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Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Public Order Act will play same role as PER and will be in place indefinitely

The Public Emergency Regulations has been lifted from today but restrictions to people's freedoms remain in place.

The Media Decree and Crimes Decree are still active and the regime has not released the new Public Order Act(Amendment Decree, 2012) for people to see.

Frank Bainimarama said yesterday in his second address on lifting the emergency regulations that the new decree would be a modern version of the 1969 Public Order Act.

It comes as no surprise that the restrictions and punitive measures allowed under the PER are now embodied in the new amended Public Order Act decree. 

While the PER was supposedly 'temporary', the new Public Order Act will be permanent.

The international community who welcomed the removal of martial law have been fooled.

Here's what the Fiji Village has printed about the Public Order Amendment Decree 2012 Under the Public Order Amendment Decree 2012 any person who commits an act of terrorism shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to imprisonment for life.

Any person who harbours or conceals, prevents, hinders or interferes with the apprehension of any other person knowing or having reason to believe that the other person has committed, is planning or likely to commit an act of terrorism, or is a member of the group involved in the act of terrorism commits an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to imprisonment for life.

Any person who knowingly provides or offers to provide a weapon to a person, group or organisation involved in the act of terrorism, a member of any such group or organisation involved in the act of terrorism , any other person for use by or for benefit of a group or organisation involved in the act of terrorism or a member of any such group or organisation commits an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to imprisonment for life.

Any person who knowingly participates in a group involved in the act of terrorism knowing that it is a terrorist group commits an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to life imprisonment.

If any police officer has reasonable suspicion that a person has acted or is about to act in a manner prejudicial to public safety or the preservation of the peace or is about to commit an offence against public order or an offence against this Act or upon being by a police officer, fails to satisfy the police officer as to his or her identity, address or place of employment or as to the purpose for which he or she is in the place in which he or she is found, then such police officer may arrest without warrant him or her and detain him or her pending inquiries.

No person shall be detained under the powers conferred by subsection (1) for a period exceeding 48 hours except with the authority of the Minister on whose directions such a person may be detained for a further period of 14 days if the Minister is satisfied that the necessary enquiries cannot be completed within 48 hours.

In Section 17 C (1) of the Decree, it shall be lawful for any member of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces when so directed by his or her commanding officer at the request of or with the concurrence of the Commissioner of Prisons and Corrections Service or the Commissioner of Police as the case maybe to perform all or any of the duties and functions of a prisons officer or police officer.

In and to the extend necessary for the performance by him or her of any of the duties or functions of a prisons officer under the provisions of this section any member of the RFMF shall have all the powers, privileges of a prisons officer and police officer.


Sunil Kumar BDO said...

The Fiji Government (Illegal) website of the Bureau of Statistics shows the following GDP Growth rates for Fiji for the years;
2007 =(-1.1%)
2008 = (-0.4%)
2009 = (-1.9%)
2010 = (-0.4%)

So where is the economic prosperity Frank is talking about? 2011 is also going to be negative growth an so will be 2012 and beyond.
Frank is the worst finance minister fiji had ever seen.

Anonymous said...


Ram Sami said...

The Lord giveth...

and The Lord taketh away ...

Blessed is the name of the Lord.

Anonymous said...


FRANK GO home.

Anonymous said...

What a flipping sick joke. Banana MAN is an embarrassing Clown and would not get a job in a third grade Circus because he is so useless,

John Sami said...

Frank Bainimarama! Please tell the people of Fiji why Nur Bano Ali was paid over $2m dollars in consultancy fees to advice the so called restructure of Rewa Dairy?

What is the justification of such exorbitant fees?

What was the process of selecting her firm?

What is the outcome of the restructure in terms of production efficiency and financial outcomes?

Terminating dictatorships said...

There is only one way to terminate dictatorships. Up a drainpipe, or perhaps a cassava patch?

Batka said...

Information from reliable source suggest Nur Bano Ali is the conduit for all deals for Aiaz Khaiyum and his brother Riaz at FBC. The $22m Radio Fiji upgrade went to Tarana Investments Limited. John Prasad has some shares in those investments companies in NZ. These information will be posted on the blog soon. Nur Bano acts as the middle person collecting heafty fees and then transmits it to off shore accounts of chor khaiyum. Sada Reddy knows about it but will not reveal anything as he too is dirty pig.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Commodore Bainimarama's treason also been prejudicial to public safety and the preservation of the peace and offensive to public order? Isn't it the case that the commodore has never adequately explained the purpose for which he is in his current place, rather than back in the barracks or in gaol, where he really belongs? Officer, arrest that man!

s/ Dakuwaqa

SpadeOfAce said...


