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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pflieger and team working hard to 'spin' their way out of Air Pacific woes

As revealed by C4.5 earlier, Air Pacific’s mechanical and crewing woes are continuing.

Our source within the troubled airline says things are not going to get better because nobody likes or respects regime supporter, CEO Dave Pflieger, the interfering hand behind the Essential National Industries decree.

Insiders reported a few days ago that the airline's Boeing 747 has now been at Los Angeles for a number of days - a result of staffing issues, although spin doctor Shane Hussein is advising the public the aircraft is undergoing an ‘engine change’.

In the following spin by Hussein where he has finally revealed what we have known all along: that Air Pacific is chartering aircraft and has been for a while - at a huge cost to the company, the country and its shareholders, the Fijian people.

“Air Pacific wishes to advise passengers that delays experienced  during a scheduled engine change on one of its B747-400 aircraft in Los Angeles have resulted in a schedule change.

The Los Angeles – Nadi flight which was initially scheduled to depart at 13:05 (LA time) today, will now depart at 14:35 (LA time) on 24 January instead. This will see the aircraft arriving into Nadi at
21:20 on Wednesday January 25th.  

In addition, the next Los Angeles - Nadi service, which was scheduled to depart at 22:00 on Tuesday January 24th (LA Time), has been rescheduled for an 8am departure on January 25th, and will now arrive
into Nadi at 14:30 on Thursday January 26th.

Finally, because the delay of the inbound aircraft from Los Angeles,  Thursday’s (January 26th) Nadi – Auckland – Nadi service would have also affected those passengers, Air Pacific has chartered an aircraft from Air New Zealand to service this sector. As a result of this aircraft change, the scheduled Auckland – Nadi departure time will be as published; however, the Nadi – Auckland service will be delayed until later that afternoon.”


Anonymous said...

“delays experienced during a scheduled engine change on one of its B747-400” When was that “scheduled”, 2 hours ago? It is another sign that Phliger’s pointless war with employees is reaping just rewards. I am so sick and tired of the endless slimy spin put on the worsening Air Pacific delays, never mind that I had to read it several times to figure out when my nice would come from LA.
Phlieger is relentless in having the state media portray him as the savior of AP and Fiji Tourism when he cannot even keep the airline running. Anything good his people do is 100% his achievement. Anything he screws up gets blamed on the incompetent staff. I wonder who he will fire for this? There are not that many Fijians left. When will it become impossible to pretend that HE is the problem?

Anonymous said...

AP - Worlds leading edge airline in the world is trialing new operating system, Worlds first, scheduless airline.

AP Board hired hot shot CEO Phliger from the US to apply his quantum physics ,caos theory, to AP as to insure share holder value that will encourage puchasers to "come on board",
our canoe in the sky.

Let the trade winds blow.

Anonymous said...

airpac is still the best plane to fly with-excellent food,excellent services,excellent stewardess&stewards to call on,A-1 seating and smooth rides etc,etc. I LOVE IT AND WILL CONTINUE TO FLY WITH THEM TILL THE GIRLS STOP SMILING!!!

Anonymous said...

The Vuaka and his bum boy Aiyarsehole should be doing something about air pathetic since they were quick to intervene when voting for the pig shit didn't do their way. It seems the personality of the year, or appropriately the Wanker of the Year, was more important to these clowns.

Anonymous said...

What about Tuvalu route, I am still waiting for my cousin to reach here to start school, over a week now, no one is able to give real reason?

Anonymous said...

Psssst, guess what...

Who gives a flying duck what these people are doing. They can steal all Fiji money y holely underwear too (the one with skid marks from last years christmas party). Don't you gang know; money grows on trees here in fiji.

So why worry. Spend, spend, spend till nothing is left.

My gosh taciqu... if you all feel strongly about it then do something, because sometimes the pen is just a pen.

Anonymous said...

Aviation is unlike other transport industry.Aircrafts do break down and crewing at times can be challenging.It is not uncommon to find aircrafts grounded at outside airports due
to very restrictive nature of aviation law.

However I think the biggest concern is the purchase of three Airbus aircrafts.I dont think Air Pacific will survive a huge debt of about 2 billion dollars.

It is complete madness.It does not take too much common sense to know that leasing is the only option to take, which has been profitable for Air Pacific for most of last 20 years.

Anonymous said...

has c4.5 admin taken a sebatical and left everyone hanging? Whats going on? Or is someone trying to pull a coup here?Hey you just can't be too sure?

Anonymous said...

All airlines do not meet scheduled flight times, so what is big deal in your article. You guys are crying on everything like the small kids. Grow up blog owner and the other loders.

Anonymous said...

c4.5 you've lost the plot and our support. Long live Bainimarama and the current regime...we love it!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how these pro-vuakas come in here and defend him. Air Pathetic is going down so take that your losers.

