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Monday, January 30, 2012

Samoa's PM: Pacific in danger of getting another Fiji

The prime minister of Samoa says more political instablitiy could be ahead of the Pacific region if a second country goes the way Fiji has. 

Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says Papua New Guinea is inching dangerously towards what he says is "dangerous grounds" after what appears to have been a politically-motivated mutiny in the military barracks.

In a statement Tuilaepa pointed to Fiji saying "once the military gets involved in civilian government, a whole new element, a whole new dimension is introduced.”

“It’s the reason why we have always opposed the military government in Fiji. Its impact can be dangerously contagious. The military should never be involved in civilian government. They are not trained nor qualified to take over civilian governance and deal with civilian issues.

"If Papua New Guinea is not careful, I see them going down the same road as Fiji. And the image of the Pacific Islands and our part of the world as a peaceful region is perpetually destroyed by selfish and ambitious trigger-happy thugs in control of our military institutions.”

Tuilaepa had this to say on the accusations and counter-accusations of unauthorized spending by both the Sir Michael Somare and Peter O’Neill governments:

“Budgets are debated and approved by Parliament. Moreover, Parliament must approve and ratify every single cent spent by the Executive branch. The key is to present all spending on the table, disclosed to the Opposition, the public and the media. 

"If government is able to defend its spending and have it legislated then issues are never raised. The supremacy of Parliament  - which represents the power of the people in any Parliamentary democracy – to make and unmake laws must never never be compromised.”

On the political stalemate with two rival governments in power in Papua New Guinea, he said: "I cannot speak for both the Somare and O’Neill governments but, the hardest thing for any career political leader is realizing when to let go honourably. Leaders have to realize that they’re only there through a mandate from the people. At the end of the day, government must move on and no one is indispensable.”

Earlier, Tuilaepa said the people of Fiji and the international community are being led down the cassava patch regarding the promises of free elections in 2014.

He was unimpressed with the so-called removal of the Public Emergency Regulations earlier this month and its replacement with the Public Order Act. And he dismissed the elections in 2014 as a 'pipe dream." 

"It’s just more deception and creating more false hope among Fiji citizens and the international community. It is synonymous of those who rule by the gun without a mandate from the people. This (public order decrees) is just the latest in what’s become an endless litany of lies and excuses to hold on to power.”

Tuilaepa said Bainimarama has gone too far.

“The public service has been fully militarized with unqualified army colonels occupying top-level public service positions. The commodore cannot take away their fat salaries and round them back to the military barracks. 

"It’s beyond him now. He’s gone too far and"lacks the strength and smarts to pull Fiji back to democratic government....and governance. It’s just survival for him now at whatever cost.”

Tuilaepa said those close to Bainimarama are ‘shamelessly milking the taxpayers’. 

“The Attorney General who constantly feeds Baini with legal fodder, I’ve been told, holds five different government portfolios collecting five different pay cheques. How much is he getting? A million dollars in just six months? 

"How can you pocket that amount of public funds while people in Fiji are slaving away? Obviously there continues to be a lack of moral consciousness among Bainimarama’s band of thieves. What he set out to do – to remove corruption – he is now rolling in the mud enjoying and indulging in every facet of it.”

Tuilaepa said Fiji could soon experience the Pacific version of the recent Arab Spring or a “South Pacific squall” as he called it. 

“The Fijian people are gradually awakening. And one cannot continue to suppress people indefinitely. People power is always mightier than all the guns in the world. Bainimarama must avoid at all cost a South Pacific squall.”

He added: “It’s extremely odd and embarrassing to see soldiers patrolling the streets of Suva with bazookas. The Pacific Islands region is not used to seeing these frightening images of trigger-happy idiots in full war garb walking up and down the road. 

“If what is happening in Fiji happened in Samoa, long ago people would’ve come out of their homes, from the plantations, from the mountains and countryside and a 100,000 would march the streets of Apia. 

"Old women armed with brooms, particularly, would be climbing over each other to get their hands on the regime. Bainimarama and his co-cohorts would now be safely behind bars, if this had happened in Samoa of course.”

