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Thursday, January 26, 2012

More trouble in PNG?

One of Frank Bainimarama's traditional Melanesian allies, Papua New Guinea, is having a spot of bother according to a report from ABC.

OLD MATES: Bainimarama and Somare in 2008.
There has been a military mutiny in Papua New Guinea, with a group of rebel soldiers taking the commander of the country's defence force captive in Port Moresby.
A senior source in the PNG defence force says a group of between 12 and 20 soldiers overpowered guards at the Taurama barracks around 3:00am this morning.

They took the commanding officer captive, then moved to Murray Barracks and placed the head of the defence force, Commander Francis Agwi, under house arrest.

The source says the former defence attaché to Indonesia, a Colonel Safa, has now declared himself commander.

At this stage it is not clear if the incident is related to the conflict between Peter O'Neill and Sir Michael Somare over the country's prime ministership, or if it is the work of disgruntled soldiers.

When the conflict erupted last month, Commander Agwi recognised Mr O'Neill as the country's legitimate prime minister.

This morning the Reuters news agency reported that the prime minister's office said it was unable to confirm the reports that the defence chief had been seized.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is warning Australians in Port Moresby to avoid travelling in the city this morning.

Sir Michael was ousted as prime minister and replaced by Mr O'Neill in August last year after his seat was declared vacant while he received medical treatment in Singapore.

In December, the Supreme Court ordered his reinstatement as prime minister and as an MP.
But despite that order, Mr O'Neill remained the effective prime minister with the support of the public service, police, defence force and most MPs.

Last week there were rowdy scenes in the parliament when Sir Michael walked in brandishing the court order and demanding his reinstatement.

He was warned by Mr O'Neill that he could be arrested if he shows up again.

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Anonymous said...

Those left at QBE take advantage of the moment while FB is cut off while in west.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Fiji green army goons could learn a lesson or 2 from PNG Army!!

Kick the FIJI army Commander out the window!! Into Hotel California...Naboro...

Anonymous said...

Why can't some soldiers do the same in Fiji and arrest the pig Voceke and his sidekick Aiyarsehole?

IndoPacific said...

It will a sad day for the pacific if PNG goes down the same spiral the Fiji's criminal military has exemplified.

As a preventative measure, it is important to structure in the concept of "separation of powers" in order to stop such abuses occuring. Another military division separate from the one in the capitol could then challenge the rebels and maybe put them down.

But the parliament has the authority to legislate on behalf of the people. If grand old dynosoaur Somare was legislated out of parliament, the army should have gracefully accepted that ruling.

Maybe, it is better for Indonesia to invade PNG and thereby rule the entire Papuan continent, imposing the Javanese Islamic culture over the Papuan.

Then, Indonesia would do us all a favour if they also invaded Fiji and incorporated it as part of Indonesia. That would end all coups, and persons such as Banimarama can get a close up view of Suharto style governance. He might then like to convert to Islam so he can be in the fine company of his talibhan friends.

Fingers crossed though that the great country of PNG will not follow criminal Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Mike Somare it's time to pass the baton to the young generation,take your penson and let change to take it's course?
It's unfortunate that the old man doesn't know when it's time to take a bow and pass on the torch?

Anonymous said...

POLITICAL INSTABILITY-Part and parcel of Afro-Negroid people- No indians there in PNG to blame!
There are 86 countries run by Afro people-AND EVERY COUNTRY IS AT THE BOTTOM OF HUMAN INDEX, DEVELOPMENT,STANDARD OF LIVING ETC despite having abundance of natural resources! (even Diamonds/Gold)
Hard to beleive Fiji was one of the best but to join the AFRO club of nations, people marched, ransaked cities,attacked the very people that made the country great JUST TO GIVE THEIR FUTURE GENERATIONS YET ANOTHER POVERTY/CORRUPT COUNTRY!!!
As for the natural resources-THE WHITE MAN (god to Afros) takes it with no problem!!
THE AFRO NEGROID MUST KNOW WHO THEIR FREINDS OR ENEMIES ARE- That will be a start in getting into a better life

Back Door Benny said...

Maybe the navy deckhand could send back door benny naliva over to PNG to help the rogue military there torture a few young defenceless boys and old women?

