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Saturday, January 28, 2012

PNG power struggle not over and Australia caught out over indigenous rights

Political ructions in Papua New Guinea continue as Fiji ally Sir Michael Somare remains quiet about the failed mutiny to oust Peter O'Neill and Australian PM, Julia Gillard, (Fiji's bete noir) tackles the thorny issue of Aboriginal rights.

The first story is an ABC interview with its PNG correspondent Liam Fox and the second is from MSNBC

ABC: TANYA NOLAN: Now to Papua-New Guinea where the political crisis is deepening, despite claims by prime minister Peter O'Neil that yesterday's attempted mutiny is all over.

The rebel soldiers detained the country's military commander, Brigadier General Francis Agwi, and demanded Sir Michael Somare be reinstated as prime minister.

Today, the soldiers involved are refusing to give up their weapons until they're granted a pardon.

Our PNG correspondent Liam Fox joins us from the capital Port Moresby.

Liam, where are these rebel soldiers now and what exactly are their demands?

LIAM FOX: The rebel soldiers along with their leader Colonel Sasa withdrew to Taurama Barracks which is on the outskirts of Port Moresby yesterday when Brigadier General Francis Agwi was released from house arrest.

A senior figure in the defence forces told the ABC that they are demanding a pardon before they give up their weapons and we understand that demand has been or will be taken to the government for it to consider.

TANYA NOLAN: And what is the likelihood that it will be granted and if it's not what would happen next?

LIAM FOX: Look, I think there is a chance that this could happen. Yesterday the deputy prime minister Belden Namah said we want to solve this the Melanesian way and that is bringing former enemies or opponents back within the fold without any recriminations.

I think that is certainly possible with the soldiers, I'm not sure that's the case for Colonel Sasa. Mr Namah used some pretty strong language yesterday saying that his actions amount to treason and that is punishable by the death penalty so we are waiting to see what if any response the government is going to give.

Also yesterday the Peter O'Neill, the prime minister, said that he believed Sir Michael Somare had taken advantage of long standing gripes about pay and conditions within the defence force to enlist this group of soldiers to perform this attempted mutiny yesterday and that Peter O'Neill understands those complaints and he wants to deal with them as well.

TANYA NOLAN: And Mr O'Neill of course as you alluded to said that Colonel Sasa is being "dealt with". Are you saying that it's likely he would face the death penalty if convicted of treason?

LIAM FOX: Look, just a bit of clarification. PNG has the death penalty but it doesn't have any means to carry out the death penalty so a death penalty here effectively means life imprisonment. We are just waiting to see what happens. There was strong language used yesterday and it depends I guess whether Peter O'Neill and his government want to make an example of Colonel Sasa or as I said whether they want to solve this the Melanesian way and bring former opponents back into the fold and call them brothers once again.

TANYA NOLAN: I've just been reading online that Sir Michael Somare isn't prepared to give up the power struggle just yet according to his daughter Betha Somare. She says reports that the coup was a failure were premature. Can we read that that another attempt could be made to overthrow the O'Neill government with Somare's backing?

LIAM FOX: Oh look I think there will be other attempts to change the situation. What form that will be I can't say or can't predict. I don't know if anyone can predict that. It is hard to see how they can go about that. Last December they tried to order the army to come out onto the street to, as they said, restore law and order. That failed. Now they have tried to forcibly change the hierarchy of the defence force. That appears to have failed. I'm not sure what else they can do except go to court but that is a lengthy solution, one that likely wouldn't be resolved until the elections are called in the middle of the year most likely.

TANYA NOLAN: So how much longer can this go on before the country's economy is seriously affected by the political unrest? It which will scare off much needed international investors. Is there any concern over that?

LIAM FOX: Well, there was certainly concern yesterday. Businesses around Port Moresby closed their doors and sent staff home. Domestic flights, most domestic flights in the country were cancelled. Most of those have resumed today.

There was certainly concern when something like this happens that it can affect business but I think the major investors here all know that PNG is a country where dramatic things like this can happen. They've done their research. It is no surprise that dramatic things happen in Port Moresby and most companies here are in it for the long term but no doubt when something like this happens investors will be sitting back watching with interest to see how things develop.

TANYA NOLAN: Liam Fox, thank you. That is our PNG correspondent Liam Fox in Port Moresby.

