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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More hanky panky from regime while Fiji faces new, deadly storm

Khaiyum and friend

Six people have died and millions of dollars worth of damage caused but life appears to be normal, if not dandy, for those illegally leading the country.

In a week where we have already revealed Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum was hustling to buy a Suva house and military government spokesperson, Sharon Smith Johns, was hosting a party ordering in a huge amount of alcohol, the above picture has emerged.

Supporters will no doubt have something redeeming to say about Khaiyum but we would state the obvious: why is a married man allowing a woman other than his wife to sit on his lap like this?
The woman in the picture is Ana Rabuka and she posted the above photograph on Facebook on October 8, 2011 with the caption: With AG at the HOTEC GALA DINNER@Sofitel.
A couple of weeks ago someone wrote the comment: "Were you on Aiyaz lap? lolz must be the coffee!" to which she replied "J!@##y, we were gonna do a group photo but then he preferred just one of me on his lap...like u said must be the coffee!!lol"
The picture comes as Frank Bainimarama and his top tier struggle to make up for failing to appear when the floods first hit, to show his support for the victims.
It is fair to say the reputation of the unelected government has taken a real battering.

Coupfourpointfive also wonders why the regime is forging ahead with its plans to host yet another foreign leader.

Perhaps nothing is more telling than watching the illegal admnistration run around like over-excited children at the pending visit by the Russian Foreign Minister on Wednesday: happening while a tropical cyclone is forming just West of the country.

The regime should immediately call off the visit and refocus its attention on its own struggling people, who are still trying to recover from the devastation of last week. 

The resources needed to cater for such a high-level visit should be going elsewhere and anything but postponement is irresponsible.

Such a move is bound to upset those seeking the attention and money from Russia but right now, the people of Fiji need to be the priority. Cancelling this visit will demonstrate a true focus of attention on what really matters.


  1. cmon, the poor bugger is only having coffee..or is it fresh milk

  2. Who is the transvestite?

  3. Cassava patch sprinterJanuary 31, 2012 at 12:32 PM

    Thanks Coup 4.5.
    Pinky is a Failed producer/actor and wannabe lawyer.
    Pinky you look like an idiot.
    Go and read poetry.

  4. Clearly the person sitting on Aiyaz' lap is not a woman, but Sharon Smith-Johns in drag.
    Aiyaz is just too credible a person to be cavorting with someone of such beauty.

    How misguided this young woman must be, to be sucking up to this evil bastard, knowing full well, just what he has done to her own Country, how he disrespects the Indigenous women, to the point of supporting their tortures and that he is a married man.

    If I were an Indigenous Fijian man right about now, I'd be inclined to grab him by the balls and cut them off or crush them between two bricks.
    I wonder what his wife will have to say once she sees this photo and just what this pathetic son a of a bitch gets up to behind closed doors.
    I still can't fathom how the Soldiers of the RFMF are simply standing by and allowing these arseholes to continue to insult them, straight to their faces.

  5. If the obvious as in the picture is true, then C4.5 what are you waiting for?

  6. When medical staff look for cancerous cells, they look for abnormality. Cells that have lost their shape. This analogy can be transfered to Fiji. The illegal regime has established a regime that looks like a cancerous cell. The structure is abnormal, and the malignancy has spread outwards to other institutions of the country. As the rule of law has been comprimised the entire country has become one big diseased organ with a terminal illness.

    As a blogger said, the pacific has no room for coupsters. They should all be handled with strict accordance to the law and hung as a frightening deterrent for future aspirants. Do not negotiate and appease them. For they are the cancers of our society. Just as a surgeon cuts away cancerous issue, coupsters like Bainiarama, Sasa, Rabuka, Speight should be strung up and hung. The law must be brutullay applied to demonstrate the seriousness of the actions. The amnesty give to the PNG military coupsters is the beginning of the end for them. Coupsters like cancer must be cut away and destroyed so the main body survives.

  7. Aiyaz embrace is an intimate one when you consider the placing of his hand and the squeeze of his fingers on this young ladies waist.
    She must have been desperate though, yuk !
    Who knows where his fingers and lips have been !

  8. She doesn't look like his wife, so Ella or whatever your name is, your husband you married hastily is having affairs behind your back. Next time he sidles up to you in bed, scratch his peanuts and rip them off, now that will make him suffer for cheating on you and ripping off the country.

    And one more Ella, your husband has been humping Sharon as well, so there you go. Kick the cheating SOB to the kerb, file for divorce and try and take as much money as you can in settlement.

