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Friday, January 27, 2012

House deals and parties while Fiji floods

A state of disaster has finally been declared over the flooding and the hierarchy are out and about as they should be.

But information sent to Coupfourpointfive in the past two days show that it's different strokes for different folks.

One email informs us that while people are losing their lives and their homes, the "illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum was at 59 Vunakece in Suva trying to negotiate a price for the property with the owner."

Our informant says: "He could have used that money which would run into hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the victims of the floods. It just shows the love of the people that our wanna be leaders have."

The second email is just as condemning of the administration. It says that the military government's chief censor, Sharon Smith Johns, has been planning house party since last week. The grog shop she bought her liquor at in Suva, Victoria Wines, had an order delivered to her house.

The picture above shows just half of the booze purchased and sent to a Princes Road address in Tamavua.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Fiji media have dutifully reported prominently that Frank Bainimarama's flood appeal has raised $10,000. In a bid to look good after fronting late, the appeal only makes this slow-thinker look even worse. While he and Khaiyum have boasted the administration is doing so well, they are looking to the people to help flood victims. These two need to take a salutory lesson from 43 year old, Apisai Nauqe, who won $20,000 in cash and a fully furnished house today in the Courts of Fiji lottery draw. The father of two says he will be donating some of it to the flood victims. As usual, it's the little people setting the example for this unelected regime.


  1. Need considerably more grog than that to make Smith Johns desirable.

  2. people, thats Khaiyum's buno rau, to buy a house for his wife....may be Voreqe already bought one, who knows.......
    also goes to Sharon, reaping the hard work.......

  3. I think the whole article was a nuisance. everyone feels sorry about what is happening out there but we cant stop living our own lives. All we can do is pray for things to get better.

  4. No different from Nero who fiddled while Rome was being destroyed by fire.

  5. Let them all get pissed one night, then arrest their arses and cart them off to Prison.

  6. Probably an orgy hosted by Sharon. Voceke will be a spectator because he's only good at vutulaki.

  7. Time for Rotumans to pull out of Fiji. Carry out a referendum, get 75% in favour, ask France to let us join Wallis and Futuna and let UN do the rest. Our Independent MP just joined the enemy.

  8. Sharon is definitely a busy bee queen,hey she doesn't have a lot of time left with her firm bods?Few more years and everything will
    automatically crumble and sag? If you noticed, her once hot booty has already, lost its firmness and started to jig. Her firm chest is beginning to pop-out, like a huge water-melon, i wonder if she's doing too much weight training, in that part of her bod? or was that the mark of Bai's denture, below her firm nipple? Don't blame her, she's having the time of her life anD all i can say is: YOU GO GIRL!!

  9. no sense no culture says..

    Another opportunity for Sharon gobbler to sleep with more enemies and try new brand toy boys...

    what a joke....

    Will Naz be there too....may be a different typo, style and size too..

  10. This comes as no surprise. Sharon Smith Johns is a selfish person. Like Aiyaz and Vuaka they are only there for themselves. They don't care about the people.
    I bet they will probably go on TV and cry crocodile tears for the flood victims. Once they finish the TV interview they go back and party.
    What really pises me off are the stupid dumb Fijian soldiers that are supporting these fukkers.

  11. Kemuni na sotia sa rauti kemuni sara tiko ga na yaca sa toka tiko vei kemuni : Sotia ni Solisona.
    Vanua ga lako kina o Vuaka , muri tu o sona. Tukuna mai e dua na order o Vuaka, sega ni bera o sona "Io saka, io sako, io saka"
    Vinaka cake o Gone Cidroi ni tukuna o okoya "Au na ia kau na lesu vei Tamaqu"
    That's called "will power"
    Ya e sega tu ve i kemuni na sotia.
    Kemuni sa karua tu ga ni denivuaka.
    Vanua ga tu kina na Vuaka tu tale ga o kemuni.
    Ni veivutusona sara tiko vakaukauwa. Raici iko vakavinaka sara e na iloilo , gauna o vutulaki tiko kina, ka tukuna sara tiko vei iko "O au na denivuaka"
    Vinaka cake na gone cidroi e vakayagataka nona brain and will power. Kemuni karua tu ga ni denivuaka. No brain . No will power. Kemuni na sotia sa Sotia Denivuaka. Veivutusona, soli sona, boi vaka sona, matavaka sona. Ya sara ga na yacamuni.
    Ni bau vakayagataka nomuni will power ni vesuki rau na sonalevu ni vakamuri rau tiko qori.
    Solia vei kemuni na Kalou na will power, ni qai buluta.
    Vakamadua o kemuni.
    Au vosa tiko vakaviti vei kemuni baleta me ra kua ni kila na kaidia, baleta na ka ni kitaka tiko sa rui vakamadua.
    Sega ni vaka na i tovo ni tagane.
    Rairai kemuni sa yalewa tiko beka.

  12. He has already secured a loan at a very special interest rate and all the banks were puy under pressure to reduce interest rate ,wouls some one inform what interest rate is he charged tahn a common man.Premila lets be fair and now you DIG this one???

