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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One vote, one value - one dictator

Gambia's Yahya Jammeh in 2011. pic The Telegraph
The regime has named CODE Incorporated as the company it is using to conduct electronic voter registration for the 2014 elections, saying it was chosen for "its experience, accuracy and transparency in helping developing nations with logistically challenging terrains - a factor important for Fiji, given that its population is spread over roughly 110 islands."

What it didn't say is that the Ottawa based company's biggest virtue is its experience with  broken nations and economies, countries that have been brought down by coups, corruption and civil war and are trying to reinvent themselves, more often without the will of the people.

The illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, says CODE will help the Fiji regime deliver equity: “For the first time in Fiji’s history, the 2014 elections will feature true universal suffrage—one person, one vote, one value—and it is critical we get it right.” 

The reality is that CODE got the nod ahead of even a local Fiji company that has been working on voter registration for some time and ahead of applicants from Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Spain and the United States because of its track record   helping autocratic governments.

CODE's website details its capacity to reach its target market (it registered 1.2 million people in Gambia using its mobile registrations unit in six weeks) and has seemingly had equal success in Kenya, Haiti, Iraq and Bangladesh etc etc.

But like another company the regime hired recently to help make itself over as it seeks to legitimise itself, CODE's coffers have been built by helping conflict administrations. The only democratic country it has listed as having done work for, is Canada.

One of those to have benefited from CODE's  expertise is the Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh, who came to power in a coup in 1994 at the age of 29.

Jammeh bangs on about anti-terrorism and anti-racist policies and recently promised to crack the whip on 'laziness and corruption' in a bid to turn Africa's smallest mainland country into an economic powerhouse.

In his pre-inauguration address "Gambians United for the Building of Economic Super Power", Jammeh promised to "wipe out almost 82 per cent of those in the work force unless they change their attitudes."

"I will be more dangerous in the next five years than when I was, even in uniform, because people have to change their attitude to work," he said. "You cannot be in your offices everyday doing nothing or leaving the work load on few people. This has to stop. You either do your work or leave or go to jail."

He also says his government will not entertain what media have reported as 'the selfish pursuit of economic gain in an apparent broadside at corrupt officials and perceived foreign enemies'. Sound familiar?

Fiji's very own electronic voter registration programme has been ready for two years. The EVR programme was developed by ITC Services and information leaked to this blog last year showed the Electoral Commission knew the programme was ready to go. 

Yet the project came to a standstill with no response from the Elections Office Sayed Khaiyum.
Why would Khaiyum ignore a cost effective programme that was developed locally and opt instead for CODE, a company whose clients include Afghanistan, Iraq, Malawi, Gambia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen? At a cost of $4million.

The most plausible answer is that just as it hired Qorvis, it has now hired CODE to laminate its credibility; to prove it's delivering the 2014 elections and that they will be democratic. 

But lest we forget, this is a regime that has broken promises and cheated to stay in power; it has no code of honour.

CODE Incorporated

Gambia's Yahya Jammeh threatens 'lazy workers'


  1. It is so disgraceful and demotivating that Bainimarama has allowed this half-baked unproductive Khaiyum to be taking the lead role and making decisions on the fate of this nation...

    Bunch of pig-headed vuaka and bludgers...

  2. Why do some people continually live under the illusion that there will be free and open elections in Viti? Listen up people - Vore - Nailatikau & Co will never voluntarily relinquish power for the very simple reason once they do so all be held accountable for some very serious crimes including treason torture & homicide.


  4. Where is FB (oops VB) or ASK helping the people of Fiji during the floods. They are first to speak when some criticizes them but in times of need they run in opposite direction because it's going to cost them money.

    Typical farking dictators!

  5. Mai election mai!

  6. Isn't time someone in Fiji brought this coup to an end ?

  7. CODE & Qorvis all part of overseas stakeholders who are boosting the Illegal Regime. Makes one wonder, do they really understand what is happening at ground level in Fiji. Or only concerned with the $$$ they can obtain from the Illegal Regime at the expense of the poor people of Fiji!!

    Do you have any ethics at all?? Qorvis? CODE owners in Canada??

  8. We'll the fight for freedom needs to be vigorous pursued, with an urgent mandate by all concerned Fijians.We the people needs to take
    our first shot, we need to shows these thugs, that we will not lay down our lives, without taking down
    these crooks with us? Our job must be to fight these thugs, by any mean neccessary, in order to take them out by ballets or by bullets,
    so as to ensure the freedom of our next & future generation. We must fight these thugs, from the roof-top,to the street of our cities, from every hills & crevices of our
    landscape, to the clear water of our beloved ocean and by god,we shall win these freedom battle or it'll be death!!We will no longer surrender to their continous abuses, of our citizen lives and of their happiness. We the people demand nothing less from these thugs but their total surrender, to the democratic wills of our beloved Fijian people.
    And when all of these battle has been won, we'd like to hear all our
    fredom fighters; to stand tall at every rooftop of our cities and in every high mountain of our free nation and to sing-out, that old freedom song;FREE

  9. Be prepared to reap what you sow.Be Bai,Eveli,Pigasskyum and company.You maybe laughing now WARAKA NAMAKA!

  10. Hahaha this is hilarious, Fiji is indeed turning into an even more sick joke. Voceke and Aiyarsehole are the clowns but they're not entertaining, they're dumb clowns muahahahaha

  11. Are Vuaka and Gambia's president brothers? Just wondering because they look similar, only difference is, Gambia's president is handsome whereas Vuaka is ugly like the Shamimi sisters.