  9. i reckon those soldiers cheer on and high five each other while indian khayum screws that Fijian girl's eyes out..no shame

  10. this is exactly what I had been saying in this blog site for a very long time...the holy bible says:

    Psalms 37:1-2 " Don't be worried on account of the wicked; don't be jealous of those who do wrong. They will soon disappear like grass that dries up; they will die like plants that wither"...for us the faithfuls both unto the Lord and our beloved country Fiji, we MUST trust in the Lord and do good; live in the land and be safe"...for VB and AG please take heed of these holy words and do the right thing before its too LATE...the EXIT STRATEGY is for you two and yr folks to seek forgiveness from the people of Fiji ASAP and embrace the LOVE of God...its now or never...God Bless Fiji...

  11. isa sa vakaloloma sara na noda vanua lomani ko Viti ni ra sa mai liutaka tu o ira na tevoro lailai nei setani.
    Sa ra galu na lotu wesele kei ira na turaga bale baleta sa vakasesei ira o setani.
    Ni ciqomi jisu vakaidina mo ni rawa ni yalodei ka yavavala me tutaki na dina.....ke sega ni na rere tikoga ka galu tiko.

  12. Kaiyum is like the godfather of the junta of thugs.

    he got all the fijian women submit to him.

    he is playing god.

  13. The photo must be published in all local papers and overseas for the world to see the way the world should be.

    Fiji is bankrupt and cant pay its loans and billion dollar scams.

    here we got puppet master screwing drunk women.

  14. While half of fiji is drowing in flood waters with nothing to eat the coupstar is dredging the women of fiji instead of dredging the rivers.

  15. Notice Aiyarsehole doesn't wear a wedding ring. She looks more Indian than Fijian. Ella your husband is a sneaky mongoose.

  16. Let him have some fun. He has done so much for FIJI.

  17. AC - DC

    Big time "bijaru"

    Does a leopard change its spots?

  18. Oh Lordy, its Ana Rabuka..she loves partying with the rich and the famous..and the Kyaiyum brothers loves the Fijian dollies..not bad, just saying.

  19. he has done shit all for Fiji! bankrupt the bloody country, ...!what do you bloody expect! why is he still ALIVE i will never ever understand, and fiji sits there listening to him .....SHAME ,6 portfolios to his name..., making up new decrees while Fiji still sits there and listens...SHAME.!!! wake up people and REVOLT!

  20. This photo shows the moral corruption by fiji junta.

    In no civil society or decent goverment in the world has any minister taken pictures with drubk women on his lap.

    Show the photo to the world.

    Lets see whether the puppet master can sue in court or his media authority stop the photo.

    This thug will not get even one vote in any election.

  21. Wake up Fijians I mean itauke

  22. fiji's population still burying its heads in the sand especially those on facebook saying it's okay for khaiyum to be asking floosie to sit on his lap

  23. That's why nobody is batting for Fiji ...only Tuilaepa the one with guts

  24. unbelievable c4.5 your audience on facebook saying nothing wrong with khaiyum having a bit of hanky panky dis fiji people sorry people

  25. Not surprise at all when this picture of Aiyaz and Ana pop up on this site. She have 2kids and not married but she loves posing with the famous people of Fiji. She attended Indian College back in the 90's and went to Grammar later.

    If you check out Ana Rabuka's facebook this picture was also there.

    But why this Kaiyum let her sit on his lap? Ana should have some respect for Ela at least. It just shows no respect for the Fijian community and it looks like she's very much adapted to the western life, NO CULTURE NO TRADITION & NO MANNERS.


  27. ...the picture is real...
    ...its also on her facebook...
    ...check out ANA RABUKA and befriend her and then check out her pic..


  28. Anonymous said...
    isa sa vakaloloma sara na noda vanua lomani ko Viti ni ra sa mai liutaka tu o ira na tevoro lailai nei setani.
    Sa ra galu na lotu wesele .......

    January 31, 2012 1:56 PM
    We the Methodists maybe quite physically but spiritually we are talking and praying to God about Fiji and YOU included.

  29. The fiji flag is at the back of the photo and the function is offical.

    This is misconduct by a public officer in public office and absue of office.

    A compliant to FICAC and Police must be lodged for charges to be laid to kaiyum.

    This man using fiji flag and putting drunk women on his genitals is worst in fiji history.

    is this a statesman and a civil society??????

