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Friday, January 13, 2012

Investigations into why Bainimarama wasn't named Personality of the Year

The illegal prime minister and dictator, Frank Bainimarama, is ticked off he wasn't named Personality of the Year and two investigations have been ordered into how the poll was conducted.

The search for the right titleholder got underway late last year by Fiji TV and people were asked to text in (via Vodafone), who they thought should be Fiji's Personality of the Year.

Fiji TV declared on New Year's Day that Premila Kumar, the chief executive officer of Consumer Council, had won the most votes.

But it has now emerged that another announcement eight days later (January 9) named coup instigator Franky Bainimarama the rightful winner.

His sidekick Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has held a press conference to say that it wasn't about the winner, but the way the poll was conducted - and the fact it closed December the 30th instead of the 31st.

Khaiyum has asked the Commerce Commission and Media Development Authority to investigate.

The Bainimarama appointed illegal attorney also says he has a statement from Vodafone which details discussions between Fiji TV’s Satish Narain, and a Vodafone staff.
He says according to the Vodafone letter, Fiji TV failed to count the 1500 texts sent in on December the 31st - texts which
put Bainimarama in the lead and ahead of Premila Kumar.

Khaiyum would have us believe that the unsolicited texts that came in on the last day were genuine. Only in Fiji would they expect us to believe such a lie.


Kiuva pussy said...

unworthy of comment...why does the asole need a popularity title anyway?

Anonymous said...

cummon c4.5 even your graph shows the man has a huge stick,that alone should have given the dick-tator the nod? I'm sure the AG is trying to see how far he can pushed
the dick-tator?

Anonymous said...

what is the big deal? is there a law broken? There are more important things that requires investigation.Let's get on with what is important rather than be bogged down with trivialities. This is almost childish..laughable !!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Are they going to stoop this low?

What does Khaiyum think will be the outcome of this kind of puppeteering? Will the result that Frank is the more popular change what is on the ground in Fiji?

This has just proved beyond doubt that Frank and Khaiyum are very paranoid about the popularity of their dictatorship!

To the extent that they are willing to dial in 1500 texts to make sure that Frank wins this public popularity "game"!

I would like to inform Khaiyum and Frank that the only way of convincing the people and the foreign govts is to conduct a public referendum to gauge whether the people support them or not.

I challenge you Khaiyum to conduct this survey. You will find out without much surprise that you two are the most hated in Fiji!

Drau lai veitauri boci!

OMG what is happening to Fiji?

Anonymous said...

There are more important things to investigate like who killed Verebasaga and those other ones alleged to have been killed by Frank and his tauri wau...tara nona kau!

Anonymous said...

news on hand... Dr NEEL SHARMA and his side kick ROHIT RAMBESSAR of Samabula Drug Store and STEVRO limited are in custody taken by boys at ficac Can some one confirm ????

Local reporter said...

With the lifting of PER this got reported locally making Frank the laughing stock of the people of Fiji. He had better reimpose PER!! I am surprised the local reporters were not 'invited' up to QEB.

Yellow Fin said...

It's a real playground tactic...no-one wants to play with the bully so he makes his own sandpit. Valoloma!

Anonymous said...

Neither of these people are worthy - one is gun trotting hooligan while the other is a stupid uneducated not worthy of the job goon.
Their backgrounds are similiar - no school, no brain, shoot from the hip without thinking and talk rubbish.
At least we know about Frank and his lies but what about Premila - she has a history of alcohol and drugs abuse plus she can make three rugby sides with her history with man.

Bendover Bai said...

S U G U R A K I!!!!!!!!!

TURUKAWA said...

Wailei Frank,just please lift the PER decree or quashed it for good & make it disappear or re-word it so it gives a fair go to all ppl in fiji & not only you,family & company!!

Why worry about little things that doesn't really matter an iota Frank?

Who gives a crap if you are not the personality of the year(which you are really not)..i think the shoe shine boy@harbour center arcade suva, working hard to get a honest clean pay & living deserves more to be personality of the year then you.

I think pride has taken over your lost soul!!you poor pig..

Seargant Sanaila said...