Australia PM reunited with shoe she lost during rowdy protest

A blue suede shoe that she lost as she was hustled away by security officers from a Canberra restaurant that was surrounded by aboriginal-rights protesters has been returned.

Gillard lost the size-8 shoe off her right foot on Thursday when she stumbled during the rowdy fray, and it was scooped up by protesters. One protester gleefully raised the footwear above her head and shouted, ''Gingerella, come get your shoe.''

On Friday night, someone returned the shoe to a security guard outside the main entrance at Parliament House, AAP reported.

Meanwhile, the fallout from the fracas has led to the resignation of one of Gillard’s press secretaries, Tony Hodges. He acknowledged tipping off protesters that Oppositionn Leader Tony Abbott was going to be at the Canberra restaurant with the prime minister at an award ceremony to mark Australia Day, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The restaurant where Thursday's clash occurred is close to the so-called Aboriginal Tent Embassy, where the protesters had demonstrated peacefully earlier in the day. That long-standing, ramshackle collection of tents and temporary shelters is a center point of protests against Australia Day, which marks the arrival of the first fleet of British colonists in Sydney on Jan. 26, 1788. Many Aborigines call it Invasion Day because the land was settled without a treaty with the traditional owners.

Abbott was the focus of much of the protesters' rage. The Tent Embassy celebrated its 40th anniversary on Thursday, and Abbott had earlier angered activists by saying it was time the embassy "moved on." Abbott said Friday that his comment had been misinterpreted, and that he never meant to imply the embassy should be torn down.

Meanwhile, the makers of Gillard's now-famous "missing" shoe are hoping to cash in on her Cinderella moment. Melbourne-based Midas plans to release a new version of the shoe dubbed the "Julia," the Herald Sun reported.

Source: MSNBC


Kangaroo Kemueli said...

Many other races from across the world including Fijians, thrive in the bounty that has been produced by the liberal democratic capitalist system of Australia.

People from all corners of the globe have been flocking to Australia since the days of the gold rush. Thanks to those who arrived in 1788, the new Australia has been organised into a modern miracle that pumps out the good life in abundance. As a consequence, people are prepared to die to enjoy the bounty as they arrive illegally by the boatloads.

The liberal democratic nation of Australia has produced abundant opportunities for its populace that is one of the best in the world. Aboriginal policy about self-determination has failed because they adopt a hunter gatherer mentality to try and progress in a modern world.

The indigenous people need to join with the other ethnicities who are reaping the rich bounty of a liberal democracy. Get on the gravy train like everyone else mate and enjoy the most envied life on the planet.

Australia is a modern mutlti-cultural democratic state with an open system that is evolving as it morphs and recognises past weaknesses and plans ahead to maximises individual freedoms and opportuntiies for all citizens.

Vina du riki Ozi. You are the greatest nation Australia. Some people may not like you because you are just too good, and they could never match you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unless he is holding hostages, Colonel Sasa is hardly in a position to be making demands, it seems to me.

I generally advocate a hard line against miIitary overthrows of democratically elected governments, but no espousal of capital punishment should be made for Colonel Sasa, in view of the numerous mitigating factors in this case. PNG has been experiencing a deep and genuine constitutional crisis. PNG's Supreme Court and Governor General did decide the transfer of power to O'Neill to have been illegal. Sasa did indicate only a very temporary military stewardship to safeguard PNG democracy while demanding a rapid political settlement.

As a matter of orbiter dictum I would note that none of these mitigating factors would seem to constitute an element upon which Bainimarama might reliably rest his own legal defence, when the time comes.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

PNG . This is the beginning of the slide to Kaos.

Moce PNG

As one blogger suggested..the only hope is for Indonesia to take over.
They are the only one that have the muscle and attitude to put down shit without of being scared shitless of the human rights shadow.

Just get in and deal with it.

The PNG army isnt worth a pinch of shit....just like Fijian bati...worthless thieves who take their wage every week but won't perform for those who pay them....the people.

Shoot the whole mother fucking lot of them.

Anonymous said...

NOw that the Indian population is 28% thanks to Rabuka
Samoa has surpassed Fiji in terms of GDP growth. They had a terrible tsunami less than two years ago. They have rebuilt and now surpassed Fiji. By the way, they don't have any mining.

Vanuatu has surpassed Fiji. They don't have any mining either.