    This is the junta REFORMS?

  30. Where are all those brave warriors in fiji who are prepared to put a knife in this guy? The regime seem to be very casual and comfortable.. isn't it about time it was made 'uncomfortable'. where are the bomb threats, home made devices, poisonings, snipers, arson, assaults on family members? Anyone involved can be assured of an amnesty anyway in the next government.

  31. Ayaz was a creepy sexual predator when he was a good for nothing lawyer at Colonial. He still is. He needs women fawning over him to overcome his well deserved inferiority complex. What a pathetic creature!

  32. Very cheap and out of class....Grow up AG get some class.

  33. We need to establish whether his wife was present at the party and during this photo shoot before rushing to judgment

  34. This picture justs demonstrates the reality of an illegal regime and an evidence piece for future investigation.
    Look peole these things are all expected from people who are not elected by the people of Fiji. They are just false prophets filling their pockets at the expence of tax payers and the poor people who are being made slaves in their own country.
    Shame on you you illegal culprits. You will all answer to all these good days. keep them close to your hearts they will come in handy during your life sentence,something to remince whilst serving your sentences.

  35. Have just heard on the 7:00pm Gold FM news that ALL civil servants in the Western Division to have been ordered to immediately report to their respective offices!!!!!!!!
    What a stupid,laughable, irresponsible and inconsiderate decision!
    Consider the following:
    01. It is now dark and the flood waters are rising. How are these civil servants expected to report to the office?
    02. What if both mum and dad are civil servants? Who is going to look after the children?
    03. What if mum is a single mum, working at the High Court office Lautoka. She is a single mum, a clerk and a woman at that. Why mobilise her?
    04. Why ALL civil servants? It is just beyond me.
    05. The West has experienced worst than this and NEVER, NEVER has the Government reacted as such. I am very much aware and have experienced how the then DISMAC operated in the past and this is something that is one of its kind. I guess it is ONLY in Fiji. It is a glaring example and PROOF of what the Samoan PM has just said about inexperienced Colonels being appointed in top jobs in the civil service.
    SOMEONE IS DEFINITELY PANICKING AND OVER-REACTING HERE!! I leave to you bloggers to decide who that individual is.
    Have a nice evening and stay safe.

  36. What a sad and pathetic pic, given what is happening to us true Fijians!
    The man is pulling EVERYTHING Fijian apart, yet he seems to have a taste for young and innocent Fijian girls!!

  37. You seem drunk, proud and amorous lewa.
    VAKALOLOMA O IKO!! Keimami sa madua ka vakaloloma na mataqali itaba vak oqo. E sega sara ga ni keimami taleitaka - B..ru!!

  38. Kaiyum is now challenging all the fijian that he gonna screw their women with fiji flag in the photo.

  39. Let me guess ; TWO kids and most probably DIFFERENT fathers!! Go get some more illegitimate kids you b...h!!

  40. The call-up for civil servants in the West has just been downgraded from ALL to HODs!!
    Wonder why? Maybe they are after all reading what we are truthfully saying, learning from it all,taking it all in and using OUR constructive comments to work their way through all this!! What poor judgment on their part and sadly bludging off our thoughts and comments!!

  41. The Fiji flag is there because Ana says in the C4/5 piece: October 8, 2011 with the caption: With AG at the HOTEC GALA DINNER@Sofitel

  42. @ 4.51pm

    Why blame Ana, it takes two to tango, doesn't it?

    Besides, Ana doesn't owe an ounce of loyalty or respect to Ela, the man holding Ana does!

    If the pathetic wimp of a prick can't respect the highest law of the land, our 1997 Constitution, did you seriously think he'd respect his marriage certificate?

    Hell no!

    Stop blaming the woman on his lap, idiots. She didn't break any oath. Duh..

    hehehehe..... @ the scandalous treasonous iAG.

  43. LOL!@ Samoan man..

    that's so true bro. Kaiyum is the top qaru in gov at the moment.

  44. I hear that the PSC has been instructed by the PM to stop payment of all acting allowances immediately because there is no more money in the kitty. Fiji is headed for a default (bankrupcy, and I am worried that the disaster relief funds will go the wrong direction.

    You should also see the FNPF validation process that is going on, people are all trying to take their money out, before the FNPF will change its mind again. People are not happy at all and there is a clear distrust of the FNPFas n organisation hitting the capital City.