  12. Are Vuaka and Gambia's president brothers? Just wondering because they look similar, only difference is, Gambia's president is handsome whereas Vuaka is ugly like the Shamimi sisters.

  13. "countries that have been brought down by coups, corruption and civil war "
    Indians were the excuse in Fiji-theres always some other reason.In 28 years Indians will be all but gone- WATCH OUT FOR EVEN MORE INSTABILITY-

  14. Who is the woman in the background in this photo ?
    It seems even the females, as in Fiji are prepared to sell their honour for a few pieces of silver and some notoriety.
    Only the brave and the Godly have resisted the Regime.

  15. Anon @ 11.40am, we have a lot to learn from countries like India where people-power was obvious. Fiji is similar to these Afro-negroid countries where the spill-over effect of colonialism has not been dealt with effectively, hence the psycological disorder. Oilei and given the lasulasu and lamulamu that are rife in Fiji, how on earth do we begin??

  16. hi tech wiz from the flooded westJanuary 25, 2012 at 5:03 PM

    Electronic elections my ass,we can now see the problem of HI TEC,there are manual jobs to be done, in flooded areas in the west,can hi tech do it.All Bai and Asskyum need is a hi tech ,hi speed tool,you name it,up their you name it too.AssieKUNTYUM remeber your wife is from the west.Well you dont need her,becoz you have a HI TEC,HI SPEED d#%#o.Maybe you should let Sharon use it too.

  17. okay for everyones infor why India US n other larger Democracy never have coup is that all the armed forces boss cant get together and there are all different sections like police, military, navy, border gards have the ability and capability to counter each other in case one of the commanders plans to do such a thing. Until that is the same in Fiji a lunatic will always try to seize power and they can give all shorts of reasons. Just was reading all the comments and wanted people to know but not interested in all this fuck up.

  18. VB/AK,

    Nice to have this gadget BUT!!!!!

    Please don't fool and dazzle the Fijian people with hi-tech gadgets whose value will last a day or 2. They can see through this.

    Why borrow and spend millions of dollars which we do not have for a system that will be used for a day?

    The issues that need addressing are JOBS, FOOD on the table and BASIC Human Rights so mums and dads are confidident and reassured about their futures of their children in Fiji.

    Otherwise every parent will work towards sending their kids to greener pastures.

    I hope VB/AK can understand this and get your priorities right.

    Archa baiya.....

  19. You'd think Viti's most prominent single citizen & serial freeloader Nailatikau would get off his fat arse and go there?

    Then again given his rent free gig as prez is up this week maybe he figures its not worth the effort?

  20. Is the president of Gambia Vuaka's long lost brother? They do look alike.

  21. when fiji will have one man one vote system.
    all other races will have one seat in govt not like 1997 constitution .
    other races have reserve number of seats.
    we dont need all this bs from bai/ag taliban.
    we just follow the 1997 constitution and court ruling.
    enough of bs/lies.
    people of fiji open your eyes now before we get con more by this regime.
    god bless.

  22. What's wrong with pencil and paper? Atleast you can donate the pencil to schools after election for students to use. What can you use this electronic system after election? Or yes maybe run some popularity contest!

  23. She is wearing Chanel sunglasses.

  24. It is the control factor - if you employ Code, Code will be subjected to the whim of both VB and ASK - not the need of the Nation. We are being bambuzzled by conman.

  25. Electronic Voting is more to do with manipulating and rigging the results of those Elections than it is to do with efficiency.
    Why can't ordinary Fijians see that ?
    Does anyone recall George Bush and Al Gore's Electronic voting facade years ago ?

  26. Hey it's all good, i'm kinda impressed by the AG as he seems to
    be moving in the right direction?He
    seems to be the "REAL DEAL".Code is a legit co-oporation and is well
    respected throughout the world.If the firm is been hired by the Government to look after it's election in 2014 than we can trust them to carry out a sterling job for FIJI?

  27. Code is little like Pakistan cricket team.... You will know the result before they play game! Corruption is in the DNA.

  28. Code main office is located in Ottawa the Canadian Capital.The Company is well respected in Canada
    and abroad.Not sure if they,re corrupted but if you say so? We're all looking for a breakthrough and every little bit count!Finger crossed on this one?

  29. @ Anon 6:56.

    Sad but true - had many unfortunate personal experieces with these Indian - Muslim people in Viti. Like they have an inbuild compulsion to cheat & deceive?
    First Q's always ask myself when now engaging them is - how are they going to try & cheat us?

  30. Anon @ 25th, 6.24pm - many thanks for the clarification. Makes a lot of sense.

  31. There's always a reason(s) why a Military comander pulls a coup!Gabia leader did it for pussies,Bai
    did it to keep out of Jail,Rabuka
    did it for self promotion,and the list goes-on. Idi Amin DADA, he pulled the coup to get rid of Indians lowcaste-or untouchable?Look at the Gabian president, he's always got a beatiful women, going with him on his tour, just to show them off and give him the self worth he likes?


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