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Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Zealand backlash to new Fiji departure tax

Stupidity or bravery seems to have struck the regime.

It's hiked the departure tax from Fiji from $FD100 to $FD150 dollars - a move which has already started a backlash.

The departure tax was bumped up via a new decree and the New Zealand travel industry is gagging at the increase.

The country's largest travel agency, the Flight Centre, is giving Kiwi travellers who had plans to holiday in Fiji what it says is the option of transferring their deposits to other destinations - the Cook Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu, Hawaii, Niue, Bali or Thailand, to avoid paying the extra tax.

In a statement, the Flight Centre describes the new departure tax as "unfair to travellers" and predicts it will hurt and put off thousands of Kiwis.

The regime has been glorying in what it says is record tourists numbers to Fiji, especially from Australia. It remains to be seen if the Ockers do a runner but if New Zealand's reaction is anything to go by, the regime may have blundered.

The illegal attorney general and the illegal president, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Epeli Nailatikau, also signed off this week on a swag of other decrees, including the Public Order Amended Decree 2012, which has been finally released to the public.

Included in the record 12 decrees released publicly yesterday, were new protocols covering tax (excise, income, service, VAT, fringe benefits), customs and roads.

The latest decrees can be viewed here: http://fiji.gov.fj/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&Itemid=158&gid=123&orderby=dmdate_published

Fiji AG questions Flight Center's motive

NZ travel agent says increase in departure tax to affect travel to Fiji


Anonymous said...

This action by the regime proves beyond doubt that the government coffers are empty.

Khaiyum and Bainimarama are bringing financial ruin to our beloved people.

Kiwi yachtie said...

This comes upon 500% increase in Health Clearance charges for yachties. How not to encourage tourists!!?

Anonymous said...

Illegal Regime taking FIJI to the dogs!! Bankruptcy is near!!

Bloody Decree creators are real A--holes, have they forgotten they were not elected by the People. They forced themselves on the People. How dare they?

Get the F--- out ASAP!!

Bisun said...

Somehow they've got to keep the masses happy and the departing tourists have to foot the bills through their taxes. Bula Fiji!

Anonymous said...

The circus clowns, Voceke, Aiyarsehole and the useless president are dragging Fiji down to the lowest ever level. Take out these three clowns and things will start to improve.

Taukei 5. said...

By paying this tax NZ citizens are indirectly funding an illegal & oppressive regime that kills & tortures its own people.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy is the word!

Anonymous said...

The dirty open secret is that Aussie and Kiwi tourism props up Bainimarama's regime economically, even while Canberra and Wellington are forever demanding that everyone else pressure Bainimarama. But Bainimarama has always been his own worst enemy, and here he is at it again. These tourists may never grow a conscience, but at some point they may decide that the ebullient 'bulas' of the Potemkin Village that is today's Fiji are no longer worth their tourist dollars.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Guess What - saw ONE OF the UGLY Shameen sister at Auckland international airport today waiting to receive someone ---------so she is now here in Auckland NZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiwi yachtie said...

Finance Minister Chaudry's decision to cut yacht stays to only 3 months drove many of the 400 yachts away. Now the Health Charges for yacht clearance large rise will do the same. Clearly IG does not want tourists to arrive by air or sea.

Anonymous said...

Nz and Aussie tourist need us more than what we need them. Tell thm to go to cheap line destinations like Samoa if they wish on budget airlines .... We got Asian tourist cming to Fiji air PAC hong kong service and via Seoul....Samoa doesn't even get direct flights from USA anymore. Can't afford Fiji, don't bother, we don't need cheap Aussies n kiwis on our doorsteps.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious that Ali Bai and his 40thieves only know how to steal and kill and destroy.
They don't know how to run a country.
Only few days ago they were reading the Fiji Times and read about the European , Chinese and Indian economic slow down ( Even IMF is warning everyone.) And the writer himself ( some Fijian guy) said that there will be less Remittance and less Tourists)


The idiots have dug a hole for themselves
Australian economy is slowing down further. (according to Unemployment figures released yesterday)

Kena ca gona na vuli vakavo.
Ra dau tukuna na qase ko sa vuli ga ka ta sukulu.

Dou lako sara dou lai wili niu i Kiuva.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Look around the world guys, prices going up everywhere, every countries citizens moaning. The worlds in recession and Fiji just happens to be a part of that big wide world.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

No review done or any study carried out before such an increase. It shows desperation and the fact that the coffers are empty.

Normally under an elected government, a review would be made and the implications studied before such a move to ensure that there is no negative impact.

With Khaiyum and Frank it is quite simple...just create a decree to facilitate this! What dumb a!@#$*&^s!

