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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lack of crew keeps hurting Air Pacific

More doom and gloom at our nation’s once proud airline.

Sources within Air Pacific have confirmed to Coupfourpointfive that Pacific Sun’s ATR-42 flew from Nadi to Suva empty on Monday morning due to unavailability of cabin crew.

They say one of Air Pacific’s Boeing 737 aircraft is also stuck in Auckland NZ while a B747 has been stuck in Los Angeles for the past two days due to unavailability of flight crew.

They also say the unelected prime minister Frank Bainimarama paid a surprise visit to Air Pacific CEO, Dave Pflieger, to find out what is going on and that Pflieger was none too pleased at being interrupted from his tax-payer paid holiday dream job.


  1. Soon Mr Pfliege may do a runner. Suddenly, he may now realise that not all Ayub has been serenading to him are from the Rear Admiral’s song book. ..or he may just run up Princes Road to that US Teritory near Kundan Singh..tick..tick…

  2. Why were the staff unavailable?

  3. Hahahaha, now where are the pro Voceke critics? He's dragging Fiji deeper into a hole and wait see the airline fail to fly. Air Pathetic is going down.

  4. Mr. Prime Minister Bainimarama...it is not too late to review all your decisions regarding the various appointment that have been made since 2007 particularly in senior and executive management positions of public, statutory, corporate and government privatised bodies.

    A good example are the appointments in various Government Ministries where unproductive individuals sit and earn high salaries for nothing, resting their laurels on the blood, sweat and tears of their staff, Air Pacific where foreigners are enjoying themselves at our expense, not forgetting other foreigners who are just marking time doing nothing productive here

  5. Air Pacific has been one of the most racist semi government entity since the time when Savu was the CEO.

    Since 1987 for period of 10 years it did not take any pilots of Indofijian origin.

    In 1990 it recruited 7 pilots for entry level positions, 3 I-taukei and 4 whites with little connection to Fiji.At least 12 Indo-fijians were left out.

    Most of these pilots are now working for other airlines.

    Now they are short of pilots because most of the pilots do not represent Fiji and have no pride and will never go extra mile.They there as result of discrimination carried out by Air Pacific and Capt Tuisue, against Fiji citizens.

  6. Bye, Bye Air Pacific sorry Err Pathetic.

  7. kick that white a.. from fiji

  8. "What you do to others, somebody will do it to you"

    If you rip others off then oneday someone will rip you off.

    Bai stealing from us. Now, Pfliger stealing right from under Bai's nose.

    Like I said, the buyers are already waiting for Pfliger to deliver Air Pacific assets to them, when it goes bankrupt.

    As for you Bai, there will be nothing in it for you. Only for you to open your eyes and see your stupidity.

    And the poor people of Fiji will have to spend more FNPF to pay out Air Pacific's debts.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  9. Bai what the heck do you think you're doing? You can't run the whole show by yourself,comon man you gotta let someone else to help
    you?I mean hello theres people every where who wants to help out.What happen to Khaiyum,GATE,BOLE,WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO BE A ONE MAN SHOW?LOOK SOMEONE IS GOING TO SHOOT YOU IN THE ASS?

  10. Anon 1:32pm

    What has the recruitment process from the 80s got to do with the present mess ?

    Air Pacific ran at a profit throughout that whole period.

    It also didn't have its planes break down as has happened now in Hong Kong and New Zealand.

  11. E dina nai tukutuku qo????
    whats happening?????

  12. Vore please wake up - Pflieger & Co are lining AP for a fire sale to US private equity buyers.

  13. Hello Hello,

    Planes do not break down....They just part of the wider union ploy at offshore airports to create some sort of break down....

    This is the count down to collapse Air Pacific and no CEO will be able to hold this.

  14. Just make sure Phlieger doesnt run. He has to join Bain Aiayaz and Ricketts etc in Naboro jail for life.

  15. Just make sure Phlieger doesnt run. He has to join Bain Aiayaz and Ricketts etc in Naboro jail for life.

  16. Anon@2.34pm. Get your face out of Vuaka's ass you idiot. Hope the planes keep breaking down and hopefully air pathetic won't have any planes able to fly. Now that will kill this stupid airline for good.

    I hope the unions that you blame continue their good work.

  17. How about getting the ugly Shamimi sisters to run air pathetic.,.NOT!!!!!

  18. Yes, and as the cycle continues, Qantas will pick up the pieces at a ridiculously low price AGAIN, only to re-sell to the stupid Fijian Government later. When will Fiji ever learn?