  45. Is this ANA RABUKA,Lt SAVENACA SIWATIBAU RABUKA,the 3FIR Ints Officer's sister?Watch out AssieKuntyum!

  46. http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=159760

    And on another topic :-

  47. OhEmGee! The Russians are coming!!!

  48. It's not enough to screw the country as a whole; now Aiyaz wants to do it individually, one by one.

    Why is the Russian ambassador getting such royal treatment, when the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations says that the representatives of all missions should be accorded equal treatment? The Russian isn't even resident in Suva! Could it be because the regime is doing a backdoor deal with Moscow to sell Fiji's UN vote on recognition for Abkhazia-South Ossetia? Or because Bainimarama intends to let the Russians build a naval base in Vanua Levu?

    Proud Viti, with your gold and your patrimony going to China and Russia, your exile to Rotuma awaits.

    s/ Dakuwaqa

  49. Friends, friends, don't rush to judgment! Qorvis has just explained that the photo is not what it seems. Actually, the Attorney-General was simply soliciting the young woman's views on the coming constitutional dialogue. He was offering her friendly, avuncular advice and checking to see that she was at least 18 years of age -- to make sure that she could vote in the coming election, of course. That's our hero -- always feeling the pulse of the electorate.

  50. OMG...I can't believe this a Fijian woman sit on a Fijian man's lap and you're all goes nuts???Even
    the liberal philospher-Mark Manning- was tough to hold down!Count 10 guys,take a deep breath and exhale!!!Look just for your info. Khaiyum is a poofta all his macho action is purely a diversion
    acts! Ella married this poofta because she knew the money will be flowing in; and Khaiyum is not going to perform his manly duty? i'm telling you all this, cause i'm Ella's VUTU NI TABILI? Trues-up bros! So forget all this show-off by the illegal AG and concentrates on getting them off the show!!

  51. This isn't surprising for the infamous greedy lawyer and dying-to-be-recognised AG who knows very well his days are numbered. tik tok...

  52. Aiarse was attending this function as the ILLEGAL MINISTER OF TOURISM..so, yes, this was in his capacity as an ILLEGAL wanna-be-leader, which is very unbecoming and stinks to the bottomless PIT TOILET! See new item here:


  53. yet another AIR PACIFIC flight delayed this morning Feb 1st to SYDNEY kaunci karaio DESG KE GAAR MAAR DIS HAI

  54. This young Fijian woman, Ana Rabuka, is either a victim, mesmerised by Aiyaz temporary power, sucking up to him in order to have her Clothing Design promoted or just plain unaware as to the atrocities being committed against her fellow Indigenous Fijians by aiyaz and his Regime of thugs and criminals.

    Perhaps somebody in Fiji or from one of the blog sites could advise her via her facebook page as to why it is so wrong to be promoting and being seen to supporting, this evil bastard who is devoid of any feelings for the people of Fiji !

    My suggestion to her is, if the above photo is recent, is to withdraw her Clothing Design from any promotions associated with the Regime and for her to actively encourage every other Indigenous Fijian to do the same.

  55. inacurate report coup 4.5, a simple google search would reveal that the HOTEC awards took place on November 13, 2010. ag was not married at this time.

    However it is shameful for him to be engaging in such behaviour if he was indeed a guest at the event.

    and i assume he was seeing his wife to be at this time...... so it raises questions.

    karaik and this baladi qase bona's use of the abbreviation "lolz" is annoying as fuck!!!! what does lolz mean anyway.... laugh out loud....z for fucksake!!!

  56. Mark Manning and friends wish she was sitting on their laps aye. Stop being jealous and stop hating and you all may see your wishes come true !!!!

  57. Y'All, Aiazz is a Muslim, he is allowed to take more than one.

    In fact it is more like his habits now, he took how many ministerial posts? pay checks? now kitchen tables................ One kitchen but plenty dinning tables.

  58. she looks like a porn star
    sa sivia na namu biti levu

  59. Look at the photo.

    The drunk girl has her right hand on the puppet masters gentials and her right thigh is right on top of the guys gentials.

    This is moral corruption to the max.

    Kaiyum is challenging the itaukie men of fiji with fiji flag in the photo.

    Lot more happening by him in western hotels.

  60. why isn't anybody blaming the girl for doing this?

  61. is this man a statseman?

    Is this man a minister and leader of fiji?

    Is this a civil society?

    Has any other minister in the world ever shown such photos with pros on his genitals?

    Is this clean up campaign and reforms of junta?

