being; and let's concentrate on those of us that needs to take that first shot? we must removed this cancerous tumor from our mids even if it means that we have to finally take our first shot at one of the perpetrator.Let's think of our freedom, taken away from us by Bainimarama and his military goons at the point of their guns!

Rishab said...

all the young people in Fiji need to support this new decree...currently its you who is paying for the exorbitant pensions of others...however at this rate when your time comes to receive pension FNPF would have become bankrupt. If you want to save your pension...support this decree

Anonymous said...

Nailatikau, Voreqe, Arse and ALL their partners in crime do not give two hoots about the pensioners!!
They and ALL of their siblings are SET for life!~
They have made sure that they have made enough PAISA to last them ALL!!!
It is us who are now starting to pay for ALL their F... ups!! Need one say more?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what Ratu Epeli DNA is and the Vola ni Kawabula gives us his Yavusa,Mataqali,Tokatoka etc,etc.
I think that it's time for the VKB
to be revised and upgraded, I think
that it is about time that all those Kailoma, with Fijian DNA should be included in the VKB and enjoy all the rights&priviledges of
Itaukei.It's time to get out from the old orders and start to build a new mordern Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.12pm, exactly what I am trying to say, ie. let's look at our situation now, and the reality is, there is no so-called indigenous Fijians. So, let's realistically review what we have, learn from our past and strategise for the future. In the villages today,the reality that exists is poor leadership hence the reason, chiefs want by-laws (government) because the traditional system has lost its social cohesion. O ira na noda era tiko mai valagi era kodrokodro wale tikoga, ka ra sega ni kila na dina ni ka e yaco tiko mai na koro. O ira beka ga era sa laki butuka na nodra dela ni yavu era na vakila na luluqa ni bula ni veiwekani era a dau kilai tani tu kina na noda qase. E dua mada ga na ka vakadomobula sa yaco tiko ena gauna saraga oqo na nodra kucuvi tiko na gone lalai mai vei ira na tamadra, ganedra, tukadra??? We're a VERY sick society because we're hypocrites and if we're not careful, there will be worse to come. Let's stop judging this government, the Indians and what not and let's examine our so-called Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka FNPF CEO for job well done. and hats off to the Board. I think if it wasnt for you FNPF General reserve will be zero in a few years time.Its now or never..

God Bless FNPF


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:40pm

I didn't post that as an excuse for whats going on. Its the truth. It also means that the position of Vunivalu cannot be given to an isolosolo. In the VKB there is a special list for "bastards". The Turaga na Talai sa bale kept that column in the VKB for a specific reason. Baleta me da kila vinaka tiko kina na keda i yatu.

Ni mau na tikina oya, e sa na qei dei na vanua. Baleta ni da kilai keda.

Koya sa lako tu qo sa yakusurasura ka sakasaka. Veilecayaki. Sugu i tutu kei na veika tale eso ka tawamacala.

As for this government, they have overthrown the Constitution and they have installed themselves illegally and they have illegally usurped the authority of the Court of Appeal which ruled them illegal.

Whats going on in the villages is just a reflection of whats going on in the Government. These guys rape the Constitution and terrorise and murder people (Malasebe, Rabaka etc etc), they subvert the ruling of the Court of Appeal and throw the Judges out at gunpoint, they write laws with ouster clauses.

The fish rots from the head.

Sega ni ka meda kurabui taka. Tolu na ka e duri kina na Vanua o Viti ena loma ni kuila. Na Matanitu, Na Lotu kei na Vanua.

Sa sese tu madaga na Matanitu me qai lai vinaka vakacava na Vanua ?

Anonymous said...