Latest ADB figures show Fiji ranked together with the aid dependant countries of the region. The only countries which ranks below Fiji are Tonga, Cook Islands and the New Zealand aid dependant territories.

The Cook Islands, as a matter of fact, is set to surpass Fiji within this next fiscal year. Cook Islands has no mining either.
NEXT 28 years Indian population will be 7% (negligible)
No your land was NEVER in danger !

mark manning said...

In reality, Mr. O'Neill and Associates should have honoured the Supreme Court's Ruling which said that Mr. Somare's sacking was illegal and that he should be reinstated as Prime Minister.
Because they ignored the Ruling, how can they expect others to follow the Rule of Law ?
It's too late now because they have already let the Jeanie out of the bottle.

Polynesian said...

Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and PNG are all in the MSG and look what's happening in these countries? It should be renamed Melanesian Shithead Group.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS...Michael Somare has
has sought the FMF expertise in pulling a successful coup in PNG and has asked Commander Bainimarama-
the Illegal Fiji PM, to lead the expedition.The Fiji Naval squadron has been despatched to the PNG coast, where it will standby to pickup Mr. Somare for political asylum to Fiji, in the event the coup failed? Australian has warned Bainimarama, to stay out of PNG internal problems and has sent few of their BIG Naval ships, to intercept the Fiji Navy Squadron?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does Fiji have a navy? What a joke, the Tongan navy boat came and took RUM under their noses hehehehe, and now they want to go to PNG? What a joke. They won't even make it past Rotuma.

Anonymous said...

can someone from the fiji army be like colonel sasa from png
go in the camp and demanded voreqe bainivuaka resignation and return fiji to democratic rule

o cei so na former colonels, driti, kadavulevu, tuatoko,or maybe senior officers in the camp, o koya e tu vua na yalo dina ni sotia kei na i bole , veitalia ga na kacabote....

kena CA eso na noda turaganivalu tu oqo, e sa so dina na turaganivalu BOCI... sa levu ga na rere kei na TADOLA ni sona....

Anonymous said...

Anon@4:23pm...To answer your question, please read Anon@3:34am...he contended that the Indenture day should be called the INVASION DAY? With only 26% or 28%
Indo left in the country Fiji, i'm pretty sure we're all looking forward to the 2014 general election, so we can all get back to re-developing our nation? At least we wouldn't have an Indo political party, whining on the opposition bench crying foul, discrimination,racism, etc to the news media? At least the Fijian will be able to get back to running the Government civil servant, the way it's supposed to work? Look, you guys just don't know how to shut your mouth when you've got it good? It's not a new thing, you've done it all over the world!
The west-Indies countries have kicked you out, South-America kicked you out too,Africa did the same,USA,Canada,Britain,Australia and New Zealand-white populations has begun to advocate kicking your kind out too? Is there Any place in the world-except India-that likes you??? I don't think so!I'm sure your exit will definitely be missed-"SO GOODBYE LIVE LONG AND PROSPER"?

Anonymous said...


Fiji would have become the Kingdom of FeeseeTonga if Mafu would have had his way.

King George of Tonga recognized the danger to himself and aligned with Cakobau.

The predominantion of whites loyal to the British Crown managed to persuide the british to colonize rather than potential become part of US.

If we had become part of US, very much doubt fijians would have 80% of land.
Rather than Indians there would have been labours from China, Japan, Vietnam, Philipines, and maybe the list goes on .

There would be reservations and pockets of the remenants of indigenous people living in squalor.

There would be housing and welfare payments that would ensure that the decline would be permenatent.

The British brought Indians to simply insure that this colony paid its way and was not a bloody burden to its people who were living themslves in squalour in inhuman factories and sending there children down shit hole mine shafts .

The Indians were a Godesend, to allow the iTaukei to recover their population.

There was a point when every iTaukei was riding on the back of one Indian, now the iTaukei have to start riding on each others back.

The iTaukei dont fancy carring anybody for free on their back, so the message is clear, no more free loading chiefs.
No more corrupt freeloading leaders in government or business.

Anonymous said...

just ask the british government and the invaders will be happy to leave.
none of your governments had or will have the guts to do so.

Anonymous said...

U R right - we should have arrival of Indians as ARRIVAL DAY and also 10th OCTOBER yearly lets celebrate the arrival of LUTUSOBASOBA in VUDA as INVASION DAY-

S.Vaka said...

