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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Regime allows coverage of Samisoni's detainment after three days

The picture used by Fiji Village today with its story.
Fiji media have finally publicised the detainment of the SDL member, Dr Mere Samisoni, three days after she was taken into custody supposedly for inciting political unrest.

Fiji Village was first to run something earlier today, followed by Fiji Broadcasting a short time ago but both have predictably provided very sparse information.

Mataiasi Ragigia
Both have published the information supplied by the chief censor, Sharon Smith Johns, who has merely confirmed Samisoni was taken into custody on Friday evening, December 30th.

Samisoni had just returned to Suva from a Christmas visit to her home village Lomaloma in the eastern Lau Group.

Blogs and regional media have provided more indepth coverage of the 74 year old's detainment, including the suggestion it coincides with leaks of a protest in the Namosi village over mining plans by an Australian company. 

Blogs and Facebook fans have also revealed that fellow SDL member, Mataiasi Ragigia, has also been detained.

Raw Fiji News says Ragigia, a former Suva City Councillor and Minister in Qarase’s toppled government, was taken in with Samisoni and that Ragigia took over from Sam Speight as SDL party’s full time administrator after he fled to Australia following a beating in February last year.

Samisoni has been a vocal observer of the shortcomings of the illegal regime but it's not clear what particular incident, if any, has warranted the regime taking her in.

According to a statement from the family, she was an award-winning Aboriginal health campaigner as well as founder of Fiji's Hot Bead Kitchen chain, which has 30 stores.

She is also a grandmother of eleven. 

Samisoni is mother-in-law to former Pacific Islanders rugby official turned Malton-based thriller writer, Charlie Charters. His debut Bolt Action, published by Hodder in 2010, was nominated for a Barry Award as the year's best thriller.

The deposed member for the Lami Open constituency under the government of Laisenia Qarase also has close family ties to Lieutenant Colonel Roko Ului Mara, the Army infantry commander at the time of the coup.

Mara fled Fiji for Tonga in May last year and has from  Australia and New Zealand, alleged that 'power has corrupted the key players in the government'. 

It's not known if Samisoni has been charged under the Public Emergency Decree; in the past the regime has tended to take several days, if not longer, before revealing its intentions.  

Samisoni's family say she has had no access to legal representation but a source has told them she is in 'good spirits' and is being 'well-treated, for the moment' despite being resigned to being held over the long New Year weekend, a tactic often used by the military-led government to prolong detentions.

Samisoni is a commentator on Fijian business and indigenous affairs, and was awarded her doctorate in 2009 by the University of Sunshine Coast Queensland for her dissertation on cross-cultural success factors in entrepreneurship.

She lived in Brisbane from 1961-79 and was a maternal and child health care officer with the Aboriginal and Islander Community Health Service.


Anonymous said...

great news !
The openly coup supporter who just could not handle her inferiority complex against the Indian community
to the point that her inferiority complex was more important than the nation as a whole.
As any Kaidia would say "malik deko"

Anonymous said...

Picking on women, typical cowards headed by an even dumber coward Vuakamarama.

Anonymous said...

bai.ag are lamusona idiots.
why take mere in.
you guys are puffters.
keep the fight mere.one day bai/ag and his regime will pay for the treason charges.
god bless you all.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 nice intro. What about her involvement in the 2000 coup. Should be part of her impeccable resume.

Anonymous said...

Intimidating little old ladies and old men is the only thing this illegal military regime seems to be good at.

Taukei. said...

Don't worry - she's one tough Marama - harder it gets - stronger she'll become.

Anonymous said...

the fact remains, Mere is a racist and was a strong supporter of Speights coup. All the free bread is now costing her. she deserves this.

QEB Mole said...

I'm a bit worried about Mere Samisoni's safety and security amongst Army wannabees, fools, rapists, women beaters and murderers.

A lot of soldiers because of their lowly education achievements mostly below F4 level, have no sense of morality with the kind of foololish perception that a woman is a woman.

Military leaders should be on the look-out for this hideously cranky lot amongst them...they are capable of anything.


Anonymous said...

Once Kaiviti always one brainless creatures. Stop and how much progress fiji made kaisi....

Judge Not said...

anon@7.20pm Even Gaddafi should've had a fair trial so why not Mere? The Fiji we need to build allows people to redeem themselves and be forgiven if not pardoned. Anyone accused, be it Mere S, Speight or Danny Urai, should be treated with fairness and humanity.

Anonymous said...

mere is not the only one that openly supported coup of 2000
That jew garment manufacturer was also in the thick of things
He shoud be also in the same boat as mere as both selfish barstuds were more interested in their owm gains than of the nation as a whole

Anonymous said...

Isa Mere ko a sirova sobu a qilo ni qio ena o mu ni vakau caca taki Tui Nayau-sa mai ro ona a taba ni karikaritu ni dua ka gole mai Bau-sa qai kokea ona ko vakaru sotava. Ena qai laurai se na yaco dina a i Tatau ni Sau se sega-ko Tui Nadrakula ka moce tatadra no -ia do sa vaka yadra-vinaka me kua ni dua e tagi lagalaga!

Anonymous said...

Long time coming -whatever you sow is whatever you will reap.Supporter of Speight and Garase face the music-make bread in prison, with some special flavours!!!