  19. I don't how many others may have experience the difference in treatment when flying with Qantas ticket on Air Pacific flight. Qantas ticket holders receive preferance over Air Pacific ticket holders eventhough they are travelling in same plane. Please do not get confuse with inflight service (they are same) but I an referring the ground services, such as baggage handling, check-ins, delays etc,etc...

  20. Pay peanuts, you get monkeys !
    I'm talking about Frank and the C.E.O. of Air Pacific.
    In this case though, they are being paid a fortune to Administer a Company in which they have absolutely no expertise.

  21. These signs are ominous on the state of the economy. With more financial blood letting in AP it will have a major flow on effect on the major shareholder - the government. I have this gut feeling that the FNPF will be the sacrificial lamb to try and rescue the airline and that this will come to no avail and we FNPF members will lose out once again. So as the large ships sink one by one their whirlpools will suck everything attached to it under.

  22. Anon 3:14

    Actually the Air Pacific Plane which broke down in Hong Kong couldn't fly because it had to have its engine replaced. They had to fly in a new engine from Taiwan.

    Nothing to do with any Union.

    This is what happens when Preventive Maintenance programs are cut to "save costs", thanks to Pflieger's restructuring plans.

  23. frank does not give a fark about AP. he went to ream out pfliger because phfiger told frankie that he could not expect to just get AP to bump first class passengers off the Hong Kong flight just because frankie arrived 30 minutes before the flight and want to take 4 seats for him and his goon side kicks.

    what frankie wants frankie gets.....wahhhh!!!

  24. Phlieger is GAY...he satisfies the poofy lust of his Indian pilots; why they go out of their way to do as he says...

  25. Semi Meo

    He is not the Rear Admiral.

    He is the Admiral of the Rear

  26. @ anon 6:12pm Voreqe is the same with Rambo: no man, no law, no war can stop him....
    wow!!!!!!but don't worry everyone has a time.......one day mafatu.

  27. Anon@1:32pm...
    Why does it has to be discrimination when indians are not
    considered? This was the same thing said when Chodo was ousted?Every indo were crying foul and laments, that chodo's potential has not been utilized, as the result of the coup? Thanks god he was taken out in time, before he'd caused, an unrepairable damage to our country? What else is new? Now, Khaiyum seems to be THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK-personally he seems to be
    a smart kid and appears to know where we're heading? I'm kind of swayed 30% toward his direction and
    hes probably, the real deal! How come i don't hear a lots of support from the Indo community for Khaiyum? is it because he's a muslim? He's not doing too bad being a deputy PM? How come no one in the indo community ever complains of the lack of support, toward our white brothers or sisters
    to try out for this high PM post, in our country? Why doesn't anyone ever mentioned these minority group
    in our society? Why didn't this minority group-most of whom has Fijians DNA-every complains for been ignored by Fijis' society? Time to stop whining and start a new begining to really consider everyone as one!!!How can we expect to succeed with our new 2014
    election if we don't consider every one in our society???

  28. Air pathetic, Air corrupt, Air gone nuts!!

  29. Sack Pfliger now. (give him 24hrs like you did to the NZ ambassador)
    Sack all the other foreign kutus he hired.
    Get a local to lead.
    Get Drysdale back to consult and mentor for 6 months and to report directly to you Bai.
    Don't let Sereana Qoro come anywhere near Air Pacific.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  30. Anon 1:32pm

    Read Moody's report on Khaiyums hopeless Legal system. The Fiji legal system is only characterised by two things today, corruption and selective application of rule of law thanks to Khaiyums Ouster clause Decrees.

    Under Khaiyum the FTIB has performed hopelessly. Foreign direct investments needed to create economic growth have all but dried up. The economy is the worst performing in this region.

    Air Pacific is under Khaiyum's Ministry. Pflieger's work is his responsibility.

    You are correct about one thing, it has nothing to do with race. However it has all to do with incompetence, his incompetence

  31. The Next CommanderJanuary 25, 2012 at 2:10 PM

    It hurts sooooooooooo much when Fijians coup against Fijians...but it is God's will when the same is committed against Others in Fiji.

    EEEESA ! The vitriolic venom coming from the mouths of Christ's followers is sickening.I doubt if Jesus is still in Fiji or he left the day Seru Cakobau died....short period in Fiji and forsaw the type of rascals who would spoil his great and mighty name....Its just hate ,hate and hate against human beings just because they don't think like you writers...Imagine Fiji run by you Hitlers....no one would be free to walk around and everyone would be in Naboro!!!! and only annonymous would be free to run the country,....WEILEI!!!!!