O'Neil is correct in stating that Somare should have dealt with his grievances in the courts.Somare is wrong by following the advice of the traitor,Bainimarama into conducting a misguided mutiny and attempted coup. As for the misguided Sasa,he should face the death penalty because he committed treason against the people of PNG and tainted the reputation of the PNG defense force.
Kudos to the rest of the PNG defense forces for not joining an illegal act and for that we are all proud of you and your professionalism has earned you the mantle of being the leading Pacific military institution in the Pacific.
Sadly, Fiji does not have honest soldiers who have the guts to stand up to corrupt and evil dictators like Voreqe and his band of evil conspirators. The Bainimarama junta has taken the reputation of the FMF to the gutter and utterly destroyed the lives and hopes of every decent citizen in Fiji.
Sa vakava all you Fijian soldiers, how can a little 5ft 7inch clown from Kiuva have the ability to keep all your mouths shut and minds in total slavery?

Minerva Lulu said...

As the owl of minerva spreads its wings and flys all things previously opaque become crystal clear.

For example take the MSG (Melanesian Shithead Group as a blogger suggested). They all were united in the support of illegal and criminal takeovers that happened in Fiji.

They were united in their resolve to help keep Fiji's democratic institutions disfunctional. They were happy to see the freedoms of Fiji's populace reduced, and a dictatorship established in Fiji that murdered and harrassed the people. No recourse to justice as the dark shadow of despotism covered Viti.

If indeed Michael Somare has sought Fiji's assistance with Fiji's lamusona navy, then it is clear the primary aim of the MSG is to support each other's crooked political rulers if they are outsted.

If the Fijian navy trys to turns-up inside the PNG coast, the Tongan navy should sink them in international waters, especially where it is shark infested. But wait a few hours first before rescuing them, just to see if they can swim or not.

The MSG is a criminal club of losers.They are a disgrace to the cause of Melanesian unity. Let the Indonesians take over all of Melanesia as the people cannot tell the forest from the trees. Truely, Indonesia for the Papuan continent will be an improvement, and please invade Fiji too.

Anonymous said...

OMG-can you believe it, the woman was manhandled by her own security people. Don't they know how to handle a woman Prime Minister? My God one of her own security man was dragging her with a neck chocke- hold,like he was in a WWF wrestling match! No matter what,she's still a woman and you need to treat her gently? Hello,why wasn't anyone watching her shoes, necklace,earings,purse,nose ring,eye shade,hankie,lipstick,Tampon etc.Isn't it embrassing that no one was able to pickup Julia shoe and it was the important right shoe
at that? Are we sure these Security staff are trained for this important role?Do we want the World Federation of Female freedom organizations to come after us male? I think not!

Skippy. said...

@ K K.
Australian authorities of all political persuations have known conclusively for decades that by nature & heritage mainland Aboriginal People are nomdic - yet they still persevere in trying to house (urbanise) them in ghettos? Time for a rethink.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon - Fiji Navy Squadron?

Wouldn't be worrying about that too much - chances are they've got no fuel.

Anonymous said...

Well Fiji is not a good role in the Pacific. With overthrowing democratically elected goverment at the point of small weapons and not to mention corrupt politicians.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.14am. What solvent have you been sniffing loser? That's how VIP security works, extract the person they're protecting by any means necessary. For goodness sake, you asked about why anyone wasn't looking out for her shoes etc. You loser, there is no time for that as they need to get her to the car as fast as possible.

The US secret service agents would jump on top of the President to protect him, so loser think before you post idiot.

Sai Baba said...

Anon January 28 4.23pm...still playing your racist and blame game like the racist you are...you people will never change.

Stop twisting issues around and using them as opportunities to spit out your cowardly and despicable egocentric self centred remarks...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.34 am

14 May, 1879. that's the date of your so-called invasion that led to Fiji eventually being pronounced as the way the world should be, the hub and jewel of the pacific etc etc.

Let's then designate 14 May, 1987 as the beginning of cleansing day, that marks a return to the communal days of kaiviti women walking around with their tlts hanging out, and grandfathers openly molesting their grandkids (male AND female). Everything earned goes to the fat, lazy chief who blatantly abuse their power and the village women.

yeah, lots of land, the Great Council of Chiefs to lead the land of darkness, where theere's a feudal war every week!

Great going! Indians will watch from Australia and NZ on TV and smile.