    This man must be charged by FICAC for abuse of office and misconduct in public office and sent to naboro.


  62. Ana Rabuka is wearing the same dress as in the Fiji Times story - she posted the photo in October 2011 but the Fiji Times story appeared in November 2010 - still a mystery when this photo was taken - if it was in November 2010, Khaiyum was still looking for a wife - Ela Gavoka only tied the knot last year!

    Shaeeza is Cocktailer of the Year

    Maciu Malo
    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Pearllisa Aptinko, left, with Ana Rabuka and Jeanette Osbourne at the HOTEC trade show at Sofitel Resort & Spa Denarau Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH+ Enlarge this image

    Pearllisa Aptinko, left, with Ana Rabuka and Jeanette Osbourne at the HOTEC trade show at Sofitel Resort & Spa Denarau Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

    SHAEEZA Shazieen, 21, was on cloud nine when she was named the Fiji Islands Hotels and Tourism Association Cocktailer of the Year.

    New to the business, the Radisson Resort employee said she didn't expect to win the award and was lost for words when her name was announced at the Sofitel Resort on Wednesday night.

    "This is my only second year in the business and I just didn't expect to win the award," she said.

    She said her accomplishment has inspired her to devote more time to the business and improve further.

    Naviti Resort's Marica Koroi scooped the Bartender of the Year Award.

    Meanwhile Minister of Tourism Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the hotel and tourism sector needs to be more vigilant.

    He said more there were many opportunities associated with hotels and these must be fully utilised.

    "We need to realise that tourists don't come to Fiji because of another form of holiday destination," he said.

    "We must realise there are numerous attractions and characteristics that the tourists need to come to Fiji and enjoy.

    "We need to reposition ourselves and work closely with the private sector and meet the global tourism market requirements."

  63. Common guys its a party!!! Remember muliracialism crosscultural and intermarriage = no segeration all in harmony!!! Now everyone is so equal and known as fijian without any reservation. At least he is in the onpen unlike some garase minister in the swimming car park caught in the govt car latenight. Then no one raised any issues!!!

  64. Anon 31 Jan, 10.23pm says : "The call-up for civil servants in the West has just been downgraded from ALL to HODs! Wonder why? Maybe they are after all reading what we are truthfully saying, learning from it all,taking it all in and using OUR constructive comments to work their way through all this!! What poor judgment on their part and sadly bludging off our thoughts and comments!!"

    I say : SPOT ON!

    That is exactly what this miserable, pathetic junta and their cronies have been doing in cyberspace >> trying to engage pro-democracy, freedom fighters in a conversation in order to glean from them "constructive solutions" that they could use to help themselves out of the hell-hole that they've irresponsibly, driven the nation into!

    And guess who is laughing all the way to the bank? None other than the treasonous, criminal junta, their prostitute spouses and hanger-ons!

    There will be genuine, constructive dialogue across the country when these shameless thieves and their miserable kanaloto families are out of the equation first!

    You don't rob a nation and help yourself to the people's treasury and expect to be part of solution in getting our beloved country back on its feet!

    No.. You get the phuck out of the way first, get your "just desserts" and let the "untainted" professionals take our beloved country back to democracy!

    Trying to engage bloggers so they could offer you constructive solutions to your phuck-ups ain't gonna work esp. with your chinnie-wiggies still nicely dipped in the nation's treasury!


  65. Eeeeeeewwwwww!! is she desparate or is she DESPARATE!!


  66. Sorry guys,the picture was only a photo-up and trues-up afterward I
    took Ana to our hotel room and the rest is history! You can all stop right now; and concentrate on the plan to kicked, all these assholes to the curb! Lets think about that and about the promised 2014 General Election;and what you gonna do?

  67. Anonymous -sa mai galu na lotu Waisele baleta ena gauna e a dodonu me tokona ka vosa taka na ka edina e a tokana na ca! Sa kenai sau li eda sa sota kaya tiko nikua! The Loto has nothing to do with anything you seening in this photo.A simple photo has got people assumptions of EVIL! Guess Setani is in our own hearts i assume many of you have never ever been to a party or function!Never sat on someones lap! No matter what you want to assume in this photo you could very,very, very well be wrong or tagane got married for the sake of getting married. Sa vola oti tu e dua e cake na nona bula-which is correct but lets no be judges we leave that to the Lord! Why Because we imperfect Beings! DRi Yani!