Anonymous said...


Classic example of a leader who doesn't know when its time to go.

End up becoming parasites .

The trouble is also in these situations all the hangers on who will loose their jobs and lollies when a leader goes and so persist in pushing and keeping a leader in power .

If PNG cant do without Somare, then woe is them.

How about fiji situation....same
after eight years....thinkof all the gang in bed with Frankie& Aiyaz.

They not going to be happy with change...these are our future coupsters.

mark manning said...

I thought the Court simply declared Sir Michael's dismissal " illegal " and it also said that the Governor General should " not " reinstate him as Prime Minister despite the Court Ruling !
But the Governor General ignored the Court's advise and reinstated Sir Michael as Prime Minister. This effectively left New Guinea seemingly, with two Legitimate Prime Ministers and a Constitutional Crisis which could only be resolved by the Queen of England. Though I'm not sure the Queen actually has any Authority in these circumstances, if at all, anymore.
From reports in Australia, the Court did not order Sir Michael's reinstatement as Prime Minister as such, but simply Ruled his dismissal " illegal " !

A coup is a coup is a coup and now we can see the results of China's influence in the Region.
Cheap loans are only good for those who share in the Commissions from those loans, but create instability and encourage illegal behaviour and corruption within the host Country, its Government and Ministers etc.
It will be very interesting indeed, to see if America, Australia, New Zealand and other Allies respond, and how, to this latest crisis between the Government of New Guinea and its Military.
Given the increasing instability within the Pacific Region and its proximity to Australia and New Zealand, I doubt that Fiji's Regime has long to go before it's overcome by outside influence beyond its control. The New Guinea crisis, may well be the final nail in the Regimes coffin in Fiji.
Move over George.

mark manning said...

Correction, I think it was the Speaker of the House who reinstated Sir Michael and not the Governor General and that Sir Michael's reinstatement as Prime Minister was in fact ordered by the Court :-

mark manning said...


Military coup reported in Papua New Guinea
Updated 1h 28m ago
PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (AP) – There are unconfirmed reports that a military coup has taken place in the capital of Papua New Guinea.

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Australian Broadcasting Corp. News in Australia is reporting that soldiers loyal to ousted former prime minister Sir Michael Somare have staged a bloodless mutiny.
ABC said that early Thursday morning, about a dozen soldiers are believed to have raided the defense force headquarters and placed the head of the army, Brigadier General Francis Agwi, under house arrest.
Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade warned Australians to limit their travel in the capital, due to what it described as "disturbances" at two barracks.
Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill had yet to comment on the situation, his office told The Associated Press.
A reporter at the Papua New Guinea Post-Courier newspaper told the AP that the newspaper is still trying to figure out exactly what has taken place.
There has been a power struggle going on for months in Papua New Guinea between Somare and O'Neill. The Supreme Court has backed 76-year-old Somare, who it has ruled was illegally removed as prime minister while getting medical treatment outside the country. But lawmakers loyal to O'Neill have passed retroactive legislation recognizing him as leader.

Animal Farm... said...

Lets hope ANZUS decision makers learns from past mistakes (Bainimarama experience) & deals decisively with these khaki copy cat opportunists even if this includes a RAMSI style intervention.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha banini wil be nexr.

mark manning said...

According to an ABC Report in Sydney @ 228 p,m. that 15 of Colonel Sasa's men have already been arrested by an un-supportive Military in New Guinea.

Given Somare's orders for this Colonel Sasa to commit High Treason against the State, does this mean that he also will be arrested for sedition ?
What does that imply for Frank and Aiyaz and their supporters ?

The coup that is over before it began, pretty much.

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning.
Your recent posting?
"Sydney Asian Woman - Beautiful Local Asian Ladies with Photos - Find your special one from Russian etc etc".