The only justification now for Baini and Kaiyum is to provide great lessons to the world of what not to do. But unfortunately, Fiji has to undergo more misery before we rid these twin spectre of evil from our midst.

Thanks to Baininanarama, Fiji's once proud status as a progressive multi-racial state has been re-pegged to the lowest rung. We have become the lepper state of the region and perhaps the world.

Fiji people would never vote Bainissona as the most popular person of Fiji! He is architect of Fiji's fall from grace with the worst grades in everything he touches. We honest citizens have to put up with his shenanigans.

He could survive without the Public Order Decree, by popularity alone from his electorate. He could use an independant judiciary to address any libelous accusations.His Public Order Decree would have been legitimate if passed in an elected legislature.

Unfortunately, it is his undeducated brain which leads this small-time crook to take the nightmarish path that Fiji has been dragged down. His lasting legacy to Fiji, the pacific and the world, will be what must not be done.

This action regarding vodafone text voting, is further evidence of the paranoia gripping Bainivuaka and Kaiyum as they personal guilt makes them jump at shadows. They are terrified of the justice that they know is soon comming any second, 24 hours per day.

Anonymous said...

Whats the first prize?

Popularity decree said...

This is outrageous. All the underage children and old women of the families of Fiji TV should be taken to Queen Elizabeth Barbarics and flogged by the useless Fiji military goons.
How dare Fiji TV treat khaiyums little hand puppet in this way? There needs to be an immediate popularity decree which states that bhaini-the-goose must win all popularity and Lowly Institute polls and this cannot be challenged in Gate's compromised courts!! Welcome to Disneyland!!!

Anonymous said...

Amount of votes just shows how poopoolar he is....kaila

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha what a sick joke pig Voceke...you're still behaving like a small kid.

All those 1500 texts came from the pig's phone, they took turns texting. Pig Voceke, Aiyarsehole, Nut Bano and Sharon Bowlegs.

Just another childish exploit by the pig to justify holding on to power. It's one sick joke and it's laughable, not because it's funny, it's because it's sick. Pig Voceke and your sidekick Aiyarsehole, the whole world is laughing at your sick and pathetic attempts to win. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Do people remember how Premila resigned and after two weeks came back to the job and started to get all boaqrd appointments and tv shows, it was Aiyass using her to push comm commission agenda to gain public sympathy,food prices ,medicine prices,petrol prices,bus fares ,banks,and now she has taken the grand stand..She Premila from Bureta street and husband pushed hard to promote her fathers business RAM KARAN KAVA DEALERS in Australia while hubby was trade commissioner in Syd, ASS she beat you to your game ,now slowely side line her as you always do for any one who becomes more popular than your assself

Anonymous said...

sa laurai ga ike na macawa kei na lala ni qavokavoqa ni ului voceke.

sa karua ga ni URA e tiko e ULUNA na DA

Anonymous said...

aiyaz khaiyum says..

you people don't understand its not just the personality issue..its about our sodomy affair.

Daru veitauri boce ga Aiyaz & Frank. Maybe Mary can watch as a spectator..

U muderers have a more important national issue to worry about - fix the economy and take us back to democratic rule, you bloody thugs.

Tiger Lily said...

Bainimarama ....desparado....oh desparado......

Joker said...

The only title Bainimarama deserves is poo poo pants

Anonymous said...

The woman gave the dictator the run for his money - money dictator has been stealing and passing on his family, friends and admirers to cast thsoe 13000 votes - Dictator of The Year Award is the category he should be nominated for - dirty pig

Anonymous said...

Dickhead of the Year: Pig Voceke.

Asshole of the Year: Aiyarsehole.

Hooker of the Year: Sharon.

Anonymous said...

aiyaz and brotherhood are getting very worried.

frankie has sworn at to many officers and the army is farken fed up with the low down bastard and through his drunken dumb farken brain there is a little tube light flashing.....you getting to far away from the people who still give a small sit about you. one tika.

through the fog ...aiyaz comes.

nothing like masi polo, mr. Personality 2011, no less.

Baiya.... said...

What a display of statemanship! NOT!

We have a spoilt village brat seeking attention as the illegal PM of Fiji compared to neighbouring PMs. What a joke and so ashamed!

