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Monday, January 2, 2012

Former Ballu Khan lawyer heading back to Fiji to help Samisoni

TOP FLIGHT: Peter Williams QC has fought and won major cases.

The New Zealand lawyer who helped Ballu Khan escape the clutches of the military regime is heading to Fiji to help 74 year old deposed member of Lami, Dr Mere Samisoni.

Peter Williams QC has defended some of the biggest names in New Zealand court history and is reported to have left for Suva this afternoon.

Samisoni and three others - Mataiasi Ragigia, Apete Vereti and Semisi Lasike - are facing conspiracy charges. They are expected to appear in the Suva Magistrate Court tomorrow morning.

Samisoni was taken into custody on December the 30th, two days out from the New Years day announcement by military leader Frank Bainimarama the PER will be lifted next Saturday.

Bainimarama has stressed that public order will be maintained and there is wide belief the removal of the PER is aimed at a facilitating a legitimising of his rule as prime minister.

Peter Williams managed to secure the release of millionaire Ballu Khan in 2008 after he was severely beaten over claims and charged with plotting to kill Bainimarama.

The country's chief censor, Sharon Smith Johns revealed this afternoon Samisoni and the other three people with her would be charged “with the offence urging political violence,” contrary to a military decree passed in 2009.

“The four, between the months of September and December 2011, in Suva in the Central Division intentionally conspired to overthrow by force of violence the Government of Fiji."


Hang the Bitch said...

Sharon Smith Johns must hang for her crimes against the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Smith Johns like the rest of them is an idiot.
They don't even realise what is coming out of their mouth.
They are going to try Samisoni for "threatening to overthrown the Fiji govt with violence".
What Smith-Johns conveniently forgets is that her boss overthrew the Fiji govt with violence.

So its OK if Bainimarama does it but its not OK if someone else tries it.
Utter hypocrites.

This is nothing but another Kangaroo court or Coconut court or Qa-ni-tivoli court.
The outcome will be as stupid as the charge.

-Valataka na Dina.

Emosi said...

Still with that stupid stupid "millionare Ballu Khan" thing?!?!.

does anyone say "millionare Hari Punja"???.

How about focusing on the issues rather than how much money they supposedly have?.

hehehe! said...

The world is ROFLTAO at the hacked fijian junta website, HAHAHAHAHAHAA!

Anonymous said...

Regime about to be embarressed again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dragging in the 74 year old, big mistake pig! You just moved judgement day a little closer now!

Anonymous said...


Hey Roko, inspite of your dumb comments above, we all know what
happen in 2006. The current Government has been in power, going
6 years and whether you like it or not, they're currently the legit authority of FIJI.If you plot against it, then you are obviously commiting a
criminal offence. Let,s find out in the court, whether Dr Mere Samisoni & companies, had really committed, high treason charges against our current Government?So,if you're sitting there in Tonga
dreaming of ways&means to oust Bai
&Company, please don't do it? We're
sick and tired of coups, we just want to go back to democracy and live in peace,harmony and goodwill!
We really don't need you to return to Fiji; and as far as i'm concern, you can stay in Tonga for ever? The
PM has lifted the PER,consultation process is been looked at,constitution is next in line etc,etc,seems to me that he is doing much better, than you lots?No
wonder he had to take you all out in order to clean-up the house?

Anonymous said...

THE QUESTION IS...does this lawyer
has the right to practise in the
New FIJI? Is he registered to practise in the NEW FIJI? Will he
be authorised to assist in any official legal capacity in the New

Anonymous said...

Leve it alone, we'd like to go back to election and we really don't need anybody, to screw this up at this point in time?Keep it zipped please, if you're man enough, come back now and opposed Bai face to face? We don't need someone who abandoned his country to be yelling
from abroad? We don't really need your help-we've had enough of your
stupidity and brainless actions? As far as i'm concern-stay there in Tonga for ever?

Fiji Democrat said...

I find it incredible that the people who illegally and violently overthrew a democratically elected government now propose to prosecute legally elected MPs for "threatening to overthrown the (iielgal) Fiji govt with violence". Obviously they are deficient in their brain areas.

Anonymous said...