Hey narsey are you currently receiving your pension? If you are that stop rocking the boat or the PM might get nasty and cut you off?
Hopefully they still allow you to return to Fiji but may not be allowed to run in the next election?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 27th, 11.01am,since you refer to the fish rotting from the head, then in all honesty, incase you're not aware, Ratu Cakobau, on ceeding Fiji in 1874 had left a specific instruction that he was to be last Vunivalu,out of recognition that Queen Victoria, as Queen of Fiji was by virtue of this role also Vunivalu of Bau. However, years later,his son and nephew (Madraiwiwi) argued over this role. One wonders therefore why the chiefs of Bau can now no longer sustain this lineage. Likewise, places like Naitasiri where they put in their own like the Qaranivalu who is really from Bau, to be so-called paramount chief of Naitasiri. It is said in the recent Provincial Council in Naitasiri, the real, Turaga i Taukei of that province protested against raising funds for his legal fees because they did not owe him any allegience, neither to Bau. And yes, it is interesting that you should be so concerned with the legitimacy of chiefs when Bau itself has not been a good example for the current Qaranivalu, an introduced role by Bau is like Eveli, not born out of wedlock. E sa boidada gona ga na ka 'o tukuna tiko mai, na matanitu, na vanua kei na Lotu - na matanitu ena bula tikoga, only the people will change, likewise na Lotu because God is overall in charge. Ia na vanua esa kasura baleta na mantra oqo (Lotu, Matanitu kei na vanua) e buli mai vei Sukuna in his attempt to control a volatile Fijian people during his time for a majority of them did not recognise him and if they did, it was out of fear. Eveli, therefore whether bastard or not, and as President, no one really cares, after all, in counting the 4 so-called great chiefs in Post Independence, only Ratu George was born out of wedlock, the rest were luve-ni-sala. If some of them were accorded the traditional form of acceptance such as that you described, no body cares, because they were not judged on that but were respected for the role they played with poor Ratu Mara copping the worst at the hands of liumuri iTaukei. Anyway, he must be smiling down at us now and I am sure I am not alone in saluting him by saying, Me nomuni saka n vakacegu, Ratu!

Anonymous said...

Anon Jan 29 10:07

You are correct that Rt Mara was born out of wedlock. There is one difference however, o koya e a lakovi. E lai kau mai vakavanua mai Sawana. Thats the difference.

Rt George was born in wedlock and Rt Glanville Lalabalavu was born into wedlock. Same and the Roko Tui Dreketi. Those are the three Paramount Chifes.

Which other Paramount chief is there ?

There are only three Paramount Chiefs and Ratu Mara was not one of them because the Tui Nayau is not a Head of a Confedracy

Ratu Penaia was only accorded that position of Tui Cakau by deference, not because of his lineage or primogenture.

The Qaranivalu is also not a Paramount Chief of a Confedracy

Anonymous said...

I refer to those chiefs by general acceptance for they were after all, installed formally by their people. However, just as the confederacy is FAKE (another creation of Sukuna's 1945 Act), it appears, they might have also been fake!

Anonymous said...

annon@10:07pm...Your contribution is appreciated but a bit shakey would you please kindly expand on your assay?

Anonymous said...

@ 8.37pm

Let us not go on that road of discussing paramountcy, i.e there are only 3 paramount chiefs in Fiji.

It is all superficial and vague but made for ease of colonial taukei administration and to create an orderly Fijian system.

The Fijian chiefly order was turned up side down due to the Palagis and Bau's influence at the NLC.

The West was never conquered but was a conqueror, yet it was made to be submissive through other means such as intermarriages, Governor Arthur Gordon's army etc.

It is better to discuss bread and butter issues rather than such issues that is best kept in the cobwebs wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:25

Which part is shaky ?

Its clear as day:

Vaturaga Saka i Kubuna, vua na Turaga ni Vunivalu na Tui Kaba, kei na kena i sasavu

I Burebasaga saka vua na Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi kei na kena i sasavu

I Lalagavesi vua na na Turaga na Tui Cakau kei na Matanitu veiwekani na Tovata

Nothing shaky about that.

Its quite clear. It speaks for itself. E matata vinaka tu.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.35pm, even customary pratices such as you quote were engineered during Post Colonial Fiji to create a standardised practice, another strategy for control of volatile natives and to to 'water-down' other genuine chiefly systems which did not necessarily include such formality. E a buli kina e levu na ka. Yet, the Western, Colo tribes and Vanua Levu for example had their own unique systems. Lako la'ki wilika na i tukutuku ni nodra dau bose na turaga. Minutes of meetings at the Archives - that is if you're a resident of Fiji.