Tuilaepa is the region's longest serving prime minister coming to power for a fifth term late last year. 


Anonymous said...

Tuilaepa is spot on in his views. The military should be separate and should not be involved in government. But sadly Fiji will always be coup land unless the army of useless pricks is disbanded.

He raised a very good point with regards to Aiyarsehole holding multiple portfolios and receiving a good pay for each of those portfolios. Ironically Aiyarsehole and Voceke are corrupting the country when they originally set out to remove corruption. What a farce.

The citizens of Fiji need to stand and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and do something to remove these useless pigs and make to make sure that they, and others close to them, are held accountable. The only justice they should receive is a lengthy vacation at Naboro, no other way.

Anonymous said...

What a mature man for a mature people from a mature country.

Anonymous said...

Great comments Tuilaepa,truth prevails, hope other Pacific Leaders will take heed. And keep away from this Illegal Regime!!

They were not elected by the people, so who are they trying to fool?? Definitely not us, we can read between the lines, we are not stupid!!

Power to the People......

Anonymous said...

Fiji is going to be led by the Military over the next 20-100 years UNLESS there is a revolution.As the situation is, the Fiji population are quite satisfied with the status quo.If the had not they would have shown their dissatisfaction already-FULLSTOP.No more if only, but...
Sa rauta nai vakamacala.

Anonymous said...

Samoa is hardly a model for democracy, so for Fiji to receive a lecture on democracy from the PM of Samoa shows just how deplorably low Fiji has descended from its previous place of regional leadership.

'South Pacific Squall'? I prefer 'Suva Spring', or better yet 'Hibiscus Revolution'.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

I would agree wit Tuilaepa, that if the Bainimarama coup happened in Samoa people would have marched on the streets, out from the plantations and the countryside and 100,000 would be protesting noisely in Apia. Old women with brooms would climb over each other to get their hands on the rebels.

By comparison Fijians are just ravarava. Don't deserve to be called the indigenous people of the land.Not enough love of country, not enough passion and pride. They wont march up and confront the tyrants in their land.Shamefull.They want others to do it for them

Anonymous said...

Tuilaepa talks the way he talks because there is a women smacking him with a broom or has the broom stick up his back side. No wonder he sounds like a woman and not a man. Why is he supporting another woman (Rokoului) who has ran away??? Just look at the name, isnt it Tui Lakeba in Fijian?? Why cant soldiers also run government???Arent they citizens foremost and have the same rights and qualifications to run for government?? Or is there a political school that the lady tuilaepa went to?? Tuilaepa should stop the "I love myself" syndrome he is going through and learn to run his own country without handouts from NZ.

Anonymous said...

Tuilaepa should run his own country and not worry about PNG and Fiji. He has to accept the fact that he is on his way out. The two countries have learnt and evolving to stand on its own two feet rather than sucking up to NZ like he is doing. Bring back all your Samoans from NZ first or ask yourself why they dont want o live in a backward country like Samoa. Fiji and PNG has had a steady growth in population at home despite those migrating.

Anonymous said...

So what else can anyone say, Tuilaepa has nailed it on the head. Let me ask those army officers reading this blog, how can you be defending someone who is earning 5 different paypacks of an equivalent of $1m in 6 months whilst the bulk of the population is living under the porverty line? Ah Bhatao!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and thanks to the Samoan PM for standing up for justice and what is right in the Pacific. There is no place for dictatorship in the Pacifiv. They should hang them all,

Anonymous said...

Well said from a true leader of his people. Samoans are real warriors not the boci Mataivalu ni Solisona and dumb fijians who have no guts to stand up for their freedom and democratic rights.

Fijians know only one thing the Io Saka syndrome bowing down to authority - They have done this since they were colonised while the Indians have the vision to stand up for their rights since they first landed in Fiji as indentured labouers.

Anonymous said...

Frank is going around telling us to look after our kids. Hey what about practicing what you preach. See picture of Franks son.