January 29, 2012 7:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Anon@5:30pm...Was that all you've got? Your confused quandary above is another clear indication why Fijians are
really tired, of your untouchable tribe's ridiculous, whining and complains. Your diatribes is but a
fantasy of your immagination,for you have no idea or reality, of how a Fijian Koro (Village) is administered and how a Chief is revered within the Village system?
Fiji Indians have never been allowed or acceptable to live in our Fijian Villages and we've made the right decision to keep our interaction at arms length?
can you imagine, although your untouchable race has been present here in Fiji, for over 200 years?
Too bad that your ancestors came to Fiji via the Indenture labour system; and you,re possibly the 4th or 5th generation, of that slavery system? It's unfortunate that you,re ancestors, including your generation, have to lived a life of slavery and dependencies, and continueing to borrow land from Fijians for your own survival?Your current attitude clearly shows, why
we'd rather have you moved-on and take your bad attitudes elswhere???
Goodbye and goodluck!!

Taukei. said...

Last paragraph merely confirms what a lot of us have long suspected - Indians have never had any commitment towards Viti - its always been viewed a stop off point for transit predatory Indians on their way to ANZ.
Suggest you do some research into the Indian Diaspora - note how many countries you've been chased from?

Anonymous said...

The future is staring at you
You deserve what you get.
Fiji changed direction in1987-all afros wanted a black government.
86 Black Afro steel hair negroids from Angola to fiji to haiti to Zimbabwe all in poverty starvation, no jobs, high crime,little or no medical facility etc etc
THATS WHAT U WANTED AND YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY!!! Congratulation for choosing the future for your children and grandchildren and beyond.
Great prosperity and dignity for your kids future

Anonymous said...

anan @423 asks
USA,Canada,Britain,Australia and New Zealand-white populations has begun to advocate kicking your kind out too? Is there Any place in the world-except India-that likes you???
IN USA,Canada,Britain,Australia and New Zealand-white person
1) has a flat to rent - Will he give flat to Indian or Black?

2) woman looking for taxi at night finds 2 taxis- one Indian driver/ one Black driver- which taxi will she take?

3)Vacancy in some company- choice between Indian or Black- exactly same qualifications-who do you thing will get the job?

4) Man going home followed by Indian and Black=which guy he suspects or fear will rob him?

5) Indian and black customer enters car dealer/jewellery shop/bakery/ resturant etc etc at the same time-
who do you think will they serve first?

6)young kid(11-17)has a party at home and one invitation left for 2 friends Indian or Black- he asks his parents- who do you think will get the nod?

I can ask 69 similar questions
with the same answer so
Any place in the world that likes AfroS

Anonymous said...

Taukei says
- Indians have never had any commitment towards Viti - its always been viewed a stop off point for transit predatory Indians on their way to ANZ.

So the crowd that built the country and pay 80 % of the taxes have NO comittment to Fiji
AND the guys who go out ransaking, looting, threatening violence, chasing away investors, demanding handouts (bcos the moon blongs to Neil Armstrong) , good for nothing people are the ones with comittment to FIJI?

Anonymous said...

Anon@8:47pm...OK blockhead first off, you're both black! What's the difference, as indo black you have a kinda shine to your black ass;and as an afro-black you have dry black to your blackness ass? Just so you know,Afro Obama is the current president of the richest,strongest,meanest superpower in the entire universe today-the United States of America!
Now bite your tongue and read Indian history, so you can understand your history, where you originate from-Africa! How do you think Sai Baba inherites that Great Afro-Airlocks from? Think blockhead-think! It's in the gene?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:47.

Set yourself on fire & go jump in the Ganges.

Anonymous said...

My ancestors are from INDIA'
definitely NOT FROM AFRICA-
Please please no no no no I AM NOT A DECENDANT OF THOSE AFROS

Anonymous said...

now answer the 6 questions -
here is number7-
WHITE COUPLE from Aust/NZ/Can/ Briton/Sth Africa-BUYING THEIR FIRST OUSE LIKES A DESIGN- only 2 left at the the same price
_One is located in a suburb where majority of residents are AFros from Somalia/haiti/uganda/Fiji/Haiti/ urkina faso/sth Africa etc

second house is located in a suburb where majority of resdents are Indians from India/ srilanka fiji/ mauritius/singapore/sth africa etc etc