  32. Anon 3.46pm Jan 24.......Who do you think is Aslam Khan Darling? He is shameem's husband and the deputy chairman of Air Pac....so your theory of shameems running air pacific is kinda WRONG !!! DUH DRONGO!!!!

  33. Anon 3.46pm Jan 24.......Who do you think is Aslam Khan Darling? He is shameem's husband and the deputy chairman of Air Pac....so your theory of shameems running air pacific is kinda WRONG

    January 25, 2012 2:18 PM

  34. Chaudhry had 9.6% GDP growth rate in his 12 months. Ask Aiyaz and Voreqe to do the same. And if whites/Kailomas wanto be PM than man up and step up. No one is stopping you.

  35. Anon 3:10pm

    Thats absolutely true. Chaudary achieved a rate of GDP growth which is the second highest in the post colonial history of Fiji.

    The highest was in 1989 when Fiji attained 13.9% GDP growth under Kamikamica. That year was a bumper crop year for sugar, and it was the year in which the Tax Free Zones were being setup.

    Today the Fiji economy is amongst the worst in this region. PNG is making 8.9% of GDP growth. Solomons is making 8.5% of GDP growth, Vanuatu is making 4.5% of GDP growth. Samoa is making 2.5% of GDP growth.

    Fiji has made 0.7% of GDP growth since 2007. The ADB says Fiji is stuck in negative decline. Its the worst economic performance by this country since Independance.

  36. PNG is growing because of mining...but we have people complaining abt the Namosi venture

  37. Anon. January 25, 2012 3:10 pm
    quote "Chaudhry had 9.6% GDP growth rate in his 12 months". ONLY because he inherited a booming economy from Rabuka and the SVT.

  38. Phlieger has a lot on his hands so give him a break! Word has it he is in the US and my guess is he’s having us a new constitution written to please his master the AG. (I have this mental picture of MD CEO Dave Pflieger heeling like a good dog at AG’s foot and holding the new constitution in his teeth.) And generous Air Pacific will pay for it, just like it was with the Essential Industries Decree. See, we do not need consultation and that’s why the big B cancelled it! Our betters know best! Let’s just be good lambs and be thankful for what we are about to receive.
    Oh, Drysdale back at Air Pacific – PLEASE, get someone, anyone, who has a positive track record. Think back on his reign and repent for the silly proposal.

  39. Anon @ 4.39am

    Any kailoma is welcome to be PM…no one’s stopping them. We saw how impressive two kailomas Tom Ricketts and Bernie Big Momma Ganilau did in their terms in the IG. Ricketts nearl bust his pants trying to fill his pockets!

    We all saw what the kailomas have done for this country. Jim Ah Koy overpaid using FNPF funds for ATH. Why? His c**ksucking buddy Thompson, another kailoma and today in Washington as ambassador was the ceo of Telecom Fiji…look where he took telecom – about to shut down in 5 years! Ganilau House is on sale last Saturday!! Don’t believe me? Read the Times!

    Kailomas are already in the VKB thanks to their Fijian DNA as you rightly state. Yet, why do they look down at the indigenous community like shit all the time? How many kailomas have you seen using their i-taukei names? Hardly! They only use it to manipulate the indigenous system when it suits, e.g. land issues. Otherwise, it’s “we’re white thank you, and the rest are scummy blacks” attitude. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

    The white man came and raped the Fijian system of leadership to suit his style. 200 years later, his descendants, hanging on to the last shade of white they have, desperately trying to straighten and bleach their hair, with forced white accents that belong neither here nor there are doing the same. They hate the indigenous and the Indians equally.

    You really feel pity for this lot?

  40. Democrat

    Absolutely true, mate! Rabuka, despite his failings did prove a worthy leader.

  41. I suspect that all in the Regime are planning their exit strategy now, given that the Regime has exhausted all its financial options and has almost depleted the Treasury's Reserves.
    There's almost nothing left to pay the disloyal Soldiers of the RFMF and their hanger on families.
    exit; stage; left; heavens; to; murgatroid :-

  42. @ Stan 9:55

    Samoa has surpassed Fiji in terms of GDP growth. They had a terrible tsunami less than two years ago. They have rebuilt and now surpassed Fiji. By the way, they don't have any mining.

    Vanuatu has surpassed Fiji. They don't have any mining either.