Jieke said...

Good one, man I just love the way this PM cuts to the chase regarding Fiji and its dickheadtator.

kaiviti said...

Kinglaepa you are the man,praise to you,thank you thank you thank you what a piece

Kai Tholo. said...

A welcome voice in the wilderness.

Merely repeating what a lot of us have known & feared for a long time.

Anonymous said...

The army officers entrenched in the civil service are now smug with the new found esteem and financial perks. They will not like the idea of withdrawing back to the QEB Barracks in Nabua to spit and polish their shoes all day, all year and gossip. They are very comfortable now as new found civilian experts of administration, economics, agriculture and development. Baini knows this. He knows also that if he orders them back he will be in deep shtook. Catch 22 they call it. Meanwhile Fiji the nation continues to suffer under this ill conceived adventure of the 5 foot 7 inch idiot from Kiuva and his gay advisor Kaiyum.

mark manning said...

The purported resolution of recent events surrounding the act of Mutiny by Military Personnel in New Guinea, are far from a resolution.
For Parliament to ignore the Supreme Court "ORDER" to reinstate Mr. Somare as Prime Minister on the grounds that his sacking was illegal, was in my view, the 1st. mistake made by the New Guinea Parliament.
For Mr. Somare, to then recruit a retrenched Colonel to commit Mutiny and High Treason against the State, another !
Now we have the Parliament and Mr. O'Neill, who refuses to give up his post as "Prime Minister" despite the Supreme Court "ORDER", bestowing upon the Mutinous Soldiers, an illegal Amnesty !

How can Parliament expect any Soldier in the future, to honour and respect the Constitution and the Rule of Law, when its own Members of Parliament are not ?

I fear that the ongoing smoke and mirrors of the current New Guinea Parliament will already have cemented within the minds of any future would be Rogue Commander or Soldier, a determination to likewise, circumvent the Law and their Oath.

Sadly, I'm sure that in New Guinea, retribution of such a move by a Rogue Commander, has the potential to be far bloodier than anything ever before seen and that potentially, many Civilians and Soldiers, will lose their lives in such an event.

In my mind, the Parliament should appoint an Independent Caretaker Prime Minister, call an Election and ask the Speaker to declare the Parliament dissolved.
Also, the Police should go ahead and lay charges against all responsible and involved in last weeks attempted coup, including Mr. Somare whom it is alleged, instigated it.

Only an open, thorough, honest and impartial Police Investigation should ever have been considered, not a band aide attempt by a desperate Parliament and Prime Minister, Mr. O'Neill, to white wash over what is essentially, an act of High Treason, Sedition and Mutiny.

The "Melanesian Solution", will go down in history as the laughing stock of the World, when yet again, this blows up in the faces of those responsible, the Soldiers and the Parliamentarians who have supported this illegal Amnesty.

I sincerely hope that I am proved wrong and that there will be no further coup in the Pacific or New Guinea.
But given China, India and now Russia's interests in the Minerals and Resources of the Region, not to mention the strategic and logistical interests of each of these Countries in the Pacific Region, and their underhanded and often questionable Financial dealings associated with those interests, it's easy to see many in power in these tiny Island States, to succumb to the temptations bestowed upon them by these Rogue States at the expense of their fellow Countrymen etc.

Only time will tell !

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:19am & 3:33am = Morons!!!

Anonymous said...

To those idiots above who criticize Tuilaepa's comments, you are simply ass lickers, and you guys don't want the truth to be said. Samoa's economy is growing steadily whereas Fiji's going in the opposite direction. The figures provided by the illegal assholes are a joke.

For goodness sake, get your heads out of Vuaka's ass and see what's really going on in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

good on you samoa pm!! its a real shame that there is no one in Fiji to speak out like you!
People, see what the muslim and baini are doing to you all!

Anonymous said...

The Samoan Potbelly PM has no right to talk about Fiji. Please PM, M Y O Backyard.
We the itaukei do have our ways and the time hasn't come yet.
We are still giving the regime enough time to maneuver.