  68. Ylei...........sa rauta na ulu moce meda sa yadra mada............sa da mai dredre vaki tu o keda, !??????

  69. Since when did we legitimise 'lap dancing' in Fiji,maybe Arsiekyum can answer after,this trial run.

  70. She is not desperate but its normal for her. I know Ana very well, She spent most of her days living and works very well in the night. She just LOVE the limelight and wants to be with famous people. She is the Beatch of Famous people.

    For Aiyaz, just goes to show how insensitive that SOB has for the people of Fiji when they are going through some tough times, the MF AIRSE was having good time. When that day comes i will be the first to get my hands on him.

    Voreqe you are so DUMB having this Barstard as your right cherie.

  71. ..no! no!..
    not Siwatibau Rabuka's sister..

  72. There you go! That is the image that Frank wants to show the world that his regime and his colleagues are respectable and honest and are statesmen!

    The illegal PM may want to put his comments on this blog so that he can clear up the air!

    But instead he is just another bajaru just like this son of a pig on the photo posing around as an AG! What crap!!!!!!

  73. One consolation though - Ana Rabuka can always say, "that's another under my belt (pants)!".

  74. If it was an old piture why did she publish on her Facebook and make out it happened recently. she obviously showing off and doesn't care she causing mischief or trouble. keeping the details vague oilei!!!!

  75. Any more on this duo? Ana now calling everyone 'nousy' buggers and saying someone hacked the FBook but photo was always public. Anyways she trying to say people trying to cause trouble for AG but its herself who exposed his and her own weakness.

  76. Dont be jealous people........

    its only a photo show........

  77. Ana Rabuka is LT Rabuka 3FIR's Ints Officer and RFMF hitman's sister WATCH OUT Assiekuntyum! watch you backside ad your wife.

  78. Oh chill out everyone! This photo was taken in 2010 (not recently) at Sofitel. Not only Ana was allowed to sit on Aiyaz's lap but also Liz(Elizabeth) and that's also the reason why Aiyaz is not wearing any wedding band because he wasn't married at that time, he just got married to Ela last year.

    Anyway, I once dated this man..till now..and so is Sharon Smith. He's a muslim with lots of KITTENS..

  79. There you go chill out everyone? what are you so pissed-off about?It's only Ana and it happens at the Denarau Sofitel,could have happen to anyone? The AG was there,The PM was there,Sharon Smith John was there,it's not as if they were there to screw each others? Are they? And even if they do, which is very unlikely,they're
    adults and they all knows what to do? The question is: Was the doctor
    present, did the doctor examined everyone to ensure cleanliness and free of aids virus? Did they used condoms? Did they used birth-control and was it supplied?Was ED pills supplied too? These are legit
    party and legit party questions!

  80. Aiyaz's X said...
    Oh chill out everyone! This photo was taken in 2010 (not recently) at Sofitel. Not only Ana was allowed to sit on Aiyaz's lap but also Liz(Elizabeth) and that's also the reason why Aiyaz is not wearing any wedding band because he wasn't married at that time, he just got married to Ela last year.

    Anyway, I once dated this man..till now..and so is Sharon Smith. He's a muslim with lots of KITTENS..

    February 4, 2012 11:13 AM
    For your info Aiyaz's X Male Partner,that Muslims do not wear wedding bands or rings whatever.

  81. its unfortunate that most people here forget the atrocities committed by the illegal regime...they forgot all the hardships they had to go through..few years from 2006, people are saying "all is well if it works well" forget the past and look to the future. God will punish those responsible....are u people blind or just plain ignorant? god is not going to come down here to punish them...

  82. did somebody call for a doctor??

  83. not with a cheap girl like ANA!!!!
    owww please ELA... i think this is the best time for you to just shoot your self out of his door girl..

  84. Isaaa can remember that Ela use to have such a nice guy before..same age as her and very humble..Ela Joejoe was really meant for you girl....but so sad you end up with this stupid ugly hypocrite !!!! KICK HIS ASS OFF ELA...rite thing @ the rite time..it has to be now not l8tr...

  85. oilei people sa mai mavoa wale ko Lady Ana !!! its just a photo!!! sa kua na tauvosa tu vaqo...NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!.... E sega ni dua e lutu mai lomalagi!!! sega!! ke o ni via vosa ni vosa ga vei koya na MUSULOMANI e veikeve...stop comment on Ana!! please...grow up people!!

  86. Jan 31 9:43 pm, gud point but remember, there are no illegimate kids, there are only illegimate parents.


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