Also we have an AG who spends his time trying to justify a popularity poll? small minds in my view.

A real man of honour and real statementship do not need to seek cheap thrills in a popularity contest.

what about talking about real national issues for a change.

Isa my Fiji......we do not deserve these hooligans as leaders.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama was a traditional chiefly title, in ancient Fiji,it was created by the Fijian King and bestowed upon a "Gay member" of the Fijian community, whom the King trusted, to become the King's official "BAINIMARAMA"-traditional ladies defender.Originally the title was appointed, but in due course, it become-acquired through times.The job entails the Health & safety of ladies, brought into the
city-state, as spoils of war. These
ladies are then housed, in a large fenced BURE, of the City-known, as the 'BAINIMARAMA", thus the official responsible, for the day to day operation of the institution,became known and is
referred to, as the BAINIMARAMA.

Anonymous said...

Mataivalu ni Solisona Awards 2011

Ulukau of the Year - Voreqe Solicici Bainimarama

Ass Licking Award of the Year - Aiarse Khaiyum

Vutusona Award of the Year - Joint Winners -Voreqe & Aiarse

You can run , you can hide but in the end truth and justice will prevail - Look at what happened to Mubarak, Qadafi, Azad of Syria is next and your day will come Tamata dou veka mai na teitei ni tavioka - Boci ga na Boci..

Anonymous said...

Free press Fiji tv at it's best. This is not the first time this tv company has manipulated stories and results......and you wonder why the media decree is in place. Good work Tarun Patel.

Anonymous said...

Frank is king of Fiji in my books.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. I read this on fiji sun site as well. Funny thing is when reading this story in Fiji sun web site they have a poll running asking if the new site good or bad. Most have voted them very bad.

Could all your readers also vote on Fiji sun site and leave some comments.


Anonymous said...

Frank is king of Fiji in my books.

January 14, 2012 7:20 AM

Why dont you start an opnion poll of your stating?How can he be king when he cannot even win the personality award which was won by a woman.Fiji's KING which we all Fijians (Kai VITI) know is the Almighty GOD,and JESUS the PRINCE OF PEACE whom bainimarama should listen to.

Anonymous said...


Read the story on Fiji sun. Can you believe this type of writing?

Also do the Fiji sun poll. You will love the result. Maybe they can get arsehole investigate this as well.

Anonymous said...

Did I read this correct... He held a press conference to announce this? What a joke! Please move on and spend time on important issues like health and education.

Anonymous said...

If he wants to investigate this then he should also come clean and tell us about Qorvis communications.


Anonymous said...

Seriously,how can you award Premila
the award when she's working under
the DICK-TATOR? I mean comon give
Bai a Break? The man has been trashed by his own people and are called dickhead,idiot,brainless,shitface,no-school,maca-faka,block-head,crook
vutusona,cekelevu,a-s-s-o-l-e,etc,etc and now you're telling him that he's unpopular in the
country he took by force? REALLY?REALLY? I guess the Big Boss has just gotta, use the Big Stick, to normalized Premila or any other competition?


Anonymous said...

Why was it necessary for Aslam Khan to write directly to the AG's office about the result of the text poll? It just shows yet again the collusion and the people behind scene...Shameful really!!

Let's see now what Reddy, who only sees things from one angle, will do!!

Anonymous said...

Banana man is Narcissistic Personality of the Year.

Mary. said...

Cassava Sprinter of the Year: Voceke Bocimarama.

Wrinkled Balls of the Year: Voceke Bocimarama.

Pig Shit of the Year: Voceke Bocimarama.

Dumb Phuck of the Year: Voceke Bocimarama.

Thief of the Year: Voceke Bocimarama.

Loser of the Year: Voceke Bocimarama.

Vutulaki Champion of the Year: Voceke Bocimarama.

No wonder he's voted personality of the year, look at the number of awards he won. Congratulations to Voceke.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a fut. he's still a piss of shit.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 5.53pm,

I think it's very unfair of you to say those mean words about Premila!!! She works very hard being the champaign for Consumers' rights etc... We love her for that! and we don't care what she does in her private LIFE!!!! The thing is... Vore is trying very hard to be popular with the people leading up to 2014.... I don't understand why?? Isn't he appointing himself President by then??

mark manning said...