Anonymous said...

Tuilaepa is miles in front of Frank and Khaiyum and cannot be compared to him!

For those criticizing Tuilaepa, it is important to note that he was elected to this position as PM of Samoa. You cannot say the same with these two crooks Frank and Khaiyum who have robbed the taxpayers of Fiji continuously since 2006!

In fact you cannot mention Frank and Tuilaepa in the same breath...Tui is far more intelligent then Frank and Khaiyum put together.

Wilson T said...

Those of us used to viewing the old John Wayne style movies at the Regal theater back can recall episodes based on the early migratory horse drawn caravan journeys to the west of the USA.

These journeys were fraught with "perceived"dangers(that Red Indians were a hostile and primitive race) which required a circle of caravan defenses when they laid up at night or under attack until the threat passed over and the journey resumed. The movies usually ends with the good guys (cowboys) triumphing over the bad (Indians)however,little is mentioned about the many journeys that have ended in disaster because of greed and lack of vision of those involved.

This illegal Bainimarama coup caravan is very much the same in that there was a corrupt band of power hungry traitors who falsified perceived dangers and misguided many military personnel and citizens of false prosperity to satisfy personal agendas.

Unlike the movies where the caravans happily reach their destinations, the Bainimarama coup caravan is still circling in the wilderness because of paranoia and lack of foresight,its leaders getting fat from suppressing those within and gouging on whatever resources they find.Meanwhile,they are being choke from the encircling dust storm with no progress but false promises and false dangers made by the 5ft 7 clown from Kiuva and his puppet master,Khaiyum.

Army,Naval and Police personnel should realise by now that this misguided coup is still going around in circles with no progress made even past the start line.They should discuss amongst themselves issues like,the real motives of this coup,who is benefiting,is the Kiuva clown a real leader or an imposter (as we all can see),the harm it has caused citizens economically, socially and personally (those who simply exercised their basic right to differ)? The evidence is now clear that this coup is a complete failure.

Moreover, soldiers should begin to openly raise questions such as,why is the clown so obedient to Khaiyum? What is it that causes this individual to have a strong grip on Voreqe to such an extent that even Force commanders and fellow service men can be detained if they displayed signs of dissent?

Better still,learn from their PNG counterparts who were sensible and man enough to stay away from misguided Bainimarama copycat,Cl.Sasa.

Look around at Arab spring and in particular the current insurrection in Syria where soldiers are joining with citizens fed up of the confinement within an aimless,paranoid and corrupt caravan train led by a corrupt dictator and misguided loyal troops.

BTW,congrats to the Samoan PM for being an invaluable advocate to the citizens of Fiji who have had their voices silenced by a 5ft 7 criminal from Kiuva.We need more Pacific leaders like him to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Tuilepa is an idiot, Please help your fellow Samoans rather than talking about Fiji and PNG. He is a puppet to Australians and Kiwis. I hope coup4.5 has gut to publish this.

Anonymous said...

@ anony 1:48am, am with u, I believe the people are satisfied with whats going on otherwise a revolt has already done...

Anonymous said...

@ Anony 5:04 pm
Fiji is rolling to the road of ba.........y, don't u know that?????, wait for few more months if there is no change.
watch it !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tuilepa would be a very good advisor if he was an elected representative! He is not! Samoa is ruled by Matai's and their Family connections-funded by NZ.So for him to speak of democracy is like a wolf in sheeps clothing trying to preach to us in Fiji. He has never stood for general elctions! As for Mark Manning what can you say about a dope who has no idea how the democratic process happens in P & G? Somare had been missing from Parliament- a vote was a taken and a new PM came in to replace Somare! Yes the Courts had ruled but have you forgotten what that the new PM also went to courts after Somare and also had a ruling? By using soldiers to do what has just happend is no different to what Rabuka did! So i suppose you critical of Bainimarama but still support Somare when he goes about having a coup to get back into power-Mark why don't you help the Indigenous people in your backyard instead of worrying about the Pacific peoples! They still dying from diseases at averu young age if you hadn't noticed!