  13. Drinking party in the east, west swimming/surving drill during the flood. Now everything is in your hands ...when it will come around but we know you 'Arse' trying very hard not to by implementing decrees at every angle. You can not stay long up the ladder!!! you will want to come down at one point...So your way down the ladder we will meet you...you'll be fucked,starved, tie your dick to a dog n let it run/lick it...sona levu

  14. Isa noda vitia!

  15. Yes well, *clearing throat*...

    Aiyaz is probably being hen-pecked to come out from under his mothers skirt. Dang even chota bhai knew when to leave.

    As for Shazza, it's no secret that she loves to get her nicotine and drank on -- what with her yobbo roots and all -- she's got heaps to forget now that she's living it up and getting jungle fever in the tropics.

  16. @ Rotuman.

    Known amongst some of us as the Big Boat Big Tow Rope Theory - 2nd only too the Bottles & Biscuits Principle. France - different? What happened to the NZ Big Tow Job?

    Curious? Don't by chance know anything about Kung Fu & support the All Blacks do you?

  17. Sharon is doing her usual-whats new. AS for Rotuma joining France , any other country YES not France who as now killed off all, the seas creatures in the ocean around Murorua Atoll or has polluted the sea during her Nuclear testing days in the Pacific-so of us still have memories because we actually saw the children born with various deformities on those islands!

  18. Good news for Namadi Heights residents as one less house to be bought up by the Chinese.

  19. Party in the east...flooding in the west!!!He do'nt care or have feelings for the people. Terrorist related person in roots & belief.Arse Khaiyum really a man to tie a bag of sand to his neck & let jump in the flood

  20. Hey Rotuman! please take yr independence and fly away... you've hanging on for far too long.

    GO Pisshead!!!

  21. It's a party cum orgy organized by Sharon for close male friends only.



  23. @Anonymous Jan 28 9.11am
    vinaka vakalevu. o nisa gusui keimami kece sara ga na i taukei.

    Totoka na vosa ca momona sa mai tau oti ya vei ira na wekada mai Delainabua

  24. Users & bloody boozers

  25. For those of you who want to donate to the the ILLEGAL PM's flood appeal - PLEASE DO NOT!!
    The money will go somewhere else!!
    If you want to donate then donate to the Red Cross or other NGOs, but NEVER, NEVER to these bunch of crooks. We should take our cue from overseas donors, who are NOT donating to the ILLEGAL Govt but to NGOs!!

  26. Hello, someone calling the PM a booser? Common give the guy a break, he's been working overtime lately and he's very tired. No wonder Sharon is not too happy with 3 inch wabbly jack,may need to double up on the viagra though?Like all other men,he'd like a glass of wine here and a hot mama there ,it relaxed his system and gives him time to think! You don,t want him to be kicking the shit out of people,jumping on womens back, screaming at old citizens,slaping kids and or killing our people-do you?

  27. Saw Riyaz & his father coming out of Aiyaz's new house at Vunakece Road around lunch time today while his military body guards were stationed on the balcony. Yesterday morning saw Aiyaz telling off 2 foreigners in front of the Ministry of Provincial Development on Knollly Street. Aiyaz was actually ponting at their foreheads while Sharon Smith johns stood in the background looking on like a scared shitless cat!!!

  28. Hey howcome we haven't heard of any
    overseas donations, especially from China and India? I know that donations has been coming-in from Australia,New Zealand,Britain,Canada & USA but directed to all the Fiji NGO-specifically the Fiji Red Cross etc,. Fiji Times hasn't mentioned anything about donations? Very strange indeed?

  29. beginning today we will count down towards the overthrow of bainimarama's regime. please mark this date in your diary.

    instructions will be sent out on what kind of actions to take. you who are reading this article, take note. tell your closest friends who will tell his other friends. talk to only those you know will not betray your trust.

    we do not want ten or fifteen people involved in this struggle. it must be the whole of fiji. so you have 4 weeks to think about whether you should join the struggle or no. if you think you cannot hack it, it is alright but do not give in totally.

    if you are ready, remember. bainimarama and aiyaz so as the army are just people like us. they get sick, fart, disillusioned, tired and weak. they are little ordinary people like us.

    so...be ready.

  30. Anon 6.50pm...are u really genuine?

  31. i didnt get no invite :(

  32. To Anon Jan 31, 11;44am: 'No invite" because it is off-limits to the rest of us. You see this is no ordinary party that you and I with high moral values would attend. This was a free-for-all orgy where they swap wives, husband to husband, wife to wife - you name it!! History has it that, from Biblical times till now, it is the corrupt and thieves who indulge in such despicable practices!!

  33. Ok guys just because you were not invited or missed the party is no
    reason to trass Sharon. I can tell you that as a military appointed bodyguard to Sharon, i kinda like her fancy party and she's been kind
    to me & the PM. Although my duty entails that i stay close and patrols autside her door and god-blessed her soul, she invites me to COME INSIDE MOST OF THE TIME and
    hey who am i to refuse? Even when Bai couldn't handle it, i'd gladly help him out and complete the job inside!!Cheers!!


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