Stan said...

This sounds similar to the new Defense Act passed in the USA recently

Stan said...

@Sunil Kumar

Better use the GDP growth figures published in the RBF website as they would be more credible. Wonder how often Bureau of Stats updates its website.

Anonymous said...

The junta is fooling the world.

The PER is not removed but the public order act brings in provisions worse than PER.

These dozen thugs cant survive for 24 hours if PER or Public Order Act removed.

These thugs will do anything to hide their corruption.

The way is overthrow by force- believe in cause not method.

These crooks will never want to go away until they are sent to naboro for life by force.

Max said...

Growth in real GDP according to RBF website is

2006 - 1.9%
2007 - -0.9%
2008 - 1.0%
2009 - -1.3%
2010 - -0.2%
2011 - 2.1%

Anonymous said...

@Ram Sami

Thank you, brother.

Very well said.

What we man can't do only God can. He sees what is not done according to His Will He will remove.

Jehovah God, God of the Heavens, Earth and the Sea.

Anonymous said...

is this the same Sunil banging Nur Bano?

Cyclone Bebe said...

Good night Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Ya Ya....haha...This Sunil the tall dark and curly haired Accountant boning the old Bano for the dirty money......they usually stay at Sheraton Denarau....he buys his viagra from Samabula Drug Store friend of Rohit Rambesaser sucker of Dr Niel Sharma...

Anonymous said...

tarana investments ltd in hich john prasad has shares makes for interesting reading - john prasad is married to robert khns sister- robert khan owns radio tarana in auckland - this station is a mouth piece for the dickhead frank who has a weekly spot on tnis station ------ it alll makes sence - everyone have their hands in the cookie jar - nur banu is the condit - as simple as that

Anonymous said...

Correct Stan

The US has terrorist from the middle east to contend with.

In Fiji the terrorist themselves are formulating the decrees.

Anonymous said...

frank f your father.stop making fool of us.
your are liar and your govt.
we never trust kailoma like you m/f.
i have f your daughter too hahaha

Anonymous said...

Whats the fuss about the new decress etc-try living in UK or USA & see how long they can hold you and use whatever law they think is right especially if they think you are a suspected terrorist/. May be those two countries are too far try Australia-where they held a suspected Dr on terrorism indifinetly!

Anonymous said...

Under this new Public Order act can a police officer and a soldier arrest Bainimarama for committing an act of terrorism aginst an elected Govt?

Anonymous said...

PER and New Public Order...........

Same Pig Different Tail or Same Shit Different Day.

Radiolucas said...

So, the RFMF are Policemen too now?

Judging by the intelligence of following the man that they do, this is a worrying concept.

Justice Totokia said...

The illegal government and their cohorts have created these draconian 'Life Sentences' for terrorist acts which can be so wide that it can interpreted in a way that could basically get anybody into trouble. This is how the PAP government in Singapore operates and uses of their Internal Security Act (ISA), Societies Act and the Sedition Act to totally nullify any attempt to dislodge the suffocating Oligarchy. Much Singaporean opposition has been silenced this way.

Closer to home, the application of these laws in a subjective manner, could easily get rid of persons deemed a potential threat in Fiji.By definition, the net can be cast very wide.

Bainivore and cronies know that they are hated intensely by the Fiji populace and fear for their lives for the crimes they have inflicted against the nation of Fiji.The draconian Public Order Act is basically intended place them out of harms way, safely above the law for now.

We in Fiji need to return immediately to constitutional democracy not rule by decree from satan personified.

Baini and his team of evil should get out of the system and don't even think of involving themselves in future politics. We have suffered enough.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama sa rui sivia nomu lasulasu, CONMAN.... Sa o tukuni iko tiko ga mai, o cei tale na terrorist, iko sara tiko la na terrorist levu duadua.... Dua ga vei iko na qala ni Ose!!!!

Namajiu Kid said...

I want to take a big dump...there is a slight difference between terrorism and political activisim...but in Fiji all is one and one in all.