Anonymous said...

Tuilaepa is an intelligent man, he's got a masters degree from Auckland university...and for Voceke? Nothing, nil, nada, fuck all.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is squeezing Bai's balls so hard that Bai can hardly move.

I think c4.5 should investigate. Is it the money, or is it fear? What is it that is holding Bai at Khaiyum's will?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.01am like the picture of franks son.

Anonymous said...

Frank is going around telling us to look after our kids. Hey what about practicing what you preach. See picture of Franks son.


Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu for your constructive observations and factual comments Mr PM, however, with our illiterate and ILLEGAL PM, your constructive comments means sweet bugger all to him. You mean very well, BUT, this man has not got the grey matter, the statesmanship and the diplomacy that you all have.
Thank you so much for your concerns - more than appreciated.
He will eventually buckle if you keep applying the psychological pressure on this idiot.
Vinaka once again and all the best to you Sir.

Anonymous said...

Why criticise Samoan PM. He was elected to office unlike this govt which was formed because someone who blood on his hands, a murderer who forced his way to power thru the barrel of the gun because he sensed his time was up as Police Com Andrew Hughes had plans to have him arrested on the coup week. He came in and started bullshitting an anti-corruption campaign. Let us never forget that this man ordered the murders of CRW soldiers in 2000. What was done to them was beyond imagination. It was a brutal killing. How can a country accept a murderer like this to be its leader. Fiji does not deserve such a person. We have well educated people who we deserve as our leader. It would an insult on the intelligence of the people of this country which is so rich with highly educated people to have such a person leading. An uneducated, corrupt murderer. I feel sick in the stomach reading support for this man from some people. We must never forget that this man has to answer someday for those murders. All relatives and loved ones of those CRW soldiers, keep praying because as long as God lives, justice will some day come to pass. This charter, roadmap, clean up, constitution are all bullshit. This man must be brought to account for his crime.

Coralia said...

Get off Fiji's back leech - apparently the focus was on PNG - but it seems like Tuilaepa just used the opportunity to dish out yet another verbal beating to Fiji...what;s new??? I don't support coups - neither do I support twisted leaders that are puppets to the powers that be (Aus. & NZ) in regional politics. Its just sad that Tuilaepa is using the Fiji situation to gain popularity & support for his country & himself..like Kevin Rudd & Murray McCully - eveytime he opens his mouth on Fiji he spews out crap!

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS...The Fiji Prime Minister.Frank Bainimarama has declared war against Samoa due the
Samoan Prime Minister-Tuilaepa critisism of the Fiji's Government?Fiji naval squadron has been recalled from it's scheduled run to
PNG and has been re-directed toward the small Island of Samoa, with its human seeking missiles on the ready
to seek-out a destroy this BIG MOUTH Samoan PM! In the meantime Fiji PM-Frank Bainimarama has sent out a clear manly challenge, to Tuilaepa, for a 6-3X1 rounds boxing
match, between the two leaders,to take place above the renamed Fiji Battleship, The Bainiuwa? The Price? If Bai win-Tuilaepa will shut his mouth and promised never to bad mouthed Bai ever again? In the unlikely event, Tuilaepa wins, then Bai has promised, to take Fiji immediately to Democratic Election?

Anonymous said...

Thank you samoa...Fijians go to Frank with your tails up your arses...the rest of the masipolos...waraka namaka..your days with voreqe are numbered...

Caring 4 U said...

It is really interesting to read negative comments and criticism being levelled against the Samoan PM when all he has been doing is telling the truth about the situation in Fiji...the nothingness in Bainimarama and Khaiyum and deteriorating financial and economic situations in Fiji worsened by the huge biliion dollar loans that this IG has committed this nation to and sold us off (with inability to pay in the coming years) lock stock and barrel.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3.19am

The only women in Fiji are the ones in green and guns in their hands.

They torture ladies and simple ordinary citizens. Real man don't hit women.