From visiting friends to Australia, I've been informed that the current compliant Soldiers of the RFMF, are uneducated, gullible village youth !
I'm also hearing how the educated can't find work in Fiji and that many are trying to leave because of the poor state of affairs there.
I still can't get my head around the fact that Indigenous Fijians are ill treating their own, and blindly following Frank and his Islamic Indian partner in crime, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, to the detriment of their own race !
It just doesn't make sense to me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What PIG shit!!
Voceke and Arse are still definitely in their own LITTLE world!!
Like the idiots that they are, they have mistakenly translated all the "matanigasau", the road openings, the bridge openings, the commissioning of electricity supplies in the rural areas, the tabuas, the salusalus etc etc as THE acceptance of the populace at large, of this illegal regime!!
Voceke and Arse and ALL you DICKHEADS in the Military Council, LET ME TELL YOU THE FACT. The people of Fiji know truly well that if they do not SUPPOSEDLY support you, then they will get sweet bugger all in as far as developments are concerned. SO.... to get what they want they, they have no OTHER option but to bulubulu [matanigasau], VIP treatment for the road openings, salusalus, photos with the Voceke, etc etc
If Voceke and Arse THINK they are REALLY popular, then call for early elections, both stand and T....H....E....N we will see!!
Se va'cava kemudrau na boci, set se sega?

Anonymous said...

Come, come people, Voceke has REALLY achieved a hell of a lot.[So he thinks, LOL!!]
Leqa ga ni nona achievements e sega walega ni "questionable" e TAMANI under achievement!!
Maybe a SPECIAL medal should be minted from the raw materials from the Kinoya Sewerage Plant for the Voceke in recognition of his DIS-service to this country!!
Oh by the way, Arse you may want to include some raw material from some piggeries around Suva!!
Va cava that?????

skinny Meli said...

Don't forget bhaini-the-goose is also 'Wanker of the Year'!

Anonymous said...

Premilla , you are my BABY!! F..k the Voceke!!!!

Anonymous said...

What an intimidating photo of Vokece!!
Says it all does it not?

Anonymous said...


Evil Khaiyum said...

I think the world understands exactly whatnis going on in Fiji and the people who are raping her.

AG hits out ACTU’s president
Publish date/time: 14/01/2012 [11:51]

The Attorney General has hit out at the Australian Council of Trade Unions President’s statement on the Public Order Act saying that it is obvious she has not even read the provision or understands what is going on in Fiji.

Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum said that Ged Kearney said that the Fijian government has given itself the abilities of detention without a warrant for 16 days which he says is not true.

He said in Fiji, a person can be detained for a maximum of 48 hours, or up to 14 days if warranted and only after the Police Commissioner has convinced the Minister responsible.

Saiyed-Khaiyum said that unlike Australia, Fiji does not allow tracking devices to be installed on individuals in any situation.

He said Fiji does not come close to going as far as other countries, yet the ACTU views Fiji in isolation, neglecting both context and historical perspective.

The Attorney General said that the Bainimarama Government has approached the Public Order Decree with the utmost transparency and accountability, as it will continue to along with all matters on its path to elections in 2014.

Anonymous said...

oilei navua!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Bainimarama thinks he's so popular, he should stand for election. Instead, he tries to stack Vodafone's poll, which is a glimpse of what he would do in an election.

Meanwhile, his partner in treason, Aiyaz, is so pathetic that he sends in his own tourism articles for the Fiji Sun to publish under another person's by-line -- a violation, by the way, of the Media Decree he authored -- while the paper's sycophantic publisher, Peter Lomas, personally picks the most flattering photos he can find of Aiyaz to publish daily.

Want to know how to boost your popularity? Get rid of each other!

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

By the way how does the AG fare in the personality comp. How many votes he collected?

Anonymous said...