Whats all that about?

lago levu said...

well dear people, png has undoubtedly been spying on fiji coups and would want to prove to the region that it could up the level of stealth and precision compared to bainimarama's 2006 coup.

actually, this is the beginning of png's demise and eventual destruction. wait to read more coups from png, and i am only sorry for the innocent children, young people, women and men folk. there will be no future for the people of png, just like fiji.

however, for the people of fiji...there is hope.

one, we now konw that whether you're south indian, madras, gujarat, kailoma, kaisi, ratu or bokola, bainimara and aiyaz arent national leaders. they are only small guys like us.

they have emotions-they cry, get angry, stressed out, get disillusioned, get tired, get sick, get hungry, get cranky, forget things. they steal, lie and kill people... they use people. they are just normal guys like us.

they rely on advisers like gates, shameem, aslam, tom ricketts, kodagoda, tappoos, dixon, army officers and the list goes on. all for the sake of proping their regime for them...just normal people.

two, fear is in them. they do not sleep well. actually, they are frightened being on their own. they are ...lamu as well. thats why they will only walk around with their playmates-army body guards. they get frightened when someone stares them straight in the eyes.

three, bainimarama and aiyaz are playing a lie game. they will put in front of the people of fiji that they are big fellas, untouchables, visionary leaders, thinkers...

but when you consider what is happening in fiji, no jobs, uncertain future for our children,economy declining, cost of goods increasing...you begin to wonder if they are great leaders.

so, given this, is it ok to oppose a government that does not look after the welfare of the people?

Mi-luv-U-longtyme said...

RFMF should learn from this and arrest Frank.

Anonymous said...

All our miltary personnel are pussies.

No balls

Anonymous said...

There is ONE guy on this website commenting on every issue. Its NOT rocket science its always the same guy
ALWAYS FRANK PLUS KHIYUM just to play the race card
Anything and edverything against PM but MUST include Kaiyum!

mark manning said...

@ anon 650 p.m.
I forgot to delete that part !

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:08pm... footprints is familiar. You need to retire and do something useful? Your attempt to caused division in your website
may backfire! Old peace-corp never die!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning you seems to have the inside of whats going-on in the pacific and your prediction seems to be right-on! I'm sure that you're right-on with saying that the military Government was hanging-on a piece of straw anymore
water pressures would mean tits-up for Bai&company! You think maybe the "MANA" is slowly but surely releasing its power? I'm incline to think that it is????

Anonymous said...

bed lice in every matres

some bed lice jump from one matres to another one

Anonymous said...

The question is, was Mike Somare pushed out by his own party or did
O'Neil took over power illegally? If the party decided to removed Mike Somare and then appoint O'Neil
to take his place than what's the problem? Australian party have done it time and time again by removing their Prime Minister Leader and installed another to take his place? It's an acceptable democratic process? But i've never heard of the losing party removing the Government party?

Anonymous said...

we need one truth commission right from Rabukas day...starting with who were the men wearing the barlaclava when rabuka took our parliment.

If we can all the truth out from everybody including Gorge Speight and Stevens and Nata the maybe we can consider shorter sentence for some.

The people of our country need to be able to trust again....who can we ever trust today.
Are we a nation of raving wolves in sheeps clothing.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. 1:12. re idiots Negroid comments.

Bizarre - reads like a typical Indian (T Singh) diatribe..

Long Pig Nice said...

Mark manning...what China's loans got to do with the troubles in PNG? Be care, your bigotry is showing. China bashing back on the agenda is it? If anything, its the years of meddling and support by way of so-called aid to Somare's govt by Australia that has created a megalomaniac in Somare.

Stick to your Russian brides Mark. Your wife now knows what you do with your time while surfing the web.

Anonymous said...

The anti-negroid comments are clearly racist. The moderator should not have allowed their publication, according to the rules of this website.

The PNG court's ruling pertained to the narrow legal issues involved at the time of the ruling. It did not pertain to and encompass all future developments. Since that ruling, PNG's parliament passed new legislation to reconcile O'Neill's administration with the court decision. It also reinstated the governor general, who reversed his earlier actions, this time in support of the O'Neill government. Sir Michael knows this full well but cynically touts the already-stale court decision as if it still applies.

The Grand Chief has disgraced himself. He has destroyed his own reputation and legacy. Perhaps he would have put more pressure on Bainimarama had he not harboured anti-democratic tendencies of his own.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Americans decide to locate their USAID office for the Pacific in Port Moresby, instead of in Suva, because they didn't want the office in a place plagued by coups and instability? Brilliant spot of logic, that!