    Latest ADB figures show Fiji ranked together with the aid dependant countries of the region. The only countries which ranks below Fiji are Tonga, Cook Islands and the New Zealand aid dependant territories.

    The Cook Islands, as a matter of fact, is set to surpass Fiji within this next fiscal year. Cook Islands has no mining either.

  43. Could you please leave the poor guy alone to do his job? The man has done the impossible in buying brand new planes for the fleet-AP and the plane will be much faster
    to get from place to place.I like it and i may be able to visit abroad, to see friends more often
    if the distance is cut in half? Thanks Dave P you da man!!!

  44. anon @439AM
    The whites/half castes even quarter
    castes or even those with 1% Taukei blood ALWAYS PRIDED THEM SELVES AS PART EUROPEAN- NEVER AS PART FIJIANS
    They one group that had the strongest anti Indian sentiments because of their inferiority complex-INDIANS ALWAYS DID BETTER IN ANYTHING.
    In fact i remember in 1987 the biggest cheer for Rabuka came from them! EVEN WHEN THEY LOST THEIR BALANCE OF POWER POSITION FOREVER!
    Mara knew all along that the balance of power holding halfcastes were easy to please- JUST A BIT OF ANTI INDIAN SPEECH HERE OR THERE was all needed to win the 8 seats! Mara knew all along they were useless people . As for the halfcastes THEY THOUGH THEY WERE SOME SPECIAL PEOPLE WHO HELD SOME SPECIAL RIGHTS OVER INDIANS! BLOODY FOOLS

    NO one stops them from becoming PM
    BTW did they ever support an Indian for PM despite having numbers and contributing 80% taxes?

    "Thanks god he was taken out in time, before he'd caused, an unrepairable damage to our country?" Even in your posting clearly you support half caste failed (yet another) businessman Speight coup despite the country on all time high economic growth! What irreparable damage you idiot?
    YOU SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS AGAIN- Straight ANTI INDIAN sentiment- every one knows Fiji was doing well at the time.
    That typical halfcaste Speight has done irreparable damage to FIJI
    He wanted to control mahogany trade and rip off the taukei- its not rocket science!

    Walk around Fiji see if there is a single business or building that belongs to your group.

  45. AS ii we didn't have enough qualified people in Fiji they had to get a "WHITE MONKEY" who was a failure from the start to run Air Pacific. A Con artist who pretended he knew it all now his true colours and arse licking(he has aforked tongue anyways) is catching up with him.The quicker Frank realises he has a con artist the better. Take him to the camp and give him a good working over before you kick his white arse & send him back from where he came!

  46. aANON 439AM
    "How come no one in the indo community ever complains of the lack of support, toward our white brothers or sisters"
    A white /kailoma PM will mean taking the country back 50 years and to the root of the problem- racism against fellow citizens bcos of race/religion or any useless reason
    NO THANK YOU-We all know their attitude of divide and rule!
    THEY WILL ALL SAY how some people will have special rights but same rules will not apply to them in OZ/NZ/USA/CANADA/S AFRICA

  47. anon @110pM JAN26
    WELL SAID YOU FORGOT STINSONS-sold to airpacific BAC1-11 planes
    Stinsons were the agents( Manufacturers know the crooks)
    NO Bac1-11 were in operation in Aust/NZ- breakdown- get parts from UK! One of the planes could not land in Nausori- one plane was used for spareparts !!!!
    Stinsons were smiling all the way to the bank-EVERY SPEECH WAS "INDIAN THIS INDIAN THAT" as they sold our country!
    FIJI DOVERNMENT (JIM AH Koy) bought a land for our government from
    LYLE CUPIT for $7,000,000 CAN U BELIEVE? The land lies idle ( location-after navua brige)
    JIM & LYLE laughing all the way to the bank- ANY PUBLIC COMMENTS " INDIAN this Indians That" as they looted the nation.
    The PM then Rabuka the dummo did not know Fiji was looted using Indians as scapegoat.
    GEORGE SPEIGHT WAS AFTER THE MAHOGANY-even a class 2 student know
    HIS "INDIAN THIS INDIAN THAT" WAS MORE typical halfcaste- hE THOUGHT tAUKEI WERE STUPID AND WOULD BUY HIS RACISM so he could loot the mahoany wealth.
    Fortunately the Taukei could read between the lines as soon as FIJI MAHOGANY office was set on fire by speight.
    SO- HALF CASTE PM FOR FIJI- no way!!! blody crooks good for nothing but racisim


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