January 21, 2012 6:26 PM

QEB Snitch said...

Fiji IG has lost the plot...more fuel to take us down the sewerage line to Kinoya Sewerage Plant Pools fast.

What fools do we have in this IG led by the AG Khaiyum and supported by Bavulu Bainimarama and the loose-screw Nailatikau

Coup 4.5 said...

Fiji Village is reporting industry sources believe that New Zealanders will still travel to Fiji because of the attractive packages and value for money. See below:

NZ travel agent say increase in departure tax to affect travel to Fiji
Publish date/time: 21/01/2012 [17:06]

New Zealand’s largest travel agent Flight Centre, predicts an influx of travel changes to Fiji due to the FJD$50 increase departure tax per person.

Flight Centre’s Executive General Manager, Mike Friend said the increase is unfair and predicts it will affect thousands of Kiwi travelers.

He added he is disappointed by the Fiji Government’s decision to increase the departure tax that makes Fiji a less attractive holiday destination.

However Fijivillage spoke to Industry sources that disagree with Friend’s prediction and sentiment.

Industry Sources said the holiday packages offered is attractively priced compared to other pacific island destinations and that Fiji offers a diverse experience not only in activities like scuba diving or surfing, but the fact the holiday experience is complemented with a world renowned friendly culture that sets Fiji apart.

Industry Sources added another reason why they do not expect an influx of Zealand travelers to change their travel plans is because of the exchange rate where the increase is approximately NZD$31 that is the equivalent of FJD$50

Story by: William Waqavakatoga

Anonymous said...


The masses aren't happy. They haven't been happy for a long time. This won't make them any happier despite the improvement in building roads, bridges jetties and sea walls. There are no markets for their hard work.

The only people who are raking in fortunes are the greedy ones in the illegal government and the business scammers and administrators who kowtow to them at the expense of the ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

3 stooges at it again & why bloody hell fugly shameful sister allowed into nz, don't think you won't go unnoticed by fj community here!!

Anonymous said...

ugly shameen sister ws holding hands with a bold headed indian chap -- she seemed woried constantly texting or something -- probably worried her friend or whoever ariving is held up or something -- god she looks ugly - put me off my mxcdonald burger

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:49pm
Busi what do you mean by cheap Kiwi and Aussies.....cheap ga o iko...sega na kemu na memu....YOU MACAWA.

Anonymous said...

Love the attitude above regarding cheap line destinations.

Good one mate clearly your livelihood doesn't come from the tourism industry.

But I do agree with you on what point. All tourists fins another destination other than Fiji. There are many nicer and cheaper places to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Chinese have come calling
for their first loan repayments.The Civil Servant salaries are continously in arreas
and workers are been threatened with firing if they question the
payroll people as to what's happening to their lawful pay? Some civil servants have not been paid for a month or two and are scared to make enquiry?

Kiuva Pussy said...

The AG is questioning Flight Centre's motive for raising the increase. Isn't that straight forward enough?

They are concerned about their customers who booked to travel well before the increase was anounced. Thats why they are prepared to accomodate any change in bookings.

The $150 may not be much but when you consider couples or families it becomess too excessive and unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:13pm

She is 10 times more intelligent than you judging by you continued tirade and eating a fattening Macdonald cheese burger. Did you upsize?

Kiwi traveller said...

Sat, 21 Jan 2012 6:06p.m.

By Rachel Tiffen

A 50 percent hike in the departure tax in Fiji has been slapped on travellers with, it would appear, no formal warning from the Fijian Government.

The tax is now Fiji$150 per person, equal to around NZ$105, and there are concerns in Fiji that it will turn people off holidaying there.

Mike Friend, of Flight Centre, says that when departure tax jumped in the UK and Australia, 12 months notice was given and in this case, although there had been talk of it, there was no formal warning.

“Normally with a tax increase or a holiday [price] increase we get somewhere between seven and 14 days to contact all our customers,” says Mr Friend.

Those involved in the tourism industry in Fiji are worried the increase will lead to a drop in visitors to the country.

That concern does not seem to worry the powers that be however, and despite a number of phone calls to the Fijian Tourism Minister, other government officials and the Fiji Tourism Chief Executive, nobody would talk to us.

Only time will tell if travellers will now choose to spend their money elsewhere.

3 News

Fly Buy said...

Government obviously wants to cash in on numbers coming into the country to lift coffers. Remains to be seen whether tourists want to come to FIJI that much or it really does put them off

Anonymous said...

the crook AG's response is typical indian response to a simple issue where they are at fault.

very sad but expected of typical indian business acumen.

Anonymous said...