Anonymous said...

This is a more permanent version of the PER.

Anonymous said...

Incorrect Stan. Those RBF statistics are "forecast" and annotated accordingly as (f). The only real figure there is the 2010 one which is annotated "(r)" i.e real".

The forecast one's you can classify them as propoganda.

Have another look at the RBF site. This is how the GDP growth stats are set out:

2010(r) - -0.2%

2011 (f)- +2.1%

2012 (f)- +2.3%

2013 (f)- +1.9%

2014(f)- +2.1

They have left out the figures for 2006 to 2009. Between 2007 and 2009there was negative growth.

The ADB states that the average rate of growth for Fiji is -0.7% (minus 7 %).

Other countries in the region such as Papua New Guinea have made 8.5% of GDP growth over the last two years. Samoa, which had a devastating tsunami performed better than Fiji at 2.3% of GDP growth. Solomons which had a civil war has performed at 8% of GDP growth

We are classified at the bottom of the heap in this region economywise. Our economic indicators since 2007 have been the very poor.

We have double digits inflation, massive debt and negative growth.

We have the biggest debt loading relative to GDP in this South Pacific region.

Our foreign debt is around the same level as that of Papua New Guinea's, but their Foreign Reserve is four times the size our ours whilst their rate of growth is 10 times ours.

The only countries which are below us in the ADB rankings for this region are the aid dependant territories in Polynesia.

We started off with 1.5% of GDP growth in 2006. After the coup our economy slumped to -6.6% of GDP by the middle of 2007. Since then we have not recovered that lost ground.

These bridges and roads being built by Bainimarama look good but they are being paid for out of loans from China, and from additional capitalisation via the divergence of funds from other productive sectors of the economy. Loans which Fiji is struggling to repay - the Exim Bank loan from India for the botched FSC restructure is an example of that.

Anonymous said...

Negative GDP! So who can we be living in prosperity? Only way is if this government has paid some bills and get ready soon it will have to.

That is why we now have POA. He is getting it ready to pretty much make up any story against any person he wants keep in goal for life.

Anonymous said...

Frank talk's about terrorist he dosn't know he is a terrorist

Anonymous said...

In every dictatorship like this..GDP performance heads south whilst the wealth of the corrupt dictator and his equally corrupt cronies headS north in a big way.

Voreqe has been quoted to say that he is the richest man in Fiji at the moment.Not bad for someone who was a deckhand not too long ago.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please put up the Pictures of Nur Banno,Sharon John and The Shamimi Sister in here for us to view? How old would they be
at this time?

Anonymous said...


They are both the same age as your grandfather in the graveyard...

get F*** off here...

Foreign investor said...

Government has money because it does not pay foreign investors tax refunds they are owed and due - millions. FIRCA only takes. Consequenly investors both new and old have stopped investing because tax laws are ignored and there is now no appeal procdure.

Onward Christian soldiers said...

Khaiyum and his clan will never destroy the Christian Methodist church in Fiji. NEVER. This war is a long way from being over.

Anonymous said...

The "Fiji Public Orde Act" has been
in operation since 1975/76 and as
far as i'm aware it had been enforced- only once! The law was
originally established in order to
protect society from discrimination
against Religion;Ethenicity;color
etc? Bainimarama Government did not
create this ACT, as a matter of facts, most democratic nations has
similar ACTS in operation.Personally i think that it is an excellent ACT and Government needs to regularly used
the ACT in order to normalized discrimination etc?

Socrates said...

@Anon 9.38.....
Yes, the Public Order Act has been in place for some years. However, the INTENT of the original Act (legislated by Parliament) DIFFERS EXTENSIVELY to the current DECREE (forced on us by an uneleceted regime). If you can't see the difference then you choose to be blind. Or are you one of those half-educated soldiers blinded by Binimarama's pay increase gifts? There's a bigger picture in all of this - take off your blinkers and you might see it.

Anonymous said...

Still remember them good old days, in ancient Greece? Boy, you were the greatest Philospher of the ancient world. Remember the "TEST OF THREE"?In which you gave your friend, who
was trying to talk to you, about a rumor involving your Wife? But you were so smart; and stopped your friend, from telling you and you never find out either that,PM plato, was banging your sexy wife!
So it might do you some good to listen to others view, as well?