This would come under the classification of "Vacuous , Frivilous and Vexatious litigation"
Any judge with half a brain should be able to see it and do the right thing ie throw it out of court.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:02
If Bai is a real man, he should release this woman (Mere) and let her contest the election.
All we see is Bai rounding up all the opposition and throwing them in jail.
I suppose Bai is just immitating his brothers in Africa like Mugabe.
Bai hasn't got Fijian mentatlity he's got African mentality. He is the real foreign flower.
Bai's promise of Democracy is all bullshit.
I'm amazed that you actually believe him
You've just been conned again.

Anonymous said...

Mere has been a great supporter of previos coups-free bread was provided to military.
Now it is her turn to face the music and experience what coups can do.
She deserves this and more.

mark manning said...

I suspect the lifting of the PER is simply to either placate and impress the International Community in an attempt to have them overturn the travel sanctions and the with holding of grants etc. such as from the E.U. for the sugar industry.
The sad and rather pathetic reality is, Fiji's Economy is stuffed and the pathetic part can be apportioned to Fiji's own Indigenous cowardly RFMF Soldiers who have seen fit to support an act of High Treason against their own people, plus the various tortures and murders under this Commander and Aiyaz.
apparently, bright and shiny beads have been replaced by 30 pieces of silver, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Anon @3.00am. In case you are dumb, this is the same lawyer who defended Ballu Khan before, and secured his release. FYI, the legal system in Fiji is illegal, and the new Fiji you mentioned, there is no such thing you stupid moron.

Fark Fanning said...

The lifting of PER is to be welcomed.

Anonymous said...

Mota bitu says..

Sharon needs a 14 inch cork up hers


Anonymous said...

mark manning you can suspect anything who gives shit of your opinion -this is Fiji we do thngs our way if you can't handle it go shit on yourself! You throw Asylim seekers into to prison for years yet we don't hear a word about it from you but you good at passing judgement on Fijians you dumb fat arse good for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Wait till Williams QC NZ meets Goundar and some of those other strange Lewis Carrols type characters that currently inhabit & infest Viti's subterranean legal system?

Anonymous said...

Mere was plotting and scheming to have a "wet bread day".

She was about to change tradition and have people through wet bread at each other on New Years Day and start a new tradition to increase sale of bread.

She learnt at Uni that one should value add, so no more throughing flour on New Years Day, only bread.

Stale rolls filled with water make the best water bombs in the world. Mere for President.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.54 am boci like bai

Fair Play said...

Williams representing Mere so should do okay. What about the other three? Hope they being well represented as well. This is unfair detainment on all four.

My country My business said...

Yeah mark manning...whats your business passing judgment on Fiji? Clean up your own backyard. You say you stand for freedom and human rights... why don't you pick on the Indonesians who are mistreating the West Papuans? Or the Syrian army oppressing its people? Or the Australian govt ignoring the rights of its indigenous people who have to live in squalor in the outback. Yeah thats right you da big man... picking on little Fiji. Oh thats right, the white falla knows best.

Watching You All said...

Anon 2.54am & 8.02am


Anonymous said...

Hey blockhead your lawyer
Williams QC -I hear-is having some
problem in applying to the new FIJI
authority to allow him to practise
in the NEW FIJI? Williams QC will
be expected to Pay dues to the Bai's Government for his application; and still doesn't know if his application will be approved? Mr Khaiyum,being the AG
may even comes up with a new requirements? Such as you'd have to
be a citizen to practised law in the new FIJI?

Four Not One said...

Good luck to Mere from waht I have seen she is a genuine person and genuinely concerned about democracy for Fiji. And whateevr she has done, she does not deserved to be tortured by regime. But let us not single her out as a Mothe Theresa cos she is certainly notthat. Don't forget the other three arrested

Coup 4.5 said...

Anonymous Jason Whippy said...

Peter Williams researh her past regarding her backing of active supporting coups, anti Indianism ( for reasons only she can explain)
so you can truly represent her.
She must get what she deserves for promoting active racism in our beloved Fiji

January 2, 2012 11:40 PM-comment edited

Coup 4.5 said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look guys give sharon a break-shes
done all she can to keep the Fijian Army happy? I mean, her backside is begining to looks like a mean old truck, her legs are begining to dragged like a runover dog,boobs are sagging so much,its begining to looks like old granny ?Hey, i know maybe i shouldn't tell but shes still giving and i can't fault her for that?We think that sharon is the Aussie Government special mole? Lets hope theres more moles to be sent ASAP to FIJI by the Aussie Government?-comment edited

January 3, 2012 10:23 AM

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