Imagine we fijian citizens wanting to visit our homeland for holidays, xmas etc.Most of us normally travel as a family, example a family of seven people paying $1050 just to leave Nadi. What a stupid idea from a bunch of crook idiots, who had rob us thru public funds.This stupid President while signing the decree, has he ever consider normal fijians travelling out of Nadi

Taukei. said...

Anon 10:57.

"$1050 just to leave Nadi".

Valid & frightening prospect - but then again these are the same serial fools who negotiated a casino that bans locals on social & ethenic grounds.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Taukei. said...

@ Anon 12:18.

Worth noting also that this same traitourous fool didn't spend Xmas in Bau? What is it about these people & where they come from?
Would be Vunivalu Nailatikau is Tongan but claims he's from Bau? Vore tells all & sundry he's from Tailevu (Kiuva)when he's actually hails from Gau? Then there's that pretend ratu foreign minister from Samoa who believes he's Kai Taveuni? How can these people possibly relate to their own fellow countrymen when they don't even understand who they are themselves?

Anonymous said...

What we as a nation used to provide as Government SERVICES has now become Government SHAKEDOWN.

Criminals in charge have turned Governement into a Criminal Venture.
Its the mindset.

Visitors , have a mind for the locals, business licences etc have become prohibitive with some business closing down and start ups almost impossible for locals.

Its only a matter of time before it explodes.

We locals can't escape like visitors, so quit your complaining.......for every man,women and child in our country we have to pay $150.00 per person every year to keep our bati eating, shitting and sleeping at Delainabua.

Save our little children - Oh what big teeth you have bati - all the better to eat you with my dear.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The President is told to sign the decrees and he obey and signed!He's
too damn old to be doing anything else? He's got ED like his Prime Minister and what good would it do him if he refused? He can't plant his Tavioka,Dalo or Uvi at home,like i said he's too frieken old? So signing is what he's trained in the last 6 years to do and obviously he's becomes an expert in it! Who else is going to
pay your beer at the club? I hear that the wife is hiding out in Tubou,poor girl she's too young to be married to an ED old man!

January 22, 2012 12:18 PM

Fijian NZ resident said...

The travel agents now have to ask those that have already paid for their tickets with taxes for another $F50 a person. Family and 2 children - another $F200. One can immagine the reaction of those visitors. Bad taste in their mouth before they even leave for Fiji. Bad planning by Fiji - no advance notice. Must be really short of cash. I am now in the same boat having to stump up another $200 for my wife and family to visit home (Fiji) this year from NZ.

Anonymous said...

fiji is going bankrupt like FSC and FNPF already bankrupt.

Thats why the junta desparate to look for monies.

Why should all visitors pay 150 dollar depature tax???????

Fiji is very costly for tourists now.

All overseas travel agents and media must be informed and boycott fiji now .

Anonymous said...

Who elected these dozen thugs junta??

Who who?

The junta is making another decree for 150 visitor arrival tax-thats 300 dollars per visitor to visit fiji'''

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Not only tourists ,what about us real 'Kai Viti'living abroad,where the f!@k does Baiganimarama and A@#$%^e Kunthyum think we will bring the money from.
January 22, 2012 4:43 PM

TURUKAWA said...

When will these clowns think that it's not easy to run a govt?

what they are doing to all fiji ppl is the biggest BUTAKO OF THE CENTURy in the Pacific country history in morden times....

Once they cannot pay the civil servants then gvt will or can collapse,the house of cards will fall after one another if another global recessions emerges this year or next 2 years where buying power's slows down around the globe.

franks govt might rob teh social welfare or the old and young or aids from foreign countries to feed and pay his army staff weekly.


Anonymous said...

Middle class from india and china will be our target auidence for tourist. We do not need kiwis and aussie.

Anonymous said...

The coup started off simply as a mean to stay out of Jail? Bai has nothing to lose but jail, he manipulated all the military officers and no one dared to stand up to him? Once he was successful with it, the rest was easy?He has the guns and the civil Government was at his mercy? The only way to get him out now, is to fight him out!The Chinese is after Bainimarama for their money and Bai
has no money to repay their loan,The chinese banks has shutdown their doors on Bai & Company. Now Bai & Khaiyum have to
turn to their home ground to get the money required to run their Civil services and paid for their Military protection? Only way to get them out is to fight them out?Blood must be spilled in order to get our freedom from these crooks!
So bring out your weapons and fire your first shot!Freedom comes at a price, a life for a life is what freedom is all about? lets get it on!!!

Anonymous said...

