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Monday, January 2, 2012

Samisoni reportedly facing consipracy charges

NAMOSI PROTEST: Samisoni's arrest reportedly linked to the anti-government stand.

The family of Fijian businesswoman and former SDL MP, Dr Mere Samisoni, has been warned by her lawyers she might be charged with conspiracy by the country's military rulers when the courts reopen tomorrow.
The 74-year-old grandmother of 11 could be one of the last to be prosecuted under the Public Emergency Regulation, which Frank Bainimarama yesterday confirmed will be lifted on Saturday.

Samisoni was arrested on December 30 under the PER which permits the regime to hold someone without charge for 7 days and use whatever force is deemed necessary.

The decree also muzzles media reporting and most aspects of civic society.

Samisoni, who founded the popular 30-store Hot Bread Kitchen chain before turning to politics, has been held in Suva's infamous Central Police Station over the long New Year's weekend.

Her daughter Vanessa Charters, speaking on the family's behalf, says they had been told that her mother has allegedly made a confession:

"At this moment in time we aren’t sure what this alleged confession relates to but we do know for a fact, we have had it independently verified, that Mum's lawyer was not present at the time of this so-called confession.

"In any normal court of law this so-called confession should not be worth the paper it is written on."

The PER decree was introduced in April 2009 following a Fiji Court of Appeal decision that ruled Bainimarama's regime was illegal. In the aftermath of this, the country's 1997 constitution was abrogated, PER introduced, and Bainimarama now rules Fiji by decree.

The grip that Fiji's military leadership has on the country is being increasingly tested by severe economic hardship with GDP growth at the end of 2011 less than one percent and inflation at 9 percent. 

According to the regime's own statistics, more than a third of the country live below the poverty line and in rural areas since the 2006 coup more than two out of every five of the population survive on less than F$5 a day.

In a recent World Bank survey Fiji was relegated 25 places in only two years and is now ranked 77th of 183 countries in terms of 'Ease of Doing Business'.

Increasingly the military-led government has tried to jump start the economy by focusing on a series of lucrative but deeply divisive initiatives including the country's first ever casino, a F$290 million project to be built near Nadi featuring 500 slot machines and more than 60 gaming tables.

Last month a controversial copper mine project in the interior province of Namosi - said to be worth a F$1 billion - prompted displays of public anger from many local villagers despite the ban on unsanctioned protests under the PER.


Rogovoka said...

Yes, the Fiji Court of Appeal ruled that the Bainimarama takeover was illegal. End of story. Everything subsequent to that is illegal. Bainimarama is like an elephant in a crockery shop smashing all as he desperately tries to cling to his unlawful actions perpetrated upon the peace loving citizens of Fiji.

He has to face the music that he is not above the law. A critical point that has to be publicly demonstrated Fiji wide, so that all can see and understand this vital principle. He has trashed our independent judiciary. Furthermore, with criminal disregard, he arbitrarily tore-up our carefully assembled constitution which is the highest document upholding all law and order in Fiji. As a matter of fact, In recent times, too many coupsters have been allowed to nonchalantly carry out this treasonous act and walk away as if it was a non event. Bainimarama and all his groupies, have to answer for perpetrating this undesirable state-of-affairs upon the nation. If we can casually dismiss the constitution so regularly as this, the cancerous coups will never end.

But importantly, in his desparation to gain some legitimacy he has attempted to create an alliance with the non-indigenous groups in Fiji representing essentially capitalist interests. Obviously, he has done a deal with them and the exploited once again will be the indigenous Fijians. He attempts to convey some idealism about a level playing field in Fiji, ignoring the inherent rights of the first occupiers - the native Fijians.

The indigenous Fijians are being further maginalised as have been most indigenous tribes world-wide. As all become theoretically equal, we lose our special place as the owners of the land. Our natural rights to a special say in affairs of the state. So, in defence of his cronies, he declares it an undesirable state of affairs for Fijians to discus and demand our own natural inheritance in our homeland.

Bainimarama is essentially the puppet of the non-indigenous business interests who want to brush Fijian indigenous natural born rights aside so that they can make more money unhindered. Thus the strategy of a road here, a power plant here, and outboard there, to appease the simple village folk. Not all are blind to what the real intent is.

The fact is, In terms of our entitlements as indigenous Fijians, we have to always be the pre-eminent group in the land. All others are secondary. If you don't like it leave. Bainimarama's ploy is to put us on a level playing field and strikes deeply at sensitive issues concerning our ancient identity.

Bainimarama's way is a huge step back for indigenous Fijians. We were better protected under the 1997 constitution which he thinks he has abrogatted. He is reducing the status of the Fijians in our own land similar to that of the Palestinians. As the Bible says, "...beware of wolves in sheeps clothing".

Anonymous said...

@ Rogovoka, oh!!! thats a wonderful comment, stay blessed.

Taukei. said...

@ Rogovoka.

And these actions will ultimately bring him down.

Anonymous said...

There is a time in life where we have to move on. Look at the past and learn from it. Start with a clean slate.

Anonymous said...

Defintely beware, they are waiting to pounce on those who are brave enough to stand up against this so called legal govt!

Anonymous said...

why are people blaming businessmen?
they support any government that is in power.
the same businessmen were seen with qarase too.

Anonymous said...

@ annon 5.43. Yes, but they were not conspiring against native Fijians.

Anonymous said...

@ ROGOVOKA--glad to see you using that education to launch such an articulate argument defending racism.

Anonymous said...

@ annon 6.56pm: some of you watch too many movies ... the business community is not conspiring anything against anyone ... considering the amount of investments they have all made in their businesses and to the Fiji economy, they would all rather have a stable, prospering and a peaceful economy which allows them all to survive and profit rather than create a situation where there is more anymosity!

Anonymous said...

2012 will see lot of unrest in Fiji. Good luck dear brothers. Not sure what this illegal regime has managed to achieve with this coup.

Fiji Democrat said...

The Fiji Court of Appeal ruled that the Bainimarama takeover was illegal. End of story. Everything subsequent to that is illegal.

Any new legally elected government will review all decisions by the illegal regime.

mark manning said...

You know that your doing the right thing when people try to falsely accuse you of something.
What section of the bible makes mention of this ?

paula raqeukai said...

finally a picture from Namosi - "NO MINING"...can coup 4.5 provide more pictures of this event...one thing I would advise the landowners of Namosi is to please get a certified true copy of the EIA and the proposed mining area map; and then involve some qualified experts in land management and sustainable development, civil engineers, environmentalist and surveyors to brainstorm the impacts of the proposed copper mining to the land and its social/economical/political aftermath weighing the $ benefits = impacts; before making a final decision...

President Pacific Land Resource owners Consultancy Group

Anonymous said...

Peace-off Manning, meddling piece of *&%^.!

Anonymous said...

Well...what was it that they said about business people...they are like prostitutes cos they will jump into bed with whoever dangles the juiciest carrots irrespective of whether it is a legal govt or not!