Without guns they are like poofters and ass giving, tabetabe, good for nothing, no school and useless mob.

Real man don't need bodyguard to raise they views. Only poofters and insecure people go around with an entourage of tax money wasting boci guards.

You sound like a woman yourself

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.38pm

He is a master of vutulaki, solisona, bullshiting bribing the soldiers for their loyalty, taking holidays with his entire family paid by the tax payers,

Anonymous said...

Well said Tuilaepa, your fully loaded APC basically mesmerised the goons because they armoury is full of junks and rubbish. Usually their stink wide mouths are fond of boasting of having served in war-torn zones. In fact, what they had refered to is just a battalion confining themselves inside their own barricade and guarding their ownselves. They did not go to real war like our fathers and Grands did in Solomon and Malaya, but just DPKO.

Anonymous said...

May i ask the Samoan PM to pls clean up your country first before you pick on Fiji and PNG; yes they are rich in minerals and resources....We are doing quite well in Fiji thank you and the fact that Samoa hasnt taken advantage of the political woes in Fiji and improve their economy, is testimony that it is you are who are still backward and who needs a major "coup" in attitude to be a better nation...so yeah Shut UP and go Nunu mada with your buddies in the land of the long white cloud and leave us Fijians Alone!!!!

Anonymous said...

Centuries ago the countries, who are crying foul to us in Fiji themselves went through a revolution of sorts...it is our turn to go through that...It seems Melanesia will go through this phase first because it is rapidly undergoing economic change and it is calling for change, in a big way....Polynesia and Micronesia, not much economic development so traditional and cultural boundries have not been disturbed to the point that it requires drastic change/measures...so Fiji needs to become more as one, be more passionate and lets make Fiji the place to be...God Bless Fiji

Democrat said...

I do not know why everyone is concerned about the military appointments in Government. The PM has given his assurance they will go back to QEB when the new elected government is appointed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.00pm

He aslo said in December 2006 soon after the coup that neither he nor his miltary officers will benefit from the coup.

How many times had he lied not only to us but the international community too.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Voreqe is a world recognised PM not like the Samoan PM who is only the mouth piece for the Kiwis and the Aussies.

The Pacific is becoming the next economic powerhouse for the world, and Fiji will take the lead role for the Pacific Island States.

Of course not Samoa and not their PM.

Anonymous said...

People have you read the above BREAKING NEWS? There's a challenge
online, to duke it out, between the two pacific leaders? Who do you think will win this massive duel? I'm staying with Bai cause he's our leader,although i'm kinda hesitant, with my backing, due to the fact that he has some health issues, made public by Sharon,such as ED,Brain damage,B.O,wind-passing etc,. Lets hope none of these issues,especially the wind-passing one,comes to the fore during the battle, as it could create an unfair advantage against our other combatent?

Anonymous said...

Samoa doesn't have any resources only coco & nuts! Their Pm is not elected so lets no worry too much as he is just a lap dog for NZ & Australia! Corruption in Samoa is worse than P & G or even Fiji-if you worked there than you know cause nothing happens unless there is payments in from of money etc especially if you an expatriat!

Anonymous said...

The samoan PM should now send a boat and all Garase supporters and others living in NZ and Aust who are against Bai seek refuage in Samoa. They will enjoy the corned beef and dalo, later they can form a army or come by boats and openly challenge the Fiji regime. Does the samoan PM have balls to do this. If not he should shut his mouth!!!

Ratzmann said...

The Samoan Prime Minister, Mr. Tuilaepa is the patron for the Samoa Gay Community...He is also gay...FAFAFINE!!!...5th Term in power????

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! Not the Samoan PM he,s definitely got a big mouth but too
overweight to combat with the commander!The FMF Commander has been in training since he lashed out at the Samoan PM and is in fine shape to duke it out!But we have a bit of a problem and its kinda embarrasing,that is he has a backside issue...he passwind when he gets overly excited! Even the great Doctor Jona Seni-got shot with Bai,s poison gas;and look where it got him-6 feet under?