No man is an ISLAND!Bai thinks he is? Well better think again chump
cause you don't have 2 heads,4 hands or 4 legs? Just a simple ordinary man. You need others to do what you want and requires! If you don't pay&treat them right they may decide to move supports elsewhere? Indos are leaving our shores in droves and their numbers has drastically falls to 26% .The military continoue to play heads game with the Fijians.Young people in every Fijian high school are been indoctrinated in the military Cadet program.Isn't this was what hitler comes up with in Germany before the second world wars? Just remember Bai, our island is very small and you can be eliminated with a small button pressed: in Washington DC, in Canbera Aus & Wellington NZ! Don't try to act tough,cause you ain't tough enough,cause you've never experience to facing the enemy in a no-mans land, where the bullets are coming at you from any which ways? It's nothing like your cassava patch sprint, where the guys were throwing rocks at you instead of the bullets! Like i said, you're not tough enough!So pay your bills,respect your elderly,be truthful with your dealings,give the people what they want,and last but not least,give it up!!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep the Shamimi sisters are ugly, pity their supporter who commented earlier failed to see the ugliness. He's also ugly.

Cheap destinations like Samoa? Mate you're dreaming, Fiji needs more tourists than ever because the country is almost broke. The clowns running the country are reaping the benefits at the expense of the economy. But you're right in a sense, the Chinese are coming and soon they will run Fiji, so suck it up.

January 23, 2012 8:08 AM

Anonymous said...

Why would any one want to come for a Holiday to a Country that has a Chinese supported Illegal Corrupt Military Junta that Oppresses the Fijian People. There are lot of better and cheaper Pacific Island Countries to Visit.

John Key said...

All the ANNONYMOUSES writing here about shameem sister...She has been living here well before you crawled out of the jungles in Fiji.She is definately not worried or concerned as you say.She was living here and continues to do so without your junglee inputs here.Stick to the issue and stop being the usual racist Junglee from the bushes of Viti Levu.

Anonymous said...

John key time you get yourself from shamimi's ass since you're talking shit. It's a known fact that these sisters are ugly as, and they are crooks just like Aiyarsehole.

By the way, the Kiwis and the Aussies don't need Fiji, it's the other way round. And who wants to holiday in a country run by idiots and lunatics?

Anonymous said...

Leave the Shameem's alone ;lets talk issues-For those living overseas ie Aussie & NZ-tell me that the cost of things have not jumped up in the last 24 months! I can accept the fact that paying the departure tax is a stupid move! Those coming from overseas can surely pay that tax?? But if the Govt was bright it could still not charge the Departure tax at Nadi but charge all tourist at hotels etc and give them a receipt to present at Nadi airport?? Same result different area of collection? Than you don't have to worry about the locals since its the tourists you want to collect from!

lago levu said...

commodore Bainimarama will not give a hoot about your comments. dont kid yourselves, what you say does not make anymore sense to him. if he and the less than the 30 army loyalists took government by force 5 years ago, why should he be concerned about the rest of what he does?

he will lie, steal and kill his way through because he has done it, and he will do it again and again. all the time, we curse, fret and pretend that he is listening to our concerns. the problem is we allowed these things to happen us. a german doctor who experimented on women and babies during the second world war commented something like this...as jews you deserve to die as not one lifted a finger when 3 soldiers took between 1-2000 men to the chamber to be gassed.

the problem is, they were petrified, 'lamu'.that my dear friends is the problem with us...lamu. we expect others to make the sacrifice for us, not you or me.

fear is bainimarama's biggest weapon. not guns, but create fear in the mind of the people of fiji.

Anonymous said...

We can't leave the Shamimi sisters alone because they were part of vocekes inner circle. They only want out now to save their ugly faces from being hauled to Naboro. Even if they were to be accommodated at Naboro, I don't think the fellas over there will be interested in them, they are SOOOOOOO ugly.


Gutter level comments on the Shameem sisters reveal minute-brained bloggers. Haven't they heard of beauty is what beholds the eye??? Anyway, they are clever girls and all did well at Suva Grammar School. Too much envy is the problem of bloggers who do nothing else but injustice to their new countries of residence. Moce yani ka biuti keimami na bolea na tiko e Viti me keimami veitalanoa ga va Kaiviti.

Anonymous said...


Rishab said...

the new departure tax was introduced in the 2012 budget in late November. It was to counter the effects of lower personal income and corporate taxes. Only those who don't have brains would be the ones complaining

Anonymous said...

What wrong with the Tax, if you can't pay up than stay home? 150 Fijian dollars ain't that much? Stop the whining and lets move-on.The Airport runways in Nadi is over 50 years old and will need new
works done?Airport terminal also needs a makeup? You take the money from the tourists and business to help in paying for this services.