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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Samisoni and fellow SDL members released on bail

Williams and Samisoni. pic Fiji Village
Semise Lasike yesterday. pic Fiji Sun
The deposed member for Lami and three other SDL members have been released on bail and the case adjourned for another three weeks.

Dr Mere Samisoni, Mataiasi Ragigia, Apete Vereti and Semisi Lasike were all ordered today to pay $FJ5,000 bond and provide two sureties. 

All four, who are aged in their fifties to 74, have been told to surrender passports, remain at their residential address and not interfere with state witnesses or contact each other. 

They have also been told to report daily to police and not leave their homes between seven at night and six in the morning.

The Suva Magistrates Court has also put them on the watch list.

Prosecutors allege that between the months of September and December last year, the former politicians intentionally conspired to overthrow by force of violence the Government of Fiji.

by Coup Fourpointfive on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 1:13pm


Anonymous said...
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sowata said...

They would all have done us a favour if they had overthrown the illegal and useless government.

Anonymous said...

The blogs must continue till the day there are elections and then some.

The blogs will have an even bigger place after elections to keep our dirty rotten leaders in check, for we still suffer a generation of corrupt leaders such as zinck, and the list goes on to include countless others.

until they die , we will not have peace from this pestulence.

now the reality of going back to demcocracy is getting near......one shivers with the wave of crap we will have to put up with.

the junta almost starts to look good once more, to save us from the racists vomit we will have to endure in the name of indigeniuos rights.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.04pm

If you were in that cell you would have a totally different idea of what justice really is. Nice that you are talking from the comfort of the military camp. Bloody boci!

Coup 4.5 said...

Mere and the others got away cheap.
Even 5k will however be too much from tax paid money, if any.
The refime should monitor the bail conditions and if contravened, they all should be sent behind bars.

@Anon: You have no proof for your opinion: C4.5

Anonymous said...

Mere can start the bakery in the jail again!!!and teach business management to the others!!!

Anonymous said...

Mataivalu ni solisona - Just shut the fuck up as you will not know whta hit you when it is all over.

Anonymous said...

Isa ko Mere-there other two will need lawyers Mere has no money concerns as she has sold enough bread to get a lawyer from NZ!

Anonymous said...

i don't want to be alarmist, but you can draw parallels between this and the kind of hate speech that was broadcast about hutu and tutsi in rwanada years ago.

we're not going to have ethnic cleansing here in DC, but hate speech is hate speech.
Bulldog Puppies