Decision Time said...

It is really good that these a$$-licking ants (Anon January 29 4.17pm and 5.29pm with Anoa January 30 12.54am, 8.30am and 8.44am) have come out of their wood works like their sneaky foreign bred kind that have devastatingly caused havoc or destroyed homes in Lautoka area.

Sneaky and wily; that is what you are because you have been living, consuming and corrupting like this foreign parasites, as you are fed with bribery to keep quiet, on the blood sweat and tears efforts of honest hard working people of this wonderful nation.

U know; what comes around goes around; for doing nothing in your strategic positions of responsibility in the Military, Navy, Police, Government, or wherever u can act and contribute to return Fiji to democracy starting with the removal of this illegal IG, you will all burn in hell with your illegal IG leaders not forgetting your families who will get everlasting curses through the wrath of the suffering innocent masses for 7 x 7 generations...

Waraka Namaka...ke ko sega ni cakava e dua na ka mo vakasavasavataki iko kina...there is only one way to cleanse yourselves...

January 30, 2012 8:09 PM

Anonymous said...

Air Pacific will go belly up this year. Assets will be sold to Pfligers friends and he goes home happy.
Fijian people will go home crying
because they lose their FNPF in the process as FNPF has to pay out Air Pac's debts.

Yes even you stupid soldiers supporting Bainimarama will lose your FNPF; and so will your relatives in the village.
Nothing left for your children and grandchildren because you are all too stupid.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Friend stuck in LA for two days, hotel chow paid for pluse USD400.
2 days later still no flight so was offered Honolulu, Christmas island, Nadi.
No flights our of Nadi to Suva, so bus and trailer for baggage to Suva.
Baggage trailer wheel falls of, bus nearly flipped and baggage strewn along highway.

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Air pathetic or Air Chaotic

Potential British investor said...

Air Pac the best!!?? Not when it was delayed by 8 HOURS on 6 December last which I had to spend in Nadi sirport. Then had to pay for a hotel in Auckland as I missed my connection back to my home in NZ. My interest to invest substantially in Fiji is no more.

Savusavu ite said...

What about the apalling Savusavu service!?

Democrat said...

Do not despise the pen. It is mightier than the sword.

Anonymous said...

As for PacificSun.

You better of walking!

and that is absolutely no farking joke.


Anonymous said...

Take tinfish "Pilchard" & his mate Hussein (Saddam) to the camp and do good job on their cicis before sending 1 white arse back to where he came from and the other back to the canefields!

Anonymous said...

I flew out off Nadi last Sunday and didn't notice any problem? We got to LA without any problem!All stewardess looks ok to me,and the food was A- 1.

Anonymous said...

AirPacific is the best and every time I fly with them i'm always gratefully upgrated to
first class.Not sure if it's my look, stature or consistency, but
they got me! What ever they're doing it's working for me and no matter what, i'm flying Airpac every time i'm going to the pacific? Sorry guys,however if i should by any chance meet any coup
makers inside, than for sure i'll certainly get off tht plane!

Trolly Dolly said...

Anon@ 2.39pm and 6.11am are surely plants? C'mon we are not that dumb

Anonymous said...

Trolly Dolly, sorry buddy but it's the truth-trus-up!Ask the sexy Chief Stewardess-Taveuni girl, she'll tell you? By the way if you
want a good ride-join the Tabua club, its not very costly and gives
you all kind of benefits! It even
gives you deals with hotel reservation and Car rental.Just so you know, if they delay anyone of my flight because of mechanical problem,than i'd walk-out and change plane? If i see any coup makers or supporters inside the plane, i will do the same!

Anonymous said...

We should all be proud of Air Pacific its survived for 60 years why are people giving bad comments for our national airline? Delays ok that's because the airlines priority is safety yeah be realistic the airline has never lost an aircraft in its 60 years existence that should tell us that it is perhapes one of the safest airlines to buy a ticket with.Korean crashed in Guam,Air New Zealand hit a mountain,Qantas lost a cargo door,British Airways had its cockpit window blown out,and I can go on but Air pacific yeah so instead of mouthing off just think for a moment that if the flight is delayed that is because the airline's priority is getting you alive from point A to B. My flite was delayed in 2009 which affected air pacific's schedules but I realised it does not matter I just called work etc to explain that I will not make it on time ...done.Major airlines got so many planes that when technical issues comes in they have spare aircrafts to use unlike air pacific who only has a handful of planes rotating on tight schedules I sometimes wonder how they manage it with not a single tragety. Air pacific you do me proud as a Fiji citizen and you definitely soar in the sky like a Eagle :-D well done for flying my family friends and relatives safe for 60 years and don't rush with new planes if you think its gonna hurt your pocket I whoile heartedly think you are doing well at the moment surviving recessions and political instabilities woop woop flying marlin hehe I miss that on your tail .