The first prize is a stallion will drive up the back door

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning for someone who writes a hell of lot of rubbish-you can't understand whats happening?? -Goodness with the reasoning you have had put down about Fiji & its people one would have thought you were an expert! Now you suddenly admit theres something about Fiji that doesn't make sense! Fijians have woken up to been taken for a ride for too long by some of their own leaders in the past supported by Govts such as the ones in Australia-who had their own agenda in the whole process! First you call us stupid, soaking in shit yet now you can't undertsnd us! Heres something for you to ponder on since you wrote them in the past-Germany, USA -with the whites only toilets etc , etc etc , - Slavery. Closer to home is how the Aborigenes are still living in squalor-guess who is doing! You see it doesn't matter whether its Fijian, Indian, Aborigene when its wrong its wrong it has got nothing to do with ethnicity! Now your problem is you trying io figure out the Fijians from a whitemans perspective who did some jumping up & down for the Indigenous race there and now seems to think he is an expert on Fiji! Fiji will solve its on problem with or without Australia-because you guys were part of the ORIGINAL problem-which you thouhg tcould be solved by paring with a few pennies here & there-sorry we ain't stupid as you may have thought! For Fiji only time will tell-for those of us who have faith about our country it will happen! AS the our forefathers used to say' ena oti mai na vei kece ga" everything will come to end in its own good time!DRi Yani.

Anonymous said...

Listen-up guys, inspite of all the bad blood we we have with Bai & Khaiyum, their popularity in Fiji seems to be decending? Think maybe their psychological warfare Minister-Sharon Smyth John, maybe doing a sterling job? Might be a good idea, to concentrate our combined efforts, in going after these foreign intelligent moles?

Anonymous said...

Be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down.

Anonymous said...

ASK...129 votes

Anonymous said...

Confirms yet again what I have been saying about Voceke having a pee brain.
Bloody childish to say the least!!

Anonymous said...

ASK votes came from one phone number! His. Not even his mother would have voted for him!

Anonymous said...

anon 9.55
when all things come to an end what do you have? a bunch of crooks and fiji in the shits!
Tamata ulukau o iko butabutako luveni setani lasulasu

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum if you are so worried about what the people think, there is one simple solution. All you do is conduct a public referendum to find out if the people love you and Bainimarama.

The result will be no surprise:-

Support Frank......0%
Do not support Frank and his Boci Khaiyum......100%

You want to try it out pig?

Anonymous said...

Sa rauta mada Voreqe. Vakamadua na via rogo.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine, the Dictator Government is even going after high
chiefs that can be bought by the Chinese yen and told to start taking-out the traditional village
chiefs that opposes the Dick-tator and appoint kiss-ass villagers, as
the new chief? This is starting in the Bua province.

Anonymous said...

Anon@9.55. Your verbal diarhoea stinks of pig shit. Perhaps youre Voceke's ass wiper in disguise. How long have this fiasco going on for? Just take a closer look at the current situation dickhead. Very few Fijians are benefitting from Voceke's crooked ways, however, the Indians have the most to gain because most Indians support the pig shit Voceke. Wake up you idiot and get your head out of Voceke's ass.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you imagine, the Dictator Government is even going after high
chiefs that can be bought by the Chinese yen and told to start taking-out the traditional village
chiefs that opposes the Dick-tator and appoint kiss-#ss villagers, as
the new chief? This is starting in the Bua province.

January 16, 2012 5:20 AM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon@9.55. Your verbal diarhoea stinks of pig shit. Perhaps youre Voceke's a$$ wiper in disguise. How long have this fiasco going on for? Just take a closer look at the current situation d@#!%$#&d. Very few Fijians are benefitting from Voceke's crooked ways, however, the Indians have the most to gain because most Indians support the Voceke. Wake up you idiot.

January 16, 2012 7:26 AM

Anonymous said...

This Voceke Baimagaitinana is a complete joke. It's bloody hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Bainimaramagate is getting funnier by the day. VB is Gold

Prince's Road Runner said...

How come Bainimarama won the award when our group had campaigned around the Samabula/Bureta,Tamavua right up to Tacirua and Coloisuva area for over 2,000 texts for PREMILA between 6.00am and 12.00 noon on 31/12/2011?

All those texts from two mobiles in the Prime Minister's Office are not enough to pull the award for Bainimarama but only by default, hook or crook...OOPS, SORRY!!!

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